Milky Adventure Part-22 (Happy Birthday, Riya)


It was a fine Sunday morning, cooler than usual. Winter was nearby. Cool breezes started passing through the window now and then. There was fog everywhere. Dewdrops were formed on the window panes, dripping down slowly. Riya was lying on the bed on her back, in her satin nightwear.

Aman lay on top of her, with his face on her breasts and arms over her navel. A woolen blanket over them. Few rays of the sun had managed to pass amidst those cool breezes and had caressed her face. She felt the warmth and opened her eyes slightly. She wiped her eyes lazily. Her movement shook Aman.

He moved, brushed his head on her breasts and moaned in sleep, ‘Mmmmm.’

He tightened his arms over her and moved his leg over her dreamily. Riya was up now. She carefully moved his face onto the pillow beside and moved his arms and leg off her. She got up and sat on the bed, stretched her body, raising her arms as far as possible.

Her shirt raised showing her smooth waist. Her tiny satin sleeves slipped down her silky skin showing her fair arms and her underarms. She settled back and brushed a few strands of her loose hair away from her face. It was her day, the day when she was brought to this world.

She just briefly thought about how life had moved so fast. Right from her birth, school days, friends and then marriage. Then with all the boys. Finally there she was, close to her thirties. Having her time of life with the love over her boys. All of that felt like a pleasant dream that leaves you happy when you wake up.

Few memories got registered in her mind like they happened just the earlier day. Then she sighed and came back to the present. She tied her hair in a bun and got up from the bed. She moved towards the washroom, placed her tender feet on the dried up marble of the floor.

She locked the door, switched on the heater. She got in front of the mirror, fixed to the door of the closet. She opened the closet, pulled her toothbrush and cleaned her mouth. She then untied her laces of the shirt. The satin laces twirled around, helping each other loosen.

The moment the laces were away, the shirt went free, moving aside slightly revealing her fair and deep navel. Her plump bosoms covered in her fancy red mesh bra. She plunged forward and let the satin shirt slip over her tender and fair arms. Her chest raised and her deep navel went in even further deep.

She hooked her shirt on to the hanger and started untying the laces of her satin trouser. She held the waistband and pushed the pants through her legs. As the pants moved down, it revealed her fair and slender thighs, her smooth and bare calves. She raised her legs and pulled out the pants and hooked it to the hanger beside the shirt.

She blushed looking at the reflection of her deep cleavage in the mirror. Yes her breasts were in shape, held tight by the bra from the sides. Her continuous production of milk and feeding had made sure that her breasts are stout and full. She held the front clasps and undid them.

Her bra cups moved aside, revealing the most gorgeous pair of breasts. Her breasts jiggled when she tried to pull out the bra. They stood straight even after they were released free from the bra cups. She bent down and held the band of her panty and pushed it down through her lush thighs and lustrous calves.

It showed her clean, trimmed vagina. It was untouched since her husband went back to his work, leaving her all alone with the kids. The pink lips looked like half of the juicy fruit. The tender skin underneath the lips finely merged at the center of her inner thighs. Just like a perfect painting. She had no hairs since she likes it clean and smooth.

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Just like every other part of her body. She hung both of her inners and opened the faucet. She filled a mug and poured the warm drops of water over her. Those drops grazed her skin, over her chest and slowly moved down. Passing over her voluptuous bosoms, her smooth navel, tickling her belly button.

Kissing through the tender slit of her vagina. And finally reaching her fleshy thighs and smooth calves. The cool breezes around pinched her body now and then. She felt good when those warm drops touched her skin, fighting those breezes. She picked her body gel and squeezed some of it to her palm.

She raised her arms and applied the gel to her smooth, hairless underarms. She moved her palm over her breasts, shoulders and moved down to her navel. She brushed her breasts and made sure the gel touched every part of it. She rubbed her nipples with her fingers and slipped her palm through the center.

She encircled her breasts and moved her palms around it. She squeezed some more and continued to apply it over her thighs, legs, and finally over her clit. She grazed over her lips, split them and placed her fingers filled with soap over them, brushed them all over it. She felt her vagina twitching to it.

