Mom Fucked By A Stranger In Calvin Klein Store- Part 2


In the first part, you read how the salesman, Vinay, at the Calvin Klein store was seducing my mom. I was filled with much anticipation to know what the stranger guy is going to do next.

No guy has seen mom in sexy wear like this, not even dad. Vinay was on his knees now and made mom turn around, making her ass to face him close. He boldly spread mom’s ass and inserted his finger to bring the cloth out. I’m sure he touched mom’s ass hole.

Now he turned and touched mom’s pussy over the tight red panty and pulled it to make it somewhat loose. I saw mom closing her eyes with a little gasp. He got up and adjusted her bra by pushing the cup bit more upwards, which made mom horny as she was closing her eyes.

Seeing that Vinay started squeezing her boobs over the red cupped tight bra in a powerful way. I was kinda turned on but scared too. Because if I caught them and make a scene, the people in the mall will shame my mom too. I was silently watching what’s happening inside by maintaining a pin-drop silence.

He continued pushing her boobs. He whispered something in her ears, and within a few seconds, he kissed mom, pushing her towards the wall by grabbing her ass. To my shock, mom started kissing him back, and they were kissing wildly like horny animals.

Vinay was rolling his tongue inside my mom’s mouth, licking her tongue. Within a few seconds, he lifted mom’s hands. He started licking her wax cleaned armpits madly by playing with her boobs over the bra. Now he was sure that my mom is his slut today.

He unclasped the sexy red Calvin Klein bra and kept it aside, which made her boobs to be free in the air. Her light brown nipples were erect. Vinay grabbed her boobs and started sucking it like a hungry baby. Mom was closing her eyes and gasping while he was sucking her boobs.

He got down and licked mom’s navel by grabbing her ass. Mom was completely under Vinay’s control now. He stood up, and both of them were gasping, staring at each other’s eyes. Both of their eyes were filled with lust at that time. He pushed mom to the wall and kissed her madly.

But this time, his left hand was inside mom’s panty, digging her pussy with his finger. Mom was unable to kiss him back as he was fingering her pussy madly. She was moaning in a husky way. He fingered her for some time, and then he undressed.

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Vinay was naked now. He got on his knees and saw the panty. The red Calvin Klein panty was wet and filled with mom’s juices. Seeing it, Vinay removed her panty and threw it outside. The panty came out of the trail room and fell next to me. I took the panty and got shocked to see the whole panty in a wet condition.

When I shifted my sight to them, Vinay was already licking mom’s cleanly shaved pussy by spreading her legs. Mom was moaning now and pushing his head more towards her pussy. Vinay made mom sit down on the floor and made her spread her legs by resting on the wall.

Mom spread her legs like telling him, “This married pussy is now yours, Vinay.” Vinay was licking and rolling his tongue inside her pussy and drank mom’s love juices. Vinay took his mouth out from mom’s pussy and said, “Now suck this.” (pointing at his dick)

Mom got up, adjusted her hair with a naughty smile, and started sucking his dick like a hungry slut. Vinay was closing his eyes and enjoying my mom’s blowjob. His face was covered with mom’s vaginal fluids. I never knew she will do this like a pro.

He got up, and mouth fucked her by grabbing her hair. After a few minutes, he took out his dick and mom was gasping for air after a deep throat blowjob. Vinay was now seeing mom in a naughty way.

Vinay: You want to feel this inside you for sure? (By grabbing his erect dick). I don’t have a condom now.

I was thanking him in my mind for atleast finishing this without having sex.

Mom: So, you suggested and made me wear a Disha Patani inner collection just for getting a blowjob? (With a wicked smile)

Vinay: No, I thought if I convince you to wear this and see it myself. It would make my day an awesome one. But I never thought I would taste your pussy and make you suck my dick, I’m the luckiest guy today.

Mom: Then be luckier by entering this? (Spreading her legs and showing her pussy)

Vinay: Absolutely sure.

