Milky Adventure Part-23 (Rahul Gets A Return Gift)


Soon they all lay down. Aman and Riya on one mattress to the left, Rajesh, Rahul and Shreyas on another mattress to her right. They retired to sleep soon. Middle of the night, Rahul got up to have water. He went to the freezer, opened the door and picked a bottle. He drank from the bottle and closed the bottle.

Casually his gaze fell upon Riya. She was lying on her back, with her left arm raised back and rested on her forehead, in her sleeveless satin nightgown. There was some attraction in her. He felt like he was drawn towards her. Her fair arms, sweet face with luscious lips made him captive.

He knew he had seen her closely once. He remembered the taste of her milk, the feel of her breasts in her mouth, the touch of her lips over his. He quickly placed the bottle in the freezer back and moved towards their beds. He lay down slowly between Riya and Rajesh in the space remaining on the left mattress.

He moved closer to her and placed his palm on her belly, over the satin gown. He slowly moved his palm up and down and felt the smooth skin underlying the satin material. He moved his nose towards her underarms and sniffed her armpit. The faint smell of her perfume mixed with her mild sweat intoxicated him.

He moved his arm upwards and touched her breast. He moved his palm over her nipples and started moving them up and down, tweaking her nipples in that process. Riya felt those touches and slightly opened her eyes. She saw Rahul lying beside her and his arms over her.

She was startled and she was about to scream out of sudden instinct when Rahul closed her mouth.

He whispered – ‘Aunty it’s ok. It’s just me.’

Riya calmed down and replied in a low voice – ‘What is it that you are doing now?’

Rahul – ‘Aunty, you remember when you came to meet me, how you made me feed your milk and then pleased me.’

Riya – ‘Yeah I remember. So?’

Rahul – ‘Can you do that again for me. I liked it very much and it kind of haunted me since then. I wanted to feel it again since it happened.’

Riya – ‘I understand dear, but I can’t do it again and again. Please understand.’

Rahul – ‘I know aunty. But I have no one else to go. Doctors said that I will be alive only for a few months. I can’t find any other girl who can trust me so quickly and please me as you did. Please aunty’

Riya felt that he had a point. She understood the pain he was facing with the lust deep inside haunting him. She looked at him and his soft eyes pleased her. She saw in his eyes, the deep desire, the need to feel a woman. She silently nodded.

His eyes lit up and he quickly moved his arms over her breasts and started fondling her breasts over her gown. His palms started mauling them out of excitement.

Riya held his palms and whispered – ‘Relax, dear. I am not going anywhere. You might wake up everyone.’

Rahul just calmed down a bit. His palms were in her hand. She herself placed them back on her breasts and guided his palms over them. She made her palms press her breasts gently. She let his fingers touch her nipples. Her nipples poked out under the satin gown and velvet bra.

He seemed to pick the rhythm and slowly she left his palms to take control. But once she left his palms, he seemed to pick up speed out of his eagerness and excitement.

She again stopped him and said – ‘Alright dear, it is too risky here. Let’s go to my bedroom.’

She got up, held his hand and slowly moved to the master bedroom. She closed the door slightly and moved over to the bed, Rahul following her.

Then she stopped and said – ‘Rahul dear, I know how bad you want to feel a woman’s body. I understand your pain. But you need to control yourselves. Else everyone might wake up. Now promise me, you won’t make too much noise and wake them up. If not, I will sleep here and you have to go back to sleep with the boys. No more touchings allowed then.’

Rahul nodded, but dropped his head down and remained silent. She held his chin and lifted his head up. She brushed his cheek with her fingers slightly.

She said – ‘Alright, don’t feel bad. Now cheer up.’ She raised her head and kissed his forehead. He took her palm in both his hands and kissed it. He continued to kiss the tip of each of her fingers. Then he took in her left forefinger and sucked it.

Riya took her finger back, but he held her middle finger and sucked it. Then he kissed the center of her left palm and then turned right to kiss the center of her right palm. She took his face and laid it on her left shoulder and rubbed her back to console and relax him.

He then kissed her shoulder just beside the strap and licked it slightly. He put his hand over her chest and caressed her cleavage. He moved his lips over the cleavage and kissed the center of her chest. He then grazed his hand under the straps on her right shoulder and slowly pushed them away.

She held her straps with her hand. He then removed her hand, held it and kissed it. Slowly after she relaxed, he continued to move the straps again. The strap slipped over her smooth arm till her elbow and revealed her upper right breast under the velvet bra.

