How I Enjoyed With My Maid


Hi all. This is my other experience happened a few years back when I was staying in Bangalore. My stories are not like fuck and throw incidents. I always believe an emotional connection can create the most memorable and enjoyable sex. So please stay with me as it may b a longer one.

Exactly this happened in 2014 when I was staying near Banashankari in a 1 BHK flat. Because of 10-12 hour shifts in office and lonely homestay, my health started deteriorating. My parents advised me to hire a servant so that you can have homemade food. That was a nice idea.

I inquired about that possibility with the security guard of the apartment. But I couldn’t find anyone atleast for my timing. I was staying on the third floor of the flat. Above that 3 bachelor rooms were on the terrace. One day I saw a family shift to one of those single rooms.

The day they shifted was a Saturday. I was spending my week off time in my flat. In the evening I was watching some movies and somebody knocked on the door. I just saw a young lady and a kid with a dabba in hand. I smiled and she introduced that they are the new tenants.

They prepared some kheer as housewarming and brought it to me. She was speaking good Kannada. But I was just basic in that language. After some chit chat, I came to know that she is basically from the Andhra border but staying n Bangalore for 7-8 years.

Finally, we both started talking in Tamil, which we both could handle very well. The husband, wife and 2 kids aged 3 and 5 were staying there. The husband was a painter and part-time auto-driver. The lady was doing a small job in a neighborhood printing press.

She was lean and good looking for being the mother of 2 kids. I just told that directly and she started blushing, said she got married at 18 and now she is only 26. I was much elder and she started calling me Anna. Hereafter I am going to call her Jyoti. Since that day I started a good bonding with her.

Eventually, her kids started coming to me with doubts in their textbooks. They also started a good bonding with me. Jyoti’s husband wasn’t a good person. Most of the days he was heavily drunk and used to come home late. Many times I heard both were fighting because of his character and unnecessary spending.

Financially they are in bad condition because of the husband. Jyoti’s job only helps them to live without struggle. Jyoti was very hard working. In addition to the printing press job, Jyoti goes to 2 houses for a maid’s job.

One way morning I was collecting my bills from the parking area. I saw Jyoti opening the gate and entering. I knew her flat’s customer number so I gave her their house bill. While chatting she told that the flat owners where she was working shifted to electronic City. Now she is jobless for mornings.

After a little hesitation I asked her can you do my flatwork. I can give you the same salary. Since it’s just below her flat, time also won’t be wasted. She found that’s a reasonable offer and said, “I will check with my husband.”

The next day she started coming to my flat. She will cook breakfast and lunch for me. I will take lunch in a carrier box. Mostly she will make dinner also and keep it in the fridge. At the weekends, she will wash my clothes and clean the house. She was a nice cook and whatever she prepared was very tasty.

Jyoti was a sexy lady. She used to wear leggings and too without a dupatta during work. Her figure was awesome and many times I complimented for her dress as well. I never spoke to her as a maid always maintained a friend-like relationship.

One day I organized a party for my office colleagues, Jyoti made tasty chicken and I brought alcohol and beer for them. The evening after the party she was cleaning the plates and the house. I apologized to her for double the work. Two beer cans were unopened and she asked me what to do.

I just said try if you want. She was hesitant and told she once tried beer with her printing press friends. I said, “Very well, please have it.” I went to my bedroom. After some time I asked whether she finished the beer. She said, “No, I am scared.” I told her to stop and took two beer glasses and served chilled beer.

She was laughing and started having it with a fully blushing face. That was around 7 pm. Before leaving I told her that my friends liked the biryani very much. She replied thanks with a beautiful smile, as always. She said next time tell early so that she can make a better one.

I said, “Sure, next year the same day you can make it, as that’s my birthday.” She was shocked and wished me a happy birthday. Her hands were cold and very soft. She brought some sweets. She gave me that and said, “You should make sweets for a birthday, not chicken and beer.”

I smiled and agreed sure for next time I told her, “Please take that packet on the shelf, that’s for you.” She curiously opened that and that was a whisper ultras packet. She got annoyed and asked what’s this. “Why are you buying all this?” There was a new supermarket opened near our area. They had this monthly plan for families.

You pay a fixed amount every month and they will provide you every grocery required for a family for a month. I joined in that and those shop guys thought I am married. So they send pads also along in the monthly dispatch. I told her this incident and she started laughing.

