Hot Thai Girl And Her Indian Boyfriend – Part 4


“Wow! I can’t believe that you didn’t cry! More than that I can’t believe that you didn’t let him do this to your nipples.” My roommate Ruvena exclaimed as she giggled. I was standing topless in our bathroom with Ruvena examining the love bites Dhruv gave me on my back.

Dhruv had bitten me really hard. It was more than a week since that day still his teeth marks were very well visible on my back. Looking at them used to make both of us horny.

“Somehow I didn’t feel the pain. All I felt was his tongue, teeth, and rainwater making love with my skin.” I replied. I had narrated the whole incident to Ruvena 100 times. She couldn’t stop pleasuring herself whenever she heard my story.

“How can you be so shy? If I were you I would have torn off the blouse myself and put my nipples in his mouth,” she said while gasping.

“Even I wanted to strip naked for him and let him fuck me like a whore all day but then it was too risky. If I knew he will have to leave for work I would not have minded doing so.”

“Anyhow you guys are meeting on Sunday. All your slutty fantasies will come true. My bitchy roommate will finally become a woman.” Ruvena slapped my butt and winked.
“Whatever,” I said blushing.

Dhruv had called me in the evening and we had decided to meet the day after tomorrow on Sunday. We will be having lunch together and then we will ‘spend some time’ at his place till late at night. Thereafter he will drop me to my hostel. I was excited and preparing for the D-day.

I had shaved my pussy and Ruvena had helped to wax me before discussing the lovebite marks. The next task was to decide what will I wear. Dhruv always liked seeing my bare navel and tummy. So I decided that I will wear a crop top. To show my smooth white legs I will wear a small skirt or shorts.

Dhruv got happy when he noticed I was not wearing a bra that day. So I thought I won’t wear any bra or panty underneath. But Ruvena didn’t like the idea.

“Oh, come on you silly girl. You won’t straight away go to his room and stand naked like a doll in front of him. He’s taking you on a lunch. You should at least wear a bra or your boobs, nipples will keep bouncing all the time. Instead try wearing some sexy lingerie if you want to surprise him.”

She suggested with a glow in her eyes. I liked the idea. We opened my cupboard but couldn’t find anything interesting. I came from a conservative family and never bought any lingerie. My undergarments or clothes were generally bought by my mother or elder sister.

So the next day I went to a nearby mall for shopping. I tried different lingerie. I liked 4 or 5 of them but couldn’t decide which one should I buy. So I bought all of them. Money was not the issue as we used to make enough money from our dance shows. I bought some dresses too.

‘I will ask Ruvena for help to decide what should I wear tomorrow,” I thought as I left for the hostel. Back in the hostel I wore all the lingerie one by one and kind of ramp walked in front of Ruvena. Finally, both of us decided what I should wear.

It was a bra without any shoulder straps joined by a string behind. It had to be tied by knotting as it didn’t have a hook. Along with it was a very tiny thong with sharp thin strings that exposed my entire butt. It barely covered my asshole and was so small that the side lips of my pussy were visible.

Both bra and thong were bright yellow and matched very well with my fair skin. I was looking like a mermaid and was sure that Dhruv will go crazy looking at me like that.

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Now I was looking for a top. Ruvena showed different crop tops from mine and her closets. But I thought none of them went along with my bra. My bra didn’t have any shoulder straps. So I decided to wear a one-piece shoulderless tube dress which I had bought earlier, instead of a separate top and skirt.

So my shoulders and collarbone were completely bare as the dress started from my boobs and went till my thighs just below my pussy. My belly was not visible but my entire legs, shoulder, neck, and collarbone were visible. The dress was navy blue, which was Dhruv’s favorite color.

I matched it with a sexy black pair of sandals that complemented my thin and white feet. I looked like an angel in that outfit. After deciding the dress both of us chit chatted for a while and then went to sleep. I could hardly sleep because of excitement.

The day finally arrived as my sweetheart came to pick me up. As I had expected, Dhruv was in complete awe as he saw me in the dress coming towards his car. I opened the car door and sat beside him. He kept staring me with his mouth open for a while. I greeted him with a hug.

Dhruv: “So someone has suited up really well today, eh?” He winked at me.
Me: “Yes you look good for a change.” He was wearing a tight white shirt and black jeans which complemented his athletic body well.

Dhruv: I know I look good but I was talking about this hot Thai chick.”
Me: “I’m a stage performer and I always dress well. Maybe your hormones are acting differently today.” I brought my face closer to his and winked back at him.

Dhruv: “My sexy Thai girlfriend will have to calm my hormones today.” He said bringing his lips closer.
Me: “In that case you shouldn’t waste more time. Come on let’s go.” I pulled back my face after giving a small kiss on his cheeks.

Dhruv smiled and started driving. We reached the restaurant and had our lunch. Dhruv was giving more attention to me than the food. Not only Dhruv, all men in the restaurant, from waiters and customers were staring at me. I loved the attention I was getting. I could feel my thong already wet with my love juices.

We had our lunch and drove to his place. I was now getting a little nervous as well as excited. Dhruv lived in a small nice furnished flat. We reached and he unlocked the door and he invited me in. I was nervous and thinking about how will things proceed from here.

But before I could think of anything Dhruv closed the door with a thud and pulled me in his arms. I started shivering and closed my eyes. He took my handbag from me and kept it on a nearby table. He held my hand and took me to his bedroom. I was nervous and shy so I took slow steps with my eyes low.

He closed his bedroom door too as we came inside. Then he removed his t-shirt and threw it. I saw him shirtless for the first time. His abs were well maintained and hot. His muscles were turning me on. I looked at him. He was smiling as he watched me checking him out.

