In The College Washroom With Classmate


Hi readers. I’m Sarfaraz Khan, 23 back with another story. About me, I come from a South Indian city belonging to a Muslim family. I always believe sex should be never forced or brutal unless the girl consents and always girls should be seduced slowly as they fall for you.

Those who haven’t read my previous stories I request you to read them for good fun. I thank the readers who responded positively to my previous stories including some female readers. This story happened in my college days and the heroine is Aditi, my classmate.

So initially something about her, aged 21 same age as me at that time, she was a bomb. Perfect hourglass figure, ponytail of hair, glossy lips always, thin-rimmed spectacles, pierced navel always showing up in her short dresses. A tattoo on her lower ass partially visible when she wore low waist skirts or shorts.

You can imagine the sex bomb she was. All boys were damn crazy to fuck her atleast once and I don’t know many may have succeeded too. This is my success story. So it was our college annual day. Nighttime, within the campus. I had gone to do the ‘bird watching’ there.

As our exams were nearby and our juniors were organizing the function, only a few of our college chicks were seen. Also the boys. Though I was cooling my eyes on junior hotties I genuinely missed our class girls. That’s when my eyes fell on Aditi that night.

Red fully backless, short single piece dress struggling to cover even her ass, hair in trademark ponytail, chilly red matching lip color, black stilettos, and shaved armpits. (It just caught my eyes, not a perv.) This girl was looking like an expensive slut that night.

I didn’t give much a thought about her though I had already undressed her in my mind as usual. She wasn’t seen afterward and I had to ‘adjust’ with other girls.

Now the actual story begins. I badly needed a fag and no better place than the college washroom at this time. (They are damn clean). I watched nearby if anyone is watching. Because I had a plan to even fap there if everything goes well. I chose the washroom on the topmost floor.

It was the least visited and quite dark. As I was nearing the washroom, I saw a single light on. Damn, I thought it should be by accident or else I’d have to go all the way down again if someone’s using. As I was near I heard someone moan, definitely a female voice in a gents loo.

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I knew something is interesting so used some of my brains and took out my phone camera on video mode and tiptoed inside. Damn!What a scene inside!! Aditi my class sex bomb was bent over the sink. And a guy ( I didn’t identify him first) had lifted her dress (already barely covered her spots) and banging her in full passion.

Both had their eyes closed. Hence I could make a good 30-second clip before the guy noticed me. He was pale like a ghost now. Aditi saw me next.
“Sarfaraz we were just… Mmm… ” she was searching for justification before I showed her my solid proof. “How about this clip?”

Before Aditi, the boy was at my feet telling me not to show it to anyone. I get it as he was from a highly conservative family and also a junior. I had no worries about him now. Aditi, on the other hand, was putting up a brave arrogant looking face.

I asked, “So Miss Aditi hope you don’t mind me making the clip public?” The guy was already at my feet. I held her face and asked again.

“What do you want Sarfaraz?”
“The same thing you both were doing now. Not once. Whenever I need it. Do you have a choice?”

She wasn’t speaking anything but looking down. The guy was watching for her response. Just a meek “Hmmm,” was all she could say. I took it as a Yes
“You little kid, that’s all for you today, now get going. See you,” I sent him out.

Aditi was apprehensive. I knew it despite her carefree face what she might be thinking. But I was sure the slut would enjoy my 8 inches circumcised dick like anything. Coz I saw the guy before me was not more than 5 inches. I lifted her face and went for the kiss. She wasn’t resisting nor cooperating.

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I went a bit rough. I held her ponytail and pulled a bit to make her open her painted lips for my warm tongue which found its way inside her warm mouth. We exchanged a good amount of saliva wrestling our tongues. I loved her taste. We broke and again went for another smooch.

This time she was very well supporting. Bitch had turned hot in no time. I was holding her neck with one hand and pressing her tits with the other. She was searching for my cock. I unzipped my pants and put her hand inside. Aditi was now playing with my dick which was rising to glory.

Bitch surely had experience with handling a cock. I entered her dress from top to fondle her firm titties. She began throwing her head up in pleasure. I now made her sit down before me. She knew what was coming. She opened her mouth as big as she could bring and swallowed my entire circumcised monster.

She was struggling to keep it fully in. So I started slowly again from tip to the base choking herself sometimes. But she knew exactly when to stop and when to continue. After a good head, I wanted to enter now. I asked her to bend over now. Thankfully the bastard before me had left a pack of condoms there.

I put on one, bent her as much as I could over the sink. I kept my cock over her entrance and started rubbing for lubrication. Aditi had her eyes closed waiting for the pleasure. I now held with one hand her waist and other hand bending her as much as I can.

I entered my 8 inches circumcised thing inside. Only half of it went, she was already feeling the pains. I’m sure she hadn’t taken anything this big. I now held her slim waist with both hands for a better grip and thrust my cock deepest now. She was clearly in pain.

“Ah, Sarfaraz. Please remove” she begged. I knew she’d ask for more soon. I took out half of it before pushing again. this time her pussy walls were beginning to accommodate me. I felt a vice’s grip on my cock. Soon I was slowly able to move in and out of her heavenly pussy.

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Soon her ass was matching with my strokes. Wow, what a perfect rhythm it was watching my circumcised cock enter her deepest places as her ass moved back to pull it more inside. I was slapping her ass in between now for fun. She was on cloud nine now.

“Ah, Sarfaraz! Fuck me, make me your bitch. Deeper, faster.”

I knew she was close to orgasm and soon had a shuddering orgasm. I too was close now. I began moving with maximum speed sending high decibel shrieks from her as my cock hit her womb. I hoped nobody hears that. Soon I was close to my orgasm, “Aditi, I’m cumming. Take it, you bitch.”

I came magnificently inside her. I collapsed on top of her for a while while she adjusted her dress and hair. She pulled up her panty after that and I asked her to exit first to avoid any suspicions.

After that, we fucked many times and she was kind of addicted to my cock. Initially, I used to call her whenever I wanted. But later on, she used to do that.

So girls and guys hope I entertained your pussies and cocks. Do tell me your feelings, comments, suggestions. Genuine ladies of any age interested in secret fun can mail me at [email protected] Love you all.

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