Mom: Then stop talking and satisfy your customer now.

I was shocked to see this and to know what a slut my mom is. Vinay gave a naughty smile. He took his hard cock in his hand, ready to place it on her pussy. He entered mom’s pussy with a single thurst because of her juices. Mom gave a loud moan, and he was pounding her slow and steady.

After a few minutes, he started to increase his speed and rammed her like a cheap slut, making mom moan and scream loud. I got scared as someone might hear and get them caught, which would bring shame to her name. I wanted to save mom but not from Vinay.

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I wanted to save mom from the people who are inside the mall. I got an idea after hearing the song which was playing inside the store. I rushed to the billing counter and found the audio system console there. The songs which were playing from the beginning were of the rock genre.

I just turned up the volume and making it a bit loud. Now I went back to my position and continued watching them. Vinay noticed the increase in volume and gave a naughty smile, knowing that I helped him.

Now with no restrictions, he started to pound mom in a more rough and hard way, making mom scream in pain and pleasure. He lifted mom and made her face the wall. He entered her from behind with one hand grabbing her right boob and one hand resting on the wall for thrusting support.

He removed his dick after a few minutes. He spread mom’s ass making her moan by licking her asshole by putting his tongue deep inside it. Within a few minutes, he entered mom’s ass with few thrusts, which made mom scream in pain.

Mom was literally screaming in pain. But all her screams were drowned in the song playing outside with boosted bass. I saw tears flowing from her eyes as Vinay was ramming her ass madly. It was an absolute visual at that moment as it went like slow motion.

Mom was screaming when tears flowing down while Vinay’s dick going inside her ass slowly and hits the area, making her ass jump. He grabbed her hair and pulled it like a horse, riding it with his full horsepower in a rough way.

He pulled his dick out from her ass and made her lie down and spread her legs. Mom was looking like a doll that does everything that Vinay says. He entered her pussy and fucked her by slapping her face and boobs. Within a few seconds.

Vinay: Here you go, I’m gonna give you what you wanted from me.

Vinay released his seeds deep inside my mom’s pussy with a loud grunt. I’m sure it would have reached her womb so quick. They collapsed on each other. I went back to the counter to reduce the sound and make it as normal as before.

When I came back to my position, I saw both of them lying down on the floor facing the ceiling.

Vinay: So, you’re happy?

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Mom: Yeah (in a tired voice)

Vinay: So, who’s that boy you came with?

Mom got a bit awkward and asked,

Mom: Did he see us?

Vinay: No, he went out somewhere when I entered the trail room. Why?

Mom: Oh my goodness, he’s my son.

Vinay: Your son? You’re married? Where’s your mangalsutra? (In a surprising way)

Mom pointing her finger to the hanger on the right where she hung her mangalsutra before wearing the inner.

Mom: I hanged it there before wearing the inner. Why any problem with that?

Vinay: No, not at all. I think I should get back to work.

Vinay stood up and started wearing his dress. I know this is the right time for me to leave the shop to match what Vinay said to my mom. I went out. I came back to the store after 20 minutes with a Keventers chocolate shake in my hand and saw mom billing what she bought.

Mom: Where did you go?

Me: I felt hungry, so I had a quick meal in Taco Bell and bought you a milkshake.

Mom smiled at me as if nothing happened. She paid the price with her card. She purchased for 17.5k and said, “Let’s go.”

Vinay: What’s your name, mam?

Mom: Aishwarya.

Vinay: Thank you, mam. We will be waiting for your visit again. (With a smile)

Mom smiled back and started walking out. Vinay saw me and said, “Thank you.” I didn’t respond to him and walked out.

Still, mom thinks that I don’t know anything about the trail room thing. After a few months when I went to the same store with my friends, Vinay wasn’t there. After inquiring about him, he said Vinay quit his job as he got work abroad. Both me and mom never saw him again, and it ended as a casual fuck.

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