How I fucked my dream lady using the deception game PART-1


This is a story that spanned for more than a year. So, to make the reading easy and appealing I’ve written this story chronologically like writing a diary in parts.

If you are not familiar with the location of engineering colleges in Chennai, let me tell you that first. Most of the colleges are in the outskirts of the main city, say about 20 to 25 kms. So, to reach the college at 8 in the morning, one has to wake up at least at 6 (minimum) to get ready and catch the bus on time. All the engineering guys form Chennai or TN will agree on this. The traffic due to the yellow buses (All college buses are supposed to be painted in yellow) in the morning and evening is a different story.

Enough of background, let’s get into the story. You’d have known by now that I am an engineering student. I am in my final year now BTW. I elaborated the timings before because, for me the time period between 6 to 6.30 AM is heavenly. That’s because I get to see my goddess angel during this time, at times even before her husband sees her for the day. Every morning she cleans the veranda and waters the plants wearing a nighty. Sometimes, quite low neck. Our houses are opposite to one another. And for me luckily, my room is in first floor with a window and balcony facing her house. I get up early daily just to get my morning titillation by seeing my darling bending over and sweating. It can’t get more natural and also, I can’t expect more happiness, given the boring journey I’ll have to endure till next sight of delight. This happened daily for a quiet a long time.

She’s a Malayali (sic). Probably 42 to 45 years old with really good set of assets. She has two children, both studying in college from hostel. Her husband is a central government employee. As far as I’ve seen he’s slightly hot tempered. But as neighbours he shares a good rapport with us.

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I’ve have fantasized about her since my school days. She often comes to our home when me and my dad are gone and talks with my mother. My conversations with her has been very limited, given that I am mostly ambivert and I am out of home for most of the day. But, whenever we met, the main topic of discussion would be about my studies and my plans for future. I would be more than happy to see her closely.

Once she came to our home with some problem in her phone. Luckily for me, I was there at that time. My mom was in the terrace, so I thought this was a small opportunity for me to look her more closely. So, I asked to show me what was the problem. She was wearing a V-neck maxi. She held the phone up near her breast and I moved to her side. I got what I planned for. As she was explaining her problem, I, being taller could see the deep cleavage from my eyelevel. That was the first time ever I saw cleavage so close. I figured her boobs were actually bigger than I had imagined. I could have kept on seeing the heaven forever, but I quickly regained my senses and the same time my mom was about to open the door. So, I moved slightly away from her and took the phone. It was some network issue and I resolved it quickly. She thanked me, asked about my studies, talked for some time with mom and went way. That night, I got stronger feelings towards her (thanks to the morning incident). I developed a kind of possessiveness for her. I fixed in my mind that I will have her body at any cost. I knew it could be next to impossible. But my heart convinced my mind to try. She became my lust goddess and I wanted to worship her at least once in my life. And thus, I began my big deception game.

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During that incident, I was in my sixth semester. I decided to join gym in order to build a good body to woo her. After a couple of days in the gym I realized two things. First, it will take me several months to attain atmost 50% of the body I wanted. Second, working out won’t serve to my actual goal if I couldn’t show off it to her (I believed working out will attract attention). So, I tweaked my approach and quit the gym, bought few sets of dumbbells and decided to workout in the morning in my balcony from where both of us could see each other. This plan did work to some extent. Now I could look her from open. And she also got a glance at me sweating every morning. This went for a few weeks. One day she caught me staring at her cleavage from my balcony. It was just a second, that I turned away when she saw me. She didn’t react much and went in. I just wanted to bury my face in the deepest hole. But the line had been crossed. From next day she started wearing a dupatta over her neck to cover her modesty. I got shattered. I knew it was because of me. Not only did I lose my day’s happiness, but also, I had degraded my image in her mind. I couldn’t face her. I felt lost. I wanted to apologise to her, but I felt it would be better if this matter just fades away by not talking about it at all. My heart convinced me it’s still possible to reach my goal.

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I mustered all the hopes and started from level zero again. I knew if I stopped working out, she would understand my dirty intentions and that will be end of all. So, I continued my morning activities as usual and she went on doing her work. This went on for a month or so. My semester exam began in the following month. So, during those days instead of working out in the balcony, I started to sit and study there. I did it intentionally to make her believe that, what happened that day was totally because of some sudden involuntary reaction and I didn’t have any evil thoughts. The game worked. She started smiling back at me whenever we crossed and talked like before. But she continued wearing the dupatta in the mornings. Still, I felt happy that I had my image cleansed in her mind.

That was a big progress in my deception. From that incident I understood a couple of things. First, her thoughts could be manipulated with the correct triggers. It is hard, but not impossible. Second, it is very important to make her to build an image of me in her mind, in a way I want it to be. This will make her thought process about me in the way I want her to think. If I wish to tunnel her thinking towards my goal, I had to play with these two factors cleverly, in both emotional and sub conscious levels.

To be continued…

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