Mom Cuckolded Me – Part 2


I was still trying to analyze my feelings. It was good in many ways. But also for some reason, my heart was pounding. Do you know the kind of pounding when your wife suddenly tells you that she cheated on you? Like it makes you angry, jealous but horny at the same time.

I didn’t reply or do anything. But the thought of this thing, knowing that I can just make it happen, that my fantasy can come true was in a way driving me nuts. Mom was sitting down in the living room watching TV when I told her. “So okay, I will message that guy okay?”

To which mom just replied with a pale, “Yes okay.” I don’t know why, but at that point, I felt a weird kind of shiver in my body. Like the kind of shiver, you get on a 104-degree fever. My boner was one of the strongest boners I had in my entire life. Like my penis was about to just tear off its skin and bleed.

I sat down with the laptop next to mom. I started to type a message to that boy. Here is what I messaged him. “Hi Bullhunger106, I read your profile. My wife and I seem interested in your profile. We are a married couple of age M28 and F49. We want to experience some swinging lifestyle. Have you experienced it before? When are you available? Please let us know if you are interested.”

I clicked send and said to mom. “I sent the message and now we wait for his reply.” Mom as usual said, “Okay,” with no sign of showing any interest and continued to watch her TV. I asked, “So mom, do you have any ground rules?” She asked in return, “What? What rules?”

I replied, “Some rule you may have. I don’t know. Maybe, for example, no kissing, or wearing a condom or anything.” She replied to me with an annoyed and angry tone, “Look. You want me to fuck him. I will fuck him. That will make you happy. You want this. You just tell me what I have to do and I will do.”

I was a bit pissed at this time of how she was reacting. But I had to keep cool. If I start a fight, maybe she will back out and not make this happen. So I very said with a soft tone, “Mom, look I know you are angry and you are doing this just because you are angry. It is big fantasy of mine.”

“What will make me happy is not just to watch you have sex but to watch you enjoy it. The whole idea is to watch my wife being taken by another man. But in the end, I know she is mine. Even though I will watch you enjoy with him, I know you at the end will still want me and love me.”

She kept quiet for some time. And this time she replied with a softer tone “Okay. I will enjoy it.” I said, “But you are still angry.” She replied, “No. I am not. it’s okay. I am not completely willing to do it. It’s making me feel very cheap.”

I said, “No mom, it’s not like that. I love you and that’s why I have such fantasies for you. I will still love you no matter what. You are my wife. My one and only and will be just mine. No matter who gets to touch your heavenly body. It will just be for me.”

Mom seemed to feel a bit more relaxed. I can see she was not angry at least. I know that she is still not happy with whatever is going on. But I know she will do it for me. That’s when I refreshed the page. I realized that the guy had replied to me just about 6 minutes after I messaged him.

His reply was like this. “Hey. Thank you for your reply. I will be more than willing to help. I promise you that you both will have a great time with me and we can be friends also. I am still friends with all the couples and we hang out like friends. I am available today. What does your wife like in sex? What positions? Call me, my number is ***.”

In my mind I was like, what a lying dipshit. For the first time this asshole will get a pussy of my mom. I mean my wife. But who cares. My long craved fantasy is finally gonna become a reality. I told mom, “Look he replied. He is available today. Should we do it today?”

Mom is like, “Are you crazy? I need time to think. Not today no way.” I said mom, “What about tomorrow?” She replied “Not tomorrow. Why so soon? We need more time.” I was again a bit upset like my mom is pulling back.

But I said “Mom, today or tomorrow, it will happen anyways. How long do you want? days? months? years? It seems like you are backing off.” She replied, “I am not backing off. I said I will do it. Just not today.”

I replied, “Then let’s do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday. If not tomorrow then we will have to wait another week maybe. It wont be nice to do it during weekdays. Please let’s not wait for another week. Let’s do it today or tomorrow. Please?”

I know I was pushing mom again. I was just so excited. I really wanted it to happen as soon. Possibly right now. Mom replied, “Fine. But not today. Make it tomorrow.” I replied with excitement, “Yes. Nice. Tomorrow morning?” Mom replied, “What? Are you crazy? Who has sex in the morning? Make it in the evening.”

I asked her, “Okay. Evening what time?” to which she replied, “After 8 or 9 pm.” I said, “Okay mom. I will message him now. Btw, he is asking what sex position you like. What do I tell him.” Mom replied “Are you crazy, just tell him that I will tell him on the bed when we do”

I excitedly returned my focus on the laptop and replied to the boy on the profile. “Hey. Thanks for your reply. We are busy today. But we are available tomorrow after around 8 pm. Is time okay? We will be happy to be friends with you. If we have a good experience, we may call you more.”

“My wife is flexible and enjoys any position. But she will tell you what position she wants tomorrow. I will message you on WhatsApp now so you can save my number. I will also give you our address.” I then sent the message. In that message, I was subtly degrading my wife/mom as a slutty bitch who loves sex from random men.

But it was just making me hornier. I told mom that I sent the message. And in like 30 seconds, I get a message back from the boy. Its like he was staring at his screen waiting for an answer. His message was this, “Hey. Sounds great. I will be available tomorrow. I have WhatsApp. Please message me and send me the address. Can’t wait to meet you guys.”

This guy is trying to be pretty smart. I already know how much of a horny virgin he is. Fucking asshole. But the thought of him on bed with mom just makes me go insane. This was the topic that was just streaming in every neuron of my brain. I couldn’t stop talking to mom about it asking questions on and on.

She was not angry. She just replied. But her replies were subtle with her demonstration of interest. I still think that she is just doing it to make me happy or just so I can make it happen and stop annoying her. I was not convinced that she had any genuine interest in doing it.

But at that time, I cared the least. I asked mom again about the ground rules. This time she replied, “He must use a condom.” I replied, “Anything else.” She said, “Only thing I can think of.”

I asked another question, “Would you like it better if I am watching next to you? Or if I leave you both alone in a room and wait outside and you tell me everything?” I know that she definitely wants me next to her but her reply was “I prefer if you wait outside.” I was kind of shocked.

I really didn’t expect her to say that. But I did not react. I kept cool. But I threw a fake smile and said, “Oh, nice. I love that. But then I will put a camera and a watch.” She replied immediately, “That’s better.” I was a bit curious about why she preferred me outside waiting while giving him and the boy the privacy.

So I asked her, “Why do you prefer me outside than me being there watching you?” She said, “I don’t know. Maybe I will not be comfortable you watching me have sex with him. You can put a camera and see.” The way mom was surprising me was making me more and more jealous.

But horny at the same time. I was just waiting for tomorrow at 8 pm. Every second felt like it was an hour. I could feel Einstein’s time dilation. I kept asking mom another question with a kinky smile, “So mom. What kind of dress do you want to wear for him?”

She replied “what will I wear for him. Same normal home clothes. My salwar kameez” I said, “But mom shouldn’t you wear something sexier. Like that nightgown or some lingerie?” And she was like “No. I don’t want to dress indecently in front of him.”

In my mind, I was like, “Damn, this bitch will get naked for him. Even have sex with him. But wants to dress decently.” But honestly, I didn’t mind her wearing salwar kameez or even a saree. Watching that boy slowly take off mom’s saree and blouse can be candy to my eye.

So I said “mom. wear saree. You know that silky black one. Please wear that.” She blatantly said, “Okay,” and continued doing her business in the kitchen.

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