Mom After Mom -Season 2- Part 10 (Sucking Her Love)


Later that night, after dinner, everyone was sleeping already. Mom was sleeping beside Di in our room and Dad was in the master bedroom. I was lying on the couch but I couldn’t sleep. I was anxious and nervous.

Slowly my thoughts rested on her breasts. I started imagining how it would feel to hold them, to feel them with my lips, and to suck the nipple to draw the milk out. I was thrilled to know that we were going to do it out here secretly while mom and dad would be sleeping in their rooms.

Soon I heard the door creaking slightly and I could sense her walking slowly. She entered the drawing-room and I got up carefully. She sat beside me on the couch and looked at me.

Di – “You weren’t sleeping right?” (in a low voice)

Me – “I just couldn’t sleep yet.” (in my normal tone)

Di – “Lower your voice.” (gesturing with her hands)

Me – “Ok… Ok…” (in a whisper)

Di – “Were you waiting for me?”

Me – “I was.”

She smiled affectionately and held me closer from her side placing my head on her shoulders. I could see a faint cleavage going down the opening of her nightgown. Her breasts seemed larger from that view.

They should have grown somewhat after milk production. The tension was back inside me as I started to imagine what was going to happen ahead.

Me – “I am feeling nervous. What if mom or dad wakes up”.

Di – “I am nervous too. But we won’t be together for long.”

I looked at her face and she smiled at me. But I was excited and tense within myself. She made me lie on her lap and held her straps. She hesitated for a moment. She closed her eyes for a few seconds as she seemed to convince herself for the task ahead.

She opened her eyes and started pulling it down slowly. I was excited although there was this fear inside me. My eyes were already on her breasts even before she revealed them. But as she slid the strap down her elbow, her bra had come in my sight.

Her bra was too tight and her breasts seemed to pop out of it. I was looking at the bulges her breasts have formed just above her bra and her deep cleavage.

She gently slapped on my cheeks to divert my attention. But her face had the same pleasant smile. I did move my face away. She started to move her fingers behind her back to unhook her bra and my eyes moved back to her chest without any effort.

Di – “Look away. I can’t do it if you keep looking this way.”

Me – “Ok. Sorry. I was just curious.” (taking my eyes back but stealing glances at her breasts again and again)

Di – “Just stop it ok. I can’t go ahead if you continue looking that way. I am already nervous and your looks are not helping.” (she spoke as she blushed)

Me – “Fine. I won’t look. For real this time. I will close my eyes.”

Saying so I pretended to close my eyes. Though I had my eyelids open for a few millimeters so that I could peek through them.

Di – “I am not going to fall for your innocence. Just wait.”

Saying so, she picked her kerchief from her gown’s pocket. She placed it on my eyes and started tying it behind my back.

Di – “You won’t stop looking at it. I know. This is the only thing that can stop you.”

I folded my hands in anger but I could not see anything. It was pitch black. She took some time, probably to unhook her bra, and then held my head close to herself. My palms were ready to hold her breasts. I moved them and my palms touched a soft organ at first.

I got excited. I started to press it in haste. I began squeezing it like there was no tomorrow. I slowly realized that the organ was taller and thinner than I expected. I even felt a bone inside it. It must be her arm. I was disappointed. But I could hear her giggling.

Ignoring that, my arms started finding its way towards her breasts, moving left from her arm, feeling, and checking all the way. I felt a soft organ again and this time it was softer than I expected. It felt like it was her breasts, the upper portion of it. I was thrilled.

I started moving my arms downwards in a hurry. My fingers were able to feel something softer and softer as it was going down. As I moved further down, she patted my palms and held them.

Di – “Fold your hands as you did a few minutes back”

Me – “ Come on. I need to hold it for support.”

Di – “No need. I will support your head as per the need.”

I made an angry face and folded my hands back. She placed her left hand over my folded arms to guard and moved her other hand below my head. She slowly lifted my head towards her. My nose touched her soft flesh and my member jerked up at that very touch.

A faint milky smell entered my nose and it was only heating me more. She slowly adjusted herself and then her nipple touched my lips. I couldn’t believe it initially. I tested it by pressing it between my lips. I could feel the tip which was getting harder as I pressed.

