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Hello, this is Ajay here back to share my latest encounter with all ISS readers. All the sexy ladies or couples please reply to me to [email protected] for real meet.

This is my real experience sharing it with you. Please do read my first best experience ‘Sex In Train With Telugu Married Woman’. I got too many responses from many men to share the details of the lady. But it’s not a good idea to share the details of the lady. They trust us so we need to respect them.

Coming back to the story, I am an active member of the AFF(Adultfriendfinder) dating website. I have met 3 couples who were looking for a threesome and cuckold fantasy. I will share the experience I had with a cuckold fantasy couple which happened 1 month back.

I was chatting on AFF and pinged a couple’s id. I introduced myself and told them about my fantasy. I got a response from them quickly asking about my details. I told them, “I am Ajay age 26+ normal fair little darker side, height 5.10 and weight around 82+.”

He asked my tool size. I told it would be around 6-7 inches. Everyone I meet loves the size of my cock. I asked about their details. They introduced as Ruby (29 years) and Yusuf (36 years) married 8years with 1 son age around 6+. They stay in a joint family and work in a private firm near Shamshabad Hyderabad.

I was not sure who I was chatting with whether it’s a couple or husband or wife. I asked about their fantasies. They said they are looking for cuckold fun. They asked about my previous experiences. I have already met many women from AFF, and couples and I told them.

They asked my hangouts id and said that they will call me after 10.30 pm. It was already 10.45 pm. I was not sure whether they are serious or just a time passer. I was busy surfing the internet and suddenly I saw a video call from them in hangouts. I was only in my shorts without any underwear.

I answered the call and was waiting to listen to their voice. I heard a male voice without video. He asked me to stand and show how I look. I did the same and he asked me to remove my shorts. I was shell shocked and was running out of my mind. For a moment I thought he might be gay.

I asked him to open his cam. He said no for that I told him it would be a cam2cam chat after answering. I was surprised to see a lady wearing a saree who covered her face with a scarf. From the first impression, I felt she is sexy. He told in a low voice that the in-laws are in the next room.

So she can’t talk and asked me to speak. He asked me to remove my shorts and I was already excited. My tool already got ready and was poking over shorts. I slowly removed my shorts, and both were staring at my cock. I can feel the lust in their eyes. She complimented my cock size.

They asked me to masturbate in front of them. I asked her to remove her dress and stand and show me how she looks. Yusuf asked her to do the same. She stood started removing her saree. My eyes were stuck on her boobs. Her boobs size is 34+ and ass is 36+.

He said that she will not be total nude she will only remove her saree. I told ok and then she slowly started removing her saree. My tool was so hard and hot. She sat on a chair with only a petticoat and a blouse. I can see her cleavage. I was getting excited.

He was asking me to talk bad and explain to her how would I fuck her if she is around me. I was talking about all the naughty and bad things. Even she was getting excited with my words. I asked him to press her boobs. He was pressing them so hard I was dying to see them pressed.

I asked him to remove the blouse he said ok but only blouse and she will be in bra. I said ok as I don’t want to force them. He told me that he will call back after removing. But I asked him to remove in front of me he said ok and slowly removed her blouse.

She was wearing a white bra and half of her boobs were almost out and her erect nipples were coming out of bra. He raised her petticoat till thighs and we continued voice sex. I was too hot and they were so excited. He was pressing her boobs and thighs.

She slowly moved her hands over her pussy area and started fingering in front of me. She was not wearing anything inside. I could see her hands were filled with juices. He moved his hand inside her bra and started pressing them. With the amount of pressure he was applying, I could see the movement of those lovely boobs.

He asked me to talk dirty and loud. I was going crazy with their actions. It was the first time I saw a lady masturbating. I can see the amount of lust she was holding. After 5 minutes I can hear her voice that she is cumming and told him to finish. He went down on her pussy and started licking her pussy.

I was already reaching my endpoint. With her expressions and little moans and husky voice I just blasted my cum all over the screen. Even she stretched her body and her face became too red and she saw my cum on cock. He opened his zip and pulled his cock out. She started sucking it and shaking it faster.

He finished in 2 minutes. They said they will call me back in 10 minutes. I cleaned myself and my laptop and was waiting for their call. After 5 minutes they pinged on chat that it was wonderful. They will reach out to me tomorrow. They said goodnight and I masturbated again thinking of that video call.

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This became regular for both of us. They were asking me to send images so that she will dress up in that way to tease and which should not be nude. I was sending him some random images from google daily. She was to pick one and show me in that style.

It was almost 20 days we have been chatting and talking over video calls. Then I asked Yusuf to show her nude if they trust me. They told not now but I forced them a bit. They said they will go nude with the face covered and for the first time I saw her. She was good, and anyone will want to fuck her for sure.

We chatted almost the whole day. We had 3-4 hours of video call and we were completely nude. He asked me my WhatsApp number and pinged me on WhatsApp. I asked them if we can meet. He said we can’t meet as her in-laws and work time doesn’t allow them. He said he will plan to meet in 1 week.

