Maya – The Perfect Slutty Cheating Wife (Part 1)


Everybody loves great sex, it’s just that nobody says it out loud in the open. Hello everyone! The problem with sexting and hot sex stories in this country is that most people cannot express what they want to and hence, much of what they want to implicate remains unexpressed.

Maya was one of the most beautiful girls in her entire circle. She was also the sluttiest, it’s just that nobody knew about it. She was married and cheating on her husband gave her a “kick” that she couldn’t tell anyone about.

Meera was Maya’s best friend and Manish was Meera’s husband. If by now, the panties of every woman who is reading this hot sex story has got wet; well, wait; there’s a storm coming!

It was raining heavily one day, and Maya was at Meera’s place for dinner. Maya’s husband was out of town and therefore Meera invited Maya to her house for dinner. While leaving, it was very late so Meera requested her husband Manish to drop Maya at her house. Meera’s kid was ill, otherwise, they both would have gone to drop Maya.

Now Maya was a slut but Manish, our so-called honest husband, was even a bigger cheating bastard than we can think. He always had his eyes on his wife’s friend Maya and Maya knew it right from the start.

That day, it was as if both their wishes would come true. Just as the car started and they took the first turn from the road in which his house was, Maya asked him, “So, how was it fucking your slutty married secretary Avantika on her marital bed when her husband was out of town?”

Manish, knowing that he had been caught and also knowing about Maya’s nature, replied, “Well, you would have looked much beautiful in her place because the lace netted push up bra that I gave her along with those matching panties didn’t fit her well plus she didn’t do her part well.”

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“What was her part?”, Maya asked. Manish said, “Don’t worry, you will know that soon!”

Maya: How can you be this confident, you cunt-craving dick?

Manish: Stop the car and get out.

Maya stopped the car and got out. Manish got out too. He pushed her to the car’s window and kissed his wife’s friend wildly. He turned her around and slapped her hips so hard that she was on the brink of moaning hard.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh”, she moaned and kissed him back. “You always had your eyes on me?”, she asked. “As if you didn’t”, came the reply.

They got in the car and drove home. She sent him to change in the guest room.

Maya was a 36DD-24-36. Maya put on a maroon lace netted push up bra and matching maroon lace netted panties, maroon lipstick, black netted stockings, six-inches high heels and a nose-ring that made her look like a sexy, classy, wild, spicy and slutty woman who anyone would masturbate to at the very first sight of hers.

Manish came out of the washroom in a towel and she was on the bed. Meera called up and Manish answered,

“Meera, it’s been really late and the rain is not stopping. The roads are flooded and the cars are not able to pass through. I am thinking of staying here tonight. I am in their guest room and Maya has gone off to sleep. I will come back tomorrow.”

Meera, not having an iota of idea about what was going on said a yes and kept down the phone. And then, the game started.

Maya moved back and spread her legs completely and bit her lips. Manish moved in and kissed her pussy lips over her panties. He then licked her pussy until she gasped in ecstasy and completely gushed out her fluids and made her panties completely wet. She then ordered him, “Take them off, you motherfucker!”

Manish turned Maya and slapped her hips hard. He went on spanking her and she went on moaning like the slut that she was. Then he pulled down her panties gazing her hips and finally threw them away. He got in between her legs and kissed her clitoris hard.

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Manish started licking his wife’s hot friend’s clitoris and tongue fucking her. While this was happening, Maya’s husband called her and she told him that she was imagining getting fucked by him and fingering herself and started moaning loud and wild!

Meanwhile, Manish made Maya reach her orgasm and she moaned out loud. Her husband also reached his climax on the other side masturbating to his moaning wife. Maya kept down the phone and wore her panties yet again. It was now, her chance to tease him and give him pleasure.

She got on her knees and licked the tip of her friend’s husband’s cock. She wrapped her mangalsutra around his cock and gave him a sensational blowjob!

Manish was moaning too and exactly at that moment, his wife Meera called him. She was missing him and she was in a lingerie herself and fingering. Manish moaned and it seemed to Meera that her husband was jerking off to her, but the fact was that he was moaning because of Maya’s tongue on his cock.

Meera also had her orgasm and at the same time, Manish came too in huge quantities.

After Meera kept down the phone, Maya took Manish to the table that was there in the room and kept her one leg on the table and stretched her hips.

Maya slid her panties to the side and seeing this scene, Manish couldn’t control himself and got his cock out. He went ahead and entered Maya from behind. Maya was looking the typical wild wanton slut in that makeup and lingerie and she was enjoying getting humped by him.

After fucking her for rounds in that position, they got to the cowgirl style and then she jumped on top of him taking that boner inside her cunt. And all the while, their moans filled the entire room.

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They then got into missionary position and Maya was fucked again for another long round. And all this while, Maya was enjoying like anything and was literally having a heavenly feeling.

In the end, they both orgasmed like rivers and then Manish looked at Maya’s naked body in just stocking and heels. She was looking like the perfect red-hot fucking material and she smiled while she drank his cum that was on her face. He too wiped her cunt juices from his marital ring and smiled like the cheating bastard that he was.

Now that all you female readers have got their orgasms imagining yourself in place of Maya and imagining doing it with the male of your choice, may he be your boss, best friend’s husband or someone else and now that all you male readers out there have got their orgasms imagining yourself in the place of Manish and imagining your wife’s best friend, your female boss or that woman you want to devour, it’s time for me to take my leave.

All females who need thundering-orgasmic sexting or anything else with your due consent and permission can mail me or message me on hangouts.

Any readers out there who have a story they want to get featured or published can contact me. Anyone who wants to collaborate on a story is also welcomed. And yes, no abuses and shitty talks.

My email address is [email protected] Happy reading! See you next time!

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