Mom After Mom -Season 3- Part 3 (An Unwanted Attention)


We got fresh and started. We sat in Shweta’s car and Di started driving. I was left alone in the back seat and they were chatting all the way. I wanted to join their conversation but their chat was all about jewelry and dresses, which was off-topic for me. So I sat silently.

Shweta used to have a peek at me occasionally and sometime later she pulled me into the conversation as well.

Shweta – “If you ask me to choose one, short sleeves are the best I feel. What do you think of Manas?”

Me – “Hmm. I have zero ideas about this. I better stay out of it.”

Shweta – “If you say so. (and she paused for a while) But how will you manage when you need to buy one for your girlfriend.” (hiding her smile behind her lips)

Me – “My girlfriend will be pretty in anything. Easy for me.” (looking at Di’s reflection in the rearview mirror.)

Di blushed as Shweta looked at me surprisingly.

Shweta – “So you have a girlfriend then?”

Me – “Hmm. Ahem. I mean I was just answering about the future.” (trying to repair the damage)

Shweta – “Really. I don’t think so.”

Di – “Trust me. I would know if he has one.”

She smiled and turned away. Soon we reached the mall and we roamed all around the outlets. They bought a few dresses and we had lunch.

Shweta – “How about a movie?”

Di – “Are you sure?”

Shweta – “Why not? I already ruined the first half of your day. Let me cover for the second.”

We agreed and moved towards the theatre. We decided on the movie and I was heading for the counter when she pulled my hand and stopped me.

Shweta – “This is on me.” (as she moved ahead crossing me)

Di looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. We moved inside the auditorium and sat beside each other. I was on the left end. Di beside me and Shweta following her. Lights were off and the movie started.

I remembered our day back at the theatre. I decided I will recreate it hoping she would not mind this time. Di was in her casual top with a short loose hem. There was a cover on her midriff but a lot of room for my hands to play.

I reclined a bit and slipped my hands slowly beside the armrest. I moved my palm slowly towards her and touched her top. She sensed it and reclined back to unhide me and put me in trouble. I pinched her waist as a result and she jerked.

Her seat moved back up as a result but she tried to recline again. I pinched her again and she stopped. I could see she was annoyed but she didn’t look at me as she didn’t want Shweta to get suspicious about us.

I cashed upon that and started brushing my fingers on her waist. I dragged my fingers all over her skin over her top without looking at her. I knew the traces of her skin by then and so I moved my fingers over her with ease over that silky top. She was trying hard not to move throughout.

I held her hem and moved my fingers inside her top from her left. I touched her bare belly and grazed her skin. Her smooth and silky skin excited me. My fingers tickled her and I can see her trying hard not to react to it.

I knew it was risky as Shweta had that in her view. So I left her belly and moved my fingers upwards slowly from her left. I felt her bra on the side and she rested her back on the armrest arresting my fingers. I struggled to move my fingers and she was hiding her smile.

I tried hard but couldn’t get them out. A couple of fingers and my thumb were free. So I used those two fingers to caress her bulge over her bra slightly. She twitched at it and warned me with her right hand secretly.

But I ignored her warnings and pressed onto her flesh again. She sighed and pressed her elbow to hold my fingers still. As a result, her flesh pressed onto my fingers more and my fingers were pleased with it.

I wanted more and so I tried to use some force to get them out but I couldn’t. I managed to bend my palm and used my thumb to reach her armpit. I started tickling her and she was trying to stop me by pressing her elbow tight over my fingers.

But she couldn’t stop the tickling sensation my fingers gave her with all that hassle. So she finally released my palm free and I grabbed onto her breast immediately.

I held it with pressure initially, out of the hurry and I could see her discomfort on her face. I released it at once and pressed gently to soothe her. She relaxed a bit and I continued to press her soft flesh calmly.

She was worried about Shweta but she had nothing to do. She kept calm and unwillingly allowed my actions. I pressed her breasts from both sides again and again. She slowly started to enjoy it and I felt her eyes close out of pleasure.

I moved my fingers over her skin and found her peak. The bra’s cloth was thicker around there but I could still feel her tip reacting to my touch. I circled around her nipple and her nipple slowly started standing out. I twirled her nipple and she shut her lips tight.

