Life Changing Mistake – Part 3


Hey all, I hope you all read the previous parts.

As the maintenance board was kept outside, no one could enter and they locked the door. I was naked and one of them forced me down to my knees and pulled my face near his dirty hardened cock.

My boobs had already started to get squeezed by another worker. He pulled my lips near the tip of his cock. I knew I was trapped and all I thought was as soon as I blew them both, I could escape away from the situation.

Without having any other choice, I touched his dick with one hand, pulled back his foreskin and licked the tip of his dick while my other hand started to stroke another guy’s dick. As he pulled his dick a little deep in my mouth, I started to slowly suck the head while my tongue was licking it good inside.

He then pulled my hair and said, “You are such a good sucker!!! But we don’t have the whole day, bitch!!” and forced his cock so deep that my lower lip was directly touching his balls and my throat felt sore.

He held the same position and my tongue was rolling around his fully erected cock. He released the hold when I couldn’t take more and I coughed.

He took out his dick, kissed me gently and again he pushed his cock and started to give deep throat. And all I could do was politely do whatever he wanted. The other guy had started to rub my naked pussy while I rubbed his cock.

Once a good fresher now sucking two low-class workers’ dick made me feel so cheap and humiliated. But somehow, my pussy was getting wetter by each second.

I started tasting the first guy’s precum. He was mouthfucking me harder and soon, I felt a hot liquid going deep in my throat. I hate to swallow cum but he was holding my head so tight that I was forced to swallow his hot cum. He emptied his cum inside my mouth completely and rubbed his dick on both of my cheeks.

Now, the other guy who was on edge came close to my face and sprayed his cum all over my face. They also clicked a picture of me like that in kneeling position with cum all over my face.

Then they both ordered me to lick them clean. Once again, I started to suck both their cocks, cleaning off their cum. Then they got dressed and took my pantie with them.

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I quickly cleaned myself, took my remaining clothes, got dressed, made my hair proper and got back to my cubicle to see my angry seniors.

Before they yelled out about me missing for an hour after lunch, I somehow managed there was a family emergency and it had been taken care of now.

Meanwhile, I saw Ashok smiling from one corner. As this was my first time being late, my seniors didn’t take the issue seriously. They left.

I saw my mobile and Ashok was demanding my nude with two workers. I knew there was no point in arguing and I sent the nudes to him. Further, I requested him and told him I can’t do any more acts like this.

He said, “Bitch, stop this drama of being shy and innocent. I know how much you enjoyed sucking those low-class workers’ cocks. So, stop acting and behave like a filthy whore you are!!”.

I literally broke into tears due to all these shaming. I already had sex with my boyfriend three to four times but we broke up lately. But still, I couldn’t accept what I did today and I realized I just got fell into the greatest trap of my life and maybe, there is no way out.

I thought of moving onto another organization, but that won’t stop Ashok.

I went to Ashok and asked him for a minute. At the cafeteria, I said, “Enough of all these. I know what you want, I am okay to have sex with you but I need that video to be deleted” in a strong tone.

He said, “Aah!!! There comes the slut that has been hiding all these days. I could have easily fucked you with what I have, but that’s not the point here”. “I need you to suffer each and every day, the key for it is in my hands and I can’t let you out of this so soon”. He then left and I was so confused about what he will do next.

I couldn’t focus on anything. My work got slowed down and he came more often and played with my boobs and sometimes he fingered me. He always brought me so close to cumming but he didn’t let me cum.

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So, in one single day, I gave blowjobs to two cleaners and got finger-fucked multiple times by my colleague.

Then Ashok came around 6.45 pm and asked, “Are you leaving now? Or planning to have a solo session after everyone walks out”. I was worried but said I will leave in 10 minutes.

“Sure, you can leave in 10 minutes but there will be consequences. But it won’t happen if you come to the parking basement around 8 pm”, he said and he started to leave.

Time was ticking and Ashok must have already planned something worse. As it was a Friday, everyone including the manager started to leave early.

Around 7.30 pm, the whole office was empty. I packed my stuff and started my way to the parking place with fear. A lot ran through my mind. Till then, I haven’t got any text or message from Ashok. Was he really there or he left?

I reached the basement and saw just 4 to 5 cars and only a few bikes (maybe the night shift guys, who knew).

There I saw Ashok behind a car. He was smoking. I walked towards him. He, as usual, had a crooked smile.

I said, “Ashok, it is getting late. Say what you want?”. He just looked me from top to bottom, blew smoke on my face and dropped his cigarette.

Watching me, he said, “Bitch, I guess you had a great day. But it was just the beginning and worse is yet to come. Now, tell me, did you enjoy today?” and he laughed loudly.

Suddenly, he caught my neck with a hand and pulled my hair backward with the other hand. I was terrified and dropped my handbag and mobile. He pushed me down and took his dick out.

“Be a good cock-sucking slut and suck my cock, you stupid whore”. He started to rub his dick near my mouth. Having no other choice, I started to suck his dick and it was the third dick I was sucking that day”.

As I was sucking, he slapped both my cheeks until it turned red. He held the back of my head and started to deepthroat. At one point, I was about to choke. My vision got blurry. Then he took his dick away from the mouth. I felt so cheap and was lying on the floor.

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He got hold of my hair, lifted me and pushed toward the car. He made me bend and took off my salwar pants. I was already pantyless and I had no energy to stop him now.

He bent down and spat on my asshole and started to rub there. I was a virgin in the ass. With the remaining energy, I pleaded to him, “Pleasee Ashok..Not in my ass!! I am a virgin there.”

He got more excited. He rubbed his dick near my asshole for a few seconds and before I could react, he pushed his cock so deep. I could hear my screams echoing.

His cock entered so deep inside my ass with a few strong strokes. I was almost lost in pain. I couldn’t even speak now.

His pace started increasing and I couldn’t bear more.

“Ahhhh..Ashokkkk.. Nooo aaahhhh, nooo aahhh..”

I was trying my best but each time he went deep, I got completely lost. He got hold of my hair and pulled it backward. Slapping my ass harder, he said, “I am not your sweet boyfriend to fuck your pussy, I take what I want. At least you have a good ass to fuck”. He started to fuck my ass harder.

After 20 minutes of hard anal fuck, my colleague took out his dick, turned me and sprayed cum on my face.

He then pulled his jean up, went to the corner and started to smoke again.

I slowly picked myself up, adjusted my clothes, cleaned up, and made my hair correct. I couldn’t even take one step properly. I took my mobile and booked a cab. I went home and took a bath. I felt so sore.

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