Mom’s Early Morning Seduction


Hi all, this is Raju here to tell you a story about how my mom seduced me for sex. My mom’s name is Sneha and she is fair and flesh at correct places. Her size is 34-30-36 which is a stunning figure ever a boy could dream of his mom. I am athletic, 5.10 height and 6-inch-long, 2.5-inch width dick.

Coming to the story. It was Monday morning and I was sleeping on my bed. Dad was leaving for the office and I was alone with my mom in the house. I woke up after a while and was having a hard-on as I dreamt of my Mom. She was wearing a salwar suit at that time.

I went to her room and turned on the geyser. She had a bath and came out in nighty which was wet and got stuck to her boobs. Surprisingly, she wasn’t wearing anything inside. I could see the area of her wet round soft boobs wet and her nipples poking out of nighty.

Then I looked at her stomach which was also wet. She was rubbing her head and her boobs were moving so damn. Everything was in slow motion for me. Her cleavage was totally visible to me and her 3/4 of her boobs. I was looking at her with lusty eyes and moved back to see her damn hot ass.

She has a white and smooth round ass. She just looked at me and smiled. I looked at her as she went to change, but this time she didn’t lock her door. As she took out her nighty, her boobs came out like heaven and she was looking like a goddess to me.

Her body was still wet, and she took her one leg up on the bed and started to dry herself. Watching her doing so, I started rubbing myself. She turned towards my side letting me see her juicy brown and clean pussy. I got tempted and started stroking my dick.

Mom took her towel and started rubbing her legs slowly moving towards her pussy. She started cleaning her pussy with the towel rubbing against her pussy. She stretched her legs apart to show me more of her pussy and my mouth was watering like hell.

She hooded the corner of the towel onto her finger and started to rub on her pussy lips and moaning. She then took her bare hands and cleaned her deep inside her pussy. While doing so she opens her pussy lips apart, so that I can see deep into her pussy.

Without my knowledge, I started moving towards her like a magnet attracting my pole. She was standing and rubbing her pussy, while I went to her on my knees and looking at her boobs and pussy. She was enjoying me seeing her and was moaning louder.

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I bent on her legs and started kissing her on legs. I was able to see her pussy dripping. Then she asked me, “Do you want it?” Without hesitating a second, I nodded my head. She then said that it should be a secret between us. I nodded my head, yes.

Holding her legs, I was able to see her yummy pussy first. She caught hold of me by the collar and made me stand. She locked the door and pushed me on the sofa in the room. She sat on me putting her legs apart and started kissing me on my lips and biting them.

My hand was pressing her boobs and rubbing her nipples to make them erect while the other hand was on her pussy rubbing her clit. She was holding me tightly, pushing her legs behind me. She was kissing my neck while I was doing my work.

After some time, she removed my tees and boxer, I was on my undies. She stood from me and sat on her knees. She placed her hand on my dick and was pressing on my undies. Once it was rock hard, she pulled my undies putting her face close to my dick and the rod came out like spring and hit her on the lips.

She then put her hand on it moving up and down at a good pace. She looked at me and winked asking, “Do you want me to warm it with my lips?” I smiled at her answering to go ahead. She slowly moved closed to my dick and kissed on the tip. Slowly opening her lips, she went up to my dick head and came up.

I was disappointed and looking at her in upset mode. She understood me and smiled again and this time she went deep until the whole of my dick was inside her mouth. I could feel the warmth of her mouth and my dick was touching her throat. Yes! I could feel it.

She looked at my expression and started moving in and out. After a good amount of time, she increased the pace. She then suddenly stopped and pulled me down from the sofa and she sat in my place opening her legs apart. Her eyes were telling me to go in between her legs.

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I moved close to her on my hands and legs. Raised my hands and slowly put back of her on her ass and pulled her close to my mouth. I just kissed on her pussy lips for 3 to 4 times. She was looking at me furiously. Slowly, I took out my tongue and stating from bottom moved up to the top of her pussy in one go.

I could see that she was on cloud 9. I moved down and with the help of one hand opened the top of pussy lips and touched the clitoris with my tip of the tongue. Her body began to tremble, and I started licking her clit. Moving my fingers a little down, I opened her pussy lips wide apart.

I could push my tongue deep into her pussy. One thing to add, her pussy was pink deep inside. I continuously licked her for 20 minutes. When I was about to get up, she held me by my head and pushed me again onto her pussy. Suddenly, with a big moan, she squirted on my face and my face was jelly kind.

Mom then stood up and cleaned my face with the same towel with which she rubbed her pussy. This time with full power, I dragged and pushed her onto the bed. I put the tip of my dick on her pussy lips and rubbing it making her beg me to put it in.

After teasing for a while, I pushed my dick but was unsuccessful, as her pussy was tight a bit. This time I tried with full power and was able to go halfway. She gave a loud moan. I kept her fucking her in missionary position for around 30 minutes. While doing so I could hear my balls hitting her and making a sound.

With my dick inside her, I caught hold of her and went and sat on the sofa. I made her jump on my dick in sitting position, I could see her boobs jumping along with her. In between, I caught those boobs with on in my hand and other in my mouth.

While mom was jumping on my dick and moaning, I was sucking her nipple like a kid and giving bites in between. This continued for a long time and we were not tired. We lied on the floor and her ass was facing my dick. Adjusted the position of my dick such that, it was touching the entrance of my birthplace.

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Now I gave a hard stroke, that she shouted out. Still, I didn’t reduce my pace and plowing her pussy with my dick from behind. To calm her, I turned her head sideways. I was kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs with the other hand. This went on lie this for a long time and I increased my pace.

She understood that I was about to cum and asked me to stop. I was in no mood to listen to her and she suddenly moved away. I was disappointed. I turned my face in anger, she came to me and kissed me on my forehead and held my face on her boobs and told that it is not correct to cum inside.

I was not agreeing for that to which she said, “Ok beta if you cannot cum in one hole, it doesn’t mean that you can’t cum in another hole.” I was a bit confused and she suddenly got on her knees and sucked my dick. After a few hard strokes, I came with heavy loads that were overflowing from her mouth.

Still, she didn’t let a single drop go in waste and drank every drop of my cum. I am sure that all the beautiful girls became wet and squirted and the boys must have cummed twice in their pants.

Just small info, this is a fictional story. I hope you all enjoyed it. Can you share your feedback on [email protected]? Based on your feedback will come up with more stories with more masala in it. Feel free to ping me if you want me to satisfy you on chat.

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