Maid In My Sasural – Part 2


This is the continuation of the story ‘Maid In My Sasural’. So I request you all to read part one and then read this story. As you all guys know how I fucked the maid Janki in my sasural. After fucking her I got all the details of my mother-in-law Shobha.

She told me that she has an extramarital affair with someone outside. She had seen her boyfriend coming the home and both of them going to a room and enjoying the sex. Shobha had given Janki a good amount to keep her mouth shut. But I gave her extra and got all the details.

Let me introduce Shobha to you- she is a tall woman with black hair and good lips. Coming to her body she had 35 size boobs. But she wears a bra of 34 which gives her boobs super look. And her waist was 34 and her ass was 36. A perfect milf to fuck.

Coming back to the story. I told Janki, the maid to keep an eye on Shobha and tell me when next time her boyfriend comes home. She told, “Okay sir I will inform you when he comes.” A few days passed and I got a call from Janki. Today when she was leaving home after cleaning, she had seen the boyfriend near the building.

Even my father-in-law was not in town. So this time I had thought that I will go to her home. An extra key to her home would always be at my home. So I took the keys and went to her home. First I kept an ear on the door to check if they were in hall or not.

I didn’t hear anything that means they were in the room. So I put the keys and opened the door slowly and came in. There was no one in the hall. I checked the kitchen and found no one. At last, I went to her room. As soon as I reached her room I started to hear some voices.

It was Shobha screaming and saying, “Fuck me hard, Rahul, fuck me hard. It’s been so long to take a dick inside me.” I was shocked but I kept my senses and thought about what to do. I got an idea and removed my mobile and slowly opened the door. They didn’t notice it as they were busy fucking.

I just opened a little door and started to record it. The faces of Shobha and Rahul were visible. They were fucking in a doggy style. Rahul was squeezing her boobs like orange and she was moaning. I recorded for a few minutes and slowly closed the door and came back home.

The first thing I did was went to the washroom and saw the video. I masturbated watching my mother-in-law fucking her boyfriend and screaming. I started to imagine myself fucking her next. The next day I went to my sasural and as usual, Shobha was alone at home.

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I told her that I had come to show her a very good movie to watch. And she agreed and I arranged the movie on a big screen. She had no idea what was going to come on the screen. I gave her the mobile and told her to start the movie.

I had edited a little bit of the video and put an introduction as ‘Welcome To The Hidden World Of Shobha’. She asked me, “What is this?” I told her, “Just wait and watch. It’s an awesome movie.” Later after a pause of 10 seconds, directly comes the screaming of Shobha in the video.

“Fuck me, Rahul, fuck me harder,” and the movie of she fucking starts. Shobha was stunned and in total shock by what she was seeing. She immediately paused the movie. I asked her, “What happened? Why did you stop it?” She told, “What the hell is this? When did you record all this, and why?”

I told her that this is a very fresh video, not even 24 hours have passed till now. Later Shobha asked me, “Why are you doing this? Why did you record the video of it?” I told her that this video I have recorded to show my father-in-law. As soon as she heard it she just went on her knees and started to beg me not to show it to him.

I said I will show it to him. Later she started crying and said, “I will give you whatever you want.” I told her, “Now you have come to the point, my lovely mother-in-law. I have not recorded this video to show your hubby but it’s because I wanted to fuck you badly.”

She said, “You can’t do this. It is wrong. I am your mother-in-law.” I told her, “Bitch the things which you were doing with your boyfriend were right huh?”She just bowed down her face as she had nothing to tell. So I told her, “Now just stop acting and do as I say, and stand up.”

She told, “Okay I will do as you say. But please delete that video from your mobile.” I said, “Okay bitch, but only if I am fully satisfied.” Later she asked me what to do. I said to come close to me. She came and I grabbed her face and gave one passionate kiss on her lovely lips.

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She didn’t even resist a little bit and started to enjoy the moment I began to kiss her. I asked her why is she having an affair with others doesn’t her hubby love her. She told, “He loves me a lot but he is not enough to satisfy my sexual needs. So I opted for an affair outside.”

I told her, “Your hubby fucks your maid.” To my surprise, she told that she knew it and she had even seen them both fucking. But she remains silent as even she fucks other guys. Now I was unable to control and I started kissing her again. This time I even use my hand in her big boobs and squeeze them hard.

She told, “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Meanwhile, I had forgotten to get the condom. She told me, “Don’t worry, baby, I have a lot of stock available with me.” Now we came to the room and I threw her on the bed. I removed my t-shirt and jumped on her.

I started to press her boobs again now. She had started to moan. I opened her blouse buttons and removed the blouse and bra both together. Now I had started to suck her nipples on both sides one by one. Biting them a few times and gave her a good love bite on the boobs.

Meanwhile, one of my hands was massaging her pussy from above. After a few minutes, I stood up and removed her saree and petticoat. She had worn a red transparent color panty. She was clean shaved. I said, “Wow your pussy looks awesome, better than your maid, Janki.”

She got shocked. I said, “Yes, you bitch, I had sex with her as well. She only had told me about you and Rahul.” She told, “Great it’s good. That way I came to know that my son-in-law also wants to fuck me. Even I was willing to fuck you for many days.”

Later I removed her panty and started to finger her and licking at the same time. She was just like wow. I continued it for some time and suddenly she cum on my face. It was totally salty. Now I stood up and told, “It’s your time to taste the cum, bitch.”

She obeyed and came in her knees and undid my pants and removed my underwear. As soon as she removed it, my dick jumped out. It was dying to come out. Shobha told, “Wow, what a dick!” She saw my dick all around for a minute and started to suck it and lick it.

She was a pro at it. She just knew where to suck and where to lick. I cum after a few minutes. Later she started to lick my nipples and it was a good feeling. She even pinched it. This thing made my dick hard again and ready to fire. She removed a Jamun flavor condom and put it on my dick.

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She started to suck it again and made it wet. Now she just kept one of her legs on the bed. The other one on the floor opening her pussy to me. I went near her and rubbed my dick on her pussy. Then slowly pushed my dick inside her pussy. I slowly started the movement in and out.

Now I was on full speed and her boobs were bouncing so hard because of the strokes. It was awesome to see those moving. After a few minutes of fucking, I asked her to change the position. I told her to get into the doggy style. She did and later to her surprise, I put the dick on her asshole.

She told me that it’s not the pussy. I told her oh is it and gave one big push into her ass hole she screamed like hell. She started to cry and telling me to remove it as it was hurting a lot. Later I applied some oil on it and again started. But this time I did it slowly. She was still crying and saying no.

But after a few strokes, she stopped crying and started enjoying it. After 10 minutes of ass fucking, I was about to cum. So I removed the condom and bought it near her face. She started to suck it and I cummed all over her face and inside her mouth.

Later we had a shower together and cleaned ourselves and gave one super kiss. As I started to leave she told that she had the best sex of her life and the best pussy sucking of her life. She asked me when will I come back again. I told her, “Very soon, baby, there are still lots of things to enjoy with you.”

I hope you all like part two of the story. Please leave your feedback and suggestions on my mail id. If any girl or woman wants some enjoyment and roleplay feel free to mail me on [email protected]

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