Letters From An Isolated Son To His Indian Mom


Hello, My Dear Readers. This is the second story from me, having the lock-down and quarantine period as a part of the premise. I do have a few more planned and will be publishing them in the coming weeks.

The following is the first among the many letters a son sends to his naive Indian mom during his isolation period. He was quarantined in the special ward of a private hospital in Delhi.

The letters that had only a very small chance of reaching his mother. They were ones that should have never been written, never been sent, never been received, and never been read.

Happy Reading!

Dear Mom,

I hope you are doing good. I don’t know what will happen to me. I don’t know if I will ever be allowed to leave from the hospital. It has been a lot of days since I have been here, and nobody seems to know when I can get out of here.

I don’t know if you will ever get this letter. But, there is a confession I want to make. I want to tell you something I did not tell you all this while. I think this is the right time!

4 years ago, on the night before Parvati’s wedding, it wasn’t Tarun who groped you and tried to physically own you. It was me, Mom. It was your very own son who tried to shamelessly fulfill his sinful desire.

I am sorry, Mom. Please forgive me. I just could not hold myself back, Mom. I had been lusting for you since the day I saw you naked in the shower. I could never forget that sight of yours.

The lust I had for you grew with me. That night, when I heard you tell Dad you were going to have a quick bath, I could not resist sneaking into your room. I only wanted to see you wet and naked as you came out of the shower.

But, when I saw you come out of the bathroom, wearing your red-colored low-neck blouse and black petticoat. I could only let myself be taken over by my evil cravings.

I knew it was the same blouse you wore the day I saw you in the nude. I knew it was also the same piece of fabric you used to desperately, and unsuccessfully, cover your modesty when you stood in shock. I opened the door to the bathroom.

You told me it was okay. You told me you believe it was a mistake. You told me I should just convince myself it never happened. You were right. I really had no idea you were inside. And, I knew it was accidental. It was a genuine mistake And, I also knew you were not angry at me.

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But after it happened, I just could not stop thinking about your bare body. We always managed to never let anybody know about the incident. We always managed to never have any sort of uneasy situations. But, I just could never forget that day.

Mom, I always carried the memory with me. In fact, I always cherished the moment. And, that eventful night, when I saw you in the very same blouse, I felt I had to see you without it, too, one more time. I just could not stop myself from wanting to take it off your body.

I just could not stop myself from wanting more than what I had come for. I lost all the control I had over my mind. All I knew was that I had to have you right there if I did not want to lose my sanity. I never was in a position to think about the consequences.

I let my wicked cravings use my body. I am just sorry. I regret it. But, apologies is all that I can do now, Mom. I always wanted to tell this to you, Mom. But, I never had the guts to. I was scared seeing Tarun being disowned. He was everybody’s favorite until then.

The eldest among the cousins, everybody, including me, looked up to him. I was just too startled after seeing him being asked to leave the house.

And, the fact I had managed to mercilessly tear open a lot of your thin satin blouse. I also got myself just inches away from entering your vagina, within those few seconds. It made me believe you would never forgive me if I told you the truth.

I was sure you would never be ready to accept an animal like me as your son. But, now, I have to tell you this. I want you to know it was me. I want you to know it was I who tried to steal your purity. It was I who tried to defile you.

And since I am making this confession, I also feel I should tell you everything about it. Everything I wanted to do to you. Once I decided to make a move on you. Everything I wanted to do to you after I had you topless.

I was going to penetrate you, Mom. I was going to fuck you. I was not just going to make you spread your legs for me. I was also going to destroy your holes I wanted to own you. That is how badly I wanted to be inside you!

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The idea was to grab you by your waist, the very second I switched off the light. And, I did that just like I planned. I had very tightly wrapped my hands around your fleshy belly, and it felt great when I heard you gasp.

The next stage of the act was supposed to have me carry you. Pull you towards the bed, make you bend over, lift your petticoat, rip apart your panties, and drill your cunt from the back. That is exactly how I wanted to do you, Mom. That is how your son was going to fuck you.

And once I was inside you, I was sure I could make you surrender to me. I was sure you will start finding pleasure with each thrust of mine. I was sure you will ask me not to stop. I was sure you will beg me to cum inside you

I knew there was no way you could resist, even if you wanted to. I knew I had enough strength to overpower you. I knew I had the perfect plan. And I did everything right. Everything was going according to the plot. Everything was perfect. Until I raised your petticoat all the way up

It left me amused and stunned that you were wearing no panties. I was never expecting you to ever skip wearing your panties, Mom. Even though I had my hands pulling your blouse apart, I lost my focus I just lost my grip over the situation

Even as I had your tight love hole served in front of me, I just could not direct my already unveiled cock to force its way inside your pussy. Instead, I gave you a chance to fight back. And you took it.

I was completely caught off guard when you pushed me away. And when you started shouting and screaming. That is when I came back to my senses. I knew I had to get myself out of your room, and I did that.

I could hear Tarun run towards your room, calling your name out, asking you if you were okay. I saw you slap him. Calling him a shameless bastard, even as you stood before him with your torn blouse exposing a lot of your creamy tits. And your disarranged petticoat showing all the way up to your milky upper thighs.

I did nothing, but watch Tarun being crucified by the entire family I did nothing, but hopefully, I will not be caught I did nothing, but claim I was on the terrace when it happened

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I am sorry, Mom. I know I have done Tarun wrong, too. But, I feel I need to apologize more to you.

I know life is back to normal, and you may not even be thinking about it today. Especially when we have a greater threat in front of us. But this is the truth, and I want you to know it.

I will be handing this letter over to a nurse in the hospital. I am sure she will get it to you. She has been very kind to me and takes good care of me. She also has the same name, Mom – Surabhi. Maybe that is why I have a special liking for her.

I hope you will get this letter. And I hope you will forgive me. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Mom.

And, Mom Does Amar come home even after I left for Delhi? Have you seen him lately? I hope not, Mom.

I don’t know how if I should tell you this now. But, Amar is not the kind of person you think he is, Mom. He is dangerous. Don’t let him anywhere near you. Please! Ask Parvati, also, to stay away from him. I know it is not easily possible but tell her Please, Mom

And, Mom, how is Parvati?! I really hope she and her baby are fine. And do people still say her baby looks a lot like me? I hope not, Mom

Your Loving Son,

To be continued.

I hope you all like this story about the innocent Indian mom. Please do send me your feedback and comments to [email protected]

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