Mummy Chud Gayi Mere Dost Se – Part 1


Hi xS readers, this incident took place on the eve of my girlfriend’s birthday. As you know from my previous story, I and Manisha, my roommate-turned-girlfriend have been dating since day 1.

We used to have sex every weekend and as her birthday approached, I wanted to give her a surprise. I knew that one of Manisha’s deepest desires was to get gangbanged.

So I asked my close friend Ashok and his roommate Ajay to come to my apartment to fuck my girlfriend. I always knew that both of them ogled at Manisha and wanted to have some intimate time with her. I too liked to watch my girlfriend getting fucked by my friends.

On the day, I asked Manisha to wear the red-netted saree that I had purchased for her. She was looking smoking hot in that dress and her cleavage was clearly visible. Looking at her in that dress, any guy would lose his control.

As the evening approached, I was getting too horny and was starting to lose control. Just then the bell rang. I asked Manisha to open the door.

My friends Ashok and Ajay entered the apartment and were awestruck after looking at my gf. Manisha hugged both of them as they gave her gifts.

All four of us then sat down for some beer. Soon Ajay started staring at Manisha. He slowly removed his shirt and put it on the floor. Ashok too followed him. Manisha started feeling awkward.

I told Manisha that they were here to fulfill her deepest desire. Manisha was initially shy but later she agreed.

I slowly went near Manisha and removed the pallu of the saree and put my face on her blouse in her cleavage and smooched her. Ashok and Ajay were getting horny and Ashok’s bulge was looking too big.

I knew that Ashok was very eager and hence I asked Manisha to undo his pants. She undid his pants and underpants. Manisha got scared looking at his cock. It was 10 inches long and had a good girth! I was also shocked.

Ajay, on the other hand, had his tool in his hand and was stroking it. Then I removed Manisha’s saree and her blouse. Ashok was thrilled to see my girlfriend’s boobs tucked inside her red floral bra.

Ashok who was now very wild tore apart Manisha’s petticoat and panty! Then he slowly entered into my girlfriend’s soft pussy. Manisha was trembling and her body had become cold. Ashok slowly pushed his 10-inches into Manisha who was now moaning loudly.

Meanwhile, Ajay and I undid my girlfriend’s bra and sucked each of her boobs. The room was soon filled with Manisha’s lusty moans.

Ashok: Manisha you look so hot, I always wanted to fuck you..

Manisha: Ahhha.. Aaaahhaaahhh.. Ashooooookkkkk.. aaaaaaahhhaaaa.. Slooooowwwlly..

Myself: Ashok, please don’t cum in her.

Ashok: Ok, bro. I won’t.

Soon I realized Ashok was about to cum so I grabbed his cock and removed it from my girlfriend’s pussy. Just as I removed, he came all over my face and Manisha’s left thigh.

Manisha then pulled me to her face and licked Ashok’s cum off my face. Manisha had orgasmed twice by now and was very tired. I knew this was the time to give her my gift.

I slowly entered Manisha’s soft pussy while she sucked Ajay’s 8-inch cock. Ajay was feeling so horny that he squeezed Manisha’s boobs so hard and bit on them.

I then rammed my girlfriend effortlessly and her moans were driving me crazy. I felt my cock was way bigger and harder now. Just as I was about to cum into Manisha, Ajay had cummed into Manisha’s mouth. I too took the chance and ejaculated into her pussy.

Manisha too was squirting at this point and she loved to have three naked men around her. She held on to Ashok’s giant 10-inch cock and dragged it towards her mouth. She sucked his cock after swallowing Ajay’s cum.

Ajay by now had slept on the couch nude. Soon Ashok too cummed in my girlfriend’s mouth and her face and mouth were now covered in cum.

I was very happy that I had given Manisha an awesome gift. Her desire to get gangbanged was fulfilled and so was mine. I had now impregnated her. I knew that now Manisha was all mine and no one could separate us. That night all of us slept together cuddling our naked bodies.

The next morning, I woke up to the moans of Manisha. My friend Ashok had his 10-inch tool all the way into Manisha’s pussy. Ashok also had a bottle in his hand. He soon pulled out his massive tool and started filling the bottle with his sperms.

I then woke up Ajay and asked him to fuck Manisha. Ajay’s 8 inches was rock hard and as it entered Manisha’s pussy, she started feeling good. She enjoyed his cock and to my surprise, Ajay too cummed into the bottle into which Ashok had cummed. All this while I was masturbating watching my girlfriend fucked. I too then came into the same bottle.

Ashok then asked Manish to drink all the jizz in the bottle but she denied. I then asked all to pose for a nude selfie.

Just then, Manisha took the bottle which was filled with jizz and poured it over her head! She looked like a cum-princess. She was drenched in jizz. Her hair, face, and breasts were covered with our jizz. All of us then took a shower together.

This experience was one of the best. My girlfriend conceived a child but we decided to abort the child. We had informed Manisha’s parents that she got pregnant but we aborted it. Now we are engaged and our marriage is to take place soon. Ashok and Ajay often visit us and we end up fucking Manisha together.

I have one more incident to narrate wherein Manisha arranged me to fuck one of her Canadian classmates Catherine and Missy. I shall narrate the incident some other day. Till then, masturbate to this spicy Indian sex story.

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