Mom Cuckolded Me – Part 3


I had messaged the guy on WhatsApp. “Hey, this is my number. And this is the address. Let me know if you have trouble finding it. See you tomorrow at 8.” In a few seconds, he replied, “Yes man, thanks. I will see you tomorrow. Should I bring condoms or do you have already. Does your wife like to use condoms? I prefer no condom.”

Honestly, the idea of him fucking mom is really turning on. But I know mom will never do that. Also chatting with this guy about tomorrow’s plan was making me horny. Talking to mom about it is sort of boring due to her blunt responses and little or no sign of interest.

So I continued chatting with this guy a little to keep myself entertained until tomorrow. I am sure that guy was super excited too. Finally, this asshole may lose his virginity to my mom/wife. I and this guy talked about how my mom loves it when you grab her by her hips, and how she loves being licked.

I also added some details which weren’t completely true. But at this point, degrading mom to that boy and making him feel like she is a slut was making me horny. I chatted with the boy for about an hour when I decided to sleep. I and mom had one last small talk before bed.

I told her that I was excited to which she replied, “Just make sure you know what you are doing.” I kind of know what she meant but I didn’t care. I woke up the next morning super excited. I was probably having wet dreams but I can’t remember any. Who cares.

Its Sunday morning today. I was counting the hours left. Mom does not seem to show any emotion at all. She is just busy with her routine work like making breakfast, cleaning the kitchen as if she doesn’t remember the plan at all or she is just pretending to act normal. Again. Who cares? I was excited.

I had been thinking about it for the whole day. But I tried not to talk about it much with mom. So I don’t annoy her and piss her off and she backs out of the plan. I just kept being nice and talking normal stuff. But deep inside, I just wanted to burst out of the topic.

Anyways. It was around 6:40 PM. And I finally asked mom, “So mom, are you getting ready. We just have about an hour left.” She said, “Yes I know. I remember. I will take a shower now and get ready.” Wow, happy me. I watched come out with the black saree I wanted her to wear from the cupboard and put it on the bed. She takes her towel and goes to the washroom.

I was just constantly watching her, imagining how she will start getting ready for another man. I was impatiently waiting in the bedroom. Mom was taking a long shower. Usually, she takes such a long shower before any family party, or before when guests come to our house, or before we get ready to travel.

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This is her special shower where she shampoos her hair, waxes her skin and makes herself neater. She spent an hour in the washroom. The guy meanwhile messaged that he was on his way. My heart was pounding more and more as time passed.

Mom comes out with warm fresh skin wearing the blouse and petticoat. She seems to have dried her hair using a hairdryer and also used the hair curler to curl her hair. Mom usually does not use perfume unless like I said, its family gathering or special event.

But I could smell that she was wearing one today. She grabs her saree and walks to the mirror and starts fixing her saree. I put the two cameras. I have two angles towards the bed and turn it on. These are IP cameras so I can watch live on my laptop. I watch as she sits on her dressing table and starts dolling up.

I was so hard already seeing my mom dolling up. I didn’t even tell her that she should use makeup or anything. But knowing she herself decided to look good with makeup, and also curling her hair. It made me turned on as I’ve never turned on before. I wanted to fuck my wife right away.

But I didn’t want to ruin the presentation she is making of herself for our young guest. She looked so sexy in that black saree, which makes her look even slimmer than she already. I told her, “You are looking gorgeous. I am sure that boy will be going crazy seeing you.”

She smiled as she was busy putting on her eyeliner and asked me when that guy is coming. It was around 7:45 PM. I message the guy where he was and he said that he is nearby. He sent his live location. I could see that he was not very far. Mom was busy dolling up with her makeups in the bedroom.

I was impatiently waiting for the boy to show up. He sent me a message around 7:55 PM that he is here and is standing near the Chawda Textile Shop. I tell him to walk straight in the direction and take the first left and the first building. I tell my mom that he is here. I go down the staircase to collect him.

