Lonely Bus Ride


I have had many gay experiences in bus with uncles. I would like to share one of the experience here.

I was in second year and I was 20 years old. One day, my parents told me to come to a relative’s home as they reached there.

As I was at college, they couldn’t wait for me and told me to take a bus from my college. So I agreed to do it but I could only leave the college at 6.30pm. I waited in the bus stop near the college for the bus. Busses of many other routes passed and I couldn’t get any busses till 7pm.

At 7, a bus arrived which was going towards my relatives place. I showed my hand to stop the bus. There were only the bus driver and the conductor on that bus. I got inside the bus and took the ticket to the stop near my relative’s home.

(About myself. I am slim. Somewhat fair skin tone. Clean shaven. 5’7” feet tall. Weigh around 55kg. Little bit muscular. No belly fat. 5.7 inched cock.

About the conductor. Looked 35+ year old. Dark skin tone. Had thick moustache. About 6 inched cock.

About the driver. Also looked 35+. Had beard and moustache. Cock more than 6 inches long.)

I sat on a seat in the middle of the bus after the seats which was reserved to women. I put on my earphones and started to listen to music. The conductor was with the driver. After some time, he came towards me and sat next to me.

He smiled and I smiled back. He started to talk about casual things. I removed my earphones and talked with him.

His name was Sabu (imaginary). He talked about his life. And asked me about my life. He asked about girlfriends. I said that I don’t have any.

So he was curious and talked about it more. He was getting deep into it and asked me about how I feel about boobs and pussy. And he also told me about his wife. As we were so comfortable in talking things like that, we didn’t feel any shyness.

After some horny talks. He asked me about my view on being with a man. I was shy at first but I revealed that I had been with guys. He was happy and asked more about it. I told him about some of the incidents that happened with me. He said that now a days his wife is not giving him a good time so he also have had some experiences with men.

While talking, he placed his hand over my thigh and massaged it. I was wearing a jeans and a full sleeve shirt. He was wearing a cotton shirt and pants. He then moved his hands to my crotch area. He felt my cock and told me that I have a big cock. I felt a little shy and gave a smile. He told me to close the window.

“Can I touch it?” he asked me. I was little tensed but I agreed to him by nodding. He unzipped me and it was hard to take the cock out.

He put his hand inside and started to feel my cock from inside. While doing this, he told me to remove the button so that he can take my cock out. I removed the button and he made me stand to make the Jeans go down to my thighs. He grabbed my cock and started rubbing it.

I Loved his touch. He then looked into my eyes and leaned towards me to kiss me. He gave me a kiss on my lip. And then we started kissing for some minutes. I was feeling so much pleasure as he was slowly rubbing my cock and kissing me. After sometime we stopped kissing and he removed the button of his pants and unzipped it.

I could see a huge bulge on his underwear. He moved his pant and underwear towards his thighs and made me bend towards his cock. It was semi erect but yet thick uncut cock. He directed his cock to my mouth and pushed my head more towards his cock. His cock entered my mouth and he waited for me to suck it. I started sucking it. I can feel his cock growing inside my mouth.

I sucked him for 5 to 10 minutes. After sometime, I felt bus stopping. I feared if it was another stop and stopped sucking and tried to sit there. But Sabu told me to continue sucking and there is no problem.

I heard the driver stopping the engine. It wasn’t a stop. The driver had parked the bus on a roadside. The driver came toward us and I panicked thinking that it is another passenger and looked up.

I saw the driver smiling at me. He told asked if he could join us. I was a little shy and tensed. Anyway Sabu let him join us.

He made me stand up and asked me to strip. I asked what if someone comes. Driver said that it is an area where there is no much houses. Also all the windows of the bus was closed. (It was not glass windows. It was old fashioned bus with black windows)

When I was shy to strip, the driver started removing the buttons of my shirt and Sabu moved my pants down. They completely made me naked. They teased me by pressing my nipples, belly, thighs and ass.

Then the driver sucked my nipples while Sabu stroked my cock and pressed my ass and thighs. The driver opened his pants and took out his huge cock. He made me sit on the floor on my knees and made me suck his cock. I sucked his thick juicy cock for some minutes.

The driver then went away to the driving seat and got the bus running again. By that time, Sabu asked me to suck his cock again. He pressed my nipple, slapped my ass and teased my belly. He asked me to sit in the doggy style above the seats. He then pushed his cock into my asshole. He started fucking me so fast hitting the pleasure spot.

After some minutes of fucking, he cummed above my ass. Sabu then got me up and gave me a beautiful kiss. He stroked my cock while kissing me.

After a few minutes, I cummed. He went to the driving seat and took a cloth from under the seat and came back to clean everything. While Sabu went there, the driver told him something. So when he came back, Sabu told me to go towards the driver. I agreed and went there.

The diver was still driving the bus. He asked me to sit under his seat. I knew his intention. I tried to fit in the gap. He then told me to give him a good blowjob. I removed his underwear towards his thighs and started stroking his cock.

I slowly put his cock in my mouth and started sucking. He was enjoying it. He asked me to stroke it with my hands while it’s still in my mouth. I did it and after some time he cummed instead my mouth. I drank it fully.

Sabu gave me his number and told me to call him whenever I get time. He was staying near my cousin’s home. I dressed up and sat near Sabu. He said “Your stop is 10 minutes away. Can you suck me till then?”.

I smiled and got under his seat on my knees. I took out his cock and started sucking it. It was soft and it got hard inside my mouth.

Bus reached my stop and I got down. then I went to my relative’s home. Everyone asked why I was late and I said some lies about it. I called Sabu after that and made a good friendship.

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