I was not sure he might meet. After two days he has shared her pic in WhatsApp. I was shocked to see her she was so beautiful. He deleted the pic after 2 minutes and asked me if I liked her, I said yes. He said that they are planning to go to a movie the next day.

He asked me if I am interested in joining them. I said yes. He said that her family will also be there and asked me to book in a separate row. I booked top row corner seats. He confirmed the plan and I was ready for it.

The next day I was waiting outside to see them. I got a text in WhatsApp to go inside the theatre. I went inside and was waiting for them continuously watching the door. Ads and upcoming movie trailers had already started. I was trying to watch but was not interested.

The movie has started and still, no one had come. After 10 minutes of the movie, I saw a couple coming towards me. I was praying that it must be them. They both came to my row. The row was empty and I realized that it is the same couple who I was speaking to in hangouts.

She sat next to me and I was a little nervous. Both said Hi and they said sorry for being late. He told her in-laws are with them and they are sitting in the starting row. He asked me why you have booked top row corner seats. The in-laws might ask why we are sitting in corner seats.

I told them it would safe for both he said ok. He went down near in-laws to tell them that they are sitting in the top row. I slowly placed my hand over her lap and started massaging. I took her hand kissed it. She looked around and smiled at me. I pulled her closer and started kissing her on her lips.

She hesitated a bit and asked me to wait till her husband comes back. I was passionately kissing her and was trying to pull her pallu down. I squeezed her boobs over saree and was trying to remove saree and blouse. She was pushing me back and was asking not to remove it.

They might get in trouble if anyone suddenly comes it would be hard to cover. After 2 minutes I was licking her neck. I had seen her husband coming back to our seats. I sat calmly and he asked her to sit in the middle of us. He asked me to do whatever I want he wants to see it.

I was trying to remove her saree pallu and remove her blouse. She covered herself with saree and removed blouse buttons. I started sucking them and pressing them. They were so soft, and she started pulling me closer to suck them. I sucked both the boobs one after the other.

I slowly pulled her saree till thighs and pushed my hands inside her thighs. She held my hand and said not to do that here as anyone might see. She was holding his cock with one hand and holding my head with another hand. They both started kissing. I was playing with her boobs and thighs.

I didn’t listen to her and pushed my hand inside and started fucking her with my finger. She was already wet, and she pulled my head and started kissing my lips and he was pressing her boobs. I took her right hand and placed it on my cock. She held it with a good grip and started masturbating.

We both were sucking her boobs and she was holding both the cocks. For a moment I felt it was a threesome. We had this for 15-20 minutes and before interval break, we adjusted our self before lights turned on. I asked them what we shall do next and until what time they are available.

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I asked them to come to my room so that we can have real sex. They said they can’t come now as their in-laws are also there. I told them to tell in-laws that you have received an important call from the office, or someone has met with an accident.

I was expecting a no from them but to my surprise, they asked is the place secure enough. I said it is secure. He said ok and told me to wait and he will talk to in-laws and confirm. I was shocked and surprised. I kissed her again and whispered in her ear that I am going to eat that pussy.

She kissed me and said that she is waiting. He came back and said to me to go first and book a cab and wait for them outside. I came out I left my bike in parking. She covered her face with a scarf. I was waiting for them on the main road. We both sat in the back seat and her husband has sat in the front seat.

He was talking with the driver about how Ola and Uber are working I was slowly playing with her boobs over her saree. I asked her to remove her scarf she said no. I told them that people might doubt. They agreed, and she removed her scarf.

After getting down the cab I was behaving as if she was my relation on the way to my room. With some false talks so that no one gets any doubt on us. After reaching the room I asked them to make themselves comfortable. She asked me for a towel and went for the bathroom.

He asked me to get some soft drinks and chocolate for her. He asked me to lock the door from outside so that no one will knock the door when I am out. By the time I reached she had taken a quick shower. She came out with a towel wrapped up around her body. I was excited and wanted to pull that towel.

He asked me to have a shower and come fast. I too had a quick shower when I opened the bathroom door, she was wearing a transparent nightgown. It was the first time I saw someone wearing a transparent nightgown. Her husband was sitting in the chair close to the bed.

She came closer to me and hugged me. I too hugged her tight and I started kissing her. She was in full mood and started kissing and sucking my lips. I started pressing her boobs over the gown the feel was different. I was sucking those melons over the gown and pulled boobs out of the gown.

Yusuf started saying, “Harder.” Now I was clearly able to see the boobs which I was watching over the camera. I sucked those hard nipples bitted them she moved closer to Yusuf and started kissing him. I made her sleep on the bed and removed her gown completely.

She was very clean all her hair near private parts was cleanly shaved it was shining. I just went down and started licking it. She was moaning hard and was pushing my head harder into her pussy. Her pussy taste was awesome. Yusuf was asking her did she like it and she said that it was the best.

I had put my finger and started playing with her pussy. Then I put my two fingers and started finger fucking and licking at a time. She was enjoying madly and was moaning. Yusuf was enjoying his wife getting laid and asked me to remove my towel.

