Incest Happens In My Family – Part 4


This is the fourth part of the story. I compare the woman in the story to actresses. So please think of someone when you read this story. As I said in the last part, I am gonna introduce a new person to the story.

In the last part my elder sister Shruti Hassan (Actress) is now pregnant because of me. She is been trying to get pregnant for a long time. Her mother-in-law used to tell badly about my sister to others that she can’t get pregnant like that.

But now hearing the news that my sister is pregnant made her very happy. My sister got so emotional for helping her get pregnant. She let me fuck her whenever we were alone and as usual after husband sleeps I sneak into there bedroom and fuck her in their bedroom itself.

My life was going smoothly like a normal college student, except fucking my sister at night. But that changed one day when my sister was about 6 months pregnant and her mother-in-law visited us.

To tell about the mother-in-law, she is like is Vidya Balan (actress- search in net) Wow, she still looks like a 30-year-old. When I came back from college I saw her mother-in-law in the hall and I greeted her. She asked me about my studies and stuff.

Then my sister came and she told me that her mother-in-law going to stay with us to help her with household work. More to that my sister told me that I have sleep on the couch today onwards as there only two rooms in our house.

Her mother-in-law will be staying in my room. My sister calls her mom and I call her aunty.

Aunty (mother-in-law): Jack is like my son too. He can stay with me. Why he should sleep on the couch?

Sis: No mom he rolls around when he sleeps that’s why it will be uncomfortable for you.

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Aunty: Don’t worry about that, Jack can sleep with me.

I started to sleep with aunty in the same bed. I couldn’t get the chance to fuck my sister because of aunty. She sleeps late. One week passed I was a little frustrated. So I planned on having a handjob in the bathroom.

I usually have a handjob in the shower. I opened the shower and the water was pouring on me and I was stroking my dick. As I was about to cum, the bathroom door opened. I forgot to close the door. It was aunty Vidya. She was shocked to see me naked and her eyes were fixed on my dick.

She understood I was masturbating. She smiled and closed the door. Her smile made me cum fast. I took a bath and came out aunty was not to be seen in the room. I put on a t-shirt and a lungi.

When I came out, I saw aunty sitting on the sofa and watching TV. She saw me, she gave me a different smile. I could see some changes in her face.

That night after dinner I came to my room and aunty came after some time. I was in bed browsing my phone. She sat on the bed.

Aunty: Are you watching porn?

Me: What? No I was just browsing.

I showed her the phone.

Aunty: Did you masturbate in the bathroom?

Me: No, I didn’t.

Aunty: Don’t lie to me. I saw you masturbating.

Me: Please don’t tell this to anyone.

Aunty: Don’t worry I won’t say this to anyone, it’s normal for boys of your age.

Me: Thanks, aunty.

Aunty: So tell me how many times you masturbate?

I didn’t say a word.

Aunty: Come on tell me. I won’t tell anyone.

Me: Usually I masturbate once or twice daily.

Aunty: What daily?

Me: Yes.

Aunty: You can masturbate whenever you want I won’t tell this to your sister

I think she is trying to seduce me. I played along with her. After this conversation we slept. The next day it was Saturday so no college. I was sleeping like a dead body but dick was standing rock hard due to morning wood.

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It was 9 am aunty came to wake me up and saw my boner.

Aunty: Jack wake up it’s past 9.

I woke up and saw my aunty, she smiled in a sexy way.

Aunty: Wow you are hard down there.

I covered my dick with hand, aunty smiled again.

Aunty: Are you going to masturbate?

Me: No.

Aunty: It’s ok you can do it I won’t tell anyone.

After saying she left the room. Her attitude towards me changed. She shows off her cleavage to me, she teases me in front of everyone with double meaning jokes like that. I confirmed that she is trying to seduce me. But I got an idea to seduce her. I hope it works.

After dinner, we both came to my room. As we were speaking she suddenly asked did I masturbate today. I thought now is the time to execute my plan.

Me: No I didn’t.

Aunty: Why?

I didn’t speak.

Aunty: Don’t be shy, you can tell me.

Me: My net pack is over. I can’t watch any video that’s why.

Aunty: Oh ok ok, do you wanna masturbate?

Me: Yes, but I don’t have a net pack.

Aunty: What kind of sex video you watch?

Again I didn’t speak I just lowered my head.

Aunty: Come on it’s ok, think me as your friend.

Me: I usually browse some hot photos first to set in mood, after that I search for good videos that it.

Aunty: I can help you with that.

Me: What, how?

Aunty: I can give some hot poses you can take that photo on the phone.

Me: But are you ok with it?

Aunty: Don’t worry it’s my idea.

Wow, she was giving some sexy poses dropping her pallu, showing her cleavage in blouse. I was recording her action not taking photos.

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My dick became hard poking in my lungi. She saw and she was moving even sexier than first. She was opening her blouse button. I can’t control myself I grabbed my dick started to masturbate watching her. She saw my action.

She came close to me showing her boob in a blouse with only one button left. She stretched her and blouse button popped, revealing her big boobs to me. She didn’t wear any bra.

Wow, what a sight. She has a perfect figure for her age. She was very close.

Me: Can I touch it?

Aunty: Sure son you can touch it as much you want

I touched her nipples and pinched it and she moaned a little. I can see an eagerness in her eyes to fuck me. I grabbed her both boobs and pressed it hard. Wow, those are big and soft. She pushed me down and grabbed my dick and started stroking it hard.

Aunty: You came a lot.

But my dick was still rock hard.

Aunty: Wow you are still hard, do you want more son?

Me: Yes please yes.

Ok, guys, I will continue the story in the next part, please comment for the next part.

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