Kirti Bhabhi Fucked By Devar In Australia


Hello everyone, my name is Sunny and I am here with one of my real sex stories that happened last month. First, about me – I am 25 years old guy with good physique and 5ft 10in height and living in Melbourne.

I am brown-skinned and have a great dressing sense. I am interested in sex from a long time and keep getting it from my girlfriends and 2 of my bhabhis.

Currently, I have no girlfriend but still, I manage to get laid down now or then.

Coming to the story, this happened last month with my bhabhi. Her name is Kirti and she is 32 years old. She is married to my first cousin and lives in Melbourne as well. She is busty with 36 size boobs and is very fair in color. Kirti bhabhi is very beautiful and sexy. I have seen many men lusting on her.

I used to fantasize a lot about her as well. I remember when she was married, I was just 19 years old and was so jealous of my cousin. I always used to think that I will never be able to fuck a girl like her ever in my life.

But things have changed now and I can fuck Kirti bhabhi anytime I want and have been fulfilling my dream since last month. In fact, she is so open-minded now that she had agreed for a threesome as well with me and a girl someday!

Well, what happened was that my cousin was a typical conservative guy who doesn’t allow bhabhi much freedom even in this country. Since marriage, bhabhi had been forced to do a lot of things that she never wanted to do. Even after coming here, she was not allowed to go for any job and was forced to look after kids and home.

But Kirti bhabhi kept on obeying her husband because she wanted a happy marriage and didn’t want to fight with her in-laws. Also, my cousin was becoming very fat day by day and didn’t look after her as well.

Whenever I go to their house, I have seen them arguing even in front of me many times. But as I had a crush on Kirti bhabhi, I used to go to their house often. I loved talking to her and sharing my personal matters with her. We were very close to each other and used to talk openly about so many things.

One night, I was drinking with my friends and all of a sudden and around 11 pm, I got a call from my Kirti bhabhi asking me to pick her up from one of her friend’s house and not tell anyone.

I couldn’t drive because I was drunk but she insisted a lot as there was no other option. I somehow went to pick her up and then she told me that she lied to her husband that she was at a movie but instead she went to one of her friend’s house who was a man.

I didn’t like her behavior and started scolding her. I told her that my cousin will beat her if he finds out. She asked me to lie to him as well.

I was under the influence of alcohol. Kirti bhabhi was wearing a sexy outfit. She was wearing a tight black shirt whose buttons were stretched to the full extent. I could see her white clean cleavage from my seat and was looking at bhabhi’s boobs while talking. She noticed this and put her hand on my hand and asked to me lie to my cousin.

I refused and said that if he asks me, then I’ll tell the truth. Bhabhi started crying and saying that her life has been hell since marriage. She never wanted kids with that man and still, he forced himself upon her to have the babies.

I was shocked to hear such things from her mouth. I consoled her and asked her to calm down and agreed to lie to my cousin. Kirti bhabhi hugged me tightly and was crying for a long time.

When she didn’t leave me from her hug for more than 5 minutes, I was getting aroused and wanted to make a move. Bhabhi was smelling so nice and her boobs were feeling so soft.

I was drunk and in the heat of the moment, I held her hairs from the back and touched her back just above her ass. Suddenly, Kirti bhabhi got angry and slapped me very hard on my face!! She started yelling that all the men in my family were animals and I was one of them.

I felt ashamed and said sorry. Then I silently drove her to the house and my cousin was there waiting for her.

On getting out, he started shouting at both of us. When she went near the door, he slapped her and dragged her into the house. I got angry and held my cousin’s arm and asked him to leave her or I will call the police. They had a huge fight after that.

I tried to calm them both, but he didn’t listen and left the house saying he was going back to India the next day. After he left, I went to bhabhi and gave her some water. She stopped crying and said sorry to me for slapping me and again hugged me.

I was getting horny again, so I asked her to leave me. Kirti bhabhi broke the hug and started kissing me. I was out of the world. Bhabhi’s lips were so soft and the lipstick tasted so good.

I hugged her tightly and we were kissing like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to be a little rough so I held her hairs from behind and gave a jerk to her neck. She was shocked and before she could say anything, I took her bottom lip in my teeth and bit her.

Kirti bhabhi tried to push me away but I didn’t let her go. I tore her shirt from the top 2 buttons by force and started pressing Kirti bhabhi’s right boob over the bra. Bhabhi wanted to cooperate as well but she didn’t like the roughness.

She pushed me hard and said be gentle or nothing is going to happen. I was in the mood then, so I asked her to go to the bedroom.

As she started walking, I slapped hard on her ass and she gave a loud scream. She held her ass and started crying again. I held her hair and took her to the bedroom.

As soon as Kirti bhabhi held my hands to get rid of me, I pushed her on the bed and jumped over her. She was facing the bed and I was on her facing the bed as well.

I sneaked my hands under her and pressed her boobs with my both hands. She was still resisting. I started biting near ears and on the neck. Kirti bhabhi was screaming and asking again and again to leave her. I was in no control then.

I got up and tore her shirt and the skirt. Bhabhi was in her undergarments now. She was looking so beautiful in the pink bra and panty and was crawling on the bed. I removed all my clothes quickly and jumped on her again.

Now Kirti bhabhi was facing the ceiling and I held her hands with my both hands. I told her that I want to ravish her and there won’t be any pain if she cooperates. She said she wants me as well but only in a romantic manner and not like this.

I agreed and as soon as she relaxed, I grabbed her bra and pulled with full force. Bhabhi started crying again in pain and that time, I removed her panty. Then I started kissing her slowly to calm her down. She was kissing me back more intensely.

I asked her to guide my dick in her pussy. While we were kissing, Kirti bhabhi took my 7-inch cock and placed it near her pussy entrance. I could see there was worry on her face thinking that I will forcefully fuck her. But I slowly inserted it into Kirti bhabhi’s pussy and she gasped.

I was kissing her neck and boobs and was slowly moving my dick in and out of her pussy. She held my hairs with one hand and her other hand was scratching my ass. I held her neck and slapped her again. This time, she gave a naughty smile and spat on me.

I slapped her again and with one full thrust, I inserted my whole my dick in her pussy. She screamed very loud and started moving her hips with rhythm. I fucked her for approx 15 minutes and then I came inside her pussy. We were tired like hell and fell on each other and slept like that.

After that night, she made an agreement with my cousin so that he doesn’t go back to India. Now, when he is at work, I go to her home and fucker her whenever I want. I even tie her sometimes to the bed or a wall and slap her and scratch her. Because she is no more intimate with her husband, he doesn’t know about the marks on her body.

I hope you liked the story and any feedback is welcome on my email [email protected] I can mail the story in Punjabi conversion on request.

I am interested in hook-ups if I feel secure and feel free to mail me your interests as well as feedback to this story. I live in Melbourne now but visit Punjab once in a year.

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