Matured Neighbour Aunty Introduces Me To Sex – Part 1


Hi, I am Raj from Bangalore, now aged 40. The real incidents would be written in a phased manner.

The introduction is pretty lengthy but it describes my innocence and takes you to the crust of the incidents where I enjoyed and made others to enjoy. This is my first part of erotic incidents. I am specifying them as incidents as they were real and not to be a story.

This is the first incident that happened to me and earlier I have written about my ventures as “It all happened at the Cinema” and “Orphans love in Barren World” series.

Let me take you on the tour of the real Incidents:

I was young, completely confused about the changes in my body, surprised to see hairs budding out on the chest and pubic place, really didn’t know whom to ask what was happening to me.

I felt something was wrong with my body and was terribly afraid about it. I could feel my dick getting harder every now and then as well a good feeling when I keep it pressed hard against something.

Even at the age of 19, I was very fascinated by women’s chests when I used to see different sizes of bulge on their chests. I used to stare at the big ones, always curious to know how they look without clothes, how heavy that would be and how soft that would be. Of course, we did not have the internet those days to clear doubts.

Well, to tell about me, I was the only son to my parents, both in the essential medical profession and most of the time would be at the hospital.

My father was a cardiologist and my mother was a renowned gynecologist. Though parents being doctors and in an orthodox family, they never felt to keep me advised on the hormonal changes that would happen to adolescents.

They always used to keep me off from watching any romantic or any intimate scenes on TV by diverting my attention to some activities.

My senior schoolmates who used to travel with me to school, of course from boys-only school would talk about sex and a woman’s body was heard as filthy talks but some kind of curiosity would generate in listening to more.

This was the time when a young couple in their mid-30s’ occupied the house which was adjacent to ours. Being only the couple who did not have any children, they would be seen outside very rarely. I had hardly seen the man being at home and rarely see the lady outside.

When my neighbor’s wife used to come out for buying vegetables from the vendor’s cart, I used to see her as I used to be with my mom for carrying the bought items.

Then my mom started conversing with her to know them and came to know that they were from Kerala and her husband got transferred from Tamilnadu. Since her husband was into the sales profession, he keeps traveling to other parts of the state for a long period and she is all alone at home.

Then my mom became close to our neighbor’s wife gradually and invited her home whenever possible. She also told her to take my help whenever required as she was all alone at home.

Then I came to know her name as Prema Latha. Being from Kerala, her built was not less than any actress with a voluptuous body of 38-34-36. She started calling my mom as ‘Akka’ (Sister).

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My neighbor’s wife used to talk to me very pleasantly and she used to say ‘Hi Raj’ whenever she sees me by waving her hand. I used to reciprocate her saying ‘Hi Aunty’.

So, we gradually were becoming close by visiting our house even during the absence of my mom as I would be back from school at 4 pm.

My neighbour aunty used to call me to her home to have some snacks and tea.

I used to frequently visit their house and got introduced to her husband as well. He too liked me a lot and would share things with me that he used to buy from the places he used to visit and suggested me to help aunty during his absence so that he can be out of home tension. I acknowledged his request.

Days passed, I was very casual to their house and after school, I used to complete my homework and studies being at their place as my parents would be late from work. My parents also felt relieved about me that there was someone who will take care of me during their absence.

Prema aunty also used to be very casual and close to me and would always sit next to me and guiding me in my studies and teaching me wherever I was weak.

Later, sitting so close was such that her hands, thighs used to be contacted to my body frequently. I never felt anything wrong in my mind but always used to feel pleasure when she used to caress my hair lovingly.

Many times, my elbow would touch her boobs when she used to teach me in my studies and then I felt the softness of the boobs. She never reacted to those elbow touches and was very casual.

Many times I used to feel her boobs on my back and shoulders when she used to lean on me while guiding me in studies. This made me to be with her even close than before.

I used to keep my hand on her shoulder which she never objected for balancing while she sat on the chair and taught me to solve problems and I stood looking at the book, trying to have a glance at her cleavage. She used to wear saree most of the time and would change to nighty only while going to bed.

During holidays, I used to be at my neighbour’s house with aunty right from breakfast to dinner. Those days, the houses used to have firewood boilers for heating water for bathing purposes, and their house being old type, they used to have ample water even after they take bath.

So, my married neighbour aunty used to tell me to take bath at their place so that the heated water will not get wasted.

I used to take bath at their place and then I used to see the bra of aunty hung on the string in the bathroom. Curiosity took me further to touch it, feel it and smell it. My dick used to become harder and I used to get afraid of coming out of the bathroom as she would notice it, so I used to take longer to come out until my dick subsided erection.