I got excited and latched onto it hungrily. Her nipple felt wet as it was leaking a bit already. There was a thick dried drop around her nipple. I licked it with my tongue to wipe it out. She shuddered at it. She brushed my hair behind my head and moved her fingers over my scalp gently.

It was so relaxing. It felt like I was in heaven. Her nipples were between my lips and her body close to mine. That feeling was so pleasant, nothing like I ever felt. I started sucking her nipple like juicy fruit. Slowly milk started flowing in. I wasn’t getting many drops of her milk but just faint traces of a thick liquid.

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But I had no complaint as I was least interested in the milk. All my concentration was on her breasts in my mouth. My lips squeezed her nipple and pulled it in as much as possible and her areola also moved inside. Her fingers just held my hair tightly.

Her other hand was over my folded arms and she was grazing my arms over there. I felt her flesh inside my mouth, with my lips and my tongue. The warm thick fluid and her pulpy flesh were driving me mad. All that felt like a dream.

My teeth encircled her nipple and just began biting them gently. Her fingers pulled my hair sharply and I could sense her jerking up.

Di – “Ouch. Mannu, keep your teeth away. It hurts”

I just shook my head with her breasts still inside my mouth. I moved my teeth away as she asked. But continued to feel her nipple and flesh with my lips and tongue. The fluid started becoming thin and slowly its flow reduced. I sucked harder assuming that it would draw more milk.

I didn’t get more milk but it increased her breath. I sensed it through her deep sighs. I moved my head more towards her busts and my face was crushed against it. Her fingers started moving all over my hair and started pulling it whenever my tongue touched her nipple.

I had to hold her other palm above my arms to control as her nails started digging my arms. Slowly, the flow stopped. It was just a few minutes since we started and I was worried it would end so quickly. So I pretended to draw her milk like earlier and sucked even harder.

Her fingers were trying to pull me but couldn’t. Probably my deep sucking was making it harder for her. I was happy that it didn’t get disrupted and my tongue licked around her nipple and her flesh. I took some flesh inside my mouth and squeezed it with my lips.

She breathed even harder and light moans escaped her mouth. It drew me crazy and I moved my lips upwards and started kissing her skin all over her breasts. She sensed what I was doing and she put some force this time and pulled my head all of a sudden.

I thought I crossed the line and she would stop now. I was already getting worried that it was over for me and she slowly lowered me and adjusted me against her other breast. I almost forgot it’s presence as I was so madly indulged in tasting the first one.

I was so happy after feeling her other breast. I realized that I could relish all the feelings I just had and I could repeat everything I just did. I moved closer again and kissed her breast. I passed my lips down, kissing the skin all the way. Her hard breathing continued.

But she held my head and moved it towards her nipple and her nipple crossed my lips. My lips attacked it as soon as they found it. I was welcomed with some warm fluid again and I gladly took it in. My forehead was occasionally being brushed by her other breast above and it only made it more exciting.

I increased my speed again and squeezed her nipple harder. She continued to put pressure over my arms with one hand and over my hair with the other. My cock was pushing my underwear and my shorts over it. It was leaking already. I could sense a pressure building deep inside it.

It wanted some rubbing and fondling very badly. But my arms were under her left arm which was busy in pricking and scratching both my arms. My movement would certainly disturb her. She might even stop what she is doing. So I controlled my inner desire to touch my cock till later.

I concentrated on the lovely moment I was gifted with rather than ruining it. Slowly the fluid started becoming thin but I continued sucking harder as much as possible. My tongue was surrounded by thick traces of milk. I continued to savor the taste of it without swallowing until it was filling my mouth.

It was easy to store it inside my mouth as the amount that I was taking in was very low. But the feeling I was able to get was amazing. The flow slowed down completely and soon stopped but I continued to suck her nipple and her flesh surrounding that.

I tasted the flavor of her milk leftover her nipples with my tongue. Her grab over my hair grew tighter. I kissed her flesh occasionally and again latched onto her nipple as I was worried she would stop me anytime. But she was only drawing me more towards her breasts.

I sensed some excitement inside her as well from the way she was breathing. So I became bold and started kissing more over her surrounding cushy parts of her nipple.

Di – “Mannu… Dear… Enough now.”

