Mom After Mom – Part 3 (When Their Lips Meet!)


My brain was blank. I was guilty. I was ashamed. But what happened at the end was unintentional. I felt there was no point in explaining it now. I kept silent. She took her pillow and sheet and went to the drawing-room. I followed her.

Me – “Di, I promise it was unintentional. It won’t happen again. Please come and sleep in our room. If you still feel uncomfortable, I will sleep in the drawing-room”

Di – “Don’t show your face to me. Just get lost.”

Anger was building deep inside me. I know I was out of limits. But it was not what I wanted to happen. I thought she was furious and not in a position to listen. I convinced myself that things will get better gradually and moved to my bed. I could not sleep that night and a few nights following that.

She was avoiding me. That was hurting me. I waited for a few more days for a chance to talk to her. But the moment I went in front of her, she moved away to another room. I was equally angry at her for not letting me explain. She was not even listening to my words.

A couple of weeks later, a late afternoon, mom and dad were home early. It was highly unusual and so I asked mom the reason. She announced that there was a match for Di and the groom’s family was going to visit us in the evening.

I asked her if Di knew about it and my mom said yes and told that she would be in soon. She asked me to get some sweets and snacks for serving them. I went out and brought all she asked. We arranged everything and mom took her into our room as soon as she was back from the office.

She got her dressed up for the occasion with slight makeup. She was looking gorgeous in her white salwar with sky blue dupatta. Her lips were shining with the glossy lipstick, her hair was loose and her face was spotless.

Soon they arrived and Di and the guy had a small chat. They liked each other and it was set. A couple of months following that meeting was her marriage. All customs were done. Soon it was the day she had to move to her new home with my jiju, brother in law.

She was hugging all our close family members and was bidding farewell. I was still not out of what happened earlier. I was feeling bad to let her go without sorting that out. I was distressed. I was angry. She did not even let me speak all these days. Now she will leave and this distance would stay between us forever.

I was into all those thoughts and suddenly she was near me. She looked at me for a few seconds. I was sure she would move away. I was about to turn back to avoid that embarrassment. But she hugged me tight with all force and started sobbing. My heart melted at that moment.

Her body was so close and her boobs were crushed against my chest. But this time, it did not turn me on. It did upset me. It reminded me of the void she will create, once she leaves our home. It made me realize my love for her. My arms circled her and tears rolled my eyes for the first time in my life.

All the distance which grew the last few months seemed to disappear. Later, she moved out with jiju. The following few days were hard for our family. Though people were busy with few left out rituals, her absence at home still haunted us. It was harder for me. Things were not fine between us until the last moment.

But gradually, we got used to it. I got my offer letter asking me to join the following start of the week. Soon I joined the organization and they started training us along with others who joined with me. As a result, I was able to get more friends, especially girls. Some were very good looking.

Whenever I had to give some presentations as part of my training, a few girls in that meeting used to stare at me. They used to be in the same office formals Di used to wear. So whenever that happened, it used to remind me of her. It felt like Di was watching me.

It was a strange feeling for me. I wasn’t sure why it happened but was pretty sure that I was missing her very badly. I thought of calling her. I took out my mobile and started dialing her number. But something drew me back and I dropped the idea.

The following week, my parents invited Di and Jiju to our home. I wanted to meet her very badly but I had to be at the office because of a crucial event. Strangely after a couple of days, I got a call from her. I was so happy and answered the call immediately.

Di – “Hey Manas, how are you?”

Me – “Yeah I am fine, how are you?”

Di – “I am good. How is your new job?”

Me – “It is all good here. How about your marriage life?”

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Di – “Yeah it is very good. Your jiju is very caring and nice. He loves me a lot.”

Me – “Good to hear that. I was worried about you.”

Di – “Yes, I can see that from the number of calls you made since my marriage.”

Me – “Haha… No… really… I missed you a lot.”

Di – “If that is so, why didn’t you meet me or call me till now? And why were you not home when we visited?”

Me – “I did want to be there. But that event at the office was crucial and my superior asked me to attend it. I couldn’t miss it.”

Di – “You could have called me at least once. This is the first of all these days after my marriage that I am speaking with you. You know that.”

Me – “I didn’t mean that way. I just thought you might be busy with all new responsibilities”

Di – “Shut up. Don’t talk like a stranger. You know you can call me anytime.”

Me – “Yes… I know… but…”

Di – “Actually! Why don’t you come over this weekend? We will spend some time. Your jiju will also be there.”

Me – “Yeah, I will.”

Di – “Great, will be waiting for you. Don’t miss this time.”

Me – “No, I won’t.”

I was happy to talk to her after so many days. I was sure she must have forgiven me for what has happened between us. Probably she was missing me too. The following weekend, I reached her home. I knocked on the door. It was jiju who opened the door. He welcomed me in and called Di.

Jiju – “Hey Madhu, come out and see who has come.”

