Mom After Mom -Season 2- Part 7 (Journey Towards Intimacy)


I slowly moved towards the room and she was already in. I hesitated to enter the room initially but entered after a few minutes.

I slowly went to my bed and she was sitting on her bed, resting her back on the wall, holding her mobile. She looked at me. Our looks were not the same as earlier, after what happened. Our conversation earlier changed everything. The intimacy increased. There was this weird shyness inside both of us.

Me – “Do you need light on?”

Di – “No. You can switch it off.”

I switched off the light and put on the bed lamp and lied down. I was not getting sleep as I slept well in the evening. I was moving around, to my left, lying on my back and then turning to my right. But I was not able to sleep. Then finally I lied on my back and was thinking.

Di – “Unable to sleep?”

I turned towards her and she was looking at me.

Me – “Yeah, I slept in the evening right.’”

Di – “Yeah. You slept like a log. It took a couple of minutes to wake you up. I must have hit you ten times before you opened your eyes finally.”

Me – “Hahaha I was just a bit tired.”

Di – “Tired! I thought you must be relaxed then.” (with a sly smile)

Me – “Come on, Di.”

Saying so, I got up and laid my back on the bed rest. I was embarrassed and she was laughing making faces. She does look so cute when she does that. My eyes adjusted to the dim light by now and I was able to see her sweet face in that faint light. I continued watching her without realizing she was also looking at me.

Di – “What! You started again?”

I lowered my eyes and smiled shyly.

Me – “It’s just that…”

Di – “Just that?”

Me – “It was just fun to look at you while you make faces.”

Di – “Really? (with her eyebrows raised) Fine fine. Let’s say you are right now. But you were staring at me at dinner as well!” (with her usual suspicious eyes)

Me – “No no, I wasn’t staring. I was thinking about something.”

Di – “Is it. What were you thinking so deeply then?”

Me – “That was about what Mom told. I was just recollecting our childhood, how we used to play”

Di – “Not we! It was me who used to play with you. You kept running to your friends”

Me – “Ok ok. I stand corrected”

She smiled and looked at me.

Di – “You were so cute. Just tiny feet and arms, healthy and chubby cheeks. I used to pinch them all the time.”

Me – “Now I know why they have become so flat now.”

She laughed and I joined her.

Di – “Look at you now. You have become so thin and tall.”

Me – “So you’re saying that I am not cute now”

Di – “You are baba. You were just cuter when you were young.”

Me – “But you are cuter now.”

Di – “Is it?”

Me – “Yes.”

Di – “That is because you didn’t get to see me when I was young.”

Me – “No. I saw your pics. You were cute then. But you are cuter now. Sharp nose, lovely eyes, fair bubbly cheeks with dimples, red lips, and those…”

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Di – “Enough enough. I believe you.”

Her words made me realize that I was just starting to get carried away. I looked at her and she was blushing. I wanted to utilize this opportunity to take our relationship forward. I continued our conversation.

Me – “I only remember me playing with you. (and she looked at me questioning) Ok I mean, you play with me when I was around five years old. I don’t remember what happened before that. How did you play with me when I was younger than that.”

Di – “I think Mom already told that”

Me – “Of course she did. But I wanted to know it in detail”

She started to think, remembering those events for a while.

Di – “Hmmm, I was like most other girls. I was pretending to be your mother and used to take care of you as if you were my child. I used to pretend to change your nappies. I used to hold you and sing rhymes from school to put you to sleep. I used to hold you and pretend to feed you cereal.”

Involuntarily, my mind started imagining that scene. It felt so cute. Slowly my imagination flowed down to our current ages. It was not cuter anymore. It was a strange sensual feeling.

Di – “Uhhh. Come out now. Out of your imagination.”

I quickly snapped back to reality and looked at her. She was already looking at me with fake disgust on her face.

Di – “Tell me one thing. Do you always think about this?”

Me – “Not always. Not until some time.”

Di – “Until some time. So what started these thoughts in you?”

Me – “ It’s hard to put it out”

Di – “It’s hard to put it out. Really! But good to watch?”

I looked at her questioningly.

Di – “I know what you used to do back then, before my marriage. Even I knew what you were doing when I woke you up before dinner today.”

It was my turn to blush. I looked down at the floor.

Di – “Now tell me. What triggered those thoughts in your mind? I have a faint idea about it while it was going on. But I could not get the point where it started even after thinking about it so much.”

Me – “It was that evening.”

Di – “Which evening?”

Me – “That evening during my first exam in the final year. You brought me a cup of tea.”

She thought for a moment.

Di – “Oh, was it when I hit you?”

Me – “Yes. You were bent and your top lowered down and…”

Di – “Shameless.” (stopping me in between)

Me – “You were the one who asked me to tell you.”

Di – “It wasn’t because you told this now. It was because you saw it then.”