She applied her moisturizing facewash and rubbed her face with it. She moved her palms to her forehead, then her nose, her chin, her lips, and finally her bubbly cheeks. She made sure the foam cleaned the dirt out of every pore of her skin. She picked the mug and poured water again to wash off the foam all over her skin.

She pulled the cotton towel and wiped all over her body. She pulled the fresh soft velvet pair of bra and panty. She pulled up the panty over her legs. The panty passed through those fair legs and finally covered up her delicate vaginal lips and tight buttocks.

She placed her arms through the bra, pulled the cups to the center, over her breasts and locked the clasps. Then she pulled her glossy white sleeveless blouse, matching petticoat and tied it over her bra and panty. She picked her white georgette transparent saree, heavy with stones at the pallu, and a golden border.

She had saved this for the special day. She hovered it over the petticoat and quickly draped it over the upper body. She placed the pallu properly over her shoulders. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked gorgeous, like an angel, in that white grand outfit.

The color suited her fair skin and it fit her body perfectly. She moved out of the washroom, then walked over to the dressing table. She brushed her hair and kept it loose. She applied a moisturizer over her face and arms and applied a mild perfume. She set her saree, wherever it was clumsy.

She moved over to her bassinet and checked over her baby, who was lying peacefully in his toddler bed. Then she moved over to the kitchen, started preparing breakfast and along with it. She also prepared a special dessert, kheer. She knew that her boys would love it.

While she was busy mixing the sugar crystals into the milk, she felt a palm moving over her bare navel under her saree, and other over her shoulder. She felt a body-hugging her from the back.

‘Good morning honey, got up so early?’ she said assuming it to be Shreyas since he was the one who got up early for his practice.

She turned back to touch his cheek. She was shocked to see that it wasn’t Shreyas. It was neither Rajesh nor even Aman. It was Rahul. She was both happy and surprised to see him at such an early time.

Rahul – ‘Hi Riya aunty. Happy birthday to you!’

Riya – ‘Hey Rahul. Thanks a lot. But how come you know about my birthday. Even my sons didn’t know about it’

Rahul – ‘You are wrong, aunty. Your sons knew about it very well.’

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Riya – ‘Really? They haven’t wished me yet.’

Rahul – ‘Just wait for a few minutes’

He closed her eyes using both his palms and then gently moved her over to the drawing-room. He slowly opened his palms and she opened her eyes quickly and curiously.

‘Happy birthday mommy!’ both the boys shouted from over the table in front of the couch.

There was a creamy delicious looking cake with fancy candles stuck on top. Riya was surprised. She went closer to them and there was a note written on the cake.

It read – ‘Happy birthday, Riya Mommy!’

There was a tiny card beside it. She opened and it read – ‘To the sweetest human ever, with lots of love’ with arts surrounding it.

Her eyes were teary. She was speechless.

She hugged them tightly together and said – ‘Thanks a lot my loves, this is the best surprise ever.’

Aman also was standing behind her. He also wished her and she thanked him with a hug. Soon she had cut the cake and fed the slices to each one of them. They also fed her back a slice each. Suddenly Shreyas tightened his arms over her waist from her back. She had her arms arrested in his embrace.

Then Rajesh picked some cream over the cake and applied over her face. She was trying to escape from it. She was moving her head left and right, and was trying to move out of Shreyas’ embrace. In that process, Rajesh’s fingers brushed her lips, cheeks, and nose.

And her breasts were jiggling and grazing Shreyas’ arms which were holding her waist tightly. Meanwhile, Rahul and Aman also took some cream and applied over her neck and chest just above her blouse. Their hands caressed her cleavage and covered it with the delicious cream.

After making sure, they covered her with cream just as they wanted, Shreyas released her. Then she hurriedly picked the rest of the cream and ran towards the boys to take her revenge. Their hands fought with each other and they tried to stop her, by blocking their arms on their faces and pushing her.

But she was powerful than they expected. She only left them rest once she completed applying the cream to each of their faces. Her breasts were heaving as she panted heavily after the tiresome event. The boys also were breathing hard after their fight, cream all over their faces and neck, some cream dripping onto their shirts.