He came closer to me and removed my towel. It was already hard and waiting for her pussy. He touched my cock and said I have a nice size and started giving a handjob. I was shocked and was not sure how to react. I asked him why he is doing this. He said he liked the size and wanted to see how hard it is.

Yusuf asked Ruby to show me heaven. I wasn’t sure what they were speaking about. She came closer and kissed me again while her hands started playing with my cock. Her hands were so soft, and I was feeling like wow. She then pushed me on to the bed.

Then with full aggression started sucking my cock it was a hell of an experience. I had many experiences, but this cock sucking was the best. It still makes me hard when I think about it. She was taking it too deep and too tight I was like not sure how long I can hold.

She continued sucking and licking my balls, bite my things and area around my cock. It was too hard. I hold myself from cumming for 3-4 times in 5 minutes. She pulled my skin on the dick head and started playing with the tongue. It was giving sudden spikes in my body.

She put her face on my cock and was rubbing it all over her face. Yusuf undressed and came closer to her she started sucking both the cocks one after the other. It was the first time I have seen his cock. It was hardly 3-4 inches in size and little bulgy didn’t look like a perfect cock.

She started sucking my cock again and was giving a handjob to Yusuf at the same time. In less than 2 minutes Yusuf was done and went back. He sat on the chair. She came in 69 position and started sucking hard while I was biting her pussy lips. This continued for more than 10 minutes.

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Yusuf was enjoying every move. He asked me to cum in her mouth. I was not sure if she likes it. I asked her if it’s ok. She winked at me and took my cock too deep and held my cock hard in her mouth and started sucking forcefully. Yusuf stood from his chair and held her hair and moving her head in to and fro motion.

I was in heaven and was not having any control over my cock with the pressure applied. I blasted all my cum in her mouth and face. She was licking every drop. She sucked my cock for another minute and asked me to clean myself. I went into the washroom and stood under the shower for 5 minutes.

I came out and saw both kissing deeply. I sat on the bed and Ruby kissed on my lips. Both went to the bathroom to clean themselves. After 5 minutes they came back and we had some snacks and soft drinks. Yusuf asked me did I like it and asked the same question to Ruby.

I said I loved it and Ruby said that she wants to get fucked hard. I went closer to her and kissed her. We both started smooching and I removed her gown and my shorts and we both became nude. I pushed her on the bed and started sucking those boobs. She was moaning, and her moans were making me go wild.

I went down her pussy and it was so wet. I understood how badly she needs my cock. I started licking her pussy and she pulled me towards her so that she can suck my cock. She started sucking my cock and I was drinking all her juices from her pussy.

My cock was so red and hard, and it looked much bigger than regular. She pushed me aside and came over me. She started rubbing her pussy over my cock all her juices and wet pussy was making my cock wetter. Yusuf asked am I ready to fuck her. I said yes and was about to get up for a condom.

He told me to wait and pulled an extra dotted condom from her bag. He held my cock. It was a mixed feeling and played for 1 minute and then wore that condom. Ruby was sitting over me pushed her pussy over my cock. It was tighter than expected and she moaned loudly.

Yusuf: Kaisa laga?
Ruby: Great. I want this daily.
Yusuf: Shall we meet him daily?
Ruby: Yes, I want his cock this is bigger than yours.
Yusuf: Even I like his cock.

She was riding my cock like a horse and was riding at full pace. She was breathing heavily and was continuously calling Yusuf, “Madarchood, I love you.” He was telling her, “Aur bolo randi.” Their conversation was making me more excited. She asked Yusuf to come and kiss her.

Both were smooching and she was riding on cock. she was pressing my nipple harder. She blasted her cum on my cock and laid aside with her eyes closed and was trying hard to breathe. I went over her placed her legs over my shoulders. I pushed my cock into her pussy and started fucking.

She started moaning and the room was filled with her sounds. Yusuf came closer to her and started licking near her pussy. Sometimes his lips were also touching my cock. Ruby was enjoying madly. She almost cummed 3-4 times in 10-15 minutes.

Yusuf was kissing her pressing her boobs. Sometimes trying to touch my cock while playing with pussy and pressing my butts. I was in no mood to stop him and was enjoying the crazy couple fucking. I changed the position to doggy style and asked her if she wants to continue or shall I finish it.

She asked me to finish but it should be harder. She moved into a doggy position. I pushed my cock deeper and started banging her hard. She was moaning. I was fucking her hard and slapping her butts. She was asking me to do it again and again.

Yusuf was asking me to do it harder and harder and my whole room was filled with the sounds of her moans. I held her hair and in a wild position and started giving strokes at full pace. I was about to finish and said I am about to cum. She pushed me and removed the condom and started sucking it harder.

I blasted my cum in her mouth and laid down trying to breathe some air. Yusuf started smooching her. They both were exchanging the taste of my cum. It was almost a 45 minutes fucking session and I was down and exhausted. I took a shower and came back to bed and fell asleep.

It was already 4 pm and all the 3 members slept on the bedside by side.

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