Journey Of A Submissive Sex-Slave: The First Encounter


Hello, guys, this is Akshay Thakur again. This time with the story of one of the readers, written in my style. Before starting the story I want to thank the readers for all the emails and replies you guys are sending me.

Let me make this clear all the earlier stories were my own experience. But this story is narrated by a reader named Minal Gupta. I am just writing on her behalf. She has consented to reveal her mail Id but only to genuine readers (and I’ll be the judge of that). So here is her narration.

Hi, horny readers, this is Minal Gupta (all names are changed to some extend) from New Mumbai. Let me describe myself who is the main character of this story. I am in mid-twenties with body states 38-28-38. My skin tone is a bit dusky with a clear face and big eyes.

My skin tone is the reason I don’t have confidence in myself. In our country fairness is the parameter of beauty. Due to self-doubt I have always been submissive and don’t like to take charge. That led me to this situation of a guilty pleasure but I love it.

The other character in this story is my best friend Reshma who is Muslim. Like most of the Muslim women, she has very fair and clear skin with big eyes with body states 36-28-34. We have been friends since school and even went to the same college.

Our college was in town so we had to travel by train every day. In this journey, we met the hero (or antagonist) of the story, Ahmad. He was tall and muscular with thick long hair and fair skin tone. He lived near our locality and used to work in the same area of our college.

We boarded and got off the same station every day. Soon he got in touch with my friend Reshma and they both started talking. I was always with her so we got to know each other. Reshma and I had a huge crush on him. We always waited for him at the train station. Later we also started meeting outside.

As time passed he started flirting with both of us and we loved it. One day, Reshma told me Ahmed proposed her and she said yes to him. I was sad to hear that as I was having feelings for him. But I was happy for my friend. They both started going out together and I was always their third wheel.

I hated it but I also loved his company. When Reshma was not around Ahmed used to flirt with me. He also made physical advances. He knew I was a reserved kind and I did not resist much. But this gave him courage and he started treating me like his property.

Ahmed would initially grab my butt, hold me by the waist, and also kiss me whenever he felt like. If I even tried to resist he would overpower me and have his way. He asked me to keep mum or else he will end his relationship with Reshma and blame me for it.

I kept quiet, not because of Reshma but I enjoyed whatever he did. My silence encouraged him more. He soon started caressing my breast, spanking my ass. He started calling me his slut, his keep, and his mistress. By that time I had started enjoying it and did whatever he said.

I went to meet him whenever he called. I did everything he asked me to do including sending photos of my boobs and cunt. It wasn’t even a month Ahmed had started dating Reshma. I gave him my first blowjob in his shop near our college.

Reshma had to leave early to go home that day. So he closed the shop early and called me in. He grabbed me by my hair and kissed me deeply. He has started doing that often now. Then he made me kneel. before I could say anything his salwar was down and his dick was in front of me.

I tried to say no and turn away. But he was holding me by my hair and started rubbing my face on his throbbing dick. Subconsciously my tongue was out licking his balls. I could see a sadistic smile on his face. Soon I started licking his balls when his dick was resting on my face.

Then I started licking the entire length of his circumcised dick. He commented, “Lick it nicely, my bitch,” which sent chills down my spine. But I kept licking. I did not like the taste or smell of his hairy dick. But his hold over my hair and force of his hand made me surrender to him.

In a few minutes, the tip of his dick was inside my mouth. He forced the entire dick till my throat and soon he was mouth fucking me. I had no control over this act. His hand holding my hair was making the entire dick go in and out. And he discharged in my mouth.

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I was not aware of what to do. But since he was holding my mouth tightly over his dick I had to swallow his cum. It was very salty but I liked it. He took his dick out of my mouth and was rubbing it over my face. Some semen dripped over my cleavage.

Then he said, “From now onwards you are my slut and I own you.” To which I nodded. He then took his phone and started taking my photos with his semen all over my face. I tried to move away but he kept holding my hair and took photos with his dick on my face.

He also asked me to lick his dick again while taking photos. I was now out of control and following whatever he said. I had licked a lot of juices by now and was enjoying his dominance. He then saw some semen over my breast. Then with his hand spread it all over my breast and in my cleavage.

I was standing there motionless enjoying his hands roughly pressing my boobs. He then removed my kurti, wiped his dick with it, and threw it in a corner. He removed my bra and made me wipe my face with it. He sucked on my boobs, pressed them, and mauled them.