He then continued to kiss the flesh of her upper breast which was visible. Riya felt a spark rising inside her. She felt herself reacting to it. He pushed her slowly towards the wall beside the bed. Her breasts got crushed under his strong chest. He held her arms and intertwined his fingers with hers.

He then moved his hands apart holding her hands along. He then continued to kiss her cleavage and applied a bit of pressure going down her cleavage. He then moved up and kissed her neck. She was unable to bear the pleasure. She felt the need to hold his head and stop him. But he had held them tighter.

She just rolled her head left and right with her eyes closed, occasionally raising her right leg on the wall. He then licked her neck and moved to her chin. He bit her chin slightly and kissed it. He moved his face towards her left cheek and kissed it. He sucked her flesh on the cheek and licked it with his tongue.

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She just closed her eyes and was shaking under him. He kissed on both her eyes, moved to her forehead and gave few pecks there. He moved to her right cheek and licked it lightly with his tongue. He kissed her right earlobe and licked her tender bones.

He then slowly moved towards her lips kissing the skin all through the way. The moment he reached her lips, he pecked them slightly a couple of times, then increased the pressure. He took her upper lip and sucked it. He licked it with his tongue from one end to the other.

He then moved onto her lower lip and sucked it as well. He held a tiny part of her lip with his teeth and bit it slightly until she felt some pain.

She screamed slightly – ‘Aahh!’

He then used his tongue to soothe that area of her lip and kissed it again. He then closed both his lips over hers and smooched her hard. Riya felt her breath rising. She felt herself offering her lips to him. When he inserted his tongue inside her lips, her lips opened up involuntarily, making way for his.

His tongue circled her tongue and she tried hard not to moan. He drew back his lips and then smooched back tasting her lips just like a kid licking ice cream. He sucked her both lips and then placed his lips tightly on hers. He continued to kiss for long, a minute or so until it was hard for her to breathe.

He left her lips and moved back to observe her expression. She was panting, her lips red and swollen due to his bites and sucks, her eyes half-closed because of her lack of breath. Her breasts raised and down and he got attracted to it. He released her left arm from his right and used it to push her left straps slowly.

The strap of her nightgown along with her bra strap slipped slowly down her shoulder till her elbow. There were her breasts, still heaving, clad in her black velvet bra. It was a sight to watch. He then moved his face down to her breasts, kissed her cleavage again slightly.

He increased the pressure and kept moving down, pushing her bra with his lips. He held her bra with his teeth and dragged it down. The velvet material grazed over her breasts, revealing them slowly, passing through her erect nipples. Her nipples twitched when her bra passed over them.

Then he pulled it out completely and threw it over the bed on their right. He was amazed to see her breasts. He held them with both his hands and weighed them. He moved his fingers all over them. He tweaked her nipples with his fingers. He felt blessed to be able to feel them.

Riya’s hands were now free since Rahul’s palms are busy with her breasts. So she could not stop herself from holding his head. She brushed her fingers through his hair and was involuntarily pulling his head closer towards her breasts.

He let her move close enough but stopped right when his lips were about to touch her skin. He wanted to get the view of it more. He felt like he can live his whole life just by looking over them. He then held her left breast which was near his face and squeezed them slightly with both his palms.

He caressed it and felt the softness of it with her hands. Her breasts were just perfect. He could not stop himself anymore from tasting it. He placed his lips on her breasts and kissed the skin lightly. Riya tried hard not to moan.

But a subtle moan crossed out her lips – ‘Aahh.’

She was stopping her hands from leading him more closer. He moved to kiss the skin all around the nipples but didn’t touch her areola. He just used his tongue to savor the taste of her skin. It had the smell of milk, the taste of sweet cream, and felt soft like marshmallows.

He put his nose into it and sniffed all of it. He then moved onto her other breast and sniffed it as well. He felt heavenly with that smell. So he just pressed his face into it and brushed it with his face, moving his head left and right. His nose and lips touched her erect nipples and gave a tingling sensation to her.

He then kissed the right breast all around and licked it. He just dragged his tongue all over her breasts and filled it all with his saliva. He couldn’t control himself from biting her flesh a couple of times. Riya just made a shrill cry – ‘Ouch,’ and bit her lower lip unable to bear his bites.

Then he moved all the way to her nipples and kissed the tip of it. Then he took her nipple in and sucked it slightly with his lips. Riya felt ecstatic with it and cried low – ‘Oh dear!’ He then latched onto her nipple and started sucking it. A few drops started flowing out.

He hungrily sucked and used his left hand to fondle her free breast. One nipple was getting pressed between his lips while the other was getting crushed between his thumb and forefinger. Riya was pulling his hair with her fingers. Her right leg had circled his right leg and was pulling it onto her.

