Mom After Mom -Season 3- Part 1 (A New Start)


The rest of the day passed quickly and we moved to our offices the next day. We quit our jobs as we decided. Di’s notice period was one month and mine was two. I picked her from her office and we moved to our hotel room after having dinner.

Di – “I talked to the lawyer and he says that the divorce process would be done in a matter of two weeks since we both agreed to get separated. But my notice period is a month.”

Me – “Mine is two months. But it doesn’t matter. We can buy it out. We can move out from here as soon as you want to.”

Di – “That is true. What else do we have here?”

She bent her head down with her teary eyes. I moved towards her and lifted her face. I wiped her tears and caressed her cheek.

Me – “Enough of the hurdles we faced. I promise that all you will face now is happiness. I won’t let anyone ruin that.”

Di – “I know dear. You are the only one who loves me now.”

I kissed her forehead.

Di – “Can you kiss me on my eyes again? I love that feeling.”

I moved towards her again and placed my lips on her eyes, kissing her left eye first and then her right eye.

Di – “ Full of your love and affection. Feels so good.”

Saying so she moved up and held my face, kissing my eyes. I felt her tender and cold lips on my eyes and it was soothing. It was needed at that moment after what we went through. We changed and laid down on our beds and I turned towards her.

She changed into one of her modest night suits. But her shirt had raised at her waist as her chest raised it along. I could see that it was stuck to her body and her nipples were poking out of her shirt. I could see a wet spot around her nipple as well and that made her shirt transparent.

Me – “Di… ”

She looked at me and I pointed at her poking nipples. She looked at it and blushed a little.

Me – “I have already seen them naked. What is the point of being shy again!”

Di – “Shut up! That doesn’t mean you stare at them all the time.” (she blushed more and covered her nipples with her hands)

Me – “They are leaking.”

Di – “Yes they are. They were leaking since evening. It is just visible now.” (looking at me shyly)

Me – “I don’t understand. Why didn’t I notice it earlier?”

Di – “Because I was wearing my inner stupid.”

Me – “What!”

I was surprised that she was so open to me this time. She was talking about her inners with me.

Di – “I know you understood it. Don’t ask me again”

Me – “Alright… But why didn’t you call me if they were leaking? I could have emptied it. We should not waste it that way”

Di – “So much concern. Just say that you want to feel them.” (looking at her breasts)

Me – “That is how you understood me? Really! Do you think I don’t care for you?”

Di – “You do baba. I was just teasing you.”

I knew it but I continued to pretend. I looked away from her pretending to be disappointed.

Di – “I told you I was not serious. Look at me now.”

I looked at her with fake anger. She got up and moved towards me. She held my head.

Di – “My Chweet Mannu… Won’t you talk to me even?” pinching my cheeks.

I removed her hands and she hugged me onto her chest. My head rested on her soft melons and I melted instantly. I encircled my arms around her and pulled her closer.

Di – “Hmm… Done with your anger? Can you help me in finishing the milk here”

I nodded and she sat on my bed, leaning on the headrest. She opened her arms and looked at me lovingly. I lied down and she placed my head gently over her thighs.

Di – “If you get excited, just go to the washroom. Don’t do it here. You are making all the clothes dirty.”

Me – “It wasn’t just me who made the clothes dirty.”

Di – “You have become so naughty.” (hitting me on my chest)

I even hit her on her chest, shaking her breasts a little.

Di – “Huh! (sighing deeply in shock) Did you just?”

Me – “What’s so shocking in that?”

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Di – “How could you hit me there?”

Me – “Just like you hit me here.”

Pointing at her hands, which were still lying on my chest. She immediately removed her hands. But a moment later, she again moved them to hit me back at my chest a few more times in her annoyance. I responded with a few more hits at her chest. Her breasts jiggled more.

Her eyes grew bigger again with shock. She hit again harder. I was about to do the same to her but she stopped my hands this time.

Di – “Enough… You can’t hit me… You can’t touch… there…” (she made her voice serious)

Me – “But you did? What is the difference? And I did touch them earlier. Remember?”

Di – “My chest is not the same as yours and the time you touched them is different.”

Me – “Tell me how.”

Di – “See how naughty you have become.” (moving my hands farther)

Me – “I need to stimulate them right.” (smirking at her)

I started placing my palms on her breasts. I did not go to the stimulation straight away. I wanted to enjoy that touch more. So I held the base and slightly shook them.