She said, “Okay, but this is a very expensive one.” I just said “I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t need it.” She started laughing and said thanks. That day we started enjoying the presence of each other’s company. Even after work, she started to talk to me for some time, sharing some of her family matters.

Actually she likes to wear jeans and tops, but her husband never allowed her. This was the point of time I thought of having sex with her. But it is always like you plan for something and what happens will be least expected.

One day while coming back I fell on the road with a bike and got badly injured. My right upper arm and shoulders were badly injured. But thankfully no bone fracture. The doctor advised me to take one week rest at home. My biggest help was Jyoti, she used to come every day and prepare my food.

Once she fed me while my hands were aching. Since the cuts were on the shoulder I couldn’t do anything myself there. She helped me in cleaning the wound and that was very sweet. She used to stand very close to me to do all that and every time I enjoyed her aroma.

A few times I held her waist while doing this. But she continued doing her job without telling anything. After one week I started going back to the office. Once she was washing the utensils and her bra strap was out. So I just put the strap inside, she looked at me with an angry face. I said, “Keep the strap inside.”

She started laughing and said shut up. I said, “The strap color is so nice, looks like some costly brand.” She said, “Thank you, the madam in the last house where I was working, got some inners for me.”

Me: Oh nice, what’s your size?
Jyoti: It’s 32
I said, “Nice, I thought it’s 36.”
Jyoti: I don’t have that big.

I said, “I like medium ones. Big ones are not good looking.” This was our first adult talk. I just went with the flow, and she also started feeling an emotional attachment with me. Next month was her birthday, which I planned very early. That was May month and her kids were out of Bangalore because of vacation.

In the morning she came and started doing her routine work. I waited till 10 am for shops to open in the market. I told her to prepare biryani for two people, She agreed and started working. I directly went to the market and got a cake for her. I thought of being a little naughty this time to try my luck.

So I went to a shop and selected a nice kurta and leggings for her. That time I saw a fancy bra and panty set on the shelf and selected that as well. I came back to the room and kept everything inside my bedroom and her birthday cake in the fridge.

I waited till 4 pm. She came and prepared biryani. Once that’s I told her to come to my bedroom. It was dark inside because of window curtains and she couldn’t see anything. I just entered the room and lit the candle on the cake in the table. It was written, “Happy birthday, Jyoti.”

She was shocked and started looking at my face. Her eyes were wet and I felt like she will cry now. I took the knife and told her to cut the cake. Cake cutting was over, I applied the cream on her face and she was enjoying like a baby.

I told her, “I know you are alone at home. So don’t go now, stay here. We will watch a movie. After dinner, you can go.” She was scared if someone may see. I said, “Nothing will happen, you stay here.” Then I gave my next surprise. I took the dress cover and gave it to her.

She was shocked again after seeing the birthday gift. She opened it and liked the color very much. After seeing the bra panty she was so shy and said, “Even my husband never gave this kind of gift. Most of the time he even forgets my birthdays, just like today morning.”

She was about to cry and I held her tightly on the shoulder. I kissed her forehead. She was cold and silent. I told her, “Please wear it, I wanted to see you in the new dress.” She went inside the bathroom and came out after 10 minutes. She was wearing the dress I got.

It was stunning and she was looking sexy in the sleeveless top.
Me: You look awesome, just like my old girlfriend.
Jyoti: Thank you, even I like it very much. But my husband doesn’t like if I wear sleeveless. So I will attach the sleeves later.

Me: What do you like?
Jyoti: I like sleeveless.

I said, “Then wear it here only now, don’t show anyone else.” She was really happy and I took her few photos on my mobile. Even a selfie holding her next to me. I think she felt awkward and suddenly said, “It’s 7.30 already. I will serve the biriyani as it is hot.”

She went to the kitchen and started serving it n the plates. For a few seconds, I was clueless about what to do next. I was horny and I slowly went into the kitchen and stood behind her and hugged her from behind. That was a heavenly moment. My hands were in her soft tummy and I started kissing her neck.

She closed her eyes with a deep breath and started enjoying it. She held my hands when those started pressing her boobs. She turned towards me and started kissing my lips. I just supported and she was chewing my lips. That continued for another 10 minutes.

