Lusting For The Neighbor Lady- Part 3 (The Love Making)


Thank you all for the previous story likes. I was overwhelmed with all the comments I received. Please understand only I can be available if you call for fun not her at any cause. So, let us get into the story now.

For those who like story alone, this part may not be much of a kick. But for who like a proper sex narration this will be pump to your pubic region. Please read and send in your comments.

After I convinced she felt very clumsy in her nighty got up to clean herself in the bathroom. As she got up Bhavana’s nighty was wet under her hip. Having a laugh at me for such an incident she went to the washroom. I was sitting there with her wetness still on my trousers and belly.

But as she was cleaning herself in the washroom I made some crazy plans for enjoying her the proper way. Give her something just more than sex as she deserves to be treated like that. (probably because I needed more romance than sex due to my recent breakup)

She came out of the washroom. I was still sitting on the floor and staring at her. She removed the nighty and was wearing only a red panty and black slip catching to her skin lightly for a top. Her structure was well defined in that costume. Yet not so much of exposure of the breast cleavage.

She started driving me crazy and her curves made mine straight again. She came near me slowly with a blushing expression for the embarrassment of cumming. So much for simple dry hump and shy about this sudden relationship between us. I was sitting down on the floor and slowly admiring her beauty.

I was staring at her face, the pale skin of hers, the soft shoulders covered by a thin strap of the slip. The curve of her breast protruding outside like a musk melons hanging in a plastic cover. The curve of her hips on the side like a flower vase.

Her thighs recently shaved shining in the light directly, and her ass like huge buns tempting me for a bite. She noticed me staring at her from top to bottom and admiring her. She felt even shy and closed her eyes with both her palms and tried to move away.

I caught her by the edge of her panty and pulled her down over me. She fell down crashing butt on my lap with her legs on my left thigh and her butt on my right. Suddenly a ruggedness rushed through my veins, staring into her eyes with a devilish smile.

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I wrapped my right arm around her held my palm around her neck in a softly choking manner. From the sudden shock of happy falling her expression changed into a fearful deer. Then as I tightened and pulled her lips close to mine. She calmed down into a surrendering obedient girl and started kissing me.

From first I noted she does not open her mouth fully for a kiss even when vigorous. I pulled back a but adjusted her lip to make fish lip expression. I pulled her lower lip down sliding my left index finger inside and placed lip over hers. I slowly inserted my tongue into her mouth like my finger was guiding me.

I took my finger and started teaching her to kiss with my tongue playing in her mouth. I slowly kept my left palm on her right breast, slowly rubbing them and gave a very tight squish. She bit my tongue in pain as she is not used to all this. I removed my right hand from around her neck.

I grabbed her hair from the back like a whore and pulled her head back making her face up. I moved my lips from hers and started sliding down to her neck. I started biting it while squishing her breast with my left hand hard. I was shifting between them both sliding over her slip.

I made her lie down on my lap completely and pulled her slip on her right side exposing her breast to me. Her breasts made my dick so hard that it started poking her from below in her ass. She slid her hand behind her ass trying to grab my dick as she was too aroused already.

Her left hand around my neck rubbing over my hair. Her right was grabbing my dick under her ass and pressing trying to stroke a little. I moved from the neck to slowly her breast biting around her nipple first. Then slowly lick with the pointy end of my tongue around her.

I gave her a bite on the nipple sucking it smoothly and deep. Every time I had a bite on her nipple she hardened her grip on my hair in arousal. I then made her lie on the floor, got up to go on top of her. I took her slip away and was sucking over her breast taking turns for each one while squishing the other.

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She had both her hands in my trousers. Grabbing dick and stroking it with one and playing with my balls squishing it with the other. As I started sucking over her nipple hard. She pushed my trousers and underpants both together down. She pulled my dick upward making me kneel and she got holding it in her hand.

Her eyes first widened for seeing such a size. “Ok this is a new size for me,” she exalted. She couldn’t resist anymore. She started sucking on my dick as I was playing her breast pinching her nipples and squishing them. I saw she was having difficulty as she is not used to such a size.

I held her head from guiding her by telling her to try to swallow in slowly inside as deep as she can. She started learning fast. She suddenly gave me a bite and laughed, “That’s how it is when you pinch or bite,” she muttered with my dick in her mouth.

I later tried standing up. She responded by getting up to kneel without letting go of my dick from her mouth like a bitch hanging on to its bone. “Don’t worry darling I will feel more if take away now,” I laughed at her rubbing my hand on her head. Her sucking was so good that I could not control anymore.

I grabbed by the hair and pulled her off before I cummed in her mouth. I made her lie down grabbed her panty and dragged it down. To my surprise, she was well trimmed down there. I just pounced upon her pussy like a dog seeing meat after a while. I laid a strong bite covering her entire pussy region.

She lifted her hip in pain grappling my hair tightly and trying to pull me back while trying to control her scream. I again gave a smile at her with eyes as calmed down. I started licking her pussy parting the clitoris apart. I licked at the point of her vagina and she kept rotating her hips in ecstasy.

I slowly licked her deep and started kissing my way over her belly to between her breast. Sliding over her neck blowing hot air and started kissing her. I grabbed while kissing her and guided it into her pussy. She jumped first in a pain bit saying its been a while.

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Even for me, it felt a bit tight. I slowly stabbed through her pussy and gave a hard push. She moved upward in pain and held her shoulders to stop her. I looked directly in her eyes. I told her to bite on my nipples for the pain she is feeling. She gave a hard bite around my right nipple sucking on it.

I was sliding my dick in a to and fro motion slowly. She then started stimulating the pain to ecstasy and let go of my nipple. I then started pounding her fast while kissing her deep. It was just a deep fuck in the missionary position for 10 minutes when I felt like cumming.

She cummed immediately and realized we had no condom on. She said, “Don’t come in me.” But something in my mind made me close her mouth and kept fucking till I cummed in her. She was in shock but understood that it was a peak moment.

My sexual attitude was dominant. But she was loving it as she never had so much fun with her husband and never had any man in life. She again got up with me. We both decided to clean up ourselves. I remembered my plans. I instructed to pack for two days.

To stay in just casual wear and any sexy dresses if she had. I called my mom and informed her that I am going out to stay with my friend for two days and won’t be home. We started packing our luggage. I booked a hotel room for us in the honeymoon suite at a hotel outside of Chennai in Mahabalipuram.

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