Married Into A Fucked Up Family


Hi, guys Smita here. This is a long story so I will release it in parts. This is my story which took place in my life 10 years ago. It is still going on within the family (in-laws). I am 36 years old now. I am from Belgaum but did most of my schooling in Goa at my aunt’s place. I am a BBA graduate.

I had many adventures during my college time which I will narrate in another story. I was the more of a party girl and a girl who always used to hang out with boys. I am 5’4 inches tall, with small 28 aa boobs and a 26 hips size. I’ve always been a petite beauty in college and still am even after marriage.

I am married to my loving husband Arun. We met in college. He is a BA graduate and is a professor in a very well known university here in Belgaum. He is also 36 years old and we have a son who is 8 years old. I married at 26 years old and I loved Ashok’s family.

But there was something very weird about it that I did not understand at the beginning. So jumping back at the wedding night. This is where the weird part starts.

First, let me introduce both of our family members that are in this story. Me, Smita (26 years old), my husband Arun (26), my mother Sheela (48). My father passed away soon after I was born. So my mother is my world, and my younger brother Sumit (21).

On Ashok’s side, his dad, Aakash Suthar (49), mom Jaya (44), twin sister Aruna (26), elder brother Ashok (28), elder brother wife Gayatri (25), aunt Asmita (46) and her husband Tushar (48).

So back to the story. After all the rituals and ceremonies, I entered my in-laws’ place. My mother-in-law showed me around. It was a pretty big house and had lots of rooms. I was gonna get lost here sure. I said to her and she gave me a wicked smile and said, “Don’t worry, I will give you a proper tour of every room.”

I did not know what she meant by that and just smiled back at her. And she sent me back to our room. When I entered our room I was shocked to see Arun’sboth siblings also there. I was about to turn around to ask my mother-in-law about it. But she locked the door from outside.

This was really awkward for me. I felt nervous. Arun came near me and kissed me on the lips and said, “Don’t worry, my love. They wont fry you.”

“But why are they here,” I asked him softly looking into his chest, trying to ignore them. He said, “Come, I will explain everything to you.” He made me sit on the bed between his siblings and he was standing in front of me. He started by saying he wanted to tell me this earlier but he did not know how to.

He was scared I might not marry him after knowing it. So with curiosity, I asked him what is it? He started saying it his family tradition. Everyone follows it in their family and is to be followed by me too. He then continued.

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According to the tradition whenever a new member joins in the family, the first right to him/her is to the eldest sibling and then to his or her partner. But since we are a new generation we changed it a bit. The first night is be spent together by the partners in front of the siblings and the sibling have to do their part.

I was just dumbstruck after listening to this. It was all coming into play now. The weirdness I felt about this. I did not know what to say. I was just staring at Arun. Bhaiya was eyeing me like a hungry lusty beast and so was Aruna. She was also used to this.

She did the same with Ashok and his wife Gayatri. They both felt that I was scared and stepped back. Bhaiya went and sat on the couch and Aruna ran to him and sat on his lap. He started massaging her tits while sipping on his whiskey glass.

Arun came in towards me and gave me a deep smooch. I was like a deer in headlights. Just sitting there on the bed. Trying to process whatever I had heard just now. He then removed my pallu down and started slowly kissing my neck. I let some light moans out.

While I saw bhaiya and Aruna getting it on. Bhaiya was slowly moving his tongue over Aruna’s tits and staring straight into my eyes with lust in them. I must say, she has the most beautiful areolas and perfect stiff shaped mango boobs for her age.

By that time Arun was already sucking my tits and making me really horny. He was giving me some really good sensations and running his hands all over my pussy under the saree. I could feel bhaiya eyeing my legs lustfully. He was really well built and was muscular than my husband.

He even had a very sexy beard. It was now turning me on and here Arun was also showing me his manly side. It was driving me dripping wet down there. Arun was still at my boobs. I pulled his face up by his chin and smooched him deeply and he loved it.

I told him I wanna suck him. He readily took off his kurta and pants off without any hesitation. He revealed his huge cock which was 6 inches long and 3 inches thick. I used to love it. Just the thought of him stretching my pussy walls makes me so wet that I masturbate instantly.

