Mom Fucked By A Stranger In Calvin Klein Store- Part 1


It is Rohit back here, M 20 Chennai. Thank you for your overwhelming response to my previous story, ‘Mom’s One Night Stand After The Party’. I got a lot of appreciation through my mail and hangouts. Thank you, ISS.

This story is also about my mom. This one is partially true, and the rest of the events are fictional. If you haven’t read my first story, kindly check it in my id and then read this one for a better experience. I’ll add my family details, mom’s looks, and body characteristics here too for the comfort of new readers.

This is a long story, as I always like to explain every detail in my story. Detailing makes everything perfect. This incident happened a few months before the party’s one-night stand.

My family consists of 3 members – dad, mom, and me. Dad is a marine engineer. So it’s rare to see him at home for 7-8 months in a year. My mom’s name is Aishwarya. She is 42 years old and a fair looking woman. 5’9ft, and 57 kgs. She’s a fit lady with a flat stomach.

She’s a fitness freak who works out in the gym and does yoga regularly. She looks almost like actress Tamanna in terms of color, height, and body. But her breasts are perfect. Mom’s vital stats are 34-30-36. Which makes a lot of guys in my locality and public places to stare at her.

The young guys stare at her when she comes back from the gym wearing a fitted top and a skin fit gym pant. She was raised in Bangalore and worked in the IT field. So she’s a modern woman in thoughts and traditional in terms of dressing. She used to wear sarees mostly.

But if she’s going for parties and grand functions, she’ll wear sarees like sleeveless ones. As she’s fit with a flat stomach, she always wears saree below her navel.

It was a dry week for me as all my friends were busy in college. I was on my one-week suspension from college for involving in malpractice during my exam. Mom asked me to join her for shopping, thinking it would make me feel better. I had nothing else to do that day.

I went with her by driving the car, and after 30 minutes, we reached her shopping destination. (The newly opened famous mall in Chennai). She was really happy that I came with her as I usually won’t join mom for shopping or anything.

She was wearing a light gold chiffon saree and a sleeveless blouse that revealed her curves. I could see many guys in the mall staring at her assets. So I maintained a bit distance with my mom to feel less awkward. She took me to an H&M store and started looking for outfits.

Within a few minutes, she didn’t care about me. I got to know that women forget what world they’re in when they are shopping. I found an empty black sofa and sat there, which was very near to the women’s innerwear section.

Mom took a round around the store and came to the innerwear section. Unlike other normal dress shops, clothing shops in malls usually have an open inner and lingerie section. They display and hang all types of inners on their stands, just like other outfits.

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I realized that mom came here to purchase inners for her and not other outfits. Watching mom looking at the inners and lingerie there, a salesman in his early 30’s attended her by introducing himself as Venkat. He started to display whatever she asked him.

He was occasionally staring at mom’s armpits, which were totally revealed in her sleeveless blouse and her navel as she tucked it in low. I was trying to be casual there by checking out my phone and peeking on the guy too. Mom was looking a bit modern. So he suggested she buy the new collection of bra, panty set which was looking hot.

Venkat: Mam, I can see that you’re looking for something good and comfortable. But I would like to suggest you try our new collection here. I’m sure it will suit you well, and you will feel more comfortable.

Mom: Thank you, but I think these collections would suit some model or a much younger person than me. I’m old for these types of inners.

Mom laughed after saying this to him.

Venkat: Yeah, mam, you’re right. These collections are tailor-made for models and young ladies. But I don’t think you’re lesser than them. These types will suit you, and you will look exactly how it would look on those models. (by pointing out a hot model in the big display board).

Mom: (smiled at him) Thank you for the compliment. But I’m looking for normal ones, so maybe I’ll try it later.

Venkat: Your choice, mam, I’m sure you know what’s best for you.

Mom was thinking for a while. I can see she was in a dilemma. She chose a very normal looking bra and billed it. Mom remembered that she came with her son only after billing and made a hand signal from the billing area.

I got up thinking weird that, ‘Why the fuck did she come here to buy a single bra? That, too, a very basic one?’ Mom and I started walking out of the H&M store, and she wasn’t looking normal. She was constantly thinking about something in her mind.

After a few minutes of walking in the mall, we came across a Calvin Klein store. It had a super hot huge display board of Disha Patani wearing a black bra and panty, which most of you would have seen on her Instagram. Mom stopped for a while after seeing the display board and went inside the Calvin Klein store

Seeing her going inside, I too followed her. The store looked very posh, and the prices of every product were damn high. The store had only one guy there who was in his mid 20’s looking fair and smart. Mom was looking at the inner sets there, which looked kinda hot.

