It Was Our First Time – Part 1


Hi all, I am Kiran from Hyderabad. I always dream and dwell in the world of sex. Girls who slept with me till date call me as “Rasika” as I give them immense pleasure with passion and sensuality. I mostly concentrate on foreplay because it is the only way to arouse women to an ecstatic sensual state for main event (fucking).

Even from my childhood time, I was so interested towards romance, I used to keeenly watch romantic scenes and songs, especially romantic scenes in the rain.

This story is about my first love. We both were friends since our childhood. The first time I saw her was near my relatives house, my first opinion about her was “OMG” Such a fair complexion like an angel 😍.

At that very first moment, I got attracted to her. Since that day she was my princess. I still remember her cute face. When I asked her name, she was like “Kedhalini”. Actually her name is Kedarini. 🥰

Most of the times, I went to my relative’s house. I used to spend more time with her. Fortunately we both joined the same school.

By that time, we already became good friends since we live at the same place. Now that we were classmates, my interest towards romance geared up to other level, i.e., sex 😉, (thanks to the porn and my classmates who used to encourage me to watch them more).

Now since, we both were classmates I got a chance to visit her house daily using my academic doubts and combined-studies as reasons. I never missed a chance to touch her.

Since the day I saw her, I particularly used to touch her hands. When we play hide and seek with our colony friends, I used to take her with me to the hideouts. But that happiness didn’t last for long because she got matured and there was distance between us, as you know girls and boys must maintain their proximics infront of adults.

But the changes in her body made me more addicted to her because she was having such a nice shape of boobs and curves. I think it was because of her daily exercises.

After a long gap of 1.5 years, we again met in our college. I spoke to her and we both took the same group. But there was a difference in her attitude towards me. Earlier, she used to be more reserved, used to sit only with girls and was so innocent in her talks.

But now she became more close to me, more open in talks, sits beside me during the classes and hold my hand whenever she wants to go to any place except her home. She used to become so jealous when any other girl eye me or try to talk to me more than 10 minutes.

I was so happy with all of this. I was going crazy with these changes between us. During the classes, we both used to sit in the middle bench, but there was no privacy for me to tempt her.

So, one day I shifted back to the last bench and she was searching for me. When she found me, she just slapped me hard and asked me, “Can’t you just text once where you will be? I was searching for you and saw you sitting in the last bench”. She then gave me a sexy, seductive and naughty look with a wink.

That was the green signal for me from her telling to enjoy the rest of the day with a hot chick 😘. I was elated by that look and winked back at her and gave her space to go inside towards the corner. Even while she was going inside, she was looking into my eyes telling me to do the naughty stuff 😍.

All the students in the class knew about us and they were all giving naughty looks and double meaning dialogues when they saw us in the last bench. After the class got started, she held my hand as usual and was playing with it. I was a little tensed and thinking how to start the play. 😅.

She understood my situation as it was same for her too. We both were looking at each other’s face with utmost desperation to feel each other. After 15 minutes, I took the first step and placed my right hand on her hip. She gave an expression like she felt a current in her body for a second and was normal again.

I rubbed my hand near her hip. She was playing with my left hand. Suddenly, I took my hand inside her top and pressed her navel. She pressed my left hand so hard for a second with a little moan which enough for the 2 benches before us to look back 😅😅. We adjusted ourselves covering and acting like nothing happend.

Later that whole day, I was pressing my friend’s hip and navel which even she enjoyed by keeping her head on my shoulder. Before parting from the college, my classmate gave me a kiss on my neck which left me aroused.

On the same day evening, my friend came to my home for combine studies. We were sitting in our penthouse as I use the same as my study room. I was unable to concentrate properly on the subject. All that was distracting me was her kiss on my neck. I asked her all of a sudden, “Why did you do like that?” She replied, “Did what?”.

I told her the thing she did when we were leaving from college. She blushed. Her cheeks became little pinkish red 😍 and she said, “Shhh.. Chupchap padho..”

I told her that I was unable to concentrate now because of that. My friend replied, “Then imagine my situation. You were doing something something the whole day (with a authoritative voice) and now I feel so empty there in a low voice that I did not hear it properly)”.

I asked her again with a confusion, “You feel what??” Again she was looking at the book down and replied, “Choo empty”.

That sweet and cute reply was turning me on. I smiled at her cuteness and closed the book in front of her and kept my hand inside her top, pressed her hip slowly in an erotic way that she hugged me and let out a moan near my ear with a gasp of air circling my neck.

I also hugged her and was feeling her back. For the first time in my life, I kissed her. I kissed a girl on her neck.

We stood like that hugging, kissing neck for around 20 minutes. After that, I broke the hug and was looking into her face. She was looking away with shyness.

I got a naughty idea and pressed her right bum very slowly. She looked at me with a combination of shock, ecstasy, surprise, anger, and love. I was looking straight into her eyes without any shame and with a proud look that she was mine. 😘😘😘😘

Now slowly releasing my right hand on her right bum, I pressed her left bum. She got aroused and left out a moan, “Aaaah..”

This time, even she looked at me with the same shameless, sensual and erotic look. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I just kissed her so hard that she was shocked. She was not expecting this.

She took a few seconds to adjust and was now reciprocating with a wet kiss. Slowly, we broke the kiss after 2-3 minutes and we both were trying hard to get some air now.

After that kiss, I wanted it again as that kiss gave me such a wonderful feeling and I wanted it to last forever. I felt so new. My lips wanted more and more of it.

I saw her, she was still finding her way to get back to normal. Then she saw me again in a minute with a look that meant, “Did you feel the same way???”

That was it! We both hugged each other and started smooching like there is no tomorrow.. We rolled over each other for a few minutes. I was taking the lead for a few minutes and then she was taking the lead.

I pinned her to the wall and kissed her straight for 3 minutes. My horny friend almost bit me to stop me. Then she pinned me to the wall and kissed me for sometime. We both were competing with each other in a kissing competition very hard to test each other’s kissing capabilities.

After a long kissing session of 1.5 hours during which the room was filled with “chppp..chpppchppp” sounds, we both fell back on the bed taking time to breathe.

We were looking at each other. She said, “I can’t hold back anymore and I want to say it”. I replied, “Nah, I want to say it first.”

“Noo, I want to say it”, she said. I made a compromise and told her, “Okay, let us say it together.”

She agreeed.

Ready 3..2..1.. We both said it at the same time, “I LOVE YOU”..

I got chance to pop her cherry for the first time. Did I utilize the opportunity or wasted it?? If I utilized it, what and how it happend? If I wasted it, then what happened next 😜 Stay tuned.

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Thank you.

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