Hot Mom And ISS Reader


After publishing the story about me and my friends making a short film with my mom, many guys contacted me. I became friends with some. But one guy was so desperate to meet us. His name was Aravind.

Arvind wanted to talk with my mom first. I had no issues in it and asked my mom to talk to him. After talking to him for once, my mom said that she was kinda into him. Then he started talking to my mom regularly. She liked him too.

Arvind was so desperate to meet us. After so many missed chances, he came to Chennai one day. He asked my mom to come and pick him up at the railway station, wearing an orange transparent saree.

My mom went to the railway station in a cab and they returned in a cab. I thought he would take her to a movie or somewhere else because that waswhat he told me. But, instead, they came back home.

We greeted each other and I asked him whether he enjoyed my mom on their way back to our house.

“No bro, I couldn’t do anything in front of the driver. I am yet to have some fun with her”, he said

“Oh then go ahead. She has set up the bed before she came to pick you up”, I said.

He slapped my mom’s ass ass and asked, “Is it, dear?”

Mom kissed his lips and said, “You go inside, honey. I’ll be there in a few minutes”.

“Ok, my slut” he said and went inside the guest bedroom. My mom turned towards me and asked, “Are you really okay with him spending a whole day with me?”

“Yeah, sure. I can have you any day. If you are okay with it, you can do it”, I said.

“Ok, now help me to get changed into the silk saree” she said and went to her room.

I helped mom to wear the pink silk saree which she bought especially for that occasion.

She looked herself in the mirror and asked me, “Do I look like a newlywed bride?”

“Yes, and no one will believe you are 38 years old”, I said and lowered her saree to show more of her hip.

“Now, wear the jewels, I’ll boil the milk”, I said

I went to the kitchen and boiled a glass of milk and came back to her room. She was really looking like a newlywed bride getting ready for her first night.

It was Aravind’s decision that their first sex should look like a first night.

Mom wore a necklace and a waist chain. Both were gold. I kept looking at her beauty. She noticed it and asked, “Why are looking at me like that? Are you going to eat me?”

“I’m just wondering how does the shyness automatically comes with you when you wear this”, I said.

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“Do I look shy?”, she asked.

“Yes, a little bit. That’s good though”, I said.

“Ok. I’m ready”, she said and took a huge breath.

“You forgot one thing”, I said.

“Oh yeah”, she said and looked herself at the mirror.

“You still wanna do it?”, I asked.

“Aravind said he wants to do this. Ok I’m ready to do it. It isn’t going to affect us anyway, it’s just a small thing”, she said and removed her mangalsutra and placed it on the plate on which the milk was also there.

She kissed my lips and said, “Ok bye. If you are going out, just text me or him. Don’t disturb us”.

I slapped mom’s ass and said, “Do well”. She turned back and smiled.

She knocked on the door. “The door is open”, Aravind said.

Mom opened the door and walked in slowly with her head bent down. Aravind was lying on the bed which was decorated with flowers.

Mom kept the plate on the table near the bed and stood in front of him, still looking at the ground.

Aravind took the mangalsutra, stood up and tied it on mom’s neck. Mom then bent down and touched his feet with her hands and forehead.

He sat on the bed and said, “Stand up, dear”.

Mom stood up and gave the glass of milk to him. He drank half of it and placed it back on the plate. My mom was still standing in front of him. Still, she was looking at the ground.

“I like this shyness of my wife. Now, come and sit down”, he said. Mom sat down right to him on the bed.

“You look so gorgeous in this attire, honey” he said and started removing her jewels on her forehead and neck, one by one.

Now, to remove her waist chain, he put his arms around mom’s waist. While removing it, he pinched her hip a little. She let out a slight moan. He couldn’t completely remove it since she wore it inside her saree. So he removed her pallu first. Mom blushed and smiled a little.

Now he completely removed the chain and placed it on the plate. He placed his left hand on her chin and lifter her face.

Mom was very shy to look at him. He then guided her chin towards his face and kissed her lips gently. After some time, he used his both hands to cup her face and started kissing her madly. In the process, they exchanged their saliva.