Soon they relaxed and all of them cleaned themselves. Then they settled on the couch.

She asked them – ‘It was fun. But I still wonder how could you know about my birthday! Only my husband knew about it till now apart from me.’

Shreyas said – ‘I was cleaning the shelves last week. Then I found your school certificates and it was mentioned in that.’

Riya – ‘Hmm that explains it. But I just walked through your bedroom and drawing-room. It was not long, just 15 minutes or so. Both of you were sleeping soundly. How come you managed all these things so soon. And from where did Rahul jump in?’

Rajesh – ‘I have called him yesterday and informed him about the plan. He reached half an hour back but stayed out for some time. While you were in the kitchen, we quickly arranged everything and pushed Rahul to the kitchen as the first step of our surprise.’

Riya felt so happy that her boys went through all of this to surprise her. She just held them all in a group hug and kissed each of their foreheads. Then Rahul suggested that they go out and roam all over the city and celebrate the day. Everybody liked the idea and soon they separated to get ready for it.

Riya meanwhile, finished preparing the dessert and arranged breakfast for all of them. She also picked her baby, fed him and got him ready. Soon they all had breakfast. Riya fed the dessert to each kid with her own hands. The boys enjoyed it. Soon they started for their short trip.

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They roamed over all outlets in a mall, shopped few things and reached a restaurant. They ordered fine dishes and had a great lunch together. They went for a movie in the afternoon and then reached home all tired just after sunset. They all lied on the couch. Riya also lay on the couch after placing her baby in his bed.

Rajesh replied – ‘It was great. Never had so much fun in my life.’

Rahul joined – ‘Yeah, it was so good.’

Shreyas added – ‘It will remain a great memory for all of us.’

Aman nodded to it. Riya held Shreyas’ cheek lovingly. Shreyas placed his head on her shoulder. He stayed for some time, and then Riya got up.

She said – ‘I will change and come.’

Rahul immediately held her pallu and she just grabbed it right before it was about to slip away. She looked at him puzzled at his action.

Rahul said – ‘Please don’t change aunty, it looks so good on you. You are gorgeous in this saree’

Shreyas and Rajesh also joined – ‘Yeah mom. Please don’t’

Aman – ‘You look like an angel’

Riya blushed at their request but said – ‘Thanks for your compliments, but the saree is heavy a bit. Can’t stay in it all night.’

Then Rajesh requested – ‘At least stay in that till dinner. You can change it when we are going to sleep’

She agreed – ‘Ok, fine, anything for you my darlings’

She moved back and lied in her earlier seat on the couch. Shreyas again placed his head and she grazed his head lovingly. Rajesh who was on the other side moved close to her and kissed her palm. He lied down on her lap and she moved her fingers through his hair.

She gestured Rahul and Aman to move closer and she opened her arms to embrace them. She felt each of their love towards her. She was overwhelmed. They lied for some time in that position. Soon it was dark, and it was time for dinner.

Since the boys knew Riya was tired, and they did not want her to work anymore. They decided they will order dinner home. After half an hour, the order arrived. The boys themselves arranged the items on the table and called Riya. Riya sat on the chair near one end and all boys appeared either side of her.

They fed Riya the biryani they ordered, one after the other. Riya also held a handful of it and fed each of them back. Soon they finished and they even cleaned her lips themselves. They finished the dinner and collected all the trash and dumped that in the garbage.

Since the beds were not sufficient for all of them, they decided that all of them will sleep together in the drawing-room on the floor. Riya and the boys arranged mattresses and blankets after making room by moving the couch and tables. Soon they changed to their night wears and sat over the mattresses.

They started talking about each one’s experiences. The boys asked Riya about her childhood. She explained briefly how it went through, how she met her husband, how they got married. She also told that she was fortunate enough to get into Shreyas’ family, to experience his love.

And later from Rajesh, Rahul, and Aman. She told them that she was proud of them seeing how Shreyas and Rajesh were working hard in school. How Rahul was fighting back against his health issue. And how Aman had overcome his hardships. She said each one of them was precious and she loved all of them equally.

They thanked her and hugged all in a group again.

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