Mom After Mom – Part 1 (Growing Up With Love And Lust!)


Here is a story about a guy who has sex with one of the most lovable beings of his life, his sister, his mom after mom. This story is a fantasy and will be in the guy’s narration. Without wasting further time let us go into the story.

NOTE: Story is slow-paced with emotions. So this is not for people who are looking for quick jerk-offs. Read the comment added below to get a better idea of the story and decide if it is for you.

On a fine evening, I was sitting at our entrance lobby reading my academic syllabus. There she arrived with two cups of tea. She handed one to me and sat on the chair beside me to have another.

Me – “Thanks, di.”

Di – “Don’t be too happy. There was some tea left after pouring for myself. So instead of wasting it, I handed over that to you.” (in a careless tone)

I know how she teases me. I was used to it.

Me – “Fine. Still, you gave it to me. Here I am. Having a nice cup of tea after long hours of study. Much needed relief. So thanks to you.”

She was not expecting it. Her face showed it.

Di – “You knew I was teasing you, right?”

Me – “Hehe yes. You can’t tease me! I am cleverer than you think”

She moved forward, bent, and hit me. She was in her tank top and track. Her top had a deep neck. It was fine when she was sitting. But when she lowered her body, her top also lowered along with her, showing a fair bit of cleavage.

My eyes automatically landed on it. It was unintentional at first. But later, my eyes were locked to it. Her black top and white valley underneath was an amazing sight to watch. I knew it was my sister but it was captivating.

She sat back on her chair after hitting me. That view I had has gone now. But my eyes were still drawn to her chest. I was in a trance.

Di – “What happened! What are you looking at?”

I averted my eyes.

Me – “Nothing. I… I was just thinking about something.”

It was not a good defense. She probably felt it. She just lowered her head and checked her top. Then she looked back at me. She adjusted her top a bit.

Di – “How much syllabus did you finish?”

Me – “Completed a couple of chapters. Still, a long way to go. It is so boring.”

Di – “I know, but don’t get diverted. Focus on it”

Me – “Ok… teacher…” (in a childish voice)

She started getting up again and raised her hand, probably to hit me, but stopped midway.

Di – “Stop irritating me… Ok… Continue your preparation. I will go check on mom and dad.”

Saying that she left towards our drawing-room. I felt, probably, she was careful the second time because of my glances. But I dismissed it and continued to study.

After dinner, all were getting ready to sleep. I was still completing a few of the last chapters. Mom and dad were already in their room. She was adjusting the sheets on the bed. She was bent at that moment. Her curves were visible from her side. Involuntarily, my eyes were drawn to it.

I tried to avert. And I did avert. But after a few seconds, my eyes were back at it. The top was stuck to her body. Her belly had no fat and her chest was round and voluptuous, probably around 32.

Her top made an exciting curve, all the way from her chest to her slim waist. While she was moving here and there to adjust the sheets, her breasts were shaking, making it a more attractive sight.

She turned to her left, facing me, to adjust the sheets on the farther end. Her cleavage was back on display. Even her bra was visible this time. The part of her breasts, which was free of her bra, was jiggling. It was too much for me. My member started rising slowly.

She casually looked up and looked at me, only to find me staring at her. She stood up. Her expression showed she was angry.

Di – “I said no diversions right. Why are you staring here and there! Just focus on your books now.”

I was a bit worried. I wondered if she knew where I was looking at. My cock was back to normal, out of fear. I quickly moved my head towards the study table and started studying.

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The following day, I was studying on our easy chair, before our lawn, feeling the fresh evening air. She was already in from her work. She moved out as well and placed a tray with some cookies and milk. She was wearing a red t-shirt and dark brown shorts.

Di – “Have it. You need some energy.”

Me – “You have it too, you must be tired from work.”

Di – “Yeah, it was tiring at work today.” (she picked some cookies as she spoke) Let me water the yard, it will relax me.”

Me – “I hope it will.”

She moved down our yard and picked up the hose pipe from the ground. She switched on the faucet, beside the pump, and started watering our plants in the yard. She was inside the lawn, on the grass bed. I continued studying.

After a while, I heard a scream. I turned to her and she was lying on the grass bed, with her left foot in her hand. I hurried towards her and held her hand to lift her. She stood on her right leg and placed her left arm over my shoulder for support.

