Hot Thai Girl And Her Indian Boyfriend – Part 6


I was very tired after the long sex session of the previous day. I woke up late afternoon. My head felt heavy, and my groin was still paining a little. My roommate and other girls in the hostel had not yet come from their classes. I got up, took a cold shower, and cooked a meal for myself.

I was having my lunch and called Dhruv. He didn’t pick my call. Must have got busy at his cafe, I thought. I finished my lunch and was surfing the internet sitting on the bed. Somebody knocked on my door. ‘Finally, Ruvena has come,’ I told myself.

I couldn’t wait to tell her what happened the day before. I jumped down from my bed in excitement and dashed towards the door. But when I opened it, I was shocked to find Dhruv holding a bouquet of fresh orchids.

“Come on. It took a lot of effort to drive all the way to buy these flowers and come all the way here from work. Don’t say that you didn’t like this surprise,” Dhruv said as he saw my confused look.

Me: Hey, what are you doing here? How did you come here? Didn’t someone see you while you came here, and why didn’t you pick my call?

Dhruv: Calm down, I can’t answer all that in a single breath. Nobody saw me. There’s no one here. There was some event in your college today. Maybe your friends have gone there.

Oh yes, there was a monthly conference scheduled for that day, I recalled. I felt stupid to forget completely about it.

Dhruv: I knew your lazy ass would be lying all day on the bed as your friends will be out. So I came here to drive away your loneliness. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn’t pick your call. But if you don’t like me here, I’ll leave.

He handed me the flowers and turned to leave. I held him back.

Me: Hey, stop. Don’t leave me alone. (He turns and faces me.) I was taken aback to see you here, but I loved it. And thanks for the flowers!

I put my hands on his shoulders and kissed him. He liked it and stared at me. I was in a small pink sleeveless top. My hands were resting on his shoulders, so they were raised. My top also got raised a little, and Dhruv could see a little skin of my lower tummy. But that was not the issue.

I had completely forgotten that I was wearing only a panty below and nothing else. No skirt, no shorts, no lower, my legs were naked, and just a thin white panty was covering my modesty. That’s not my fault as I was not expecting any visitors at this odd hour and wanted to be comfortable.

I blushed a little when I realized what a big fool I was. All this while I was standing in front of Dhruv in underwear. But Dhruv was more than happy to have caught me like that. He hugged me, and I hugged him back. My nipples and boobs crushed on his hard chest. I realized I wasn’t wearing any bra too.

Well this is something all girls can relate too. We don’t like wearing bras when alone or when in our private space. Not only me, all my friends hardly wore bras when in the hostel. It’s not that common that a guy comes here all of a sudden.

I got a little turned on when my nipples covered just by a top came in touch with his chest. I suddenly remembered all the action I had with Dhruv the previous day. The memories made me hornier and my nipples harder.

He must have sensed the touch of my nipples and must be knowing by now that I was braless. I was still in his arms, slowly getting wet. I controlled my feelings and broke the hug.

“Come sit here,” I held his hand and took him to my bed. We sat on the bed, and I kept the flowers on the side table. “Thanks for the lovely flowers once again,” I said, hugging him again, and we started chit-chatting.

We spent some time talking about random stuff, and then we started discussing our previous day. Slowly our chats turned naughty, and we started flirting with each other.

Dhruv: Those soft melons of yours, that oily smooth neck, your flat and sexy belly, and the beautiful navel. The thin and fit soft legs and the sexy small feet of yours. I missed all of them. But your hot and tight virgin pussy was the icing on the cake, though. You gave me probably the best fuck I have ever had.

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Dhruv’s words were again making me hot and shiver in pleasure and anticipation.

Me: Your dick was quite firm and strong too. I must say that I am impressed.

He: Well, you still have some work left with it, you should settle it at the earliest. (winking)

Me: I will do more than what is pending. But you are too busy to give me and your dick some time alone.

Dhruv: I’m here, baby, and all yours.

We couldn’t control more. We held each other’s hands. The next second we were kissing. Our lips were kissing each other only yesterday, yet it felt that I’m kissing him after a long time. As we were kissing, his hands went inside my top and started caressing my belly.