I rotated my palms all over her breasts, being careful not to touch her nipples. Her nylon shirt formed wrinkles as my fingers disturbed them. I rubbed her flesh with my thumb feeling her softness.

Di – “Hey! What are you doing! It is tickling me.”

I drew my fingers all around her nipple and pressed lightly, just enough to feel her softness. I caressed her flesh gently with all my fingers. I repeated it for some time.

Then I moved slowly towards her nipple and hovered my thumb over the tip, wiping her leaking drops. Her fingers just held the bedsheet tightly. Her nipple started becoming erect and I can feel the goosebumps on her skin.

Di – “Just squeeze the base. Nothing more.” (unbuttoning her shirt slowly)

I took my hands off to lick those drops as she undid her top two buttons and her shirt started sliding down. I placed my fingers back on her skin as they turned bare.

Slowly her both breasts were uncovered and my palms encircled them back gently. It has just been a day since I emptied her breasts and hence her busts were not full.

I tried squeezing her flesh slightly and drops started seeping out and I immediately licked them with my lips. First from her left one and then off her right one.

Me – “Looks like there is no need for stimulation today.” (moving on to her left nipple back)

Di – “Just finish some milk first and then do it.” (lying down on the bed)

I followed her words and started sucking the nipple lying down along with her. I brought my other hand to the same breast and pressed her flesh from both sides. It helped the flow and my mouth was filled with her milk. I tickled her nipple with my tongue and she moaned sweetly.

Di – “I said. No tickling.” (jerking slightly)

I knew she liked it and continued to probe her nipple with my tongue. She moved her head sideways and held my t-shirt tightly. I covered her areola and flesh with my mouth and licked all over with my tongue. Her nipple continued to secrete milk drops beneath it.

I gulped the milk I collected for some time and sucked for more. My fingers squashed her flesh and more milk started to flow. Her left breast felt light as some of its weight moved out. I held onto her breast and scooped her flesh with my mouth.

Her flow started slowing down and I sucked harder to finish it. My squeezes turned harder and my lips pressed her flesh with force. Few drops continued to dribble and her breast emptied soon. I moved onto her right breast. I kept my lips on her nipple and it already started dripping drops of her milk.

I swallowed those drops and started sucking her nipple. Not much force was needed on her full breast as it pumped milk with a mere gentle squeeze from my lips. I was overjoyed with a slight increase in the flow when compared to the thin stream I was able to get a few days back.

My tongue flickered over her nipple and areola and she shuddered at every such touch. I widened my lips to take more of her flesh and I gulped the stream of milk as soon as it entered my mouth.

My cock was already burning with fire and the occasional touch of her thighs over my crotch inflamed it. I waited for the milk to finish so that I could use my hands to please it. Our legs brushed as we moved in pleasure. Our feet touched and toes squabbled over that rapture.

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My lips and tongue twiddled her nipple and flesh and drew more drops of her milk as the stream turned to a trickle. My fingers pressed the base for more and soon the drops stopped coming out totally.

I moved my right hand off her breast and moved it down towards my cock and started meddling with it. It was already stronger and it turned rigid as my fingers moved up and down over the shaft.

I continued to suck her right tit for some time and moved to her left one back. But she sensed my hand down as her thighs touched and she pushed me back instantly.

Di – “No. Don’t make this a habit. Go to the washroom.”

Me – “Di, I need your help.” (looking at her breasts)

Di – “No, It would stain the clothes. Be a good boy and relieve inside the washroom.”

Me – “Why do you worry about the clothes? I feel good when I relieve feeling them. Please let me do it.”

Di – “It’s not about the clothes idiot. The staff would think there is something between us if they find out these stains.”

Me – “There is indeed something between us. (looking at my cock) And it needs a release”

She started hitting me playfully again. I reluctantly got up from the bed and started walking towards the washroom.

Di – “Clean it properly. I need to use the washroom later.” (hiding the blush on her face)

I laughed and moved inside the washroom. I held my cock and pulled it out. I rubbed it moving my fingers all over it. But I was disappointed due to the lack of the feel of her breasts. I just compromised with the imagination and reverberated the scenes that occurred a few minutes back.

It helped but it wasn’t sufficient. I helped myself with the body gel. The lather helped my palms slip easily and the imagination played its part. My palm enveloped it and slid up and down over the skin. My body responded as my cock generated waves of pleasure from within.