I had to hold her waist to support her. I felt the smooth skin over her t-shirt. But I was worried about her. So I shook myself out of those thoughts and I slowly helped her to the lobby. I made her sit on the easy chair, opposite to mine.

Me – “What happened?” (and I started checking her foot)

Di – “I just stepped on a branch full of thorns.”

I could see a couple of pores left by the thorns and blood oozing out slightly.

Me – “You should have been careful right. Look how deep it has gone.”

Di – “I did, but I didn’t notice this as I was looking at the plant.”

Me – “Let me get some cotton and band-aid.”

I moved to our bedroom and came back with the first-aid kit. I applied some antiseptic on cotton and cleaned her foot, around the wound. The antiseptic hurt her and she held my t-shirt slightly when it did.

Me – “It’s almost done.”

I finished cleaning and then placed the band-aid covering those pores on her foot. I turned to look at her. My eyes fell on her legs. Her legs were clean and hairless. Her thighs were visible until her shorts covered. They were fleshy but not too fat. I was just mesmerized by that sight.

She wanted to check her foot. She bent her leg and held her foot close to her face. Her shorts moved up and it disclosed her thighs more. Her knees moved closer to my face and so did her thighs. The skin over there was shining, with the rays of the setting sun. I was loving the sight.

When I looked at her face, she looked at me and seemed uncomfortable. She slowly placed her foot on the floor. I drew my eyes back.

Me – ‘Are there any other injuries?”

Di – “No that’s it. Thanks. You continue your preparation. I will take care.”

My head was down with disappointment. With no option, I sat back in my chair and continued studying. I looked at her casually and I felt her looks on me. I felt like she was observing me all this time. I grew cautious and focussed on my books without looking back at her.

The next day, I was back from college. I moved into my room to get fresh. She was in front of the mirror. She was not aware of my presence. She was in her office formals, probably was just back from her work. Her hands were raised, tying her hair up.

Her chest went ahead as a result. Her curves were visible again from her side. Her top was hugging her chest and her skirt was stuck to her ass. Her figure resembled an hourglass. A curve at her chest, seamlessly moving down, ending at her slim waist.

And then another curve, behind her, rising from her hip and joining back at her thighs. It was a beautiful sight.

She casually moved her face towards the door and found me. She dropped her hands and stood straight. She was done with her hair, but I was not done with my appreciation of her body.

Di – “What!”

Me – “Ju… Just was going to use the washroom.”

Di – “Then why are you standing there? Just go.”

I nodded and moved towards the washroom. I knew I was getting restless. I scolded myself for that. But her beauty drew me back at it. I splashed some water over my face, hoping it would wash away those thoughts. I moved out. I moved to the kitchen without looking at her. I picked up some snacks.

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Me – “Do you need anything to eat?” (from the kitchen)

Di – “No, thanks. I had snacks with my colleagues at the office.”

I was back at the study table after a few minutes. She changed to her casuals by that time. She was in her satin pajama and top. It was more modest than usual. I just had a thought if it was because of me.

But later felt this was not her first time. She did wear it earlier. However, I thought I needed to move away from those thoughts. So I focused back on my studies.

Di – “It is your last exam. Just focus on it for today. You can do whatever you want from tomorrow. Mom and Dad said that they would be late and asked us to have dinner and sleep.” (she was moving to the drawing-room)

I wondered if she meant I can continue looking at her when she said I can do whatever I want from tomorrow. Then I laughed at myself thinking how silly that thought was. The very next day, my exams were done. Those were my last exams of graduation. I was a free bird.

I reached home earlier than expected. She was not in yet from work. Mom and dad won’t be home until night anyway. I had a couple of hours before Di came in. So I thought I have to utilize this time. I locked the door and opened my laptop and sat on the couch in the drawing-room.

I played a porn video from my favorite incest category. It was about an aunt who was drawn by his young nephew. She seems to be attracted to him but at the same time was worried about the consequences. She finally gets convinced and decides to submit herself.

She reaches for her nephew and caresses him. She slowly undresses. The lady’s body was so clean and hairless. She takes his hands and places on her breasts. He starts feeling them with his fingers and pressing them. I was engrossed in it and was rubbing my crotch slowly.

“Knock, knock.”

I turned to see who it was. It was her at the window, staring at me curiously. I locked the door but forgot to cover the window. Fortunately, the lid of my laptop was facing the window. It blocked the view from what I was watching and what I was doing.

I swiftly closed the video, locked the laptop, and moved towards the door. Then I opened the door. She entered in with a suspicious face.

