Intimate Sex With Married Colleague Asha – Part 2


Hello friends. I am Shravan here, back with the next part of my affair with my colleague Asha. Thank you all readers for the feedback provided for my first part of the story.

This incident happened when I and Asha both were jointly assigned a survey task. We were very happy when we got to know that we both are assigned the same task and both are going to work in the same team. The survey was scheduled for 15 days. We both had an erotic plan for the same.

When the work started in rural areas of Mangalore, Karnataka, the task was too tiresome due to the scorching heat of the sun. The day’s work finally ended. But Asha was looking too tired.

After finishing the task, all our team members left and I asked Asha whether she wanted me to drop her back home, to which she agreed.

While entering the city, it was too late. I asked my colleague whether she would like to eat something so that I can directly drop her at home later. She responded positively.

After having food from a hotel nearby, we resumed our journey. To my pleasant surprise, Asha asked me whether she come and stay at my home for the night. I agreed.

We both started towards my home. As my colleague got down from the car, I carried her in my arms inside! She was overwhelmed and she kissed me.

Asha sat on the sofa. I asked her would she like to drink anything. She said no. She wanted to freshen up and asked me the direction towards the bathroom. I guided her. She went in.

After about a couple of minutes, she asked me for the soap, acting as if she hadn’t found it and expected me to come in. The moment I stepped in the bathroom and as I was about to give her the soap, Asha hugged me tightly saying it was just a reason. I too hugged her back tightly.

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As my colleague started unbuttoning my shirt, I asked her, “Weren’t you tired?” to which she whispered, “I was, but thinking of the heavenly pleasure you give, all my tiredness ran away”.

She then unzipped my pants, held my dick in her hand and started jerking it to and fro while massaging my balls simultaneously.

I smooched her and slowly started undressing her top. Inside was my colleague’s mega-hot boobs held tightly by a light blue colored bra. I slowly unhooked it as well. The scene of my colleague’s boobs getting free from the clutches of her tight bra was pure ecstasy.

I started kissing her nipples and sucking her boobs. She let out slight moans. I then undressed her pants and pantie to see her pink pussy which was already wet.

Then I made Asha sit on a small chair with her legs spread wide. The posture gave me a clear look at her pussy. As I bent to lick her pussy, the aroma of her pussy excited my feelings.

I started licking my colleague’s pussy and fingering her clitoris. This made her feel a thrill and she let out a loud moan. She pulled my head by my hairs and asked me to do it more. I did it at a greater pace. She started enjoying it.

I purposely slowed down the pace and started fondling her tits. My colleague moaned a lot at that time and let her juices flow after a couple of minutes. She tasted really great. She was so happy that she pulled me up and smooched me for a while.

Then Asha asked me to sit on the floor. She bent down and started playing with my dick. After a minute, she took my cock in her mouth completely. I felt like heaven.

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Gradually, Asha increased the pace of cock-sucking. It was an amazing angle to look at my colleague’s boobs.

I slept with my back on the floor and asked Asha to turn around. She continued the blowjob with her ass facing towards my face. I slowly started fingering her asshole.

Asha was now violent in her pace of blowing my cock. In 10 minutes, I was about to cum. I told her but she wanted all my cum in her mouth. So, she continued the blowjob and soon, I let out all my cum in her mouth. Later she hugged me saying it was a heavenly experience after a long time.

We then took a shower together. Later when we came out to my bedroom, my colleague had wrapped her body with my towel. She was looking like a bombshell.

I gave her my shorts and a t-shirt to wear. As I was about to turn around, she pulled me on the bed along with her. Both of us had only towels wrapped around us and were hugging each other. The next moment, she removed the towels from both of us and we were hugging each other naked!

The heat of her body aroused me again. This time, Asha directly guided my dick at her pussy. In no time, I started fucking her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my ass and started moaning, “Ahhh Shravan…Fuck me…. Fuck me… I love your dick… My pussy has been waiting for your dick… Fuck me like your bitch… “.

These words aroused me and I started ramming her pussy. I felt great pleasure. My colleague’s vagina was tight even though she was the mother of two children.

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Then we changed the position and I banged my co-worker in the doggy style. The moment I saw my colleague’s ass, I felt like it was begging to be fucked.

At first, I fingered her ass while simultaneously dicking her pussy. Asha let out loud moans asking to fuck in her ass.

So, I slowly inserted my dick in her ass. She adjusted well. Her asshole was very tight which provided a great pleasure in fucking her.

After a while, we both climaxed together. Asha fell on my arms. Then we both fell asleep naked.

That night, we fucked five more times and had sex even during the survey phase. I will update the next stories soon.

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