Lust – Part 2 (The Spy Cam)


After that day I started reading incest stories on ISS and I started to jerk off thinking about my mom it never felt so good before.

A few days later, Amit called me.

Amit – Hey what’s up dude?

Me – I am fine and you?

Amit – Not so good, actually I wanted to say sorry for the other day. I shouldn’t talk to you like that about your mom!

Rahul – It’s fine, dude, I understand you.

Amit – You do?

And suddenly I don’t know from where the lust came out and I said.

Rahul – Yeah dude I know my mom is so gorgeous. Her fair skin her soft lips and her big boobs are the best things that I love.

Amit – Wow dude, lust has caught you!

Rahul – Yeah dude, now I know how you feel about your mom!

Amit – Yeah my mom is a bombshell. I want to fuck her so badly.

Rahul – In your dreams, hahaha.

Amit – Hahaha it’s the beginning bro you have much more to learn!

2 days later Amit called me and ask me to come to his house. It was summer at the beginning of the vacation. I didn’t have much to do so I went to see him.

As I entered Amit’s house Amit’s mother hugged me so tightly I didn’t know why. But then I remembered that when I was little she used to hug me like this. So I didn’t say anything. But this time she was hugging me so tight that I could feel her hard nipples on my chest.

by that feeling immediately my dick got hard, I was trying to hide it but it touched her, I was so scared but when I looked at Shela aunty’s face I was shocked! She was looking at my erect cock in full passion, then she said.

Shela – Wow, Rahul you have grown up so much!

Me – I am sorry Aunty, I don’t mean to do that.

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Shela – Don’t be sorry, boy. I enjoyed it.

And after saying this she winked at me and went to the kitchen. Then I quickly went upstairs and entered Amit’s room, Amit was sitting on his bed. I took a chair and sat. We were talking for 1 hour now and suddenly Amit asked me.

Amit – Hey dude, have you seen your mom naked yet?

I didn’t want to tell him what happened in the bathroom the other day. he would get furious.

Me – No dude I didn’t have the chance yet! Did you?

Amit – Of course, I have seen her naked many times.

Me – Yeah but it doesn’t count when you were an infant, hahaha.

Amit got angry and said.

Amit – I am not lying to you, I will prove it!

Then Amit took his phone out and opened a video. He showed me the video. I was shocked. In the video, there was Shela aunty fully nude in her bedroom and the worst of it she was masturbating. She had a long 5/6 inch brinjal in her hand and suddenly she put the brinjal in her pussy.

She took the hole brinjal in I was shocked by her action. By watching my friend’s mom nude and masturbate my dick got erected. I was in shame, cause what will Amit think if he sees my pant. But when I looked at Amit, I was shocked to see his hands inside his pant!

Suddenly Shela aunty called Amit and said that she is going for grocery shopping. By the time she went out the temperature has cooled down. Amit took his hand out of his pant and my dick was also calmed down.

Amit – So do you believe me now?

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Me – I mean, yeah, dude. But how did she allow you talking the video?

Amit -You fool, I wasn’t in the room!

Me – Then how did you do this?

Amit – Hahaha it’s magic, bro!

Me – Come on dude it’s not fair, tell me, please!

Amit – I fixed a spycam in her bedroom.

Me – Wow, that’s genius, I never thought of it.

Amit – So did you like the show?

Me – I mean no offense I know that’s your mom. But dude she is damn sexy and how did that big brinjal fit so easily in her?

Amit – That’s nothing to her, that whore can fit 2/3 brinjal like that easily!

Me – Wow, I don’t doubt it.

Amit – So now tell me do you want a spy cam like mine?

Me – For what?

Amit – Idiot, for you mom!

Me – I don’t know, it’s too risky!

Amit – Don’t worry dude I will fix it by myself self and no one will ever know about that!

Me – Yes, but I don’t have enough money for it!

Amit looked at me with a weird smile.

Amit – I will give you mine, but you have to give me something in return!

Me – What?

Amit – Next weekend my mom is going to stay at my grandparents. So I am having a party at my place and I want you to bring your sister with you.

Me – What, she will never come, you know her!

Amit – That’s your problem if you want the spycam then bring her to the party!

I knew that he had a crush on my sister when he was younger. But I didn’t know that it continued to this point. I wanted to say no to him but then I thought of the melons that my mom had. I wanted to see them so much that I didn’t have any choice other than saying yes.

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So I said yes to Amit. He told me if I convinced my sister to come to the party, he will give me the spycam after that. I went back home. I was so excited but I was worried that how could I convince my sister. Without losing any time, I went straight to my sister’s room but her door was locked. So I knocked.

Me – Priti, it’s me can you open the door?

Priti – Not now I am busy!

Me – Please, I won’t take long.

Priti – Rahul don’t disturb me or I will call mom!

Me – Ok ok I will come back later.

I was going to leave but suddenly I heard some noise from her room. I got curious and I tried to look from the keyhole. But it was blocked with the key. Then I remembered that from the garden I could have a peek through her window. So I decided to go there and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Guys this is the end of Part 2. I will come back soon with Part 3, full of lust and more exciting adventures! If you guys enjoyed my story feel free to leave a comment and thumbs up.

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