Me – “How come you’re in so early?”

Di – “I have finished my work. So left early. Why?” (removing her sandals and placing them on the shelf)

Me – “Nothing. Just casually.”

Di – “Why are you in so early?”

Me – “Exams are done right. Why would I stay in college?”

Di – “What about your placement training?”

Me – “It’s all done at the college. I am on my own now.”

Di – “Oh I see. What were you doing so seriously, glued to the laptop screen?”

Me – “Nothing. I was just watching a movie.”

Di – “Which movie?”

Me – “Ah… Ah… October.” blurted out a random name

Di – “There is no such scene in that movie where you need to be so keen as you were.”

Me – “You know my weird reactions right! Just was into the movie a bit more.”

Di – “Hmm, You really are weird”

Then she moved into our room. It reminded me of the incident yesterday. She was in her maroon silk blouse with laces above her chest and black trousers. She was looking hot. Involuntarily, I was imagining her in front of the mirror, just like yesterday, except for this outfit.

I wanted to have a look at her lovely hourglass figure like yesterday. I felt guilty but porn affected me. The thought of having a live view of such a hot lady intrigued me. I sat back on the couch, trying to divert myself. I slapped myself to get out of those thoughts.

But her hot images kept coming in front of my eyes. I could not stop myself anymore. So I moved to the door, but it was locked. Probably she had started changing. I thought I had lost the chance. Then I realized I could get more if I managed to peek while she is changing.

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I peeked through the keyhole but nothing was clear. Then I moved outside, towards the other side of the room. Fortunately, curtains were off the windows. I hid behind the wall and tried to peek. The window panes were thick enough to distort the view.

I could see her outline, not clear though. I could see that she was removing her blouse. A black outline around her protruding chest. Must have been her bra. I got excited and then tried to open the nearest window for a better view. I tried to open it slightly, but the damn window made a shriek.

She was about to turn and I bent down and hid behind the wall. It was getting too risky. So I moved back stealthily, keeping my head low, and returned to the couch in the drawing-room. My heart was beating from all that happened.

I was partly excited, partly tensed, and above all that, I was panting after the brisk stealth walk. My breath had just settled before she moved back to the drawing-room. I was wondering if she could identify what made that noise near the window. I slowly looked at her.

She was in her grey colored spaghetti top and matching black shorts. She was staring at me suspiciously for a second.

Di – “Did you just go outside a few minutes back?”

Me – “No, I was just sitting here. Why?”

Di – “Did somebody visit?”

Me – “Nope. Why? What happened?”

Di – “Just felt there was someone outside the window.”

Me – “Oh let me check.”

I moved out of the drawing-room. I entered our yard, walked around the window a couple of times, and returned.

Me – “There is nothing there. Probably it was some stray dog wandering. They keep entering our home through the walls.”

Di – “Hmm… probably”

Then she sat on the couch, adjacent to mine, and started browsing through her mobile. I thought I should loosen up the situation.

Me – “Is it your boyfriend?”

Di – “What! Who?”

Me – “The one you are chatting with?”

Di – “No. You know I don’t have one. I am chatting in a group. The one with all my college friends”

Me – “Oh! College friends. So Raj must be there.”

Di – “There you go. Started again with this crap.”

Me – “Yes. I know you like being teased with his name. Admit it.”

Di – “Of course not. I don’t like to be teased with anyone.”

Me – “You are right. Not with anyone but him.”

Di – “Manas, It’s enough ok.” (with a slight blush on her face)

Me – “Look at your cheeks. They are as red as cherries”

Di – “Stop it now”

Saying that she picked a pillow from the couch, moved towards me and started attacking me. I picked one beside me and started blocking it. She left the pillow and started hitting me on my shoulder. I kept blocking her arms with the pillow.

She stopped hitting and sat back beside me. She was panting and her breasts were moving up and down. I dropped my pillow and looked at her.

Me – “It seems I was right. You wouldn’t have stopped if you didn’t like it.”

She moved up again and started hitting me with her palm. This time, I couldn’t pick my pillow. I used my arms. She moved forward, to put pressure on me. I held my position and continued to push my arms forward. All of a sudden, she lost her balance and was about to fall on me.

I got worried and moved my hand apart to hold her arms. But she fell quicker than I anticipated and her breasts rested on my palms instead. I quickly looked at her and her eyes were wide open, with shock.

This is the end of this part and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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