Incest Happens In My Family


This my new story I compare women in the story as an actress. This is a story between a big sister and brother. I hope you guys like it.

Introduction about myself. I am Jack, age 19 finished junior college and planning to join a senior college. I am from a village. As there is no facility, my parents thought of sending me to my sister’s house for my higher education.

She was older to me, 28 years, looks like Shruti Hassan (actress). She doesn’t have any child and is on treatment for having a child. She works as a school teacher. Her husband is a sales manager in a company.

I was sent to her house for my education. They were happy about it. I never had any bad thoughts about my sister. I only knew a few things about sex.

My college started my life in her house was going smoothly until that day. My sister’s house has two bedrooms. one has AC and the other has no ac. They gave me the room without AC.

One day came home early from college. I have a separate key. I entered the house. It was a very hot day so I thought of chilling out in the AC room. I changed my dress. I was wearing a lungi and a t-shirt. I entered the room and switched off the light and slept.

The room is pitch dark. You can’t see if you don’t switch on the light. My sister came home and entered the room. She didn’t switch on the light. She closed the door and came to bed. She thought me as her husband sleeping in their room.

Sis: Honey are you asleep?

I was in deep sleep and I didn’t hear a word.

Sis: Honey, wake up.

She tried to wake me up thinking that I was her husband. But I didn’t budge. She started to speak.

Sis: Darling, today I caught a student who brought a sex storybook to the school. I took it from him and I read a story. Now I am very horny please wake up.

I didn’t move.

Sis: I know how to wake you up, honey.

She grabbed my dick started giving me a blowjob. My dick started to rise. Her blowjob woke me up. I don’t know what was happening. I moved a little.

Sis: Are you awake, honey? ( Still giving me blowjob)

I heard my sister’s voice. As it was pitch dark I couldn’t see her. I don’t know what to do. She was giving me a perfect blowjob. I was amazing. I started to enjoy. As it was my first blowjob I came fast in her mouth.

Sis: Are you awake now honey?

Me: Sister it’s me.

She was shocked and she switched on the light immediately. She was shocked to see me.

Sis: What are doing in this room?

I told her what happened. She apologized to me.

Sis: Sorry please don’t tell this to anyone

Me: Ok I won’t tell this to anyone.

That night I couldn’t sleep. The next day, it was Sunday. No college for me and no school for my sister. She couldn’t see my face. But again she apologized to me. “Don’t worry sister I liked it very much,” my tongue slipped.

She smiled.

Sis: So you liked it?

Me: Yes I liked it very much. I couldn’t sleep last night I was thinking about it.

We started to speak freely. She was in nighty.

Sis: Oh you didn’t sleep or doing something else? (handjob)

Me: Yeah I was doing something thinking about you

She smiled again. As we were speaking my dick started to rise and it was protruding upwards in my lungi. She saw that. She started to tease me.

Sis: You are not a child anymore.

Me: You realized that now? Not when you gave me a blowjob yesterday?

She laughed. We both got more comfortable.

Sis: Do you have a girlfriend?

Me: No, I don’t.

Sis: Do you any girl of your interest in college?

Me: No.

My dick slipped out of my lungi and made dick visible to her. She couldn’t take her eye off my dick. After a while, she left for the kitchen saying I have to clean the house. I too followed her and asked her do you need any help sister.

Sis: I will ask you if I need any help.

She was sweeping the floor and I was nearby. I can see her cleavage her boob hanging in the bra. Oh my God, what a view. She saw me watching and I just looked away. After that, I didn’t do anything. Then her husband came home and we all ate dinner and went to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep. I got up tried to peek into my sister’s room through the keyhole. I can’t see much but I can hear them fucking. All of sudden I can hear my sister blaming her husband, “Can’t you fuck me for at least a few minutes?”

Now I got to know that their sexual life is poor. The next day Monday after college I came home early. I thought I should try my luck today. I again entered sister’s room. I switched on the ac and switched off the light and lay down on the bed. I was not sleeping.

After some time she came home. I can hear her entering the room. I acted like I was sleeping. She came near the bed, she knows that it’s me.

Sis: Jack are you awake?

I didn’t say a word. She again called my name but I didn’t answer. This time, thinking I am asleep, she placed her hand on dick over my lungi. She entered her hand inside and grabbed my dick started jerking me. After some time she left my dick and covered the dick with the lungi.

Then she tried to wake me up. I woke up acting like I was waking up from deep sleep.

Me: What is it, Akka? (sister)

Sis: Why are you sleeping here?

Me: It’s hot today that’s why.

Sis: Ok, your brother in law will not be home for the week. Will you sleep with me?

Me: Ok, sister.

Night came soon and we ate dinner and came to the bedroom. We both lying down at both ends of the bed. I was in a t-shirt and a lungi. She was in nighty. I couldn’t sleep. But I know sister wants my dick. She must be thinking how to make a move. But I made mine.

I rolled towards her and placed my left hand on her boobs and didn’t move. She jerked a little. Now I know she is also awake. I didn’t move for a while.

Sis: Are you awake?

She was checking whether I am awake. I didn’t move. After a while I placed my leg over her body. My dick was touching her side of her. She felt that she also rolled towards. Now we both are face to face to each other. I can feel her breathing fast. I was still in a position of hugging her and my leg was over her.

She placed her hand over me and hugged me tightly. She couldn’t control her urge.

Sis: Jack, don’t act like sleeping, I know you are awake.

Me: How did you know?

Sis: I know many things, brother.

She kissed me in the lips. Wow that was my first kiss it was amazing. She gave me great liplock.

Sis: Do you like it?

Me: Yes.

Sis: Do you want more?

Me: Yes please.

She loosened my lungi and removed her dress. I removed my t-shirt. She grabbed my dick started giving me a blowjob. Wow, this time I can enjoy it freely. After sometime.

Sis: Come on bro fuck me.

She lay down in a missionary position. I tried to push my dick but I couldn’t find the hole. She grabbed my dick and position it correctly. I gave a hard push. My dick entered her pussy and she made a big sound.

Me: This is how fucking feels like?

Sis: You like it right.

Me: Do you wanna know how much I like it.

Sis: Yes.

I kissed her in the lips and started to ram her hard as much I could. She started to moan, “Thambi (brother) don’t stop.” It was my first time and I couldn’t hold for much longer. I fucked her for almost half an hour.

Me: Sister I am going to cum.

Sis: Do it, brother, cum inside me, make me pregnant.

“Ok, here it comes.”

I cummed inside her and collapsed above her. She kissed me in the forehead and we both slept hugging.

I will be fucking my sister in front of her husband. Please comment if you want the next story.

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