Hot Thai Girl And Her Indian Boyfriend – Part 5


But Dhruv wasn’t going to fuck me so easily. He was planning to make me desperate with some foreplay before he takes away my virginity. He went down licking my neck to my cleavage. He stopped there for a while and kissed it hard pressing my boobs.

I let out a slutty moan. He gave some kisses to my boobs over my bra and went down to his favorite part of my body. My navel. He didn’t waste time and started biting it and kissing my belly. He took out his tongue and circled my navel with it numberless times.

His tongue then found its way inside my navel. While his tongue fucked my navel, his hand went further down under my thong touching my vagina. I got shocked and moaned out loud in pleasure getting up a little. But his strong hand pushed me down.

His fingers touching my pussy was the best feeling ever. It was the first time someone else touched it. I never felt the same way when I used to finger it. His tongue swimming inside my navel and fingers rubbing my pussy made me moan like a bitch.

Dhruv understood that I was about to cum. He took hold of the thong strings and untied them. He lifted my ass and took off the thong. I lay bottomless now in front of him with just a strapless bra on my body. He kept fingering me and licked my navel simultaneously.

In just a minute I cummed with a huge load coming out of my pussy dripping wet his fingers. He rubbed his fingers dripped in my juices on my belly making it sticky. Then he licked my belly cleaning it of my juices. I was yearning for his dick to enter my pussy and rip it apart.

He knew how desperate I was and he wanted to make me more desperate for it. He too was longing to enter me and I could see that on his face. But he was resisting his urge to tease me more. “I own these juices,” he said. He now turned me and made me lie on my stomach.

My back and ass were now facing him. He squeezed my ass while he kissed my back. The only thing covering my body was a thin bra string tied with a knot. He untied the knot and removed the strings from my back. ‘Finally I was fully nude in front of my lover for the first time,’ I thought and smiled.

Dhruv too was fascinated to see me in this state. He massaged my back with his gentle fingers. He went down making love with my entire back and slowly came down to my ass. He gave a few kisses on my butt, and some lovebites too. I was feeling really shy but I enjoyed it too.

I kept moaning which charged him up even more and he kept on doing so with more vigor. He stretched my ass cheeks to get a view of my asshole. He fingered it while squishing my ass. I kept, moaning, shouting his name, but to no avail. He did the same to the back of my legs going down till my feet and then came back to my ass and waist.

Dhruv: You’re so sexy baby. Although I haven’t seen your boobs yet. Come, turn, and show me your melons.

I gathered some energy to turn and lie on my back but was a little hesitant. So Dhruv held my legs with both hands and turned my body over in a second. At last my modesty was completely gone. I was fully naked lying on the bed of this Indian I met only a few months ago and was at his mercy.

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I put my hands on my erect nipples and tried hiding them to which Dhruv laughed out loud.

Dhruv: Not anymore baby. Nothing will come between us now.

He held my hands and removed them from my boobs. He took a good look at me from top to bottom still holding my hands. He kissed my hands and then went down to my lips.

Me: How long will you keep me waiting, Dhruv? It’s been hours since we started and you haven’t entered me yet. You are making me restless. Please deflower me now.

Dhruv: This is your first-time dear. I want it to be special for you. I’m preparing you for my dick.

Me: I’m already so wet, Dhruv. My pussy is longing for your meat. Please put it inside my pussy.

Dhruv: Just a little more patience darling. I promise I won’t keep you longing.

He held both my boobs with his hands and my breath stopped. His hands were big enough to fit both my boobs in them. This was a new experience and the best so far. He massaged them slowly and aroused me a lot. He gave a few kisses here and there on my boobs and nipples.

The massage and gentle kisses felt nice but all of a sudden he pinched my nipples. I tried shouting but he closed my mouth with his lips and kissed me hard. He smooched me while torturing my boobs which had turned red. He then spared my lips and went down to my boobs.

He gave few kisses on them but slowly started biting and sucking them one by one. Now he was sucking my one boob very hard while his one hand tortured the other one. Meanwhile his second hand went down and fingered my navel violently.

The pain on my boobs and navel seemed unbearable. But then I started enjoying it. The hand on my navel went further down to my pussy and started fingering it. First it was only one finger, but after a while he inserted his second finger too. I gave out a loud groan cumming instantly on his fingers.

But he was still eating my boobs and kept fingering my pussy with his 2 fingers. This went on till I cummed again. “Put your dick inside me, baby, fuck me, please,” I moaned as I pleaded. He got up giving me a bit of relief. He stretched my legs and put his head between them.

Sensing what he was up to I closed my eyes and held the pillow under my head with both hands. He saw me once, smiled, and kissed my pussy lips. I jerked and groaned out loud. He gave a few kisses and started sucking my pussy lips.

Dhruv: Come on baby keep pleading to me like that if you want my dick. Only then I’ll know that you’re ready.

Me: I want that monster right now. I want you to tear my flesh with it. Fuck me, please!

As if hearing my prayers, a tongue made its way inside my pussy which put an end to my pleadings. I moaned with a sudden jerk. I increased my moans as his tongue went deeper.

Dhruv: Don’t move baby, stay still and enjoy.

He kept circling his tongue inside my pussy. His tongue touched the vaginal walls as he circled it. I kept moaning and shivering. He continued to lick and suck my pussy while drinking all my precum. The touch of his tongue inside my vagina felt ticklish and aroused me to new levels.