It didn’t take his hands long to reach my boobs. Our lips were still wrestling as he once again started squishing my little melons with his strong hands. I was too much aroused by now. In a fraction of second, Dhruv lifted my hands and removed the sleeveless top throwing it on the floor.

I was too horny to care about me not wearing a bra and my boobs naked. I moved back and laid on the bed. Dhruv climbed over me and kissed my cheeks. He went down, kissing my neck to my cleavage, giving small bites on the way. Then he started sucking my boobs alternatively.

He fondled one with his hands and sucked the other. His other hand was now entering my small panty, which was now dripping with my love juices. His hand and mouth took turns to make love with both my boobs.

Once he was done on my boobs, he got up and raised my ass to remove the panty. The panty, too, found its way to the floor. Once again, I was stark naked in front of him. He took his own time to admire me and then went for the table where flowers were kept.

What is he up to now? I thought as I saw him taking out one orchid from the bouquet. He held the fresh flower and kissed it. Then he started brushing the flower over my body. ‘He knew how to pleasure women,’ I thought.

The flower lightly floated over my forehead, lips neck cleavage, and went down to my legs via my small belly. It felt ticklish and made me moan and giggle. Dhruv then tickled my inner thighs and then my feet with the flower to which I gasped and laughed.

He kept aside the flower and now started kissing and licking me, his lips following the same route on which the flower traveled. Once he was done licking and kissing every inch of my body, he got down from the bed and stood on the floor.

He held his jeans and lowered them along with his hot boxers. His 7 inch hard rod came in front of me. I bit my lips looking at it and said, “Will you let this baby girl play with her new toy?”

Dhruv: It’s all yours, baby. Come on, make love with it.

I crawled on the bed towards his dick and took it in my hand. It was hard and big for my tiny little hands. I stroked a little with my hands to which Dhruv moaned. Then I planted a kiss on the head of his dick to which he gasped loudly.

Dhruv: Come on, baby, take it in your mouth.
Me: That’s not fair, I’ll tease you the way you tease me.

I won’t give him a blowjob so easily, I thought. I’ll make him anxious, just like he did to me the previous day. I lowered his boxers and jeans down to his feet, and he stepped out of them, now standing completely naked with his dick near my mouth.

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Me: Come and lie on the bed.

He climbed on the bed and laid down. I got on top of him and held his dick, stroking it lightly and tickling his balls. He was enjoying the treatment. I then went down and gave some more kisses on the head to which he moaned. I could already feel his precum oozing out on my lips.

Dhruv: Ah, baby! You’re good at it.

After giving him few kisses, I took out my tongue and rolled it over his dick head. He couldn’t control and gasped out loud. I rolled my tongue a few more times, trying to make him desperate. After a few seconds, I opened my mouth and took just the head inside.

Dhruv: Oh, yes! Go deep.

But I didn’t go further down. I kept sucking the head for some time. Then I took it out of my mouth.

Dhruv: What happened, baby?

“Just preparing your dick for my mouth, dear,” I winked. I had my revenge. He could not have imagined my next move. I licked the head again, and went down to his balls, licking the entire 7 inch length of his dick on my way. It was too much for him, and he shivered and gasped again.

The tables were turned. I was at his place now, and he was at my tongue’s mercy. I kissed his balls many times before licking and sucking them. All he could do was moan and shout my name in pleasure.

Dhruv: You’re so good!

I spent enough time on his balls and then came back to the top again, licking his entire dick. He simply loved it. I again rolled my tongue over it, kissed it, and sucked it a little.

Dhruv: That’s enough of teasing sweetie, take it in now.

I wanted to tease him more, but now even I couldn’t stop myself from tasting his dick. I went down and took it in my mouth. I started blowing him slowly.

Dhruv: Yes, yes, baby, I like that you’re awesome.

I slowly increased my pace and blew him faster and deeper. I could sense that he is building up. His dick got harder than before, so did his moans. I sucked him, gave him some bites too, and that was all it needed to make him cum.

