Met A Girl At Barbecue Nation Restaurant


Hi guys, I am Vivek from Kandivali Mumbai. I noticed a very good thing recently because of my newly built-up body. I saw that almost 8 out of 10 girls look at me. they not just look, but they check me out in a very lovely manner. I like their pretty eyes checking me out and giving me those positive looks.

I was not having this medium-well built-body for 3 years now. I had this body previously in my science college days only. Now having the built-up body back is like living in heaven with all the fairies. I usually do a medium workout at home only as I have an entire gymnasium at my home now.

This resulted in a body with bulky biceps, nice chest and arms. Tummy tucked in. Also, I got fairer because of protein intake and workout. I was in Phoenix mall with my friends in Kurla at Barbecue Nation. I was roaming everywhere in the restaurant to get the best food.

As mentioned earlier, I was getting nice attention from almost all girls and even married women. The married women were checking me out in front of their husbands. Funny thing is their husbands did not come to know at all. So I saw a group of 4 girls.

The first girl was having very tender skin which everyone was staring nonstop because of her open shoulder top. There were 3 more girls but I was attracted to this tender skin girl. Here, 3 out of those 4 were checking me out. I always try not to make the girls uncomfortable.

For this, I always stare at them for not more than 5 seconds. But by default, my eyes go to the best area of the girls. Such as the lips or tucked in the tummy, or if boobs are big then I by default check them out. But I try not to make it obvious that I am staring.

This actually makes the girls comfortable and they stay staring at me. I was standing there in front of these 4 girls. They were asking for flavors in the kulfi counter. I heard the girls saying something secretly to each other. I could not hear exact words but I knew that they are giggling and are interested in me.

I was confused between the 4 flavors of kulfi. As these girls appeared masters of the flavors, they spoke to me and replied to my questions. I was asking the busy counter wala guy. But these girls told me this is the best flavor and the other flavors are not so good.

Try these toppings on the kulfi, etc. This way I even took some toppings from their plate and eat them. We became friendly without much talking. I went back to my table but the girls were sitting in another room. We were barely able to see each other after this.

I came out of the restaurant and waited outside in the hope that the girls will show up at some time. They also came out in about 10 minutes. The girls were having a laugh, the same as me. I was also laughing because our tummies were full of unlimited food and happiness.

I asked those girls about how they maintain such a good figure if they are visiting unlimited food restaurants? They said there is a protein secret, have a lot of protein, fewer carbs. We talked and exchanged names and also the tender skinned girl named Tanya gave me her number.

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It was obvious and all the girls were knowing that I am interested in Tanya. Even Tanya knew this by the looks. There was a chemistry between both of us. The other girls then made some excuses and went away. I was left with Tanya in the mall now. I was happy but she was nervous.

She looked like she never hanged out with a guy, without her friends. We talked a lot, I tried to make her comfortable. We had a lot of things to laugh on anyways. Then I asked her it is so tiring to walk right now. Let’s go to my car and chill out a bit till your friends come back.

We both went to my XUV and had full AC and full volume music. We chilled for a long time. Then did some chit chat. I was touching her tender skin now as she was feeling comfortable. I started admiring her and frankly telling her about her dress and skin. She frankly started touching my biceps and chest.

We were having a cool time there. I knew that she is in for a kiss, it is obvious if the girl tries to come so close to your face and closes her eyes. But I knew some security guards are watching us from a distance. I asked her to come to a massage parlor on the same floor. I knew the people there.

I told them we want to give massage to each other, no therapist is needed. We went inside a private room, locked it from inside. We had a laugh and I told her to try to massage me first. I slept on the massage bed. She was touching me on my tummy and biceps and was trying to have a good feeling.

She tried to take the T-shirt a bit above to see more of the tummy and more of the biceps. I told her to use some oil. I removed my T-shirt saying that it will get oily. She was dumb stuck and kept on staring at me for a while. She liked the looks of my body.