I couldn’t do much there due to the risk in it and continued to enjoy the same way feeling her pulpy flesh and skin. I occasionally felt her arm and waist and moved back to her soft tits again. This continued till break and I enjoyed it a lot.

And there was a break card on the movie and lights were about to switch on and I moved my hand back, leaving her top down. Shweta turned towards her and asked if we could have something.

I volunteered and got out to get some popcorn and drinks. While I moved back, I found Di and Shweta had exchanged their seats. I looked at Di annoyingly and she just replied with her usual evil grin, only then she was hiding it a little.

I crossed Shweta and sat back at my seat. I passed the popcorn and drinks for both of them. She took and passed it to Di and took each of them for herself. I could feel her fingers lingered on mine for a while as she took those, but I ignored and retreated my fingers back.

Meanwhile, movie trailers started and I started watching it. I was drawn by the action going on in the trailer and I didn’t notice her arm on the rest. I put my arm over hers as a result

Me – “Sorry, I didn’t notice.” (pulling back my arm instantly)

Shweta – “That’s ok. You can use it if you want to.”

Me – “No. That’s fine. I have the other one.”

Saying so, I kept my left arm on the rest and kept my right arm busy with drinks and popcorn. But soon I felt her arms rubbing mine. I felt it was a mistake and ignored it but it continued to rub against mine again.

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I moved my arm away and continued to watch. I felt like she was watching me but she used to move her eyes away whenever I turned towards her. I felt suspicious but felt that I was probably thinking too much.

The movie was finished and we moved back to our car. Shweta was holding her drink still along with her shopping bags. I picked those bags from her to dump it down the hatch but she held her handbag and drinks as she opened the door.

As she bent inwards, the cup fell from her hand and landed on the seat ahead. The drink spilled on her seat. She used the paper wipes to clean it.

Di – “Let me help.” (as she took some wipes)

Shweta – “No use, it still is wet and sticky.” (as she moved out after cleaning)

Di – “What to do now?”

Shweta – “I will sit back then.”

Saying so she moved back towards the back door. I knew something was up and hesitated but Di gestured to me to go back.

I moved back and sat. Di started driving and Shweta took the remote to switch on the music. She was slowly moving closer to me as she grooved. I adjusted away but I couldn’t move much as it would be obvious and awkward.

She was in her frock style top with strips and I could see her cleavage as she bent ahead to music. It was attractive as well but I stopped myself to avoid any situation.

Di was watching this from the mirror and blinked her eyes at me asking to keep calm. I sat silently adjusting slowly as she moved closer and closer towards me. Though this attention was flattering, I was inclined totally towards Di and was not willing to give up for any other distractions.

Soon we reached our apartment and we parted ways to our homes. I entered and Di closed the front door behind me.

Di – “Looks like someone is interested in you.” (taunting me)

Me – “Well, it looks that way but I hope it isn’t.”

Di – “Why? She looks good beside you.” (waving her eyebrows at me)

Me – “Not as good as you.” (pulling her towards me)

Di – “Enough. You have done enough mischief for today.”

Me – “No. I could not finish that.”

Di – “Look at you. Shameless. What if she saw your act in the cinemas?”

Me – “Well. She will stop bothering us.” (moving my face towards hers for a kiss)

Di – “Stop it. We have been out all day. Let me get fresh.”

She moved towards the washroom and got fresh. I got fresh as well and joined her later in the kitchen. She was chopping veggies for dinner in her skin-hugging pink t-shirt and light pink shorts. I went behind her and hugged her.

Di – “Enough of your love for today.”

Me – “Love is unstoppable. You and I can’t stop it.” (putting my hands over her belly)

Di – “I know you won’t stop. That is why I took the help of Shwetha this evening.” (winking at me)

Me – “Yeah this reminds me. What did you do to switch seats with her?”

Di – “I have my ways.” (raising her eyebrows in self-appreciation)

Me – “Tell me na.”

Di – “Fine fine. I didn’t ask for it. She said that the lady beside her had a baby and it started tickling her now and then. I had no problem with babies and I had to move away from you anyways. So I told I can switch the seats with her”

Me – “Sorry if I troubled you. Let me do the chopping to compensate for that trouble.” (with my innocent face)

Di – “No need. Get off me now. You will delay it.” (trying to push me away)

Me – “I am trying to help you. Huh. Kindness is not recognized these days.”