She felt a twitch in her skin between her inner thighs. He pulled in more of her breast and sucked harder. Milk flow started to increase and few drops oozed out his mouth and fell on her belly. He continued to suck harder and soon finished the milk from it. He then moved to her left breast back.

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A few drops were already dripping out of her nipple. He kissed the nipple and licked those drops. He then took it inside his mouth. He started taking more of her flesh and was biting her nipple with his teeth. Meanwhile, his right palm was fondling her emptied breast.

Sometimes his fingers were pinching her nipple, sometimes his palm was rubbing her flesh and sometimes he squeezed her breast from the center. Soon milk flow seemed to dropdown. He held her breast which he was sucking and squeezed it to get more of her milk. After a few seconds, all her milk got emptied.

He wanted more of it. He was not done yet. So he continued to suck both her breasts. He liked the sweet milk flavor mixed with the creamy taste of her skin. He held her nipple with his teeth, closed his teeth over it tight and dragged his teeth till the tip.

Riya pulled his hair hard and cried – ‘Mmmmm, Aaaahhhhh, God!’

He then placed his lip back to soothe the nipple. Riya felt relieved. He then moved to her right nipple and bit her flesh first and then again dragged his teeth closed all over her nipple, right till the tip.

She cried – ‘Not so hard dear, it hurts a bit.’

He then placed his lips back to soothe it. Though Riya felt a bit of pain with his teeth, his lips later gave her more pleasure than earlier. She felt overwhelmed by her feelings. He then moved onto her right underarm and sniffed it slowly. It was clean, slender and hairless. His lips kissed the tender skin over there.

He liked the taste of it. Then he slowly opened his tongue and licked it. Riya felt tickling and tried to close her arms. He held her arm, raised it high, and then again licked her. She felt elated. She could feel her inner feelings building up. He then moved to her left and repeated the same.

He used both his arms to raise her arms high and kissed her left underarm. Then he used his tongue over her sleek skin over there. Riya’s body was shaking. She was responding to his kisses. Her brain seems to have stopped working. He then moved back to her breasts.

He slightly kissed her left breast first, then moved over to her right breast and kissed it. He repeated this for a few seconds and then moved down over to her belly. He pushed her gown further until her navel. Her navel was glistening. A few of her milk drops, which oozed out were dripping all over her navel.

This milk added glow to her already fair navel. He then kissed her navel. Her navel went deeper with her deep breath. He licked the drops of milk dripping over her navel. She was unable to stay still. He sucked the drops of milk off her skin and moved over to her button.

A few drops got collected within the depth of her button. He opened his tongue to drill down her button and licked those drops. Riya felt tickling and it felt great. She was moving his head onto her. He continued to kiss further down. He then took a minute to settle his breath. This brought Riya to her senses.

She quickly realized what she was going through. Then he tried to push the gown further, below her waist, but Riya grabbed his hands. She felt it was going too far. She realized it was time to relax him. She knew deep down that she was feeling great and was almost getting carried away.

She knew that if it continues, she would be out of control. So then she decided that she has to take control. She held his hands and brought it back to her breasts. She knew how young boys are fascinated by women’s breasts after her experiences with her sons.

She placed his palms over her flesh and again guided his fingers over them. He seemed to pick the rhythm. So she left his hands and let him continue the fondling. She slowly held his arms and moved him onto the bed. She made him lie on the bed and she moved on top of him. She slowly caressed his chest over his shirt.

He jerked whenever her fingers touched his nipples. He was getting goosebumps. He never felt a woman’s hand over his body. It felt great. She then slowly opened his shirt and moved her palms over his bare skin. She just moved on top of him and laid down to kiss his plain chest.

Meanwhile, in the drawing-room, Shreyas was shaking in sleep. His eyes were closed but were twitching continuously. He was having a nightmare. His hands were moving and suddenly he lifted his right arm and dropped it on Rajesh’s face. Rajesh cried – ‘Ouch. What the.. !’ His sleep was gone.

Shreyas was also up with that impact. He realized what had happened and said – ‘Hey sorry Rajesh, I didn’t mean it. It was accidental.’

Rajesh again asked with anger – ‘What is wrong with you?’

Shreyas replied – ‘Sorry bro. I was just having a nightmare and these actions were just a result of it and were not in my control.’

Rajesh realized it was true and calmed down. He said – ‘That’s alright,’ still rubbing his face.

Then Shreyas looked over Rajesh and saw that Riyamom was missing there.