I took it straight into my mouth without wasting time and gave a good show for bhaiya and Aruna. They were getting turned on by all of this. I started looking straight into Arun’s eyes and deep throating him as much as I could. But I wasn’t successful to take it all in.

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He held my head with my hair and started mouth fucking me roughly. My spit started flowing down my chin onto my chest and to my tummy. I knew Arun liked me slutty like this. So I just went with the flow. There on the couch, I saw Aruna and bhaiya still kissing and fooling around by touching and teasing each other.

Here I was acting like a complete slut. Arun removed his dick out and whispered in my ears, “Be ready to be licked dry down there.” That sent shivers down my spine. Within a blink of an eye, I was butt naked and Arun started munching me so damn hard I came within minutes all over his yummy face.

I pulled him in and gave him a long tight smooch. He delivered all of my just-released cum into my mouth mixed with his saliva. He was gonna get up and put a condom when I told him to do it raw. He had a big smile on his face and complimented me. “Now that’s my slut.”

I placed his throbbing hard dick right at my pussy entrance. I gave him the lead to penetrate me the first time after marriage. He did me in a missionary position for around 20 minutes. Smooching and kissing my neck, shoulders, and boobs and going in and out of my totally dripping wet pussy.

Then he changed my position into the doggy style. He fucked me good and deep for around 1/2 an hour without cumming. I already lost the count of how many times I came. I couldn’t see what bhaiya and Aruna were doing while in this position. So I just wanted to focus on us and enjoy this moment.

I was easily matching the thrusting moment with my hubby. He then pulled out and asked me if I am ready for anal. I was a bit taken aback because I wasn’t ready at all for this. But to make him happy I just gave a smile. Without a word he lay down on the bed and ordered me to get on top with my back facing him.

I did it. When I changed the position and faced bhaiya and Aruna, I was shocked to see both of them naked. Aruna was sitting on bhaiya’s huge cock and grinding her pussy on him. They were kind of dry humping naked. And both of them saw me and gave a huge grin at me.

Here Arun pushed his hard dick-head into my ass and I gave out a loud scream. I was unable to bear the pain. When suddenly I saw Aruna get up and walk towards me. She held my chin with her hand and kissed me so deeply. This was the first time I was kissing another woman.

And not to exaggerate, but I really loved it. She knew how to play with the tongue and exactly how to smooch. I was enjoying it. Arun was going deeper and deeper with each stroke tearing my ass apart and wide open. Here Aruna was already licking my nipples and nibbling them.

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She had her other hand on my pussy rubbing it ever so softly and erotically and making me cum every now and then. I was in a state of trance. I was kind of getting double penetrated and I loved it. I couldn’t take the pain that Arun’s cock was giving me and was screaming. At the very top of my voice.

And all of a sudden Aruna pinches my clit and bites my nipples hard. The reason behind it was that bhaiya had started fucking her harshly and he was a monster. Looking straight deep into my eyes and fucking Aruna hard. With a rhythm. While I was getting butt fucked deep now by my hubby.

I came over three times on Aruna’s hand in this action. I was not stopping coming. I was getting a bit too much attention for the first time. Arun put his hand around my neck and pulled me behind. Now I was sleeping over him facing upward with his dick deep in my ass.

I was loving this new position. When it just began getting better when I felt Aruna licking my pussy fast and getting it on a rhythm with Arun’s motions in my ass. This made me cum instantly over Aruna’s face. She took all of it in her mouth and moved away from me.

She turned to bhaiya and transferred all the juice in his mouth. Both looked at me with a grin on their smiles indicating that they loved it. I was getting more and more turned on with all these acts and seduction and fucking and licking and touching.

Arun held me tight around my slim waist and came in me with a huge groan. I felt his hot cum filling my ass for the first. And I was loving this feeling of his cum in my ass. It made me feel full in my ass. I woke up, turned towards him and gave him a hard smooch.

I hugged him tight and said I want a bit of a break. I knew I was surely being awaited by bhaiya and Aruna to fuck the shit out of me.

Stay tuned.

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