Mom After Mom -Season 2- Part 12 (They Are On Their Own)


Mom – “You both have caused disrespect to the family. Let me inform this to your dad.”

She went to call dad and I sat beside Di as she was wiping her tears.

Me – “Di… It’s ok… We will talk to him and he will probably withdraw this.”

Di – “It’s over Mannu. Things won’t work out even if we try to convince him. Let him get a new life rather than being in an unstable relationship with me.”

Me – “But I feel bad for him. We have cheated on him.”

Di – “We did. Unintentionally though, but we did cheat him. I will speak to him and probably ask him to forgive me for that. Hope we will at least part on good terms”

She picked her mobile up from the bed and started calling Jiju.

Di – “Hello… ”

A brief pause till Jiju responded.

Di – “I got the notice.”

“You are sure you want to part with me?”

“Yes, I agree. I did hurt you a lot. I understand your pain, but I didn’t mean to cheat you.”

“No. It ended up that way. But truly I didn’t. Things went out of my control and I messed everything up.”

Mom came in with Dad as Di continued to speak over the call.

Di – “Please… Don’t say anything to him. It was not his fault alone. He was trying to move away from us but we just couldn’t stay that way.”

“I understand your anger. But please don’t blame him for what happened. I lost control and fell and what could he do.”

As she started weeping again.

Di – “Even I did. I had a lot of expectations over the future. I was waiting for this baby just as you were.”

“I can’t make you believe it. But I can just say that I have no hatred towards you. I still love you. But I respect your decision and I admit it was my fault.”

“Yes, it won’t repair anything now. I know. But I just wanted you to know.”

“Fine. As you wish. I hope that you move on with your life and get married again. Hope this time she would be faithful unlike me,” wiping her tears as she hung up the call. I held her shoulder and consoled her.

Mom – “What else would he do? No guy would accept what you have done.”

Mom stood staring at us furiously. And after a few minutes, Dad arrived home and entered our bedroom fuming. He moved directly towards Di and slapped her at once.

Dad – “Look what you have done. I gave you so much freedom and love. More than any father and you just betrayed us.”

I held him and dragged him away from her. Di sat crying with her head down. Then he turned towards me and slapped me, once and then again. He hit me on my shoulders and arms as I stood straight.

Di got up and ran towards us, moving between me and Dad. He was about to hit me again and Di tried to block his hands. He held her hand with one and moved his hand to slap her instead of me. That is when I moved over and held both his hands with all my strength.

Me – “You have all rights to hit me. What happened was my fault. But please don’t hit her. She is dragged into this by me.”

He continued to put force to free his hand but couldn’t.

Mom – “Just leave them, dear. Just don’t lose your energy over them. They will suffer for their mistakes.”

Dad relaxed and I moved Di aside and left his hands. I made Di sit on the bed and brushed her head gently.

Dad – “Enough of the humiliation you brought us. We won’t be able to face society and all our relatives after this. Just get out of this house. Move now… You don’t deserve to stay with us”

Mom – “Yes, you both don’t deserve our love and all these amenities we have created for you.”

I was shocked at their reaction. I know they were hurt by our actions but is it that bad that they can’t let us stay with them. I was depressed, frustrated, and let down. I felt bad that our parents weren’t being supportive. But I convinced myself that they are just like any other parents and nobody would accept this.

So I packed some necessities and a few clothes for both of us in a backpack. I held her and lifted her face. She was still sobbing as I lifted and she held onto me once she got up. I started moving out with her.

We both moved out of the house but Mom and Dad didn’t even move out of the bedroom. I looked back at our house for one last time before I started moving out totally.

I took Di and went to a nearby hotel to stay for a day or two until we get a permanent stay. I took her inside the room and she sat on the bed quietly. Her eyes were red and her face looked pale after sobbing for a long time.

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I just quickly got fresh and asked her to get fresh as well. But she was still in the same position she was before. She was unable to digest all that happened one after the other. I went to her, wiped her face, and set her hair properly.

Me – “Di, look at me.”

She raised her head slowly and looked at me.

Me – “You know we didn’t do anything intentionally. Everything happened fast and we didn’t have many things in our control. Jiju is right in his view and our parents are right in theirs. But that doesn’t mean we are at fault completely. It would have been better if they looked at things from our view as well but it is fine. They are humans and they get surrendered to their emotions. Let’s just not focus on the past. Let’s just move on.”

She nodded silently.

Me – “Now just please get up and freshen up.”

She got up slowly and moved to the washroom. Meanwhile, I ordered food for us and looked for a house over the apps on my mobile. I checked the details of all the options available and shortlisted a few of them.

Meanwhile, Di came out after getting fresh and sat on the other bed. I passed her my mobile and asked her to select one of them. She was still gloomy. She just went through the pictures and passed the mobile to me.

Di – “No need for this. It is just a matter of a few weeks. I am not feeling good here in this city anymore. Let’s go out somewhere else. I feel like everyone who knows us is looking at us like culprits. I feel like they don’t respect us or value us the same as before.”