She took some oil and she was very happy to apply it everywhere on me. I actually do not like oil much but I was enjoying her soft hands on me. She was giggling a lot and we both were having a lot of fun for a long time. She felt my chest, she liked the tiny hairs on my chest.

I told her now it’s my turn. I dipped my hands in oil and directly applied it to her tender shoulder skin. I was giving her a shoulder massage. She was enjoying it obviously. Then I slid her shoulderless top downwards a little bit. She did not object. I was able to see the valley of her boobs now.

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I applied some oil to the valley. She did not mind this also. I got a green signal and started pushing my finger in her cleavage, then I slid the top down a bit more, now half of her boobs were showing up. She had those bigger than normal boobs.

Her size must be 36 C cup as her belly was perfect and boobs hanging on top. Her dark blue silky top was now getting some oil on it. So I took the top all the way down to her belly. I was able to see her tank top bra. I do not know what they call this strapless bra.

The bra was holding her boobs from top and bottom without any strap. I took courage and applied some oil on her bra. Her princess nipples were now showing up in that white bra. I was clearly able to see through the white cloth of the bra.

I was trying very hard not to touch her inappropriately without her consent. But I literally had no objections till now. I then poured more oil and I was able to see her complete boobs just like we can see in a wet top. Then I told her to lie down on the massage bed.

I gave her a nice massage on her legs. her skirt was big enough but in some time I was able to reach near her pussy area. I was knowingly touching her pussy lips always whenever I was massaging her legs near her panty area. I poured some hot oil on her panty. This made her so much horny.

She jumped a bit by taking her pussy area above as if she is doing yoga. Then I continued the massage. Our phones were ringing, but we did not pay attention to them. I was able to see her pussy lips through that wet panty. She had no pubic hair at all. She was clean shaved.

I inserted by hand in her panty to massage above her pussy area. I saw no hairs, I did some massage and told her to lay on her back, then massaged her buttocks, she was having so tender bum, I was in heaven. I was massaging it continuously as if I am kneading the dough.

She told me that her boobs hurt this way as she is sleeping on the boobs. I told her to sit and I remove her bra from the bottom side, it was now covering only her nipples. I was able to see her nipples as her bra was wet. But still, they were covered. Then I gave her a nice massage on her underboobs.

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Then I grabbed the boobs from all the possible sides. I shook the boobs and we had a laugh. I removed her bra completely now by sliding it to her belly. I saw those light brown princess nipples. I bent down and started sucking them. I literally caught the boob with both hands and sucked the boob a lot.

I bit the nipples, I then inserted my hand in her panty. My middle finger now went inside her pussy hole and she was totally wet. I started finger fucking her. She now grabbed my dick from above my jeans. She started pressing the dick harder and harder. I took off the jeans and underwear for her.

She grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I almost jumped with this hot feeling. I took her mouth and inserted my fat dick in her mouth. I cannot write here about how hot her mouth. I fucked her mouth for some time. Then I kissed her pussy and started sucking her wet pussy in 69 position.

I used tissues to get rid of all the oil from her pussy. We did this position till we came. I came in her mouth and she came in my mouth. I was having my tongue inside her pussy when she came heavily. Not much of her juices came out actually, but she came heavily.

Her body shivered as if this happened the first time to her. She told me she never felt this before and we should meet regularly. We had some fun time and my dick got up again. She was rubbing my dick on her pussy continuously to make it hard, in some time she felt it is hard.

She then inserted my dick in her hot pussy. I was just not able to control now. I fucked her with full force. The thump-thump sound was coming out, maybe the massage staff came to know or maybe not. But the sound was loud. She insisted on fucking her with full force. I was enjoying this for a lot of time now.

Then she came, and at the same time, I came in her hot wet pussy. I unloaded all of my cum on her tummy as we did not have a condom. We cleaned ourselves and took a quick shower. I got dressed and left the massage room. I paid for the staff and we got out from there.

Let me know how the story was. My email is [email protected]

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