I could feel another orgasm building as his tongue played with my pussy. He didn’t stop till I cummed twice on his mouth. He drank all of it and got up. He went out of the room while I gasped to catch some breath. He came back with a glass of water for me.

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I needed some water as I was sweating heavily and had already leaked out so much fluid from my pussy by cumming 5 times that I felt weak and thirsty. He was drinking some water with his chest bare and jeans still on. I got down from the bed and held his feet. He gave a surprised look while drinking water.

Me: If this is how you want me to beg for your dick so be it. Please, Dhruv, I can’t take it anymore. My pussy is yearning for you.

I shouted in a shrill voice, “Fuck me. Fuck me like a bitch. Make me your whore please.”

Dhruv kept calm. He kept the water bottle aside and picked me up in his arms. My naked body hung lifeless in his arms as we looked in each other’s eyes. He made me lie on the bed and removed his jeans. I could see his gym-toned legs now. He climbed on the bed and came over me kissing all over my face.

Dhruv: Alright, baby, here you go.

He got up and removed his boxers. His 7 inch long dick came out, straight and erect pointing towards me. It stared at me just like a hyena would stare at its prey before hunting it down. He climbed over me and brought his dick over my lips but he didn’t force it inside.

Instead he brushed it over my lips, neck and brought it over my boobs. His dick leaked some precum on my neck which felt nice. He then put his dick between my boobs and fucked my cleavage with very slow strokes touching my chin or lips as he stroked in. It was not very thick but really hard and strong.

All this was turning me on and making me ready for galloping this monster. He fucked my boob for a while but then went down to my stomach leaking out more precum. He circled his dick around that tiny navel and I moaned. Finally it reached where it belonged.

He went out to his jeans and took out a condom. He wore the condom carefully and positioned his meat near my pussy. I held the pillow with both hands again and waited for the impact. His dick touched my pussy lips. I moaned with my eyes and lips tightly closed. He touched my pussy lips and rubbed it over my pussy teasing me again.

Me: Dhruv, come on now please, I beg of you. Fuck me, please.
Dhruv: Yes, my dear, as you wish.

He kept rubbing his dick on my pussy lips though making me plead more. After what seemed like ages Dhruv forced his dick inside. It didn’t go inside my tight pussy. Dhruv applied a little more force and it went further in. It pained a little but I controlled. He gave another thrust and I gave out a shrill loud moan.

Dhruv: Just another stroke baby and I’ll break your hymen. Stay calm.

He held my waist with both hands and prepared for another thrust. His touch felt nice and relieving. He moved his dick a little outward and then slowly pushed it deep. He made contact with my hymen which broke easily and a wave of pain gushed me.

I shouted and tears rolled down my eyes. Dhruv kissed my face wiping my tears with his lips and kept stroking slowly. He was so sweet I thought while coping with pain. With two more thrusts his entire dick was inside me. It pained like hell but I managed to stay stable.

He kept stroking me and slowly the pain reduced. I could feel the unimaginable pleasure now as he increased his pace while stroking. He was now hitting deeper inside my pussy as he moved in and out. My moans were coming out of pleasure now rather than pain and matched well with his thumping.

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His dick finally touched my g-spot and I couldn’t help but cum out the biggest load till now. He kept stroking me and moaned while he did it. He increased his force and speed as he neared his orgasm.

Dhruv: I’m gonna fuck you hard you sexy belly dancer.
Me: Yes, Yes, Yes! Harder, Faster! Go deeper, Dhruv! Make me groan. Fuck me hard.

I was building another orgasm. He increased his pace even more. His thumping sound was making me aroused and his dick discovering unknown depths of my pussy did the job well. With few more strokes I started cumming. He too oozed out a huge load inside his condom almost at the same time.

He gave last few thrusts which were way stronger and deeper before finally leaking out everything. I too had got two orgasms one after the other for the first time in my life. He cummed and collapsed over me. We hugged each other’s naked bodies and smooched each other again.

We looked at the time. It was already 8 pm and I got up to get ready. But he requested me to stay for the night and assure me that he will drop me early in the morning. I couldn’t refuse his polite offer and agreed.

He ordered some food for us. He dressed up but didn’t let me wear anything. I roamed naked in his apartment as he prepared the dinner table. We had our dinner together. Then we sat on his couch in his hall and watched TV. He was dressed but I was still naked.

I sat beside him resting my head on his shoulder. He slowly started touching me and was making me aroused. I got up and tried going to the room but he held my hand and pulled me. We made out on the couch and then he fucked me on the couch itself.

Later he picked me up, took me to the room, and threw my naked body on the bed. We fucked twice before we went to sleep. He woke me up in the morning with some kisses. I freshened up and got ready. He dropped me at the hostel.

Ruvena and all other girls were excited to see me and were wanting to hear my first sex story. But I was too tired that I decided to skip my classes that day and sleep all day. Ruvena and friends left for college. I got naked once again, and masturbated recalling my Sunday with my lover.

I kept fingering myself thinking of all the fun I did the day before. After I was done, I changed into some nightwear and slept.

To be continued.

Thank you for your likes and responses to my previous stories. I’ll narrate a few more of my sexual experiences in the coming parts which I’ll write soon.

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