One day, my neighbour aunty asked me whether I spilled water on her clothes in the bathroom because she found it to be wet (touched by me in wet hands!). I told her that the water would have splashed while taking bath.

After a couple of such incidents, I could feel aunty moving her hand frequently towards my bum and sometimes towards my dick as if waving her hand unintentionally. I used to feel very good at this and she noticed that I love what she does.

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One day, my mom scolded me for some reason and I felt very bad and ran to aunty’s house crying. Aunty saw me crying and started to console me and holding my head across her chest. This time, I could feel her boobs right on my face, smell her blouse sweat.

She was pressing gradually towards her more and more in the way of consoling. I too got my face crushed to her boobs. I could see my tears on her blouse all over and she wiped my tears with her pallu and showed me, “See, your tears are all on my clothes”, for which I started to smile and both started laughing.

Meanwhile, while moving her hands, I could feel her hand touching on my dick area over my short pants very frequently. I too used to feel good but didn’t know they were intentional touches.

Some of the neighboring guys also started to come to their house for watching TV in the evening and I used to sit next to her on the floor. She used to rest her hand on my bare thighs which seemed normal to me. She used to always sit with a pillow on her lap while sitting down and resting her other hand on it.

There used to be power cut daily for 1 hour and those days there were no UPS or inverters. So they used to light candles or simple chit-chat in the darkness.

One day while watching TV, there was a power cut and the other guys were also sitting there and waiting for the power to be back to continue watching TV.

It was imminent of 1-hour power cut. As usual, her left hand was on my lap. She started to slowly move her hand, caressing my lap. And while doing so, her little finger was coming in contact with my dick. I started getting aroused and my dick was on its way of erection.

The caressing on my lap continued and the touch was also becoming intense with her little finger. Finally, my erection was full and she stopped her caressing but her little finger rested on my dick.

My neighbour aunty then started to press her little finger slowly on my dick and started to talk some topic to other guys like a quiz to keep them busy thinking. The pressing was becoming harder gradually! She used the little and the ring finger to press.

Meanwhile, I folded my hand and my elbow was almost touching her left boob over her blouse. Then I kept my left-hand palm on my elbow so that her boob could be pressed with the back of my palm.

When I kept my palm in that position, she held my dick between her little finger and ring finger and started to squeeze. I was moving my fingers and was pressing her boobs.

The next movement, she caught hold of my dick with her full palm and gave a tight press taking my dick completely in her palm. She held my palm which was holding elbow and my fingers pressing her boobs. She made me to hold her full cup of left boob and started to press my hand over her boobs over the blouse.

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All this was happening in the dark. Later she slowly inserted her fingers under my short pant from below and touched my dick over my underwear. It was wet with pre-cum. Then the next part was inserting her finger in my underwear and touched the tip of my dick with pre-cum.

I was enjoying in the silence between us and on the other part, my heart was pounding with some kind of fear. The next thing that my horny neighbour aunty made shocked me.

She took her hand out with her fingers of my pre-cum and she started to lick her fingers. She again inserted her fingers inside my underwear and started to gently stroke my dick holding at the tip.

I was feeling like the pee was about to come. I told her that I was going to pee. She said that it was not pee. “If it comes, let it come, don’t worry”, she said.

It was the first time we spoke while in action. She increased the pace of stroking and I was pressing her boob hard without my knowledge. I finally squirted all over her palm. That was my first squirt and the pleasure was something very new to me.

I removed my hand from her boob and was confused because my underwear and shorts were wet. She removed her hand and went to the bathroom to wash. She called me to the bathroom.

I went there and she caught me and gave me a big smooch on my lips and told me to go home as it was dark and get another set of shorts and come.

So I hurried home and took a set of shorts and underwear and went back to my neighnour aunty’s house. She told me to change in the bathroom and leave the cum-filled shorts and underwear for her to wash.

She arranged a candle in the bathroom so that I could change. I washed my dick and changed my shorts and left my cum-filled shorts and underwear on the string next to her drying bra and came out.

I was now filled with guilt and was unable to stay there. I couldn’t even look at her face and behave normally. But she was very normal as if nothing happened between us.

Then I told her that I will go home and come later. Meanwhile, the power resumed and it was very difficult for me to look at her face.

Uncle also came home at that time. I went home, got into the room and was feeling very awkward about what had happened, and told mom that I had snacks at aunty’s place and want to sleep. I started to cry silently and slept that night.

I will let you know the incidents that happened in my next part. I would love to hear from you on [email protected]

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