I got embarrassed and closed my eyes with my head down. He held my both hands. Then he raised his hands brushing my hands, arms, shoulders, neck till my cheeks. He held my cheeks and kissed me on my forehead. I felt nice but my eyes were still closed.

Dhruv: You were talking a lot all this while, what happened now?
Me: This is my first time, I’m a bit nervous.
Dhruv: Leave it on me, I’ll make you feel in heaven.
Me: Will it pain?

Dhruv: Did it pain the other day on the hilltop?
Me: No, not even a bit.
Dhruv: Then it won’t pain today as well.

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Saying this he instantly picked me up in his arms, and took me towards his bed. I was amazed by his strength. He slowly put me down on the soft bed and kept a pillow under my head. He kissed my forehead again and then whispered in my ears, “Be calm, have fun, and let me have fun with you.”

Me: I’m all yours. You own my body, you own me today. Do whatever you want to do with me.

Dhruv smiled and went down to my feet. He gently picked my one foot and removed the sandal. He did the same with the other. I closed my eyes thinking about his next move. Slowly, I felt his lips on my feet. He kissed them softly. Then he took the thumb of my left foot in his mouth and sucked it.

It felt really good. He did the same with the other foot as well. He held my feet tight and tickled my feet as he licked them. He held my feet tight so I couldn’t do anything but move like a fish out of water and moan.

Me: You make me go crazy with your tongue, Dhruv.
Dhruv: I haven’t used it in the right way and the right place yet darling. You can’t even imagine what all it can do.

I could already feel the excitement building in my stomach as my brain tried to apprehend what he just said. He spent some time on my feet making me giggle and moan.

Slowly he moved upwards kissing my smooth waxed legs and came till my knees. He gave some kisses on my knees and sucked them one by one. He was planning to kiss and lick every inch of my body before fucking me, I thought.

Dhruv: Your skin feels soft and smooth like that of a baby. He said as he moved further up and kissed my thigh.
Me: Oh Dhruv, you’re so sweet that your words are enough to make me cum.

Dhruv: By the end of the day you’ll lose the count on the number of times you have cummed baby.

He crushed my thighs with his hands. I moaned in pain and pleasure as I felt his wet lips on my thighs, making them wet with his saliva. He spread my legs apart and touched my inner thighs. He started biting, kissing, licking, and sucking my inner thighs.

I felt weak as if I had no energy even to move and he controlled my body. My legs were spread apart and he could have seen my pussy lips under the thong, I thought as I moaned continuously. A moment later I could feel his hand between my thigh moving up towards my pussy.

I somehow collected the strength to move my legs and close them out of shyness. Dhruv smiled at this and continued kissing my thighs. He went down to my feet again licking and biting my legs and came up to my thighs again. He repeated it two more times making me shiver and restless.

I was getting impatient and wanted him inside me soon. But he was a staunch believer of foreplay. Anyhow, he proceeded from my legs and came straightway to my lips. We kissed hard for some time and then he went down kissing my chin, neck, and shoulders.

His soft lips on my skin were making me mad and restless. After that he held me by my waist and rolled me over him. Now he was lying on the bed and I was on top of him. I bent down and started kissing him. We were engaged in another passionate smooch exchanging our saliva, wrestling our tongues and biting lips.

His hand went down and caressed my body. His right hand was fondling my left boob and his left hand was on my ass above my blue dress. But the hand found its way inside my dress and touched my bare ass. The first time a guy had touched my ass and it felt awesome.

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I jerked and let out a slight moan as I continued kissing. Dhruv too was shocked to find my ass bare. Probably he thought I wasn’t wearing any panty. He fondled my ass cheeks for some time. Then he tried inserting a finger between them to check if there is a thong.

His finger made its way to my asshole and I couldn’t handle the immense pleasure. I rested my head on his shoulder waiting for his reaction. His finger touched the thin string of my thong. His expressions turned from curious to that of surprise.

Dhruv: So this baby girl has already grown up. Wearing bikinis these days eh?
Me: Wore this uncomfortable thing just for a guy.
Dhruv: Damn, I can’t believe it!
Me: Then why don’t you see this with your own eyes!

I got up from his shoulder, held my dress, and started removing it slowly. Dhruv was shocked watching me take the lead as generally I was reluctant. I did it slowly on purpose to tease him. As my hands lifted my dress, every asset started coming out one by one.

First Dhruv’s eyes went to my sexy thong and the peeking pussy lips behind it. Then to the black mole on my tummy just below my navel which used to drive my belly dance audience crazy. Then came out my tiny perfectly round navel which he loved so much.

Slowly my tight yellow bra and the cleavage were visible too. I took out the tube dress and threw it on the floor. There I was in just 2 small pieces of cloth sitting on a guy all alone in his room. Dhruv was still staring me with his eyes wide and full of lust and shock.

I saw a big bulge in his jeans which was turning me on. I kept my hand on his bulge to which he gasped. I bent down and kissed his lips, went down and kissed his chest and played with his trimmed chest hairs. Dhruv was liking it and breathed heavily. I then went to his nipples and sucked them a little.

I circled the nipples with my tongue and then went down kissing his stomach to his jeans. I took no time in unbuttoning his jeans but didn’t dare to take his dick out. I blushed, came up, and kept my head on his chest hugging him.

He pulled me up and said, “What happened dear, why did you stop?”
Me: I feel shy.
Dhruv: Still shy of me? (I didn’t respond) Come, I’ll drive away all your shyness.

He turned all of a sudden, he made me lie on the bed and came over me. He went wild and attacked me as a lion would attack a weak lamb. He kissed hard my lips while pressing hard my boobs over my bra. It pained a little but the pain turned into pleasure.

Dhruv: You’re so hot darling, I could have done anything to bring you in my bed.
Me: I too want to be with you under the sheets. Make me yours, Dhruv. Do it!

But he wasn’t going to fuck me so easily.

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