I was moaning with pleasure while he was torturing my boobs with all his might. He slapped them and pinched one while biting the other. His other hand was in my salwar playing with my clitoris. I had lost the counts of the orgasms I had and reached the stage of ecstasy.

When he was done with my boobs, he pushed me on a chair. He brought his hand playing with my clitoris on my face which was wet with my juices. He forcefully made me lick it holding my neck. After I was done licking my juices he moved back.

He started clicking my photos. When I started to cover up he said he needs them to masturbate when I am not around. I considered he already has photos of my boobs. So I surrendered and started giving horny expression. I even removed my salwar and gave him all the poses like a cheap slut.

I was ready to let him fuck me right then. But surprisingly he wore his salwar, took a few selfies with my nude body, and asked me to get dressed as it was getting late. I was in a trance until I got dressed and moved out of his shop. My kurti and my bra smelled of his semen.

I felt used like a cheap slut and I liked it. Entire train journey I was thinking about the incident and every time it made me horny. I reached home and slept off wearing those stinky cloths dreaming about Ahmed.

The next day I met Reshma and Ahmed at his shop. He acted as if nothing had happened. I was shocked as he was ignoring me in the same place where I was lying naked like a cheap whore for him 24 hours back. When we had to leave Ahmed asked me if I could stay back and help him to bring some shop items.

I said no straight away as I was angry. But he gave me angry looks. I gave in and agreed to go with him. Reshma had to leave as her parents were very strict. As soon as Reshma left he grabbed me by my boobs took me to the storeroom and pinned me to a wall forcing his tongue in my mouth.

I started licking it with no resistance. Within no time his hand was in my top pressing my boobs hard. We were disturbed by some customers outside calling Ahmed. So he let me go and asked me to come outside and stand near him. As soon as he was done dealing with the customer he made me sit on the chair.

He said I am not his girlfriend but his keep, his mistress and I have to behave like one. He praised my body and said he loves my huge breasts and swinging ass. He will use it to his satisfaction whenever and wherever he wants. If I have any objection to that I must say it then and there.

I stood numb not knowing what to say. I have been dreaming of being fucked by him since yesterday. I had numerous orgasms thinking of him. I was so horny by the incident a few minutes ago. I said I am willing to be his mistress no matter what. He again gave that sadist smile which I cannot forget.

Then he told me to go home and not say anything to Reshma about this. I said ok and left. After that day we had various encounters where he played with my body even when Reshma was around but not looking. We had phone sex. The sexting has reached another level.

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Now he has started calling me his sex slave, cheap slut, and whore. Even I loved him referring to me as his sex slave. It has been two weeks since our first incident. I was getting restless to get fucked by him so was he. Reshma was unaware of this.

I felt bad for deceiving my best friend. But my body had given in and I was lost in the lust for the man who treats me like a whore. After two weeks Reshma informed us that her aunt had surgery. She has to go to meet her with her father the next day. She will be back after 2 days.

Ahmed and I were happy to hear that as we had the entire weekend for us. I went with Reshma to help her pack. When I reached home, Ahmed called me. He said he has informed his partner he won’t be coming to the shop tomorrow. He asked me to come to his house after 10 am as his mother leaves for work.

I normally left for college by 8 am. So I decided to go to the parlor and get waxed so I am all clean for my stud. I was not sure why I was taking so much effort for the guy who treats me like a cheap whore and is only interested in my body.

He considers me his sex slave. But I was happy to serve him, to be his sex slave. I like to be dominated, to be treated like shit. I reached his house by 10. I was dressed in his favorite top and called him. Hee opened the door grabbed my hand and pulled me in.

As soon as I was in he locked the door. All the windows and curtains were closed. Ahmed was just in his boxers and I could see his semi-erect dick. He pressed me on the door and started kissing me. He grabbed me by my neck and pulled me to the sofa.

I was requesting him to be gentle. I am here for the entire day and will do whatever he asks me to do. But I knew he won’t be gentle, he likes it rough, and so do I. He laid on the sofa made me kneel. He took his boxers down and pressed my head over his dick.

I knew what to do. I was licking him and then sucking like he had instructed me in various phone sex sessions we had. In some time he shot his cum in my mouth. This time I swallowed it all without dropping a single drop. He then got up and went to the kitchen.

He brought water for me. By that time I sat on the sofa and asked him is this how he treats his guests. He came back grabbed me by the neck and forced me to sit on the floor. He said I am not a guest. I am his slave and this is how slaves are treated. I drank water sitting on the floor.

