Lost My Virginity To A Stranger


Hi everyone, I am from Nepal. Due to my privacy reasons, I am not going to reveal my personal details. I’m 23 years old with an average size body. I am fair, with an athletic body. Now I am doing my graduate.

Now coming to my story, this incident happened 9 months ago when I had my holidays at my college. So I have planned to visit Kathmandu to meet with my friends and to hang out and visit different places. Sorry, I have forgotten to mention that I am from the Eastern part of Nepal.

I informed my parents about the trip and they also agreed because I have holidays. I booked the tickets and left my place on Friday morning. I reached there in the evening as my friend was there to pick me up. He was my friend since childhood and we were very close to each other.

We were very happy to see each other and he took me to his home on his bike. He is living with his family so I have taken some sweets for them. I met with everyone and told them that I was here to visit different places. At night I was tired, so I slept early.

In the morning I got up took my breakfast. Uncle gave me the keys to his scooty to visit different places. I became very happy because I hate to travel on public transport. I took scooty and decided to go to Sanga where there is the biggest statue of Lord shiva.

I reached there by 10.30 am took a receipt of 200 rs and entered. Very few people were there and I was roaming and clicking pictures. While talking pictures someone from behind touched me. Immediately I turned around. I was astonished to see a woman was requesting me to click her photos too.

I agreed with her and started taking her pictures. Let me tell you that I did not have any bad intentions towards her at first. Her name was Sudha (name changed) 28 years old married lady. She had a cute face and was milky white with a fit body looking like an actress.

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She was a photo freak. So I had to click more than 100 pictures of her in different positions. Both of us were tired and went to nearby restaurants to have coffee. She told me that she too was here to visit and also told me that she is a housewife.

Her husband is a government employee working in a hill district in the Western part of Nepal. She was from Chitwan. We talked a lot there and decided to travel to other places together as she made me her friend. We then decided to go to Basantpur Durbar Square.

She sat on my scooty very close to me as if we were couples. In the way, she told me about her experience with her boyfriend on a bike ride during her college days. I was surprised to hear that. That time I confirmed that she is a very easy going person.

Nobody can guess by looking at her face that she would be too cool while talking. We visited different places that day. During that time she was intentionally touching my body which I was aware of. I took it easy. We exchanged our cell numbers.

Then I dropped her to her place and returned to my friend’s home. At night, nearly about 11 pm I got her call. I picked it she told me how she enjoyed the day with me and she had not enjoyed that much even with her husband. I jokingly said, “I wish I could be your husband.”

She was excited by listening to my words and told me that, “I am ready to be your wife.” Oh god, I said. Then she started asking about my life. I told her everything. She confessed to me that she started liking me when she saw me at first. I replied, “You naughty woman cheating on your husband.”

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Then she was worried and told me that things are not good between them. Her husband is an affair with a lady where he is working and does not care about her. We talked for more than an hour and decided to meet in Newbaneshwor the next day.

In the morning I told my friend that I would not be able to return at night and left. We met at Baneshwor and she hugged me at first. She then sat in scooty and told me that we are going to Nagarkot. I was excited about listening. On the way, she asked me to have you ever done sex.

I said no, I am a virgin. She immediately kissed from behind and told me I will be taking your virginity if you don’t mind. I agreed with her. I was riding a scooty but I had felt that I am riding towards heaven. Oh my goodness, she became closer and started touching my penis from my pants.

I was aroused fully but still concentrating on riding scooty. We were approaching Nagarkot so she put her hand out of my penis. We reached there and booked a room in a beautiful cottage. As soon as we entered the room, she locked the room and started kissing me vigorously.

She told me that baby now I will make you a real man. She undressed me with her mouth and licked my whole body. She asked me to undress her. At first, I removed her black-top. Ohhh, what amazing boobs she got. It feels like butter. I squeezed them until they get red. She was moaning like hell.

Then I removed her jeans. She was wearing a deep blue panty inside. Her ass cheeks were protruding out. I spanked them and opened her panty with my mouth. She was shivering and moaning. She suddenly hugged me tightly and took me to bed. She started giving me a blowjob.

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I was like in extreme pleasure. I came with a huge load of cum. She took it in her mouth and boobs. She asked me to lick her pussy. I obeyed her and sucked in her clitoris. She was turning mad and was crying in tears as it was her tears of happiness.

Afterwards, she too came and hugged me tight and put my penis in her pussy. I cried in pleasure as I lost my virginity. I pumped in her for 15 minutes and I came inside her. She looked very happy and was satisfied too. She kissed on my forehead and told me you are the best.

We stayed there for the night and fucked many times. This was my wonderful time which I will never forget in my life and thanks to that lady. We are still in touch and fulfill our needs.

Thanks for reading my incident. If needy ladies looking for sex then you can ping me. I will promise to make you feel good. Your advice is most welcome in my email [email protected]

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