Di – “Who is it! I am coming.”

Saying so, she entered the drawing-room from the kitchen. She was in her light yellow transparent saree. It was draped rather imperfectly since she was home. Even then she was looking gorgeous.

Her face lit when she saw me. She immediately ran towards me and hugged me. Her palms had a wet mixture of spices in it, she was probably in the middle of preparing lunch. She was not in a position to care about that when she hugged me. Neither was I.

She got her mixture spread over the rear areas of my shirt. I did not bother about it. It felt good to be in her hug. My arms automatically encircled her. I rubbed her back. She slowly withdrew from the hug.

Di – “It’s so good to see you after a long time. It felt like months.”

Me – “Me too, Di.”

Then she looked at her hands and turned me back.

Di – “Haha… Look at your shirt. I am sorry. I should have washed my hands.”

Me – “It’s ok, Di. I will clean it.”

Di – “Come over to the washroom, I will help you clean it.”

Me – “I can manage, Di.”

Di – “It is spread over your back. You cannot reach it on your own. Now shut up and let me help you”

I kept silent and she guided me to the washroom. Her ass, tightly draped in her saree, was moving left and right while she walked. It kind of triggered my evil brain. I was afraid. I was worried it would upset her. So I looked down. We moved to the washroom. She made me turn back and opened the faucet.

She wet her hands and was brushing her wet palm over my shirt. Then she left me and I turned back. She was bent and was cleaning her hands. Her boobs were hanging low and as a result giving me a nice curvy sight. Her saree was transparent.

Her blouse clad boobs were visible with a hint of cleavage wherever her saree’s layer was thin. The sight was too attractive to be ignored. But I did not want to cause any more discomfort to her, not after what had happened earlier. So I averted my eyes and was looking at the floor.

Di – “What are you looking at the floor, so keenly?”

Me – “Nothing.”

She looked at herself and smiled at me affectionately again. She patted my cheek.

Di – “Let’s go.”

She turned and started walking out. I was afraid to follow her behind her curvy lovely ass. I knew it would be very hard to avoid that sight. So I walked fast to reach her and walked along with her. She looked at me and smiled again.

Di – “Sweet bro.”

Saying so, she hugged me from her side while we continued walking. I was sure she missed me. I was glad that she was back to normal and was showing her usual affection.

After a while, she started bringing all the bowls to the dining table. Jiju got up and joined her. I was happy that he was nice and caring. I joined both of them and started picking up one bowl from the kitchen. She hit me slightly on the palm.

Di – “Put it down, we will manage.”

Me – “I want to help, Di.”

Di – “You will get that chance when your wife comes.” (winking at me)

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Me – “Di!”

Di – “Shhh, no more words, just put it down.”

She gathered that bowl from me and arranged it herself. I laughed and sat down at the table. Both joined me on either side of the table. We started having lunch. We talked about our childhood incidents. Di was explaining how mischievous I was in my childhood and Jiju was laughing.

Jiju – “So how is your work?”

Me – “It’s fine Jiju, everything is good enough there.”

Jiju – “Everything in the sense?”

Me – “All the infrastructure, work environment.” (with a confused face)

Jiju – “Oh, I thought you were talking about girls. I mean your colleagues.”

Di – “Stop it Abhi! Manas is not like you. He is decent.”

Jiju – “Oh so your brother is the only decent guy here then?” (with mock anger)

Di – “Of course, he is the only one.”

Both of them started laughing. I was happy to see their easy and friendly relationship. Soon we finished lunch and gathered around the drawing-room to watch TV. A few minutes later, Jiju got up and yawned.

Jiju – “Alright, my bed is calling me. You guys keep chatting. I will rest for some time.”

Di – “Manas, you can also rest if you want.”

Me – “No di, I am good.”

Di – “You must be working hard over the week. Weekends are the ones you need to use for rest”

Me – “That’s right, but there is one more day left. I will rest tomorrow.”

She laughed and held my cheek lovingly. We continued watching TV. Her gentle face drew my affection for her. I was looking at her with admiration. She was the one who supported me all my life apart from my parents. She nurtured me while I was a kid.

She took care of me and my studies since my parents got busy with their professions. And now, even after I almost ruined our relationship, she has forgiven me for her love over me. It reminded me of how I did not get a chance to talk or explain to her earlier. I thought I should explain now at least and ask for an apology.

Me – “Di… You remember what happened then?”

Di – “When?” (moving her attention to me from the TV)

Me – “I mean before your marriage, you know, that night after we came back from the movie.”

The smile from her face disappeared briefly. She bent her head down and sighed.

Me – “I am sorry for all that. I admit that I was out of control. I have done things that I should not have done. But I swear I did not want to touch you. What happened at the end was unintentional.”

She smiled back at me and patted my shoulder.

Di – “Look at you! You have grown up now. (saying so she kissed me on my forehead) I know what happened was not entirely your fault. You know boys that age behave worse. I should have given you a chance to explain. See… I am not a good sister.”