I continued to fondle it and soon it turned hot. The muscles were tightened and my cock stood straight to its full length. I could feel the warm fluid moving to the head and it ejected thick shots of my cum out. I cleaned myself and moved out after making sure I didn’t leave any traces as she asked for.

Di – “Here you come. How long should I wait?” (she crossed me and moved inside the washroom)

The following days continued the same way. She did let me enjoy her breasts sucking her milk and more but she wasn’t allowing me to masturbate in bed. It was fine at first, but soon it took longer to release my pressure. She took longer in the washroom after me. But I had no option and hence I used to manage it.

The divorce process ended in a couple of weeks as Di agreed to it. We finished the paperwork and we settled with our offices about our notice periods and immediately moved to a new city.

We stayed in a hotel and started searching for flats but that hunt was not as easy as we assumed. There were many restrictions which did not fit us. We finally found a flat and we liked it. We started talking to the landlord who was an elderly lady in her 30s.

Me – “Hi mam, I am Manas and she is Madhu. We recently moved here and we’re looking for apartments. The security guy showed us the neighboring one of yours and we wanted to talk about that.”

Lady – “So did you like the apartment?”

Me – “Yes, we liked it. How much is the rent?”

Lady – “It is 25000.”

We looked at each other in awe. She tried to explain the reason for the high price after looking at our unconvinced faces.

Lady – “It is a furnished flat. My brother-in-law owns that flat but he moved abroad leaving all his belongings here. You are free to use them”

Me – “That’s good, mam.”

Lady – “So you both are…?” (looking at us questioningly

Me – “She is my wi…”

Di – “Sister. I am his sister.” (stopping me in between)

Lady – “That’s nice. But what about your parents?”

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Di – “Dad has a business in our hometown but we both got better career opportunities here. So we moved here.”

Lady – “Oh I see! Fine. The flat is empty now and you can move immediately.”

We nodded and paid her the advance amount. We moved back to our hotel to get our lightly filled backpacks with us.

Me – “Why did you reveal to her that you were my sister?”

Di – “Else what? Should we have lied to her that we are a couple?”

Me – “Yes it was more convenient for us.”

Di – “The lady looked strict. Most of them look for families and not unmarried couples.”

Me – “We would have said that we are married in that case.”

Di – “What if they ask for some proof. Moreover, I am 5 years elder to you and people find it hard to believe us for a couple”

Me – “ I didn’t think about that.”

We got our belongings and moved in immediately. We started arranging everything as we needed and all this stuff kept us occupied. Though it was a furnished flat, it took three to four days to buy the rest of the stuff we needed and we gradually moved out of the past during that course.

Meanwhile, we had applied for our new jobs and she got selected for one in the same week. She was asked to join immediately as we were no longer serving notice periods. So she agreed to join at the start of the following week.

We were in a great mood that weekend. She was happy as well. We were about to start fresh. Not just our career but our new life. So after lunch, we started playing with ourselves, teasing and bantering with each other like old times. She was in her sleeveless purple cotton top.

I got into the mood and started touching her, pinching her free arms and caressing them at times. She looked at me in surprise and pushed my hands away. But I moved closer and started touching her again. This time I moved my left palm over her waist and brushed her skin over her cotton top.

She hit me on my palm and I pulled it away. I looked at her breasts.

Me – “Hey don’t you need to empty your milk”

Di – “Aaha! Mischievous. No need.”

Me – “But I finished it only the other night and it has been two days after that. Your breasts must be full.”

Di – “You are right, but not now. We will do it in the night.”

Me – “But Di…” (I started placing my hands on her breast and pressed it)

Di – “Stop it. You are becoming desperate these days. Can’t you just wait till the night?” (moving my palm off her breast)

Me – “But we have a lot of hours till the night.” looking at her in disappointment as my palm moved up and pressed her breast again.

Di – “Oh dear! Somebody might see.” (holding my hand away from her breast)

Me – “Who is going to come at this time! Come on.” (and started pressing her both breasts together)

Di – “Aah! Wait.” (holding my arms nervously)

I continued to press a few more times.

Di – “Mannu. Don’t. You are wetting my inner”

Me – “Then let me suck na, Di. Those drops shouldn’t be wasted.”

Saying so I moved my hands towards her buttons and started unbuttoning it. She was stopping my fingers and then there was a knock on our door.

Di – “See, I told you somebody might come. Now just go and check.” (in a low voice, setting her top right)

I moved to the door and opened it to find a young bright lady with a box of sweets in her hand.

This is the end of this episode and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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