I was enjoying by pressing her buttocks. She was in some other world and just cooperated with everything I did. I just lifted Jyoti in my arms. She wasn’t heavy at all. I took her to my bedroom and laid her in the mattress. And we started kissing again.

After a few minutes, I wanted to remove her top and tried to pull it up. She was very shy and horny and said please switch off lights. That was a yes signal I was the happiest guy and switched off the lights. I just removed my shirt and went near her and restarted kissing and other foreplay.

I removed her top, kissed her all over. I was trying to remove the bra, but in a second she did that herself and breastfed me. Her nipples were so hard and I was just a hungry baby drinking from her. She was caressing me very softly. I squeezed the cute soft melons and started removing her leggings and panty.

She was really shy while removing her panty and without any prior notice I just started kissing her pussy lips. She was gasping and making all weird noises by holding my hair After 10 minutes and multiple orgasms, she stopped me and told me to stay beside her for some time.

She was exhausted without any energy left. She slept with me by keeping her head on my chest.

Jyoti: My husband never did it to me. Many times he just asked me to suck his penis, but never returned that pleasure to me. This is my first time and never got this much pleasure before.
Me: just ask me whenever you want. I will give you this for free.

She started laughing and gave me a lot of kisses. I just directed her to my penis and asked her to give me a blow job. She was really tired and told me, “Not now, I will give you after some time.” So I got up and started kissing her all over the body.

She was holding my left hand and I could feel her intensity of enjoyment with the tight grip. After kissing all over I took a condom and asked her to put it on. She was curiously doing that with my help. In another 2 minutes, I put both her legs in my shoulder and put my erect penis inside her.

Omg, she wasn’t that tight, but her hole was slippery wet because of all foreplay. I continued pumping until she said to stop. In another 10 minutes, even I released myself and we both slept in the bed. She was completely relaxed and sleeping like there is no energy left in her.

I could see her satisfaction and enjoyment. It was very late and she wanted to go home. Her husband may come at any time. Jyoti got up and started wearing her dress. I started helping her for wearing the dress. She went so emotional for a moment and wept by holding me tight.

Right at that moment, she heard an Auto’s horn sound from the parking area. She rushed to the door and went up. I was really tired and still felt like I am missing someone. Because of the hardworking, I slept for some time and got up after an hour. It was around 10.30 pm.

The biryani is still there untouched. I was hungry but I wanted to have dinner with her. So I casually went to the terrace to see if her flat has lights on. If nobody is there then I can call her. But lights were on and I could hear her husband’s drunken voice.

With a depressed mind and a hungry stomach, I returned to my room. After another 30 minutes, I got a message on my mobile.
Jyoti: Slept?
Me: No, what about you? Your birthday biryani and dresses are here.

Jyoti: Ok, do one thing, switch off your drawing room balcony light. Keep the front door unlocked.
Me: Why? What happened? Your husband is in room na?
Jyoti: Just do it.

I was curious about what she is going to do. I switched off all the lights except the bathroom one. I sat in my bedroom so that I can see why she told me to keep the door open. After a few minutes, I could hear someone coming through stairs and my heart started beating heavily.

Suddenly I saw she is coming through the main door without making a noise. She is coming inside my flat while her husband is asleep. Because of the bathroom light, she saw me inside. She came running and sat on my lap and started kissing me.

It was just so strong and I couldn’t even breathe for some time. Jyoti pushed me and removed my t-shirt and 3/4th in a fraction of second. She was wearing a nighty after a shower. While holding her I realized that she is not wearing anything inside that.

Jyoti took my erect penis inside her mouth and started giving a blowjob. For another 4-5 minutes, she just blew it with very high pressure. At last, I had to tell her, do it little softly, I don’t have a spare for that, don’t damage it. She fell on my chest and started laughing.

With another shocking move, she sat on my lap and held my cock to put it inside for a ride. I wanted to help her, but she did that well, I stopped her and asked to put a condom. Finally, the guy with raincoat went inside her wetlands and she started riding.

That was amazing and she was enjoying herself. Everything she only took the lead and I was just a supporter.

Guys this went on for some time, and finally, we stopped it mutually because her husband started feeling something fishy. I was always stunned by the courage shown by women when it comes to the matter of loved ones. Give them little love and care, they will show you heaven.

Thanks for reading. Any comments write to [email protected]

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