Me – “Yes, you are not just a good sister like everyone, you are special. You took care of me and every aspect of my life. You are the reason I am in this position today.”

Di – “Enough enough. Don’t take me over the roof. It is part of every sister’s duty.”

Me – “Not every sister does that, Di. You know that.”

Di – “Maybe. But I should not have reacted that way with you. I should have taken some time to think from your perspective”

Me – “I should not have behaved that way with you in the first place. I am sorry”, with a tear forming in my eye.

Di – “Shhh. Just forget about it”

She drew my head towards her shoulder and patted me gently. Her blouse clad breasts and cleavage was back in display through her saree. I knew I could not avoid that sight, not from that angle. I slowly got up and hugged her from her side.

She looked at me confused, but moved her arms around me from my right and placed her head over my chest. Her breasts started getting pressed against my chest from my side. My fears were back again. So I slowly drew myself back. She again looked at me with confusion.

Di – “What!”

Me – “What what?”

Di – “Why are you moving away?”

Me – “I was just, you know, trying not to make you uncomfortable”

Di – “Shut up!”

Saying so, she hugged me back with all force. I can feel the touch of her soft boobs against my skin again. She laid her head on my chest and held me tight. It was difficult for me. No matter how hard I tried to focus on her affection, the soft feel excited me.

But I was not in a position to move away, not after she warned me. My cock was rising slightly. I tried to focus on the TV to divert myself. It was an old movie being played on TV which was not helping me at all. I picked up the remote and tried to change the channel.

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Di – “What! TV has become more important to you than your sister.” (raising her head with fake anger)

Me – “Huh… No. I was just about to lower the volume.”

Di – “I see.” (drawing herself away from me)

Me – “Hey today we have a test match right with Australia.”

She snatched the remote from me and switched off the TV.

Di – “Enough with the TV. Talk to me now. It has been a long time.”

Me – “Yeah ok ok. Let’s talk.”

She just placed her head on my shoulder.

Di – “So tell me how is your new office”

Me – “It’s just fine. It has just been a month since I joined. So not much work yet. They are currently training me. Will get more work gradually.”

Di – “Is it! So how about your colleagues?”

Me – “Yeah, they are nice. We hang out and have fun at the office.”

Di – “Show me their pics.”

I took out my mobile, opened the gallery, and browsed through some of our pictures we took at our office and outings.

Di – “Nice. Who is this girl hugging you?” (pointing at a girl hugging me from her side)

Me – “She is Sheila, she is my teammate as well. She is mischievous. We are close enough.”

Di – “Oh!! Close enough huh.”

Me – “Come on, Di… She is just a friend.”

Di – “I can see that from the pic! So you are not as decent as I claimed to your Jiju”

Me – “No Di, I am decent. There is nothing as what you are thinking right now.”

Di – “So you do not have any girlfriends then?”

Me – “Nope.”

Di – “Why? Most of the useless guys are getting one. You are my handsome and loving brother. It is unfair if you don’t have one”

Me – “I am not just into it right now. I need some time.”

Di – “So you still miss Juhi!”

Me – “Not really. But I am being more cautious now.”

Di – “Hmmm. Is she in touch still?”

Me – “You know what happened right. After that, I lost track of her.”

Di – “I remember. I sometimes feel that I have ruined your relationship. I should not have brought that up in front of mom and dad.”

Me – “It’s alright Di. I came to know about her real character only after that happened. What you did actually helped me come out of it.”

Di – “Look how sweet you are! She is the one who is losing here.”

She kissed me on my cheek. I turned towards her. There was pure affection in her eyes.

Me – “You are the sweetest. You are an angel.”

I moved near her face, placed both my hands on either side of her face. I kissed her forehead and then turned to her cheeks. I swiftly placed one on her right, then on her left. Her cheeks were so soft and the feel of her skin on my lips felt so good.

I got carried away with all those feelings. I continued to kiss the third time moving to her right again. Instead, my lips moved towards her lips in a hurry. But I just turned a bit and the kiss landed just inches away from her lips.

It was awkward for me. I drew back and looked at her, checking her expression. Her eyes were open and she had the same lovely smile on her face. I looked at her eyes and she looked at me. Her blue eyes were deep and full of love. I moved to her eyes and kissed both her eyes.

I moved back and she had her eyes closed. My both hands were still on her face and her lips, a few inches away from mine. Her lips had a layer of her saliva and were shining. The desire to kiss her lips arose in me. Something drew me ahead. I could not stop myself anymore.

I started moving towards her lips and that is when we heard a knock on the door. I stopped what I was doing. I left her face and was in shock. She opened her eyes and looked at me with confusion. She moved her face towards me and placed her lips on mine, briefly for a few seconds.

She brushed my hair and then got up towards the door.

This is the end of this part and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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