Di – “You should try in movies. Acting too good these days.”

Me – “Whatever.”

I started picking the chopping knives from her. I held her from behind and started chopping the veggies, moving my arm over her flat and smooth belly. I was deliberately rubbing her skin more, keeping the chopping plate closer to us.

Di – “You will spill that onto us. Keep it far.”

Me – “It won’t. You just stand straight.”

Saying so, I moved my arms upwards and touched her under breasts. I slowly brushed her flesh as I cut the tomatoes mildly. I moved my head over her shoulder and brushed her cheeks with mine.

Di – “Uff Oh. You are taking forever.”

She held the knife from my hands and started chopping instantly. She didn’t give me time to move my hand and my forefinger was cut by her sharp blow.

Me – “Aah. Ouch.”

I moved away from her retreating my hands.

Di – “Ooh dear. What did I do? I am sorry, Mannu.”

She checked my finger. She immediately took my finger inside her mouth and started sucking the blood oozing out of it. I felt a strange tingle inside my body as her lips sucked my finger. I closed my eyes out of that pleasure. She raised her eyes and looked at me as I opened my eyes.

Di – “I am sorry, dear.”

Me – “I am fine. It is just a small cut. That’s ok.”

Di – “It doesn’t look so small.”

She moved back to the drawing-room and came back with the first aid kit. She applied the cotton with antiseptic and cleaned the wound. Then she stuck the band-aid onto it.

Di – “It should heal in some time. Does it hurt?”

Me – “Just a bit.”

She kissed on the wound gently and moved up to kiss my forehead. Then she made me sit on the table and she continued preparing dinner as I watched her.

Her lovely figure was drawing my eyes. Her boobs were shaking slightly as she chopped veggies. I continued to admire her side view as she looked at me.

Di – “What?”

Me – “Nothing. You are just lovely and I can’t take my eyes off you.”

Di – “Shut up.”

She turned to her right and started preparing the dishes. I then looked at her back. Her back turned slimmer as my eyes went down until it reached her bums. I wondered about it. How good and luscious her bums were under her pink smooth shorts.

Her shorts stopped at just the beginning of her fair and slender thighs. She looked at me at times but she acted casual. She knew she couldn’t avoid her brothers’ deep looks. She knew I admire her body all the time.

Di – “You won’t stop. Will you?” she pretended to throw the serving spoon at me.

I stopped and moved out to the dining room. I sat on the table and she brought the dishes in some time. We served and started having it. I was about to put my fingers in the rice and she stopped me.

Di – “Wait. It will hurt again if you touch the gravy. Let me feed you.”

Me – “It’s ok, Di. I can use the spoon”

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Di – “Oh Look at you. Feeling shy all of a sudden. Where was this when you were watching me all this time.”

Me – “It is not shyness, Di. You have to eat as well right”

Di – “It won’t cost anything if I wait for some time. Here take it.”

She held her hand with some rice. I moved ahead and she fed me. She took her plate and sat beside me as I chewed and swallowed it. She continued to feed the rest sitting beside me.

I wondered at the care she showered over me. I annoy her all the time and yet she forgives everything and gets back with all her love every time. I looked at her and a smile appeared on my face involuntarily.

Di – “What?”

Me – “I love you Di.” (I blew a flying kiss at her.)

Di – “Why to blow when I am right in front of you. Here. Kiss me.”

She showed her cheek to me. I moved ahead and turned her face and kissed on her lips instead, holding her jaw tightly. She started hitting me with her left hand but I didn’t leave her. So she allowed and kissed me back for a moment.

She moved closer to me slowly. Then she lifted her right hand suddenly and applied the gravy on my cheek. I moved back at once in surprise and she laughed at me. I joined her and we started teasing each other with joker’s faces.

Soon we finished dinner and moved towards our beds. I joined her in her bed and started moving her t-shirt up.

Di – “Someone is still hungry.” (mocking her surprise)

Me – “This is not hunger. This is my love for you.”

She teased me by imitation but joined me in moving her t-shirt up. As she moved it up, I held her bra cups and started massaging it with my left hand. I tried to use my right hand but it hurt. So I just used it for light help and managed to stimulate her breast with my left one.