Dhruv: Can I cum inside your mouth?

Me: Anywhere you’d like to. Anything for you.

Dhruv: Will you swallow it?
Me: Don’t ask baby, just ask me to swallow, and I’ll do it.

Dhruv: Okay, take it in your mouth but don’t swallow it.

Saying this, he discharged a huge load of thick fluid in my mouth. It felt good. I liked it. He cummed such a huge load that it was tough for me to hold it in my mouth. After he oozed out the last drop, he held me and made me sit straight. He stood on the bed and brought his dick near my mouth.

He forced it inside my mouth and started fucking it. As his dick went to and fro in my mouth, his cum dripped from my mouth on my chin, neck, and boobs. I liked it a lot. I was now wet with white sticky liquid all over my face neck and boobs. His dick had now reduced in size and was out of my mouth.

Dhruv: Of all the chicks I have fucked so far, you gave me the best blowjob sweetheart. (Dhruv kissed my lips, saying this and laid back on the bed.) But now it’s time to return the favor.

Saying this, he laid straight on the bed, pulled me, and made me sit on his chest just below his neck in cowgirl position. He took out his tongue, which reached my pussy with some effort and started tongue fucking it. His hands pressed and squished my ass roughly bringing my pussy closer to his tongue.

This was the wildest position I had come across, and I loved it. His hands went further up and pressed my boobs filled with his cum. His dick was now again up and erect in its full glory. He held my butts with both hands and guided me to his dick. But he didn’t want to fuck my mouth this time.

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I understood his intentions and climbed over his dick, and slowly took it inside my pussy. It was hard, but my pussy being wet from the tongue fuck swallowed his dick well. Also, this time, he wasn’t wearing any condom, which was more arousing. I slowly started bouncing on his dick.

This was too good as his dick touched new depths of my vagina. After a few strokes, I started cumming. But I didn’t let his dick go and kept fucking him in cowgirl. Dhruv liked it.

I had my eyes closed and was on the epitome of pleasure as I was building another orgasm. Suddenly I heard footsteps from the staircase of our hostel. ‘The girls have come,’ I thought. All this time, while I was riding him, I was facing the door.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I had forgotten to bolt the door. But it was too late. Before I could say anything to Dhruv, Ruvena smashed the door open and dashed inside. Her jaw dropped to the floor when she saw us. Few other friends were behind her and came inside the room and saw us.

The scene they saw was straight out of a porn film. A man was lying stark naked on the bed. I was sitting on his dick, facing them naked as well. My face and boobs were covered with thick cum, which had dried up a little, giving shiny texture to my white skin.

My hairs were all over my face. The room smelt of cum and flowers, and our clothes were lying on the floor. The girls realized what was going on. They went outside saying sorry, and Ruvena closed the door. I could hear slight giggles from the corridor.

This followed by loud laughter sounds and hooting. I was dead embarrassed.
I got down from Dhruv’s dick and went to pick my clothes. But Dhruv being Dhruv, held my hand and pulled me. I fell back on him.

I was embarrassed by all these girls catching us naked, having sex, but it had made Dhruv even hornier. I tried freeing myself from his tight grip but failed.
Dhruv: Stop. Calm down.

I stopped and lay still.
Dhruv: Calm down, don’t worry. What has happened has happened. They won’t come again.

He turned me over and came over me. He inserted his dick inside me with a quick thrust, and I shouted in pain. He fucked me with new energy and more horniness. I wasn’t sure first but gave up on the pleasure.

We kept fucking and moaning out loud, not thinking about anything else. The girls could hear us as I could hear giggling sounds outside my door, but it was too horny to bother about it.

He kept fucking me till he cummed. And he cummed inside me. His cum going deep inside my pussy was the best feeling. He got up and immediately dressed up. He also helped me in dressing up. After we were done, he handed over me some medicines from his pocket.

These are contraceptives. Have one today. You’ll need the rest later. Saying this, he gave a goodbye kiss on my cheek. I thanked him for the evening before he opened the door to leave. The girls were still outside and got a little surprised as the door opened. He smiled at them and left.

To be continued.

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