Me – “True.”

Di – “Let’s just quit our jobs here and while we serve notice, I will finish the divorce process. And then let’s go out to a place where no one would recognize us.”

Soon breakfast arrived. I arranged it on the table between our single cot beds. We started having it and she looked at me.

Di – “Come closer.”

I moved closer to her.

Di – “It has become red here and it has swollen a bit too.” (pointing at the skin below my t-shirt sleeves)

Di – “He hit you like you were some animal. No mercy at all.” (brushing my skin over the rashes)

Me – “He hit you as well. He never even scolded you in his whole life.”

Di – “He didn’t hit you even till all this started. They loved us a lot and now they hate us to the same extent. It is weird how things change so quickly.”

Me – “One thing didn’t change for sure. My love towards you and yours towards me.”

She smiled affectionately and fed me the bread slice she had in her hand. I had a bite and then fed her the one I held. We finished breakfast feeding each other that way and just sat back on the bed. I was moving over to my bed and she held my hand and dragged me gently over to her bed.

She brushed my hair over my ears and she moved forward to my lips and placed a gentle kiss. She placed her head over my shoulder. I gently rubbed her head and we sat that way. Di was tired after crying for long and so her eyes were closing.

I just let her lie on the bed, placing her head on the pillow. I was getting up and she held my hand again.

Di – “Just stay with me.”

She made room for me and patted on the space beside her. I just obeyed her and lied down on the bed. She placed her head on my chest and held me tightly. I let her lie that way and I placed my right palm over her face and cleared her hair. I was caressing her cheeks gently and she closed her eyes.

I even felt exhausted from the incidents that occurred that morning. I lied down that way with her. I woke up an hour later and rubbed the sleep off my eyes. She was already awake but she continued to hold onto me as she was.

Me – “You are up already?”

Di – “Hmmm,” (holding onto me more tightly)

Me – “What do you want to have for lunch?”

Di – “I am not hungry. Just let me stay in your hug for some more time.”

I lifted her head and looked at her eyes.

Me – “I am not going anywhere, Di. You can hug me all day and night. Nobody will stop us.”

Di – “That is the only thing comforting me now.”

She didn’t leave me from her embrace and so I continued to lie down with her that way for a few minutes.

Di – “Are you hungry?”

Me – “Not much.”

Di – “If you want, you can go ahead and order for yourself.”

Me – “It’s ok, Di. We will have it once you feel hungry.”

Di – “But you have to stay hungry till that time.”

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Me – “That’s fine, Di. I can manage.”

Di – “No. I won’t let my baby stay hungry that way.” (moving away from me)

She moved her hands towards her shirt and started removing her buttons over her nightshirt and looked at me.

Di – “Hope this will fill your stomach until then.”

Saying so, she pulled her breast out of her bra and held my head to pull me towards her breast.

Me – “No kerchief?”

Di – “No need for that now. It’s alright.”

I was startled but delighted. She was fine with me looking at her breasts. It excited me. With the same excitement, I moved down and adjusted myself towards her breasts.

I properly looked at her breasts from that distance and captured it in my mind. She smiled lovingly at me and I moved closer and pulled her nipple into my lips.

Di – “Don’t forget to stimulate it.”

I nodded and moved my palms over her exposed breast and started pressing them gently. I sucked her nipple and squeezed her flesh. Fresh drops of milk flowed in my mouth and I took it all. Her palms were moving over my head gently, brushing my hair.

I enjoyed those feels, the sucking of her breasts, her gentle caresses. My hands were busy stimulating her breasts, gently mashing her breasts, licking and pulling her nipple with my tongue and lips. Her response to that was a deep moan and a tight grasp on my hair.

Slowly my right palm moved to her left breast which was free, kneading it roughly. She entertained it. She moved her hands inside her shirt and pulled her breast out of her bra. It wasn’t out of her shirt yet but I was pleased with that. I moved my palm all over her free breast and started caressing it over her shirt.

Her nipple slowly started poking out of her shirt and was tilting around as my fingers moved over it. Each palm of mine focussed on one of those lovely soft creations, rolling them and crushing them. Slowly my excitement crept up and my squeezes turned rougher a bit.

At once I inserted my hand inside her shirt and pulled her free breast out. I couldn’t observe her reaction to that but I was sure she was fine with it. I touched her bare breast and her flesh crumbled under my palms. My fingers moved to the tip and squeezed it.

Few drops started coming out of her tip and wet my fingers. I didn’t want to waste that and hence moved onto my right to grab her left breast into my mouth. Her right breast was halfway done and I knew it would hold for a few minutes until I finished some of the fresh milk out of her left breast.

I continued to do my duty over her right breast with my left palm. I fondled with the base and massaged it gently while my fingers curled the nipple. Her fingers grabbed my hair and caressed my back causing goosebumps all over my skin.