I then moved my palm towards her left breast and repeated the same. I held her breast and pressed it gently, just like a massage. She rested back on her arms keeping her chest ahead for me. She was relaxed and her eyes were closed.

She removed her bra hooks herself from behind and I pulled down the cups. Her bra fell over her belly and I instantly touched her naked boobies. I wondered at the soft feel I was able to get. I held her base with my right hand and caressed her flesh with my left.

I pinched her nipple and twisted it to my will. She cried out of pain and pleasure as I mauled her breasts. Her nipple started leaking out and I left it. I moved to her left breast and started rubbing it.

I used my fingers from the right hand, except the wounded one and tried to support my left palm. As her erect nipple touched my palm, I used to brush over it and press it onto her flesh. She drew the sheets off the bed when I did so and her bra fell aside.

Soon milk started seeping out her left nipple as well. I left it and moved back to her right. I repeated my rubs over her flesh and nipple and it started leaking a few drops. A drop or two fell on her belly.

I moved my face over her belly and used my tongue to lick that drop off of her silky smooth skin. She jerked and gently hit me on my back. I moved my face upwards and held my tongue out for the leaking drops of her milk.

Her milk has slightly become thicker than before and there was a new flavor to it. I loved it and continued to fill my mouth with her drops. I moved further up and licked her nipple. Finally, I covered my lips over her nipple.

Then I squeezed her flesh with my left hand and the flow picked speed. Drops of milk filled my mouth as I drew her nipple and areola with my lips. She lifted her chest out of the pleasant relief she was feeling.

She laid down on the bed slowly as I fell upon her gently with my lips drawing her milk. She moved her hands over my hair as her back was supported by the bed instead. She started rolling her fingers through my hair lovingly.

I drew her milk and deliberately touched her nipple with my tongue to put some more pressure onto it. She used to pull my hair stronger and rub my back when I did so. I squeezed her nipple between my tongue and nipple and rolled my tongue all over her nipple.

My cock was actively standing out by then and it was pushing my shorts as always. My right hand held onto it and started covering it. Out of habit, my forefinger pressed onto it but it hurt as soon as it touched the rigid surface of my cock.

I kept that finger away and tried to squeeze my cock with other fingers. But it wasn’t as pleasing as it was the other days. I exchanged my right hand with my left one which was busy rubbing her breast.

I loosened my shorts, pulled my cock out and used my left hand to squeeze my cock while my right palm pressed her breast slightly keeping my forefinger away. The flow of milk wasn’t disturbed much but it was uncomfortable for me to use my left hand over my penis.

Di was looking at it, probably for some time, and looked at me as I raised my head. She kept her sorry face and held her palm over my chin lovingly.

Di – “My poor baby. I caused you this discomfort. If I would have been more careful, you could have used your right hand fully.”

Me – “That’s alright. I can manage.”

I continued to use my left hand uneasily. She then held my left hand and supported it with her hands as earlier. It was better and the occasional touch of her fingers excited me. But my left hand wasn’t moving as easily as it was supposed to as I am not used to it.

She looked at me with pity and removed my hand. Instead, she used both her hands and started rubbing over my cock. My cock plunged into her hands as soon as it felt her smooth fingers over itself.

She used her fingers delicately but she made sure she was moving her hands swiftly enough to give pleasure. It was working for me as I can see my cock extended to its full length and was jerking hardly.

I latched back onto her breasts and used my left hand over her to pull her milk out of it. Those heavenly drops and her soft fingers thrilled me. I was elated with pleasure as her hands pushed onto my base and covered till my tip.

I had a sweet pain deep inside my stomach as her thumbs pressed my sensitive tip. My head raised by itself and a soft moan blurted out my lips, leaving her nipple all of a sudden. Di laughed at it and I moved my head back to her nipple.

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I drew her milk excitedly as her hands did magic over me. She jerked with my licks occasionally but she focussed on my pleasure for that moment. The feeling was mutual.

Soon her right breast felt light and empty. I left it and moved onto her left breast, kissing and licking her nipple. I was not sure why I was doing it but just went with the flow. She moaned and gripped my member tightly.