He asked Rajesh – ‘Hey where is Riyamom?’

Rajesh replied – ‘How will I know?’ turned to his right and felt that Shreyas was right.

He then turned back to his left and said – ‘Yeah bro, where did she go?’

He then looked over Shreyas to find even Rahul missing there.

He then said – ‘Hey, even Rahul is missing.’

Then Shreyas turned to his left and felt that he was right. He then turned back to Rajesh and their eyes met. They both guessed it must have something to do with what happened in the hospital earlier. Then both of them got up and moved towards their bedrooms searching for them.

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Once they moved closer to Riya’s bedroom, they could see the door closed to some extent. They went closer and slowly moved it away. They could see a silhouette on the bed moving in the dark. The silhouette looked like it was Riya. Slowly their eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room.

They could see Riya lying down and moving her head. So they bent down a bit and then they could see Rahul lying under Riya. They both looked at each other and felt their suspicion was right. They felt jealous initially seeing their mom pleasing a guy other than them, her sons. But they realized Rahul’s condition.

They knew he needed it. It was they who led Riya to him. They knew how kind she was and what she must have gone through to make herself ready to be able to please him. So they waited and watched till they were done.

So meanwhile Riya continued to caress his chest. She was unaware that her sons were watching her please Rahul. Her back was facing them. She placed her tender fingers into his smooth chest and caressed till his belly. His hands moved up to hold her breasts. He squeezed and pressed her breasts.

She moved down and kissed his belly button. Then she slowly opened his laces on his shorts and pushed it down. She could see his penis erected under his underwear. She caressed his cock over his underwear and it seemed like it will tear his underwear up. It grew in length and was pushing up the underwear.

She then held the band of his underwear and pushed it down. His cock jumped up and twitched. She moved her face down, held his cock in her right palm and kissed his thigh. His cock seemed to grow in her hands, to its maximum possible extent, reacting to her touch and the kiss.

She then kissed the skin above her cock and then moved her lips to his right thigh and kissed there. His cock was twitching with each of her kiss. She then moved to the cock and kissed the base. She rubbed the rest of it and again kissed it.

He seemed to moan – ‘Hmmm yeah.’

She then moved to the tip and kissed it. She held the skin and opened it and kissed the revealed part. He felt great and closed his eyes. He was rising his head up and was moaning. She opened her tongue and licked the tip and moved down to the center. She again moved up and rotated her tongue over his tip.

Then she moved down and licked every end of his cock. She moved to his balls and kissed it. Again she moved up and licked the base and then continued till the tip. Shreyas and Rajesh felt excited looking at it. They had their hands over their crotches and were brushing it over their shorts.

Riya then held the base of his cock with her palm and closed her lips over the tip. And she moved down to cover as much of his cock as possible. Rahul was on cloud nine. He was trying to reach her breasts but could not as they were far away in that position.

So he got up and lied back on the headrest, keeping a pillow behind him. Riya adjusted to his movements and moved forward with his cock inside her mouth. He did notice Shreyas and Rajesh with their hands over their shorts. He understood their situation and so kept silent.

He felt if Riya knew about it, she might stop it in the middle of it and he would not like that. So he continued to reach out to her breasts and was squeezing them. Riya continued to suck, moving her head to and fro, over his cock and held his base tighter.

She occasionally fondled his balls and that triggered him enough. He seemed to squeeze her breasts harder whenever that happened. He pinched her nipples in excitement. Riya felt a tingling in her vagina. With his hands on her breasts and his cock in her mouth, it was hard for her.

She was excited for sure. But she concentrated on his cock. She opened her mouth and took his balls in her mouth and licked it. Then again moved back to his cock and closed her lips over it. She closed her lips tightly this time, and Rahul was ravished.

He was moaning hard, trying to keep his voice as low as possible. She moved faster, still keeping her lips tight over his cock and he felt he was at his peaks. He left her breasts and held her head in excitement. Soon spurts of cum erupted from his cock.

The very first spurt hit Riya’s throat directly and she breathed in hard. Out of sudden instinct, in surprise, and in that process, the spurt passed down her throat, and following spurts fell inside her mouth. She was coughing and was trying to get her mouth out of it.

But since he held her head, all of his spurts landed inside her mouth. He felt relaxed and satisfied and left her head. She released his cock and was coughing. In that process, she had to swallow those other spurts of cum which were inside her mouth. She felt an odd taste but realized it was not that bad.

She took a cloth and cleaned her mouth and his cock. Rahul was tired a bit and so he lay back on the headrest with closed eyes.

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