Married Indian Girl Fucked In Her House – Part 2


Hello readers, JP from Mangalore with the second part of the story. Pardon me for any mistakes.

The incidents narrated in my stories can be real or fake. It is up to the readers to decide.

I reached home from the bus stop with the mangalsutra in my pocket. For the next 2 days, I was busy with my personal work. On Saturday evening, I met my friend who works for the same bus agency I travelled through, last time.

From him, I got to know about the lost chain complaint lodged by a passenger. As he was my friend, I told the fact about the chain and he gave me the number and name on my request. The number was of a person named Dr. Vikas whose fabulous wife enjoyed with me on the bus.

I called that number and Vikas took the call. I lied to him that I am from the bus agency and informed about the mangalsutra that I had. He replied with a “thank God” and he was telling how stupid his wife was to forget mangalsutra on the bus.

He told me he will send someone to collect the chain as he was in Bangalore and wife was in her native. I somehow convinced him to give the address by telling that our personal will deliver it. It’s our duty to satisfy the traveler.

He gave me his inlaws address and told me that he will inform his in-laws about this. The very next morning around 10, I was near the given address. It was an apartment and house number was 4B. I took the stairs to the fourth floor and I was outside the door.

I was about to ring the bell when I heard people talking inside. They were saying that they will return from the function in the evening and other general things. I realized that they were going to open the door. I ran from there and hid near the stairs.

The old couple came out and behind them was one girl along with the lady I screwed. The three waved at her and took the elevator downstairs. I could see her in grey track pants and a scarf covering her upper body. The hair tied in a grip and the glass sat on her nose. She went in and locked the door.

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If this goes well, I would get another chance to screw this married Indian girl at her house. After a few minutes and when the coast was clear, I went to the door and rang the bell twice. She took more time to open the door. When she opened the door, she was a bit shocked to see me.

She exclaimed: “You?! How did you find my house?”. I didn’t answer. She looked around and pulled me inside and closed the door behind. Then our conversation started.

She: Why you are here? And how did you find the house?
Me: Please relax, I am here to return your mangalsutra which you left back in the bus.

She was stunned by my answer and now she understood how I got the address and all. Her husband had already informed her about it. But she was a little confused. I replied again.

Me: The bus agency people gave me the number because there was no trustworthy people to return the gold.

She was a bit relaxed now and took off her scarf and threw it to the stool beside. I was surprised to see that she was wearing my stolen t-shirt.

She: Please sit, I will get something to drink.
Me: No, it is not necessary. Thank you.

But she insisted to have some orange juice. I sat on the sofa and she went into the kitchen. I took the mangalsutra and kept it on the centre table.

I checked around. There were some family photos hanging on the wall. One photo was specific. It was of her in a white overcoat and it said, “Dr. Pallavi – Best doctor award 2015”.

She came out from the kitchen with 2 glasses of orange juice and handed me one. I sipped some juice silently. She sat opposite to me. She broke the silence and said awkwardly.

She: Please don’t take it seriously. The bus thing was a mistake.
Me: Then why are you wearing my t-shirt?

She didn’t answer. I knew she wanted another round with me.

We finished our juice and I kept the glass on the table. She came over to take the glass. Suddenly, I held her hand firmly. Our eyes met. She started to shiver.

I took the glass from her and placed it back on the table. Then I stood up and held her other hand. I kissed on her lips. She did not respond. She loosened my grip and I broke the kiss.

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She stepped out and turned away.

She: This is wrong, I am married.
Me: Pallavi, I know you enjoyed it inside the bus and you want more now.
She: That’s not true. I cannot do this with another person than my husband.

I took her mangalsutra and came behind her. I turned her and put it on her neck over her head.

Me: Now, we are married. I am your husband.
She: What?! This is not a marriage and..

I kissed her before she could complete her sentence. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her closer. After a minute, she responded and opened her mouth. Our tongues played with each other, salivas got exchanged.

I put my right hand on the married girl’s breasts and pressed her left boob. She wasn’t wearing any inners. Her nipples were hard. I slid my left hand inside Pallavi’s pant and rubbed on her ass crack.

After a while, I moved to kiss her necklines. I pulled off her t-shirt. She was half-naked. She unbuttoned my shirt. I pinned her to the wall while kissing her body. I pulled her hands up and held it with my left hand. I put 2 fingers of my other hand in her mouth to get it wet.

I sucked Pallavi’s left breast while I played with her belly button with my wet fingers. Then I finger fucked her belly button. She moaned softly. I released her hands and massaged her right breast. She immediately started to unzip my pants. She then pulled out my already-hard dick from my jockey.

Pallavi then pulled me closer so that my dick touched her pussy over her pants. I stopped my acts and pulled her pant down till her knee.

She then guided me to insert and in one push, I was fully inside the horny married girl’s pussy. She screamed loudly and I was watching her. The spectacles made her look so innocent and the mangalsutra around her neck was making her look sexy.

I was giving her slow long strokes. Pallavi began to enjoy it. Her expression was making me go crazy. I put my hands on her butt and she placed her hands on my shoulder. I increased my speed and she tried to match the rhythm.

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I held the mangalsutra in my lips and kissed her. We fucked in the same position for almost half an hour. We both were approaching climax.

Soon, Pallavi had her orgasm just before I ejaculated my semen insider her.

We were exhausted by then and I put my body weight on her. We sat on the floor, breathing heavily.

We relaxed a bit and then had our lunch together naked. I even made her sit on my lap while eating. I was playing with her body by rubbing some food on her. This made my dick hard again. After lunch, we had one more round in the shower.

We entered the bathroom together. The shower was running. I knelt down and placed my lips on Pallavi’s pussy. She hesitated at first because it was a new thing for her.

I sucked her cunt, it tasted salty from the last round. My tongue played inside her pussy walls which made her orgasm once again.

Then it was her time to return the favor. But Pallavi declined because she had never done it before. I did not force her either. Instead, I made Pallavi bend on her fours and entered from behind. After a while, we tried some other positions. At last, I tit-fucked her and cummed on her breasts and face.

We then cleaned each other and then came out to her bedroom.

After drying ourselves. I wore my old t-shirt and pant. She put on my shirt. I pulled her to me and kissed her again.

The time was running and her family would return any soon. So I had to leave. I left the building and was on my way back home. Then I remembered that I forgot to collect her number.

I hope you people liked the story. I would be posting the new sex stories very soon.

Any girls or ladies interested in Mangalore please mail on [email protected]

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