Intimate Moments With A Married Woman Part-2


Hello, my dear readers, what’s up? It’s Rahul back again with the continuation part. I thank you all for giving me feedback. My email id is [email protected]

Ok, let’s come to the story then. I am a 26 years old guy from Vizag who was a fashion model before in Mumbai. I have taken a break from modeling for 2 months. After 2 months I will be joining fashion modeling again. So, Sujatha aunty and I were damn tired, because the kind of sex we had was incredible.

It was too hot and passionate. I just loved each and everything of her. The taste of her soft lips, the fragrance of her body, the musky smell of her hot pussy. Her voluptuous body draped in sexy saree. Her partially exposed hip in saree. The feel of my hard cock sliding in and out of her burning hot pussy, everything.

It was a dream come true. But who knew that it will happen one day. We were close family friends from the beginning itself. But something like this happening was far beyond expectation. But there I was, lying completely naked with Sujatha aunty. Her soft breasts were crushed against my bare chest.

The feeling was just awesome. We were both hugging each other and sleeping inside a blanket. I woke up first and then looked at aunty, she was still sleeping. I made her sleep on her back, flat on the bed, and brought my face close to her face. I saw her sleeping, she was looking beautiful and sexy both at the same time.

I saw her soft pouty pink lips, and then leaned in and kissed her lips. Aunty stirred a bit, and slowly started waking up from the sleep. Then she opened her lips, and our kiss got deepened. There were we, kissing each other passionately. Aunty had said to me while we were having sex, that she loves to kiss me.

I was a great kisser. I was very happy and excited. I too love to kiss and kissing is very intimate, sexy and hot for me. After kissing passionately for 5 minutes we broke the kiss. Her lips were glistening with my saliva, appearing all the more juicy and tempting.

Then I got up and sat on the bed, aunty was still lying down. As I got up, the blanket too was off with me. In front of me were two adorable globes of fleshy heavy breasts of aunty. I would love to feast upon my whole life. I bent down and gulped her left breast’s nipple into my mouth and started sucking.

Aunty cooed sexily and said, “Oh Rahul. It feels so good, keep sucking.” I kept on sucking her breasts, alternating between both her breasts and smearing my saliva all over them. Then aunty pulled me up and locked my lips with hers, and we smooched for some time.

The more I kissed her, the more I felt like kissing her. Her lips were that soft and good. Then I looked at the time and it was evening around 6. I said, “Aunty, I am feeling hungry, make something for me to eat. “Aunty replied, “You ate my pussy for hours today, still you are hungry? Very bad, Rahul.”

She smiled naughtily. I smiled too and went straight for her pussy and started licking and sucking it. Aunty moaned deeply all of a sudden and caught my head and started pulling me more towards her pussy. The moment my tongue touched the delicious fluid of her pussy, my lust and desire were on fire.

I ate her pussy passionately and deeply. I used to take her clit into my mouth, and give it a tongue lashing. Aunty used to go nuts at this and scream. I ate her pussy for 10 minutes after which she orgasmed hard, and gripped my hair tightly.

I kept licking and sucking her pussy and cleaned it off her remaining pussy juices. After aunty relaxed, I crawled up on her. She immediately hugged me hard and we were lying just like that for some time.

Then we looked at each other and aunty said, “Rahul, if we keep lying on this bed like this, then we won’t be able to get off from this bed today. So, now get up.” While saying this she playfully pushed me back. I fell beside her on the bed and she got up. I saw her ass, it was soo fleshy and voluptuous.

I was still not able to believe that I had kissed, licked and enjoyed this ass to the core. Following her, I too got up. Aunty caught my hand and dragged me towards the bathroom. We both got in and she started the shower. We both had a quick naughty shower by hugging and fondling each other all the while.

We then toweled each other and came out of the bathroom. Aunty said, “Rahul get dressed and then I will prepare something for you to eat.” I replied, “No aunty it’s ok. I am not hungry anymore.” Aunty asked, “Why? What happened?”

I replied, “Just now I ate your pussy so my hunger is gone now. It was a delicious meal.” Aunty smiled naughtily and said, “Shut up and get dressed.” I laughed out loud and quickly wore my clothes. Aunty had already worn her blouse and petticoat and was wearing her saree.

Just in front of her feet, her wet panties were lying. I went and picked them up. Aunty was busy wearing her saree, I called her, “Aunty, looks like your panty is not in a condition to wear anymore right now.” I was dangling her wet panty with my hands in front of her.

Aunty frowned shyly and said, “Give it to me, you dirty boy.” She tried to come forward and take her panty from me. But I stepped back playfully. Aunty frowned again and said, “Rahul, you are getting more naughty and mischievous day by day.”