Her tight grip doubled my pleasure and I knew what I had to do next. Though I continued to suck her milk out, I licked and kissed her flesh more than I sucked her. As a result, her hand moved tighter on my cock.

My cock felt thinner as she squeezed gently with both her hands. Again she held my tip and pressed onto the sensitive part of it. I moaned again making sure I did not leave her nipple. I fell onto her more and took more of her flesh.

She was jerking now and then as my mouth pulled half of her breast in. My cock was beside her thighs as her hands caressed it harder. My right hand moved down to her belly and brushed her navel.

I moved my fingers over her navel and her body responded to it. I wanted to return the favor and so I moved it slowly down her shorts. It entered her shorts and touched her trimmed hair and she held my hand with her left one.

She continued to rub my cock with her other hand but didn’t allow me to go any further. I raised my eyes at her and pleaded with her to allow me. She nodded sideways. I pleaded with her again and again but she was adamant then.

I continued to plead and was bending my head sadly when she left my palm. I looked up at her, unable to believe what I saw and she blinked her eyes in agreement. I smiled with wide lips and instantly moved my fingers downwards.

My fingers touched the entrance of her precious organ. She moaned and jerked as her body drew in, in response to that. I moved them further down and I could feel the dampness there.

She blushed as my eyes looked at her in surprise and she closed her eyes in embarrassment. My left hand left her breast as my lips and tongue continued to suck and please her. I put my left hand over my right and pressed my fingers deeper into her slit.

She was stopping her moans, pressing her lips tightly but she continued to pleasure my cock. I slowly inserted a couple of fingers inside and my fingers touched her warm walls of ecstasy. I felt her juices and those juices triggered my juices deep inside.

My cock reacted to it and I could feel the sweet pain building up inside. Her touches felt more sensitive then and her each rub injected current into my body. My lips and tongue moved excitedly as the sweet pain inside my belly moved down my crotch.

My fingers moved over her walls and cleared her juices off it. More juices kept spreading over her walls again and again. Her fingers were moving over my cock up and down in response to my touches.

My fingers went in deep yet I felt there was still room for it to go deeper. I dug my fingers deep until my palms were blocked at the tight entrance. I couldn’t go any further down, so I retreated my fingers.

She sighed deeply as I moved my fingers back to the entrance. She relaxed a bit and I dug my fingers back into her hole as her sighs increased again. My fingers started getting used to her walls and slowly they went in and out of her with ease.

Meanwhile, my juices started getting hotter and I could feel my crotch getting warmer. The nerves over my cock were visible as my cock swelled to its best. I could feel the pressure seeping up towards my base.

Her milk flow was about to stop and I sucked her tits harder. I moved back to her right breast and sucked it harder. Her now empty breast gave nothing but pleasure. I could do it all day if I was given a chance.

My fingers continued to go in and out of her vagina and my thumb searched for her button. A sweet moan escaped her mouth as and when my thumb succeeded in its search. I pressed her button gently and she was more than pleased with it.

My cock was pleased fully and it was evident that it was about to explode. I could feel my cock muscles contracting and the warm fluid came up. I could feel the pain and my tip started opening up when she stopped rubbing my cock.

I bit her nipple in my desperation to make her continue what she was doing. She pressed it once but stopped again. I was turning impatient every second and showed my impatience over her vagina.

I pressed onto her button and rubbed her impatiently. I switched between her breasts and sucked them harder. I held her back with my left hand firmly and pressed my face onto her breasts.

She jerked and moaned at my actions but didn’t move her fingers. My cock on the other side was unable to hold it and it started jerking by itself without any help. My juices, which were in the middle of its transit, started boiling again.

Her hips moved up and down in reaction to my movements and my fingers went deeper and deeper with each movement. She was at her edge as well and suddenly she held my cock tightly.

She held my tip with her thumb blocking as my juices moved to the tip. I sucked and kissed her breasts repeatedly in excitement and she kissed my forehead in response. My fingers felt her warm juices coming up and that is when she released her thumb off my tip.

Both our juices spurted out at the same time and I showed my excitement over her as she did over mine. We increased our pressure on each other involuntarily and it helped our release delay. Our pleasure multiplied and I felt like we had the biggest orgasm of our lives.

This is the end of this episode and the story will be continued in the next one. Please share your feedback in the comments or mail to [email protected]

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