Her voice trembled as she spoke. But I wasn’t in a position to listen to her. I was at the peak of my excitement. I was so occupied in tasting her cozy organs.

Di – “Please, there is no milk, honey. No more. Please stop.”

My brain wasn’t working at that moment. All I wanted was a few more seconds of her busts in my mouth. I was licking and sucking it. I was kissing it all over. I was getting crazy. She held my face with both her palms and pushed me away swiftly.

I felt like I was pulled forcefully from heaven like I was woken up in the middle of a pleasant dream. My lips stopped moving but I had the sensation fresh in my mind. I waited for a moment and slowly gained my senses. I untied the kerchief and took it away from my eyes.

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She had her bra on already and was hooking it up. She was pulling her straps as she turned towards me. She blushed like a girl looking at her lover for the first time.

Di – “That was rude of me. Sorry about that.”

Me – “You did right, Di. I was getting out of control”

Di – “It was not just you.”

I looked at her and she nodded her head with her eyes closed.

Di – “I was getting carried away just as you were.”

Me – “Yes, Di. I have no words to express it. It felt amazing. This was the moment of my life.”

Di – “Don’t exaggerate it now.”

Me – “No really. But I would have been happier if I had my eyes and hands free.”

She hit on my shoulders.

Di – “No way. You were already so excited with both of them under control. I just can’t imagine what would have happened if they were free.” (laughing slowly)

I just bent my head in disappointment and she brushed my head.

Di – “Don’t be so sad. I just feel so shy and nervous about all this right now. I need some time.”

I looked at her and blinked in agreement. She started getting up, patting my shoulder.

Di – “Let me go back before someone wakes up”

Saying so she bent down giving a nice view of her cleavage again and kissed my forehead. She was about to get up and I held her face. She stayed bent and I moved over and placed my lips over her cheek.

Me – “Thanks for everything, Di.”

I was drawing back and she held my face this time. She placed her lips over mine and kissed for a few seconds.

Di – “Thanks to you, too”

Then she got up and moved back, moving her hip left and right. Her bums jiggled as her hips swayed and it was a loving sight to watch. I just laid my head back on the couch reminiscing all the events that occurred just a few seconds back. I couldn’t see it with my eyes but I could picture it.

I still had the milky smell and taste with me. My cock was hot and was jutting out. It needed my hands. I got up and moved over to the washroom to relieve myself. Mom was still asleep and Di wasn’t there on the bed yet. I wondered if she was relieving herself just as I intended to.

I heard the lock open and she came out of the washroom pushing the door away. She looked at me and shied away. She just gave way to me and moved out to the other side of the bed. I was still looking at her and she gestured at me asking me to move, hiding her smile behind her lips.

I laughed and moved inside the washroom and immediately lowered my shorts and my brief. I was welcomed with a pungent smell just like the one after I released my juices out. I wondered if Di relieved herself and the very thought of it triggered my cock again.

I placed my hands over my cock. It was already hard and I rubbed it a few times to make it harder. I wet my hands and poured a few drops of soap onto my palms and rubbed it again. Lather formed over my cock and my palms slid up and down as I rubbed it gently.

I closed my eyes and my cock started feeling heavier and stronger. My palms moved faster without any effort and I could feel so good. My cock jerked a few times and cum started shooting out onto the floor. I continued rubbing faster and my cock twitched in my hand as it shot more drops of my cum out.

Slowly it stopped and my cock went limp. But still, there was this sweet pain inside my cock. It wasn’t down even after I got that pumping out. I then took a leak and that was when the pain subsided. I washed and moved out. Di was lying on the bed by now but her eyes were open.

She looked at me and blushed again. I was feeling shy as well then. I walked out of the room and lied down on the couch. I drifted off to sleep soon after the tiring effort.

The next day, I went to work and returned home. As usual, Mom was beside Di inside the bedroom. I wished them both and looked at Di. She wished me and we talked for some time. But she was shy all the time.

Even at the dining table later in the evening, she spoke to me keeping her face down mostly and avoiding eye contact. It was like a new bride talking to her husband. Later, after dinner, again we moved back to our usual places to sleep. I was not sure if Di would come up today for suckling me.

