Life Changing Mistake – Part 1


Hi all, I am Madhu, currently 25 years old. I am here to share my office ordeal. Speaking of my job I started working in a startup which barely had just around 50 employees including CEO. I was accompanied by 4 freshers (Ashok, Sasi, Preethi, and Karthik).

Since the job location is away from my hometown I shifted to my grandma’s house. Also, she was living alone as my grandad had passed away a few years back. So during weekends either I visit my parents or they will reach us. My office really had a cool environment. We learned a lot during our training days.

Somehow 3 months passed and low performers during training have been dropped out. Myself and Ashok have been selected at the end. Both were happy but at the same time felt sad for our friends. Ashok was good technically but always had a rude attitude towards others.

I got myself focused on work and was appreciated at least once in a day. That made him feel jealous and insecure about the job. Ashok didn’t take it more serious until the manager compared him with me. I warned him that if his performance is low in the upcoming week he might be fired from the company.

I personally hate him and I said to him, “Hope you enjoy your last days here” for fun. But he took them seriously. He now wanted to destroy the reputation that I have and spoil my job so that he can get good credits from the organization.

Ashok was planning ways to bring me down and I was completely unaware of it. On one particular day, we were having some important issues. My team was supposed to work late at night. Somehow seniors gave works to us and they all went with their usual timings.

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Myself, Ashok and my project manager stayed at the office and was working on the issue. It’s been past 10 and my manager said, “Guys leave in 30 minutes, we can finish this off tomorrow as the main functionality has been solved.” While leaving he switched off AC and Camera.

I noticed it and didn’t care that much. Within a few minutes, I saw Ashok leaving from his bay. So I thought, “Maybe I should leave too,” and was signing off. Being alone in an empty place has turned me on. I thought for a second went to check Ashok’s place. It is confirmed he was out too.

Now I really wanted to finger myself and kept my glasses on the table. I left my hair down and I was more excited. I took hold of my overcoat and pulled it off. My hands were on my table, exposing my sleeveless white shirt and slipping it off over my head leaving just my bra on top.

My breasts that aren’t all that big, though, just a B-cup. It was so quiet now in the office. I felt the air hit my stomach and my nipples hardened even more from it. I slid my shoulders out of my bra straps and kept my breasts covered with just bra hooks.

My mind racing and pussy soaking wet and needing attention fast. Oh my god, I am actually doing this. I unhooked the clasp across my breasts and let the bra fall to the ground. Once a conservative employee now topless that too on the workplace has turned more heat.

Reaching down for my jeans, I undid the button and slid the zipper down slowly. Sliding my jeans down, wriggling my hips getting them to slide down the rest of my legs and letting them fall to my feet. What that remains is my dress shoes, following me stepping out of my jeans.

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Lifting my leg up and sliding my shoes off and slipping my foot out of the jeans following the other one. Now I was standing in my bay with nothing but cotton underwear and ankle socks. I hooked my thumbs on each side of my underwear and pulling my underwear down to my thighs.

I continued slowly sliding them off my foot and letting them drop to the ground next to my pile of clothes. Relaxing in my chair I was touching my clitoris with my index and middle finger. It felt fucking amazing. My knees were shivering with every move along the pussy.

My fingers were now soaking up at the entrance of my pussy. I opened my mouth and pulled the tongue out slightly, enjoying. Still being surprised at what is happening. I kept my left leg up, reaching the end of the table. I lay back a little, as much as the chair could hold, and kept going.

Moving my fingers in egg-shaped motions, around my clit, my breathing was getting heavier. I exhaled and closed my eyes. After passionately licking my right index finger, I moved it towards my left nipple. I grabbed my left breast while pushing a middle finger in my soaking wet and trembling pussy.

“What am I doing, this is where I work, you don’t simply..” interrupting on and pulses spreading through my body, all the way to toes. At this point, the CEO could walk in, I wouldn’t care. I was floating by the moment, massaging the clit with the thumb.

I was feeling up the inside of pussy with my middle and index finger. Biting down on bottom lip. I was giving the best not to let out any sound. The room was filled with my heavy breathing and splashy sound my fingers going in, out, in, grabbing breast, biting lip, rubbing nipple.

I moved the fingers around inside and then all over again, changing up the speed and intensity, but not stopping. Not, ever stopping. Not, ever ending. With every move I felt myself pilling up with more and more impulses, getting ready to explode.

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Biting hard on lips, leaving a mark for the next few days, I had a full three-second long sigh. I with a suppressed scream leaving a dark wet patch on a chair that might stay for a whole long week. Enjoying and riding this high, I grabbed a new wet tissue, cleaning up.

Sorting myself out, with a smile on the face, I got up, fixed my hairs, made myself look decent. I came out of the building and before getting inside the cab. I saw a bike crossing me and it was Ashok with an evil smile on his face. Was he there the whole time? Did he saw in what state I was in?

Check out in the next part how it goes and do support me with your ideas on [email protected]

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