Hot Man Fucked Me In A Lift


Hello Friends! Do you remember me? I know it has been long since I published a story on ISS. Let me remind you all. I am Chahat Khanna, a 5’7″ tall Delhiite girl who owns this amazing figure of 34-24-34, aged 23 and fair complexioned. I will leave the rest up to you to imagine.

The story is about how I got trapped in a lift with a hot stranger. So, the story goes. That fateful night, I was returning to my building from a pub. It was quite late. I had had an amazing night with all types of fun and frolic and drinking and dancing. I was feeling extremely tired.

I knew I would go to bed as soon as I enter my bedroom. But destiny had some other plans for me that night. I entered the lift of my building which would take me on my floor. I saw that a young, hot, tall, fair and handsome man who I suppose was just returning from a rigorous gym session.

He was wearing gym shorts and gym vest revealing his big broad arms and well-developed muscles. Though I was tired, I couldn’t help but notice him. I even noticed him noticing me. How couldn’t he? I was wearing a yellow crop top and white short shorts revealing an ample body of mine.

I pressed the button of my floor. We had hardly gone up by 2-3 floors when the lift suddenly came to a halt. I thought it must be a usual 2-3 minute lift error. But it turned out to be something that would take long to be repaired. The sexy stranger with me in the lift used the landline in the lift to inform the security.

They came and checked what they could. Since it was night, the repairmen were all gone and would take time to come there. In about 15-20 minutes, we both knew that we were stuck and had no other option but to stay there calm and composed till the help arrived.

The muscled man broke the ice between us. “Hey! Kartik,” he said to which I replied, “Hi! Chahat.” He then asked me if I was returning from a party to which I replied in the affirmative. I asked him if he was returning from a workout session and I was correct too.

We called the security again and were told that we needed to wait until the help arrived. We were both very tired of our respective chores but couldn’t help what was happening. Being a hot summer night, the temperature inside the lift was soaring and we couldn’t handle the same.

We chit-chatted with each other to kill some time but to no avail. The hot atmosphere inside was another problem. All of a sudden, Kartik removed his gym vest and started wiping his body with it. I was spellbound seeing his hot well-chiseled body. I could see a good gym build body.

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He was the owner of a broad muscular hairless chest, big broad biceps, and triceps. I could count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 six big abs. He had a completely waxed chest with no sign of any hair. then he turned his back towards me oblivious of me noticing him and continuing his wiping.

I was mesmerized to see a rock hard muscled back. He noticed me checking him out. “Checking me out?” he winked and asked. “Checking you in,” I winked back and replied. He then suggested me to remove my top to get rid of the growing hotness inside and flexed his muscles.

I was skeptical about removing my top and being just in a bra in front of Kartik (who was a stranger to me some minutes ago) But then I gave it a thought and immediately removed my top. Now, just a black bra was covering my 34 sized melons. I was standing before him in just that black bra and white shorts.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. I felt extremely proud of my assets and blushed a little. I pretended that it was very hot and started blowing my body with my top. By this time, I had made up my mind to feel that hot body. But little did I know what else I was gonna feel that night in that stranded lift.

We chit chatted again for another few minutes. But this time, shamelessly eyeing each other’s body. “34 or 36,” he asked. I was shell shocked at his audacity but kept my calm and asked him, “What do you think?” He was cleverer than me.

He replied, “I can’t tell exactly. I need to use my hands to know the exact size.” I couldn’t reply immediately but then I asked him, “5 or 6?” (I meant to ask his cock size in inches.) He didn’t reply anything to this to which I mockingly asked, “Smaller than 5?”

This hit him badly and he removed his shorts and was then standing tall in front of me in his brown underwear. “9,” he said and pointed towards his hard cock growing inside his undie. I looked at his meat and to be honest, it seemed quite big in his undie.

By this time, we both knew what we wanted. I just thought something sexy and pretended to open the button of my shorts. “Kartik, Help me with this button. It’s not opening and it’s very hot,” I said. He immediately understood what I meant and what I wanted.

He came very close to me and put his strong hands on my waist and felt my belly. Then he sat down and placed his hands on my shorts and opened its button and unzipped it. Without even me saying, he brought my shorts down to my feet all the way feeling my hot long sexy smooth legs.

He got up and we were standing very close to each other feeling each other’s breath. “Come on Kartik, tell me my size,” I said. That was an open invitation to him to feel my boobs. He wasted no time and immediately groped both my boobs and started pressing them hard while I started to feel in heaven.

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He pretended as if he was doing it to measure my size. I had closed my eyes when he said, “I don’t think I can know the exact size with this bra on.” I just smirked at his witty nature and immediately turned around for him to open my bra hooks. He was very sharp and swift.

In almost no time, he had separated the bra from my body in which I helped him fully. With me facing the lift wall, he mauled my boobs from behind and started licking and kissing and sucking my hot sexy bareback. Then, he turned me around and I could clearly see the lust in his eyes.

We both joined our lips and what followed was a deep and long french kiss with us exchanging our saliva and our tongues feeling each other. We were kissing like crazy. After we had enough of the lip kissing, he started licking my face- eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead, ears and earlobes (my weak points)- he left nothing.

He then switched towards my neck and shoulders and armpits. All this while, he was continuously pressing my boobs. I was feeling in heaven and my pussy was flowing its love juices. He then licked and kissed and sucked my boobs to his complete satisfaction. Even biting my nipples hard in between.

I couldn’t resist all the joy I was getting in that stranded lift. He went further down and removed my wet panty. He licked clean my juicy pussy and inserted one of his fingers inside. It pained a little but I tolerated it all and I didn’t want him to stop.

I buried his mouth in my pussy and he too was perfectly sucking it. I knew I wanted something else for my kitty and immediately pushed him. It was my turn to return the pleasure and I made him get up and gave him a kiss on his cheeks.

My hands were feeling his hot chiseled body while my mouth was at another job of licking his face. I kissed his broad shoulders, his well-built chest, and his nipples. Then I went down and kissed and licked and sucked his abs one by one. I went up again and kissed his biceps and triceps.

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His cock had grown to its full size and I knew it had to be taken out of that cage. I sat on my knees and removed his undie and the complexioned monster cock stood tall before me. I didn’t wait much before putting it in my mouth. I started playing with his balls and milking his cock.

It wasn’t fitting in my mouth and was choking me. I sucked it till my mouth started paining. Now, it was action time. We both got up and started kissing each other’s lips. He positioned his cock on my pussy and slowly inserted it in my pussy. My pussy walls were broadened with that thick long cock.

It pained me but I knew of the pleasure about to come and I tolerated it all. Slowly, it made its place in my pussy and when this was done. He started stroking his dick. We were kissing and he was pounding my pussy. The position in that lift wasn’t very comfortable and it was very hot.

But we were both enjoying to the fullest and having the best time. His hands were mauling my boobs, his lips were pleasuring my face and his tool was pleasuring my pussy. What more could I have asked for? With him fucking my hot tight pussy.

We were kissing and making minimal noise and my hands were feeling his sexy back with my nails dug deep. After a few minutes of this continuous stroking, we both were about to cum. But we continued fucking until we both cummed together. His cock was still in my wet pussy.

We were both panting with the hot fuck we just had in that extreme hot temperature of the lift. But we were both completely satisfied. Many more things followed that night in that lift till it got repaired in the morning. I will perhaps write about it in my next story.

But as of now, I will bid you all a heartfelt Goodbye. Bye! Thanks for reading my story. You can share your views on my story on my mail [email protected] Good or bad, I really love to read all the feedback comments on my story. Kindly review my story without fail.

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