Mallu Girl And Beggar Saga – Part 1


Hi, I am Jenny. I am 23 years old, this is my first story. So I hope you won’t mind the mistakes. My body figure is “42-36-48”. I am fair and chubby with large boobs and ass.

Coming to the story, I am from Kerala and this incident happened a few years back when I was 19. During my summer vacation after the 12th examination, I visited my mother’s paternal home which was located on Wayanad. My grandparents lived there alone. It was an estate home with 5 acres of land around it with full of rubber trees.

The house was situated near the main road, so we always had the trouble of beggars visiting the home for money.

The initial days were fine but later it started to get boring.

One day my grandparents went for a medical check-up. I was alone at home. So I decided to watch porn. I watched teen girls having fun with old men. I was horny and wet watching porn and started to masturbate.

In a few minutes, I heard someone calling “Amma vallom tharane” (“Ma’am, please give me something” – beggars in Kerala usually say so while begging).

I looked through the window, it was a beggar. Then the devil inside me took control of me and I decided to tease the beggar. He looked ugly with a black skin tone and must be aged between 65-70 years. I called him through the window and asked him to wait there.

I quickly changed my clothes into a tight t-shirt which was good enough to showcase the shape of my big boobs and give a good view of my cleavage. Then I wore a tight short which showed my big round ass and a pair of tight bra and panty.

I opened the front door and went near him. The beggar was stunned while looking at me. I asked him what he wanted and he begged for some money.

I had a book in my hands and I intentionally dropped it. I bent in front of the beggar to pick up the book and exhibited my deep cleavage to him. I was able to sense the lust in his eyes.

I asked him to come to the backside of the house. I once again dropped the book and this time, I picked it up in such a manner that my big round ass was in front of his eyes.

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I went inside the house and took five 50 rupee notes and went to the backyard. The old beggar was waiting there for me. A tent was visible under his lungi.

I was sure that he was not wearing any inner-wear. I was able to sense the lust burning inside his eyes. He was literally fucking me with his eyes. I felt the wetness between my pussy thinking about the old man’s lust towards me.

I asked him some casual questions and he replied in a soft and respectful tone without taking his eyes off from my body. I stretched a 50 rupee note to the beggar. He was very happy and he came near me to collect the cash but I just pulled my hands along with the cash. He was stunned. He looked at me.

Then I slowly inserted the note inside my right bra cup. The note was now placed between nude boobs and my bra. I took another 50 rupee note and pushed it inside my left bra cup.

The beggar was standing motionless with an opened mouth. I then turned around and slightly bend down and pushed my big round ass towards the beggar.

I then took two 50 rupee notes and inserted one note inside my panty near my left bum and the other note near my right bum. Then I slightly pressed my ass cheeks to tease the beggar. Then I turned towards him and took the last note and kissed the note and slowly inserted it inside my panty near my pussy.

The beggar was shocked, stunned, and was confused watching my teasing. A tent was visible from his lungi. The beggar stood motionless. He was sweating heavily.

I broke the silence and asked him whether he wanted the money or not. He replied, “yes”. I told him to come and take it. He stood there confused. Then I pressed both boobs with my both hands and gave a naughty expression with my tongue.

I told him that no one was here other than me. He understood what I meant and he slowly came near me and placed his hand over my boobs. Both of us were breathing and sweating heavily.

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The beggar then slowly inserted his ugly hands inside my t-shirt and bra and his hands touched my right naked boobs. I felt like electricity passing through my body.

He took the 50 rupee note from my right bra cup squeezed my boobs slowly and removed the cash from my boobs. Then he inserted his hands inside my left bra cup and took the cash from there.

Then I turned my back towards him. I bend down and pushed my ass towards the beggar. He inserted his both hands inside my shorts, then inside my panty and rubbed my bums, squeezed them, and took the cash out!

Then I turned toward him. He looked at my face. I just gave a sexy expression with my tongue. This was a green signal for him and he slowly inserted his hand inside my pussy area over my panty and shorts. To my surprise without taking the cash, the beggar started to rub my pussy which was already wet.

He started to slowly insert his dirty finger inside my pussy. He inserted it till my hymen! Since I was a virgin, he did not force his fingers further. He started to rub my pussy and finger fucking me till my hymen.

I was so turned on by his acts. He slowly removed the cash from my pantie. The note was fully wet with my pussy juice.

The beggar put all the cash inside his bag and looked and me. He dropped the bag to the ground and came near me. He placed both hands over my big round boobs and started to press and squeeze them.

I stopped him and asked him to free my boobs. Without any hesitation, he ripped my t-shirt and pulled my bra. Now my boobs were free and he placed his hands over my naked boobs and started to squeeze them. He also moved his hands over my navel and bareback.

I placed my hands over his erect cock and started to give him a handjob. It was a 6-inch long fatty cock.

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The old dirty beggar started enjoying it and took off his right hand and placed it inside my panty and started rubbing my pussy and finger fucking me. He asked me whether he can see my pussy.

I removed my short, pantie, and my bra. He removed his lungi. We both became completely naked. He resumed finger fucking me with his right hand and he squeezed my boobs and ass bums with his left hand. I rubbed his cock and balls. Then the clock hit 6 pm. I told the beggar that my grandparents will be here soon.

I saw a disappointment in his eyes. We both increased the speed and I hand a good orgasm. The beggar told me that he is about to cum. I bought his cock near my navel and he cummed all over my belly.

We dressed up and he told me that he did not have sex for more than a decade. I asked him where he lives. He replied that he sleeps on the ruins of an old building which was situated one kilometer away from my home.

I told him that we can do this again when we get a chance. He then walked away.

At night, my grandparents told me that the doctor prescribed a detailed check-up for my grandfather, so he must be admitted to the hospital the next day and I will be at my home for a full week with just my maid.

I will continue on the next part with how I lost my virginity and more kinky stuff. Write your feedback on [email protected]

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