Lust – Part 1 (A Son Discovering Incest)


Hi guys, my name is Rahul and I am a new author in the community of ISS. I love reading sex stories and there are so many good writers here. Every time I read a new story, it feels so fresh and good. So that’s why I decided to share my experience with you guys. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

So, a little introduction of my life – my name is Rahul, I am 22 years old and I live with my family which contains 4 members, me my mom dad and my big sister. We live in Mumbai, India.

Let me give you some details about my family members, (4 years ago)

– My father (Vikram) is 44 years old and he is a businessman. Most of the time he is busy with his work and some time, we don’t get to see him for months.

– My mother (Neha) is 36 years old. She is so beautiful. My dad is so lucky to have her. She is a housewife and she cares so much for us especially for me. She has fair skin with silky hair, her lips are so sexy and her boobs are the best things in her body. She is 38C. Her boobs are what I like the most.

– My sister (Priti) is 20 years old, she has a body of mature women, her boobs size is 36B. She is a University student and is studying commerce. She is also so hot like a mini version of my mom. But most of the time, she is busy with her life so we don’t spend much time together.

– And at last, there is me (Rahul). I am 19 years old at the time the story started. I am a student. I don’t have any girlfriend and actually, I am a virgin. I have a best friend. His name is Amit and we have been friends for almost 12 years. We grew up in the same neighborhood.

So, let’s begin the story. I was never attracted to my mother in sexual ways. I thought she was beautiful but never had bad thoughts about her. But it all changed when one day I went to Amit’s house without asking him. When I came looking for him at his house, his mother opened the door and let me in. She told me that Amit was upstairs.

So, I went straight to Amit’s room. I have a bad habit, every time I forgot to knock before entering someone’s room and this time also, I forgot. Without knocking, I entered Amit’s room. I was shocked to see him in a way I have never thought to see him.

He was laid in his bed without his clothes and in his hand, there was a black panty – a sexy one. And the worst was, he was moaning “Oh yeah mom.. I love you mom..”

I was speechless. Within a few seconds, Amit discovered my presence and he was in shock. He quickly covered himself and threw away the panty.

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Me – I am sorry, I should have knocked before entering.

Amit – It’s ok. I am the one who was jerking without locking my door!

(At that moment, I didn’t know why but I asked him)

Me – Were you jerking thinking of you mom?

Amit – No, of course not, I wasn’t thinking of my mother! (in a hesitating voice)

Me – Don’t lie! So whose are these panties?

Amit was in shame. How could he tell his best friend that he was attracted to his mother in sexual ways?

Me – Don’t worry, you can trust me. I am your best friend and I will tell nothing to anyone!

Amit – Yes, I am attracted to my mother in sexual ways!

(Innocent me)

Me – But isn’t it wrong to have a sexual interest in your own mother?

Amit – Yes, it’s wrong, but did you see her? She is so sexy. All the uncles are attracted to my mother, her juicy ass, her two big tits and most of the time, she doesn’t even wear bras and everyone looks at her nipples, those dark nipples!

(I was shocked to see him talking like this about his mother like he was describing a whore.)

Me – I know! I always had a crush on her but it is still wrong to think like that about your mother!

Amit – Oh stop, is it like you never had sexual thoughts about your mother?

Me – Never, dude!

Amit – Oh, you such a dumb ass. Dude, your mother is a bombshell. The whole neighborhood will die for having a taste of that big juicy ass of hers. Her tits are even bigger than my mother’s. You are a lucky bastard because you got the chance to suck those melons!

I was lost in his words. Somehow, I was liking everything he was telling. I started to imagine my mother’s big tits and sucking them when I was a little boy. I was lost in the incest world for a moment.

Amit – I could tell by your silence that you are into it, hahaha. Bro, it’s called INCEST!

Me – No, you are wrong. I don’t have any sexual feelings toward my mother.

Amit – Yeah yeah, time will tell the truth

After hearing that, I said goodbye to him and went downstairs to get back home. But when I was about to go out, my friend’s mom called me from back and said:

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Shila (Amit’s mom) – Wait, you aren’t going anywhere without drink my milkshake!

For a moment, I was in shock. The way she talked and unintentionally my eyes went toward my friend’s mom’s big boobs. I saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra as Amit said. I saw her erected nipples through her blouse. I was feeling my dick getting erected.

My friend’s mom saw me looking toward her boobs. She smiled in a naughty way and said:

Shila – You naughty boy!

Me – Sorry aunty, I didn’t see anything!

After saying that, I rushed toward my house.

Once I reached my house, I saw my mother was in the kitchen and my sister was in her room. Without bothering anyone, I went straight to my room. It was afternoon time.

I tried not to think about what Amit said. And to relax, I watched porn at first. I started watching a normal husband-wife sex video but it wasn’t turning me on.

So I looked in the trendings and I was shocked when I saw mom-son incest in the first position! I hesitated to click but somewhere inside me, I wanted to see what Incest feel like, so badly. Then I made up my mind and clicked on the mom-son incest sex video section.

It was loaded with thousands of incest videos. I was in shock, but somehow, I was looking into the thumbnails. I didn’t know which one to see first so I picked randomly one and oh my God, I can’t tell you guys how much I loved it! It was the best masturbation I had done in my existence!

After that, I finished my assignments and I decided to take a shower before dinner.

In my house, we had only one bathroom. So I took my towel and headed for the bathroom. But I wasn’t ready what was going to happen next!

As I have told you earlier that I had a bad habit that I forgot to knock before entering somewhere. So without knocking, I opened the door of the bathroom. The moment I opened the door, I was shocked to see my mom inside. She had only her soft red lingerie and she was looking so sexy like a goddess. The lingerie was transparent and I could see mom’s nipples. Those wore mocha colored. I was lost in my mom’s beauty.

Mom – Rahull!!!! Don’t you know how to knock!

Hearing her shouting at me, I came to my senses.

Me – Oh, I am so sorry mom! I thought there was no one in here and you didn’t even lock the door.

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Mom saw that I was lost looking at her body. So she quickly took a towel and covered her body. And suddenly, I don’t know why but I said at loud:

Me – Mom, don’t be so shy. I have seen you naked before!

Mom – Yes son, but it’s not the same! You have grown now and you shouldn’t watch your mother like this.

Me – But why not? You are so beautiful, mom!

Mom – No, I am no more beautiful. I gained too much weight, your dad doesn’t even look at me nowadays!

Me – Has dad lost his mind? You are the hottest woman I have ever seen!

Mom – Are you serious?

Me – Yes mom, any man will crave to have you!

Mom – Now, it’s too much!

Me – No mom, believe me, you are so sexy!

Mom – Sexy? I am your mother, don’t talk like that.

Me – All I am saying is that you are so beautiful and gorgeous!

Mom – Thank you, son, I appreciate your feelings, but enough son I am getting late, I have to cook the dinner.

After she went out, my dick was so much craving for my mom’s body. I jerked off thinking my mom’s big boobs and how sexy she was. Then I took a shower and went back to my room.

At 9 pm, my sister called me for dinner and at the table, I just couldn’t take my eyes from my mother. She was looking so hot and sexy. I was thinking everything Amit said to me.
And I was full-on into incest.

After that day, the way in which I used to look at my mother changed. I didn’t just see my mother in her, I started to see a sexy woman full of lust.


So, this is the end of Part 1. I will be back soon with Part 2.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to give your feedback by commenting.

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