He kept his leg on my boobs trying to insert his thumb in my cleavage. Once I was done drinking water, he picked me up in his arms and took me to his bedroom. He had not bathed that day. I could smell his sweat which was intoxicating. He then threw me on the bed.

He sat on the other side of the bed then asked me to strip dance for him till his dick is erect again. He took his phone and started recording the video. I was lost in his sweaty aroma and started to strip and dance. Once my top and jeans were off he could not control himself.

He pulled off my bra and forced my face on his chest. I started licking his body from his nipples to his armpits. His sweaty body was stinking but I loved him. His hand was massaging my clitoris and making me ready for his dick. In no time I was out of breath and my pussy all wet.

He pushed me on another side of the bed. He took his phone again and asked me to beg for his dick. I started begging for his dick saying, “Please fuck me with that dick and take my virginity. Make me your slut, your slave by fucking me.” I knew what will charge him most.

I said, “Please put your Musalman dick in my Hindu Brahmin virgin cunt and make me impure with your semen.” He was so charged that he stopped the recording. He parted my legs and in one go his tip was inside me. I started yelling with the pain.

He put his hand on my mouth and gave two more pushes. I could not bear the pain and was trying to push him. But all my efforts went in vain. He stopped for a while till my pain eased. Then again started giving small strokes and after some time he removed his hand.

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I requested him to wear a condom. He said, “I like the feel of raw skin and I never wear a condom.” He started banging me as fast as he could and I felt like something tearing me apart. I already had an orgasm but he was not slowing down.

After I had my second orgasm he increased his pace and discharged his hot semen inside me. I was in no state to push him and was panting, lost in pleasure and pain. When I came back to my senses the horror struck me. I asked him what if I get pregnant. He was all cool and said he has brought the pills for me.

So this was the story of my first fuck. He fucked me three more times that day and once while I bathe him. He made me cook for him, wash the blood-stained bed-sheet, and his clothes. I had become his submissive obedient cum-slut who was roaming all naked in his house the entire day.

Only after his mother rang the bell he allowed me to wear clothes. By the time I wore my clothes his mother was inside the house. I came out of his room stinking of all the cum and messed up hair. His mother was sitting on the sofa. Ahmed introduced me as his friend just came to say hello.

But from the looks of his mother, I was sure she knew what had happened. I went home and slept off. I was tired by the entire day fucking sessions. My vagina was a bit swollen. Ahmed called me at night and asked to apply come ice in that region. I realized he had many such encounters before.

So I asked him how many women he has had sex with. He replied more than 20. That reminded me about his statement he never uses a condom. He then asked me to come to his shop in the afternoon the next day. I tried to make an excuse for my body pain.

But he did not listen and in his firm commanding voice instructed me to be there by noon. I kept my phone aside, took some ice to the washroom, and placed it on sore areas. I was inspecting my body in the mirror. I saw bite marks all over the body as if I was molested by a gang. I slept peacefully that night.

The next day as instructed I went to his shop after a few lectures. Ahmed had called someone to take care of the customers. He then took me to the storeroom. We had two sessions there. Each time he discharged in my cunt that night. While going he gave me the pills and asked me to take it to avoid pregnancy.

Now I had become his slut. I don’t mind him objectifying me, using me, and even treating me as a worthless fuck hole. He kept fucking me for three years thereafter and I continued to be his obedient fuck toy. My cup size changed from C to DD and he even widened my ass.

I had a boyfriend for a while. But he was unable to give me that pleasure Ahmed gave me by humiliating and fucking me like a cum slut. I enjoyed being a submissive slut and treated like a cheap whore. I crossed all my limits to satisfy him.

After a year Ahmed married Reshma and they had a child together. He kept fucking me even after marriage and even when Reshma was pregnant. It all ended with Reshma catching us in the most compromising situation. But all that for later parts.

Do tell me how was the story. That was the beginning of Minal’s journey to be a submissive sex slave. She has a lot more to share. We would like to take suggestions from readers about what would they want to read first.

Minal turning into daily fuck toy for Ahmed and him fucking her outdoors.
Minal being humiliated, used and shared by Ahmed for his gain.
Minal rejecting other marriage proposals to keep being Ahmed’s whore and getting his child aborted for the biggest twist in her life.
Please write your comments and suggestions so we can write the next part. You can also send them on [email protected]

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