Me – “You know right… It is hard to get diverted”

Di – “Right right. I know.”

She kept silent for a moment and then suddenly got up in excitement.

Di – “Hey now it struck me. So that must be you which made the noise at the window the other day.”

I just nodded silently with my head pointing down.

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Di – “You didn’t get scared. What if someone had seen you. What if I had found you?”

Me – “I wasn’t able to think of all that, then. I just wanted to have a look somehow and nothing else came to my mind then.”

Di – “What is there to be so desperate?”

Me – “It is just curiosity.”

Di – “Curious it seems… Somebody could have caught you and then it would have been big news.” (with a sarcastic laugh)

Me – “But they didn’t, right?”

Di – “Yeah they didn’t. So were you successful then?”

Me – “No. The window distorted the view. So I tried to open it and that was when you were alerted.”

Di – “Thank god. Did you try it anytime later?”

Me – “Nope. Thereafter, fear dominated that feeling and I stopped”

Di – “Great. At least you used your brain then.”

Me – “I use it all the time but feelings dominate sometimes”

Di – “You and your feelings. You were even making advances in the theatre, out in the public.”

Me – “You knew it then?”

Di – “Women know everything. And the way you were doing it, even a dumb woman would come to know. I was so scared and upset.”

Me – “What about now?” (slowly raising my head and turning towards her)

Di – “Just shut up.” (she blushed and threw a pillow at me)

Me – “You remember the day we had this fight the other day?”

Di – “Which fight?”

Me – “With pillows? On the couch?”

Di – “Yes… That was so embarrassing then.”

I just looked at her with a mischievous smile with my eyebrows raised.

Di – “And even now… Happy? Stupid.” (looking at me with fake anger)

Me – “Only embarrassed. Not angry?”

Di – “It happened all of a sudden and you wouldn’t know. It was just an accident.”

Me – “Right… What if it happens again… not as an accident”

Di – “You have become so shameless. Just sleep now.”

Me – “I am not getting sleep, Di.”

Di – “So what? Shall I hold you and sing a lullaby for you!” (with a cute angry face)

Me – “Not a bad idea.”

Di – “Shut up.”

Me – “You used to do that when I was young. Why not now?”

Di – “Now! You have grown up and have become naughty.”

Me – “What if I say I won’t be naughty. I would be silent just as I was as a child”

She started thinking.

Di – “You are not serious. Are you?”

Me – “I am.”

Di – “I don’t know. It feels so weird”

Me – “Ok, I will try to sleep myself.” (with a sad face)

Di – “Fine fine. Don’t cry now. But promise me you won’t do anything inappropriate.”

Me – “Promise.”

She adjusted herself and laid her legs straight, across her bed, resting her back on the wall, near the headrest. She patted the bed beside her. I moved towards her and sat on the bed beside her. She held my shoulders and made me lie, with my head on her thighs gently and my body occupied the rest of the bed down.

The moment my head touched her thighs, my mind started relaxing. Her soft fleshy thighs were better than the pillows. My eyes got closed by itself and she slowly started singing. I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet, but her voice started soothing me.

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Her soft voice reached my ears as she brushed my head gently, curling her fingers in my hair occasionally. She patted her other hand on my chest gently, trying to put me to sleep. It was a while and I just opened my eyes again to watch her lovely face as she sang the song.

But something else came in front of my eyes. Her breasts were moving up and down slowly, rhythmically as she was raising or lowering the notes. My eyes moved towards it effortlessly and I slightly turned towards her. My eyeballs were moving in sync with her breasts.

I felt their size increased to some extent after I last met her. Probably it was the result of their lovemaking. I felt jealous of jiju thinking of how he felt those breasts for himself. How he must have squeezed them, pressed them, touched them. He must have sucked them as well just like a baby would suck milk from them.

Di – “Mannu.”

I just got alerted and looked at her with worry. Though I knew that she knew my feelings, I knew my direct stares would cause her discomfort.

Me – “Sorry Di…” (I said without waiting for her)

Di – “What is so interesting there that you guys keep looking at it all the time?”

Me – “I don’t know. It just looks so lovely and amazing.”

Di – “What is so amazing in that?”

Me – “The shape… You know… The curves… its softness”

Di – “Softness? Did you feel it already? I thought you stayed away from your girlfriends.” (with a strange surprised look)

Me – “No Di… Come on… I just heard it here and there.”

Di – “So you never touched them?”

Me – “No Di.”

Di – “What about the pillow fight and the other night after the movie.”

Me – “Yeah that was there. But those were just accidental.”

Di – “But you felt them right?”

Me – “Yes I agree. But it wasn’t enough to know for sure”

Di – “You are just sick…”

Saying so, she moved ahead to hit me and I hid towards her belly. She saw that and tried to stop herself. But it was too late and her voluptuous breasts just landed over my face.

This is the end of this part and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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