The guy was constantly checking out mom’s armpits and her ass secretly while speaking on his phone. He came to us, introducing himself as Vinay, and asked what we’re looking for. Mom was totally into looking at those hot CK inners. Mom was looking modern and spoke to Vinay in a very friendly way.

Vinay: Mam, the collections which you’re looking for here are a bit old and pretty much normal. I can show you some new collections which are currently in the trend now. You can see the picture of Disha Patani wearing it on our display board outside.

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Mom: Yeah, I saw that. It looked great.

Vinay: Let me show you, mam. Please come with me.

Mom followed Vinay, and they stopped near me. I was watching them like I don’t give a damn at what they’re doing. He took out a few sets of inners, and all of them were looking hot. Now I got their attention and started looking at them more consciously.

He showed mom a red bra and panty, which was exactly what Disha Patani wore and uploaded on her Instagram. He took another black set, which was on the display board with Disha. Watching this made mom’s face filled with happiness, but she was not 100% sure about buying them.

Mom: Do you think these types will suit me, Vinay?

Vinay: I’m pretty much sure, mam. I only suggest things which would suit the customer. If you’re in a dilemma, you can try it in the trail room and then decide on your own.

Mom said ok and took the black set with her to the trail room. Vinay was checking out mom’s perfect ass, which was bouncing while she walked. The store was still empty, and no one seemed to visit there. Even the mall was less crowded as it was a weekday.

The salesman was standing at the path of the trail room area, and I was sitting a few steps behind him. Mom opened the door and stood near the door entrance

Mom: Does it suit me, Vinay?

Both me and Vinay were shell shocked as she was looking super hot in that one. The black bra had a very low neck, and the cup size was small, exposing 75% of her boobs. It was literally squeezing her boobs. The panty was so tight as fuck, and as the cloth length at the back was less and tight.

The panty was almost tucked inside her ass cheeks, revealing 80% of her ass. Since she was wearing her high heels, her ass looked a bit stiffer, making the panty to get inside her ass cheeks more. Both me and Vinay were silent without uttering a word.

Mom: Vinay? Did you hear me? Does it suit me well?

Vinay: It looks perfect on you, mam. I told you already about this.

Mom: But the panty is tight, making it to tuck Inbetween my butt cheeks. Is that normal for this one?

Vinay: Yeah, mam, this collection is actually a hot one, mam. I’m sure it should be tucked inside your butt. To be honest, that panty is lucky to be tucked inside your ass.

I got shocked after hearing him, but mom smiled at him, which made him even more comfortable with her. He had that red bra and panty set on his hands.

Vinay: I hope you will like this too, mam, actually this one is my perfect suggestion for you. Here you go, try this too.

Mom got the red inner set from him and went inside the trail room. Within a few minutes, the door opened. We both were looking anticipated to witness her in that one. She came out and stood near the door like before. She was looking like a bombshell in this one being hotter than the previous one.

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The striking red color made her look fucking hot. The bra was almost the same as the previous one revealing 75% of her boobs. But this red panty was even tighter than the black one. It was so tight which made her pussy outline visible over the panty.

We both were shell shocked seeing her. I’m sure Vinay would have got a boner seeing her.

Mom: This looks good too, but it’s tighter than the previous one, Vinay. You can see it in the panty.

Saying this, mom turned around and showed her back. Damn, her ass was totally exposed, which made me get a boner too lol.

Vinay: That’s not a problem mam, it’s easily adjustable.

Saying this, to my shock, he went near mom. Even without asking her. Vinay placed his hands on my mom’s ass, spreading her ass cheeks wide and adjusted the cloth. I thought my mom will feel embarrassed or even warn him, but she smiled at him casually.

Vinay: It looks better now.

Mom: Yeah, Vinay, it’s better than before. But it’s still tight, to be honest, I don’t think this one will suit me, and I don’t have any experience wearing these types.

Vinay: No, mam, I’m sure this looks perfect on you. This doesn’t need any experience. Let me adjust them for you, mam, please get inside the trail room.

Mom turned and went inside the trail room. Damn with those high heels, and her ass was hot as hell. Vinay went inside the room after her and left the door open. I badly wanted to see what’s happening there. So I got up from the chair and went near the trail room but not in front of it.

I was standing at a distance from the room door. I can see both of them in the large mirror on the opposite wall, which reflects all the trail rooms.

Vinay: How do you want me to adjust this mam? Where is it tight?

Mom: The whole bra and panty are very tight, Vinay.

I was filled with much anticipation to know what the stranger guy is going to do!

I will tell you the details in the next part. In the meantime, you can send your comments and feedback to [email protected]

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