I closed my eyes but could not sleep. I was hoping that she will turn up today as well. I waited for a long time but she didn’t turn up. I lied down and I closed my eyes. It was when I heard the bedroom door creaking again.

My head raised automatically and she was walking out slowly. She looked at me and found me awake.

Di – “Oh poor boy! Did I kept you awake for long?”

Me – “That’s ok. I won’t sleep so soon anyways.”

Di – “Mom was moving at times and she didn’t sleep soundly until now. I just couldn’t risk it.”

Me – “I understand, Di. No problems”

Di – “My sweet brother. I won’t make you wait anymore. Come to me. Lie down here my darling.”

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And she held my head, placing it gently over her lap. I closed my eyes and folded my hands. She pulled out her kerchief and placed it over my eyes and just tied its ends behind my head. She took a minute and held my head up and I reached for her nipple.

I caught her nipple as soon as it touched my lips. She trembled as soon as my lips circled her nipple. I started drawing the milk out sucking her nipple and areola gently as I then knew the trick from my first experience. She continued to brush my hair calmly and sighed deeply.

Thick warm drops of milk entered my mouth and filled in slowly. I twirled my tongue around the milk and savored the taste of it. As a result, my tongue used to touch her nipple now and then. I could get a few drops and then flow started to trickle already.

Her arms were busy holding and brushing my hair and my back. So I utilized this opportunity to free my arms around her. I held on to her with my palms over her shoulders to take more of her breasts into my mouth. I brushed her bare shoulders and arms with my fingers.

She allowed me to do so until my palms were moving within the boundaries but stopped my palms as soon as it moved further down towards her breasts. I respected her limits and moved my palms upwards towards her neck and brushed it leniently.

Her palm moved over my arm and caressed it gently as my fingers grazed her neck slowly. I continued to suck harder and I got a few more drops as a result. But the flow of milk slowed down further. I was confused but I continued to suck. She probably felt it.

I could sense her arm moving towards her breasts. I could feel light squeezes upon her breast as the flesh inside my mouth shrunk a bit as well due to her pressure. She continued to apply a bit of pressure but it only helped a few more drops out.

Soon her breast emptied and she adjusted my head towards her other breast. I started sucking from that nipple adjusting myself. I inhaled the milky smell that flourished around her nipple and my breath has become deeper. I licked her nipple and started drawing drops of milk again.

She sighed deeply and drew my head closer and helped me to take more of her breasts into my mouth. I moved my arms behind her and pulled her towards me. This helped the flow and I could draw a few thick drops as a result. I was caressing her bareback and her skin was so soft.

I was enthralled by that and I began crushing my face against her busts. But flow began trickling down again. I took her flesh inside my mouth and sucked harder. She tried to support squeezing again but both of our attempts were only successful for a few more seconds.

Soon there was no milk as I sucked harder. I pushed her chest onto me from behind, took more of her breasts, and tried harder. It only increased her moans but not the milk. She put some force over me to push me back. I thought it was the signal for the end of the pleasure for that night.

I tried moving my lips a few inches away from her breasts. But she held my head still not allowing me to move away. She just laid back on the couch’s armrest and pulled me over her and held on to me asking silently to continue what I was doing.

She must be tired after holding my head for long. So I moved over her and took her breasts back in my mouth. I didn’t expect her to continue suckling me even after her breasts emptied. But she was not ready to leave me, probably due to the faint pleasure she was feeling then.

I felt that from the way she was moaning slightly and the way her arms were moving over my body as I continued to engulf her breasts. So I continued sucking over her breasts. Her arms were stroking my back over my t-shirt and she left her guard over me completely.

I moved my arms over her back as well and caressed it gently. My arms were moving all over her back. They traveled over her shoulders, arms, and moved down to her sides. I could faintly touch the sides of her breasts as my palms moved under her arms.

She jerked whenever that happened. Our bodies were crushing against each other and our arms were moving all over each others’ bodies. We were just entering a dreamy world of our own and that was when we heard a noise inside the master bedroom.

My mouth quickly left her breasts and I drew back from her. She pushed me further. I untied the kerchief quickly as I sat back on the couch. As I took it away from my eyes, I could see her running towards the bedroom with her straps back in position and her bra in her hand.

This is the end of this part and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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