She pulled me onto her, our bodies touching each other. My chest brushed her flat belly over her shirt and belly moved over her upper thighs. My legs lost control and started to go on top of hers. But she only grazed her arm all over my leg lovingly.

Her fingers over the smooth cotton cloth of my pants soothed me. My mouth took more of her flesh due to the excitement and sucked her milk greedily.

Di – “Oh dear! Aah, slow down. My milk is all yours, baby.”

I just calmed down a bit but licked her nipple and areola, cleaning the spurted out milk drops over there. Soon a few drops started moving out of her right breast. I left her left breast and pulled her right nipple back into my mouth. I sucked the milk without wasting a single drop.

I knew those drops were precious. My cock started bulging out and I moved my crotch slightly farther from her thighs. But her left palm, which was grazing my leg up to my thigh pulled me closer at once without any warning. My cock touched her thighs and her face seemed to turn down.

I didn’t notice her expression. Although I knew she was surprised. But she didn’t say anything. So I rested my cock lightly hoping that it would return to normal. But it was far from achievable as the situation was growing intense and exciting.

Our bodies generated heat as they brushed against each other. Her palms moved all over my hair, back and moved down to my bums and legs. Her loving soft caresses melted me and I occasionally thrust my hard cock onto her thighs.

Her inner thighs were closed but my cock slid up. She moved back a bit and I was worried I had crossed the line. But she let me continue. I finished the rest of her milk in her right breast and toyed with her nipple, licking and kissing it to my heart’s content.

Di – “Come to this one, dear. That is done now.” (pointing at her left breast)

In response, I tried harder to extract some more milk from the right one instead. I used both my palms and clasped it and my lips took her areola and flesh inside my mouth. Few drops spurted out as a result but soon the trickle stopped as well. I moved onto her left breast back, nibbling her nipple with my lips.

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Though her right breast needed no more stimulation, my left palm didn’t leave it. It continued to rub and squeeze her breast, spreading my saliva around her areola. My lips and tongue sucked her left nipple and the right palm crushed her base.

A thin stream of milk gushed into my mouth as soon as I did it. My feelings were high at that moment. I started kissing her flesh lustily, moving my lips all over her areola.

She tapped my back and rubbed it to relax me. It was hard for me to control at that point. My cock unintentionally rubbed against her inner thighs, moving up and down slightly, causing discomfort to me.

The drops of milk slowed down and soon that thin stream turned into a constant flow of drops. I pressed her breast harder and crushed my face against it.

Di – “Oh! My goodness!”

Soon her left breast was empty as well but I wasn’t willing to leave it. My cock turned strong like never before and it needed a release. My lower back moved against her thighs by itself. She was moving back to avoid that and my body was moving towards her synchronously.

She pushed me with force and I moved back. Our eyes locked together and my cock was jutting out within my pants, tall and strong. She looked down at it and turned towards my face. I couldn’t help but look at her eyes lustfully.

Di – “Go on. Move to the washroom and relieve yourself.”

But I did not move. I continued to look at her needfully.

Di – “What!”

Me – “Please, Di.”

Di – “What is on your mind?”

Me – “I can’t wait till that. Please help me.”

Di – “What are you expecting from me?”

I bent my head down.

Di – “You want to relieve here? On the bed?”

Me – “If you don’t mind”

Di – “Oh dear. It will get dirty. Control yourself for a minute and go to the washroom.”

Me – “I want to stay with you while that happens.”

I looked at her breasts and her face back again. She understood my intention and looked at me again. She got up and moved over to the desk beside her. She opened her drawers and finally pulled a cloth from it.

Di – “Here. Cover your… there with this…” (pointing at my cock)

I quickly inserted my hand inside my pants and stuffed that cloth with my cock. I looked at her back.

Me – “Can I?”

She pulled me back towards her and I latched onto her breast. I used my one palm to brush the cloth tightly against my cock and hungrily sucked her breast. I kissed her flesh, licked, and sucked every area of her pulpy organs. Her palm pulled my hair tightly and pressed my head onto her breasts.

Her nails were scratching my back as her palm moved all over it. I switched between her tits, smooching them. I moved to her cleavage and kissed there. My hands never left her bases. They pinched and rolled her nipple tips whichever were free.

My cock was experiencing rough caresses from the cloth and the taste of her melons up there added fuel to it. I could feel the pumping and my cock trembled against the cloth. Suddenly my cock muscles contracted and I could feel the hot cum moving up to the tip.

My cock jerked and spurted out thick drops of my cum as the cloth collected. My cock was jerking up even after releasing all of it and I had to stop it forcefully with the cloth. My face lied on her breasts and I had no energy to move it up.

I gathered my senses after a few minutes and I looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was relaxed. Her hands moved out of her pajamas with another cloth that seemed to be wet at specific spots.

I was pleasantly surprised. She opened her eyes and blushed to look at me, hiding the cloth behind her.

This is the end of this season. I hope you liked this and the next season will be coming soon with more action. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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