While kissing, he removed my mom’s pink blouse. He then broke the kiss and asked her to stand.

He pulled the saree so fast that mom kept rotating. Now he completely removed her saree. He then signalled her to come to him.

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Mom stood on the bed on her knees. She was only in her black bra and panty. He started kissing her again. This time, he held her ass tightly and kept slapping it now and then.

He then broke the kiss and started removing his pant. Mom knew what she should do. So she bent down towards his crotch region and licked his underwear and removed it. She was shocked on seeing his dick and said, “It looked smaller on the video call” and licked the precum oozing out of his dick.

Mom held his cock firmly and kissed the penis head. He started moaning and placed his right hand on her hair and held it tightly. He then made her look up by pulling her hair and said, “Stop teasing me and start sucking” and spat on her mouth. She swallowed it and wrapped his cock with her lips.

Arvind pushed his dick very deep in mom’s throat and didn’t leave it for sometime. Then he let her go. She was having difficulty in breathing.

Before she could relax, he deepthroated her again for some time and removed his dick. He was still holding her hair. He spat on her mouth again and said, “Now, lick my asshole”.

Mom swallowed it and got up. He was standing on the bed on his hands and knees. Meanwhile, mom was standing on the ground. She bent a little to reach his asshole and spread his ass cheeks and started licking his ass hole. He held her head and guided her head in a to and fro motion.

After sometime, he let her go and sat on the bed and removed his shirt. Meanwhile, mom fully undressed herself and stood naked in front of him. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her towards him and started sucking her boobs madly.

Then he slowly came down to navel and started fingering mom’s clean-shaven pussy. Mom started moaning so loudly. He kept on increasing the speed and mom kept on increasing her scream volume.

Then he took his finger out and kept it inside her mouth. She licked her own juices from his finger.

He then turned her around and made her bend down and got up from the bed. He put his penis on her ass and kept beating it on her ass cheeks for sometime. Then he slowly put it inside her pussy. She let out a small, “hmmmm” sound.

He held her hips with both hands and started fucking her furiously. He fucked her continuously in the same position for at least 5 minutes. The room was filled with mom’s moaning noises and “thap thap” sounds which his thighs and mom’s ass made.

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Arvind then took his penis out and pulled mom on the bed. He was lying facing him. He put his dick in her pussy and started fucking her in missionary position. Again, the room was filled with sexual noises. But, this time, he kept slapping mom’s boobs every now and then.

After sometime, he bent towards her and kissed her lips. Mom put both of her hands on his head and started reciprocating madly. This turned on Aravind very much and he increased his thrust to the peak and didn’t let go of her lips from his. After sometime, he broke the kiss and shouted, “I’m gonnaaaa cummmm..”

“Me too darling. Don’t take it out, let’s cum together” mom shouted.

He was in no position to take it out even if my mom asked him to. After sometime, they both moaned loudly together and the rate of “thap thap” sound decreased and so decreased their moaning sounds.

Aravind leaned on her and kissed her lips and said, “Thank you for taking my virginity dear”. Then he took his penis out. Mom kept rubbing her pussy to excavate his sperms out of her pussy.

Then Aravind got dressed up and said, “You go take a bath. I’ll go talk to my friend” and came out of the room.

I was in the living room watching TV. He also sat on the sofa and said, “Thanks bro for this opportunity. Your mom is such a bombshell. We enjoyed a lot.”

“I could barely concentrate on TV with all the noises you two made. You still have the whole day left, enjoy the moment. Try anything you want”, I said.

“Thank you so much, bro. By the way, I’m your new dad now”, he said and we both laughed.

Mom opened the guest room door a little bit. The guest bedroom szx only a few steps behind the sofa on the living room. Mom pointed her finger towards him and signalled him to come in and said, “Your slut is waiting for you honey, come in”.

It was clearly understandable that mom was standing nude as I could see her hip region through the door.

Aravind then tapped my shoulder and said, “Ok bro. We will share her tomorrow. Now I’ll go and take care of my slutty wife” and went inside and closed the door. The moaning sounds started again.

To be continued.

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