Hot Himaja Laid Track To Gratification


Hello, my dear fellow readers. I am writing about my recent romantic encounter with my new colleague in a new office. About me. I am a perfectly built and dusky guy. I got about a 6-inch drilling tool and great sexual creativity. I will have all the dirty intentions in my mind when I see a hot chick around me.

Now without expanding more let’s get started. After a few weeks in my new workplace, I met Himaja. She is the most attractive and chubby lady I came across so far. She got married a year ago and staying alone in a rented flat since her hubby has gone on-site.

She was appointed as my instructor to help me in getting adjusted to the new work environment. So we used to work together a lot of time. As days passed we become more casual and discussing our personal life also. Its Friday evening. I wanted to watch a movie.

But I was alone and had no one to accompany me. So casually I asked Hima to join me if she can. Luckily she agreed and said it’s been quite a long time for her. So she was ready to come along. I booked 2 tickets for both of us in the Inox Mantri mall for an evening show.

We both went on my bike. She was comfortable and said she was enjoying a bike ride after a long time. We both entered into the theater and the movie started. It was a romantic movie which has got an ‘A’ certificate. There were a lot of romantic scenes.

It was 10 pm by the time we came out and it was partially raining. I started my bike and we both reached her place in 20 minutes. She invited me to come in. I followed her. Within no time it started raining heavily and I had to stay in her home until the rain stopped. So I stayed back.

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Hima said she will prepare food for both of us and after dinner, I can go. I was watching TV. In the meantime, Hima changed to a nighty and she was looking damn hot. Due to the movie scene effect, a monster was invoking in me now. It was a blue color nighty silky texture.

I could see the perfect shape of her boobs, wow! They are just killing me. While she was walking, her back was calling me to fuck her hard. Somehow, I controlled and started watching some music channels. Now we both are sitting on a couch and started talking about the movie.

Intentionally I asked her about a sexy romantic scene. Hearing that she said she enjoyed all such things with her hubby already! Listening to this I was shocked and asked her to tell me about it. Now I can see the glow of lust in her eyes. She said how her husband drinks her milk. How he gives massage to her bouncy ass.

Without further delay, I asked her that I want to drink her milk. I got up and hugged her. She insisted on me and told me to go slowly as we have the whole night. I started pressing her boobs upon her tee-shirt she got into the mood. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and asked her should I turn off the lights.

But she said that she wants to do everything in light only. I removed her nighty and my clothes. She started kissing my chest I was really enjoying that. I started to kiss her lips. We were kissing like hungry beasts. We started playing with our tongues, saliva got exchanged.

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I bit her lips very hard. She liked that. I started removing her lowers. I placed my hand upon her pussy and started rubbing. Now she is moaning loudly and breathing heavily. I removed her bra, lowers and panty. We both went under the blanket.

I started hugging her tightly in the blanket. But I didn’t feel much comfort in that so I removed the rug. She placed her hand on my dick which was already standing. She started shaking it and I asked her to suck. She took my tool into her mouth I was enjoying like anything.

Meanwhile, I started pressing her boobs. I placed my dick between her boobs and fucked her boobs for some time. I want to drink her milk so I started to suck her boobs like ice cream. I was biting them squeezing them and she was moaning.

After sucking her boobs I started rubbing her pussy. She was getting more wilder and pinching my back with her nail cutter. I started to suck her pussy it was a little salty. I sucked it until I got her cum. She cummed and I drank it. I spread the cum around her thighs and applied some cum to my dick.

She was breathing hard and begging me to fuck her hard and she can’t want any longer. I placed my dick at her pussy and started pushing inside. She was cooperating by spreading her legs. I pushed forcefully and asked her how she was feeling.

She was moaning and moving to and fro without telling anything. I understood she wants action. I started fucking her pussy by holding her boobs and she was moaning with pleasure. She cum again. I felt like her love hole got lubricated and again I increased my speed.

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We fucked for some time. I asked her should I cum inside but she was not in a position to tell yes or no. I increased my pace and she was moaning louder. I cummed inside her and I slept on her for some time. By that time it was midnight. We played hard.

We got up after 30 minutes and without any clothes, we had our dinner and slept hugging each other. Again around 2 am I want to fuck her again but she was too tired. So I just started to suck her boobs till morning.

Any girls aunties around Bangalore can ping me on [email protected] Please share your feeling after reading my experience narrated here. I got appreciation for my previous story. Thanks, everyone.

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