Incest Happens In My Family – Part 2


This is the second part of the story. I compare a woman in the story to an actress. So please think of someone when you read this story.

Last night I fucked my sister Shruti Hassan when her husband was away on work for a week. I didn’t seduce her or anything. She just submitted herself to me. So I thought of asking about it.

I woke up in the morning my sister was not there. I came to the kitchen to find her. She was making breakfast for us. I grabbed her from behind and squeezed her boobs. I was still naked and my dick was poking her ass.

Sis: Stop it, Jack

She pushed me away.

Sis: Go and get ready for college. (angrily)

I was shocked by her behavior. she may be feeling guilty. So I didn’t do or say anything to her. I got ready and left for college. As she is a teacher she also went to school as usual

After I came back. I didn’t speak to her neither did she. We both ate dinner in silence. I came to my room. She called me to her room and I went. I didn’t speak a word.

Sis: Come sleep with me.

I came and slept beside her. After a few minutes, she grabbed my dick in lungi and started giving a handjob. I stopped her.

Sis: Please brother I need your dick, please.

Me: First explain why did you scold me in the morning.

Sis: I will tell but first fuck me.

Her handjob and words made me horny. I inserted my finger in her pussy. It was already wet. I inserted dick inside her and moving slowly in and out. She started to speak.

Sis: Forgive me, brother, I only want you to fuck me for a baby.

Me: What, why?

Sis: You know I was in medication for pregnancy. But I later found out it was my husband’s fault I didn’t get pregnant.

Me: Does brother in law satisfy you?

Sis: No he does not, not only that he has low sperm count.

Me: So you want me to fuck for having a baby

Sis: Yes, it’s been long. My mother in law and other family members are thinking I have a fault.

Me: Ok I understand. But why did you scold me in the morning?

Sis: I just don’t want to spoil you and you can fuck me in the night as much you like. But you shouldn’t do anything in the morning and bunk your college,

I agreed to her condition. I was still fucking her she started to moan.

Me: Ok I have a condition of my own.

Sis: What condition?

Me: I will make you pregnant but you have to promise me that you fuck me daily at night.

Sis: Ok I will let you fuck me at night.

I was about to cum. I came inside her and fall above her. Then again I had hard on I fucked her again in missionary position and slept.

The next day I went to college. I came back home fucked her in missionary position and slept. The same thing happened for the next two days. But I didn’t have any enjoyment in just fucking in missionary position. I want more than that.

The next day I came back from college, as usual, she asked for sex. But I told her, “I am not in the mood.”

Sis: Do you want a blowjob?

Telling that she grabbed my dick and started blowing. It was great.

Sis: Now come fuck me.

She spread her legs lying in the bed. I want more so I said, “No I won’t fuck you.”

Sis: Please brother please fuck, why don’t you want to fuck me.

Me: I am just tired of fucking you in that position I want more.

Sis: I don’t know what you are saying is there other ways to fuck.

Me: Of course you dummy.

I hugged her and rolled and made her lie on top of me.

Me: Now grab my dick put it in you.

She did it as I said

Me: Now move your ass up and down.

She started to fuck me in a cowgirl position. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed it hard. I came upward to suck her boobs. She was moaning.

Me: Do you like it, sis?

Sis: I never fucked in this position before.

Me: What?

Sis: Yes brother I never did it in this position.

Me: You only fuck in missionary position huh?

Sis: Yeah, my husband fucks me like that and ask me for blowjob sometimes that all.

Me: No wonder he is impotent.

Sis: Are you saying there are more positions like this?

Me: Yes sis there are.

She was moaning even more. She reached an orgasm and I was also on the edge of cumming. I started to move my hip along with her and she was screaming in pleasure.

Me: I gonna cum.

Sis: Cum inside me. Don’t spill it out.

She came again and I cummed inside her. We slept hugging each other. The next day came. I left for college as usual and when I came back she hugged and kissed me in the lips.

“Come on let’s enjoy it because my husband will come home tomorrow. We can’t fuck when my husband is home.”

Me: No way you promised you will fuck me daily.

Sis: I will try ok.

She again kissed me to change my mood. I got excited now she is also interested in sex more than impregnating her. I sat in her chair and told her to give me a blowjob. She removed my pants and underwear. My dick was rock hard.

She licked it and placed my dick in her mouth and move her head up and down. Wow, what a feeling! After a while, I felt like cumming. I stopped her.

“Don’t you want my sperm inside?”

Sis: Yes, please.

Me: Ok, sis, do as I say.

I told her to bend and lie on the table. I came behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread it to enter my dick. I pushed my dick inside her pussy in one go. She screamed. I grabbed her hip and rammed her from behind like a bull.

Sis: Oh my God, fuck me.

I slapped her ass and made it red.

Sis: Don’t be rough, brother.

I slapped her again and again. She was letting out her pleasure

Sis: I am gonna reach an orgasm.

Me: I am also gonna cum.

I increased my speed. My dick was hitting her pussy deep. My hip was hitting her ass making a huge sound. We both came. I cummed inside her with full force. We again fucked after dinner and slept.

The next day, as usual, I left for college in the morning came in the evening. When I came back my sister’s husband came back from the business trip. I greeted him and came to my room.

My sister’s husband was sitting in the hall and Shruti Hassan was working in the kitchen. I came behind and hugged her. She was shocked.

Sis: Stop it Jack your brother in law is in the hall.

Me: Don’t worry he won’t come.

I continued hugging her. She was in saree I slid her saree down made her show her boobs in blouse.

Sis: Stop it.

She said stop it seductively. I kissed in her neck and grabbed her boobs. She moaned a little. She then turned.

Sis: What are you doing?

Me: Come on sis I won’t get a chance to fuck you tonight.

Sis: Ok do as you please.

I lifted her and placed her in the kitchen slab. I opened her blouse she didn’t wear any bra. Her boobs popped out and I sucked her tits. Slowly spread her legs and lifted her petticoat. I lowered my pants and inserted my dick inside her started fucking slowly.

Sis: Come on do it fast we don’t have much time.

So I fucked as fast I could and cummed inside her.

Me: Sister, don’t forget to fuck your husband. You may get pregnant because of me.

After we ate dinner I came to my room, they went to theirs.

I will continue the story in the next part. Please comment and like. Share your ideas in a comment.

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