I see someone walking our building with his phone in his hand and it was that boy. He walks towards and we greet and shake hands. He did look young and similar to what was in his photo on the profile. He was wearing a green teeshirt and blue jeans. He looked quite okay. Not much of the asshole I thought he was.

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But still, he is. After all, he will be making love to my wife/mom in some time. Hehe. I am so jealous. But Super excited. My penis has been constantly dripping precum and I can feel wet patches in my underwear. We don’t talk much until we go upstairs. I tell him to sit in the living room.

Mom had the bedroom door closed taking her time to get ready and be sexier for this guy. I was loving it that mom was showing some interest in atleast looking good for him. I lock our apartment door. I and this boy start talking a bit with an introduction.

His name was Mohsin and he is a first-year BBA student. I could see in his face he looked a bit uncomfortable especially not seeing any women here. Just to reassure him, I knocked on the bedroom door screaming to mom, “Hey, are you ready? Mohsin is here.”

Mom replied loudly on the other side of the door. “Wait 2 minutes. Coming.” On hearing some female sound, I could see Mohsin felt a bit more relaxed. I and Mohsin sat in the living room waiting for mom. Meanwhile, our daughter Rose was walking around the living room playing with her toy in her hand.

While I and Mohsin were talking, I could hear the bedroom door unlocking and mom comes out. Mom looked stunning. She had the perfect makeup, wore her saree perfectly, smelled so good, wore bangles, and also had a tiny black bindi on her forehead. She looked a bit shy but tried to maintain her cool.

She said ‘Hi’ to Mohsin and walked towards us offering him to shake her hand. Mohsin looked pleased and shook mom’s hand and complimented her that she looked beautiful. I noticed mom was blushing. Mom sat down with us. There were about 5 seconds of awkward silence.

But I wanted to break the ice. “So is everybody excited. I am. Hahaha,” and mom and Mohin threw a shy smile. I then said if he wants to eat anything or drink. He just said he needs water. I go to the kitchen getting water for him. He and mom start chatting a little.

Mostly about our daughter Rose. What’s her name? How old she is, etc etc. I realize it then that having me between them may make things uncomfortable between them. That’s when I was confident in my decision to just watch from the webcam and not be present in the room.

I give him a glass of water. I then stood in front of them and asked, “So, does anyone have any rule or any questions?” Mohsin nodded his head but mom said, “Well it may just come up on the way. Time will tell.” They both gave a small laugh. I smile too and then ask “So are we all ready?”

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They both nod their head for a yes. I then tell Mohsin, “So this is the bedroom. I won’t be present in the room to give you both privacy. But I have set up cameras so I can watch it from here. Do you have any objection to the cameras?”

He said, “No. I don’t really care. But will you upload to porn or anything.” I said, “No. I am not even recording it. Its just live feed. I will just watch.” He does not seem to be bothered. I open the bedroom door and Mohsin followed me and mom behind him. They slowly enter the bedroom and I stand near it.

Mom then tells me, “And oh by the way, pass me that jug of water and two glasses. We may need when we are thirsty.” I go to the kitchen and grab two glasses and a jug of water. I put it on the table next to the bed. I get out of the room and I tell them, “Let me know if you guys need anything.”

Mom sarcastically replied, “Well, maybe just privacy for now,” and we all laugh. She said, “I will close this door now. We will come out when we are done,” and she closed the door. But the interesting part was she not only closed the door but also locked it from inside.

But I didn’t fuss about it. I just run to my laptop near the sofa outside the bedroom door and start watching the camera. They seem to just be talking. Mom sits on the edge of the bed and Mohsin is still standing. They are just talking. The camera feeds only videos but not sound.

I can’t hear much what they are talking unless I decide to eavesdrop pressing my ear against the door. But I am just curious to watch. They just keep talking for like 15 minutes. I start to get bored and a little impatient. But I don’t want to disturb and ruin anything.

So I wait patiently for them to start so that I can enjoy the show

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