I laughed and said, “Ok aunty, where is the basket for the used clothes? I will put your panty in the laundry basket.” Aunty said it’s in the bathroom. I went and dropped her panty into the basket. By that time aunty had finished wearing her saree.

I went close to her and put my arms around her fleshy waist and pulled her to me. I said, “You look so lovely aunty, just lovely.” I was hard down there and my erection was visible from my pants. I caught aunty’s right hand and put it straight on my hard cock.

Aunty said, “You are too much, Rahul,” and she smiled sexily. I caught her neck and locked her lips with mine. We both kept smooching for some time and then I broke the kiss. I looked at her face and grabbed her boobs over her saree itself. Aunty’s eyes got bigger.

She caught my hand that was over her breast and said, “No Rahul, not now, or else we won’t be able to do any work of the house today.” I left her breast and said, “Ok madam, but remember one thing, I am still hungry, for you.” Aunty said, “Shut up, you idiot,” and pushed me back and rushed towards the kitchen.

I ran after her and caught her from the back in the kitchen. I hugged her hard from the back and started massaging her sexy waist. Aunty moaned sexily and said, “Rahul, what are you doing? Leave me. I have to cook for you.” I replied, “Aunty, I don’t think that food is going to overcome my hunger.”

I flipped Sujatha aunty around and held her closely. Our lips were extremely close to each other. Her sexy soft pouty lips were quivering. I couldn’t hold it anymore and kissed her. Aunty immediately caught my hair and started kissing me hard. We both were ignited by lust, desire, and passion.

We kissed hard and hungrily for almost up to 10 minutes. Then I backed aunty against the kitchen counter. Without breaking the kiss, I started lifting her saree. I raised her saree almost up to her hips. Aunty hurriedly removed my pant hook. Both the pant along with my underwear were pulled down.

I got my legs out of my pants and put my fingers on aunty’s moistening pussy and started rubbing them. Aunty moaned loudly, I immediately put the middle finger into her pussy and started fingering her. Aunty screamed hard. She pulled my head and kissed me.

She was sexily kissing me by licking and sucking my lips and tongue playfully. Then I removed my fingers from her pussy, lifted her by grabbing her ass. I made her sit on the kitchen counter hurriedly. Because of our eagerness, some of the grocery containing vessels tumbled down and fell.

I just bent down, gave a few licks and sucks on her wet pussy, and then stood up. I put my painfully hard cock’s head on her pussy opening. I started rubbing on the entire length of her pussy. Aunty moaned loudly. I aimed my cock head right on her clit and rubbed my cock head on her clit vigorously.

Aunty screamed my name and said, “Rahul, please, just fuck me.” I plunged my entire cock at once into her pussy. Aunty couldn’t even scream. Her mouth was wide open, eyes half-closed. She just shivered at my sudden entry into her extremely hot pussy. I immediately started fucking her.

Aunty and I were so heated up that there was only one thing we needed, a hardcore fuck. So I gave it to her. I caught her hips and started fucking her hard. Aunty wrapped her legs around my lower back. I was pistoning my hard cock in and out of her pussy.

We both were experiencing extreme pleasure, pure pleasure. I hurriedly removed her blouse and left it just like that. I pulled her bra cups down and clutched her left breast with my right hand. I squeezed her breast and was going on fucking her hard.

Aunty was moaning loudly. I too was moaning. The sensation my hard cock was feeling was just mind-boggling. Aunty screamed loudly and was bucking her hips in rhythm to my fucking. Aunty then orgasmed hard. I kept giving her powerful stokes until she calmed down a little.

Then I pulled my cock out, got her down from the kitchen counter and removed her saree. It was earlier bunched up around her hips. Now she was in her petticoat, with her blouse hung open, and bra pulled down. I turned her around and plunged my cock back into her pussy.

I immediately started fucking her hard. I grabbed her huge breasts from behind and started fucking her mercilessly from the back. Aunty was moaning sexily, I was grunting hard, and our bodies were in a wonderful fucking rhythm. I fucked her like that for 15 minutes and then I was about to cum.

I said it to aunty, she shouted, “Let’s cum together.” After hearing this I pounded her pussy like anything till we orgasmed. I hugged her hard from the back. Aunty was shivering from her orgasm. I was massaging her breasts from behind and kissing her neck and shoulder.

After she relaxed a bit, she turned around and locked her lips with mine. We kept kissing each other. Slowly we both caught our breaths back, and we broke the kiss. Aunty smiled a satisfied smile and said, “You really know how to fuck me and give me all the pleasure.”

We both smiled and went to the bathroom to clean up. Then we got into the bed and took a nap for a while. So, this is it, my friends. I hope you liked my story. I have mixed my real-life sex with a bit of fantasy. Housewives, married women who are not satisfied with their partners sexually, can contact me through email.

Sex is beautiful, keep it simple and natural, it’s hotter in that way. Till next time, bye.

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