My Amma’s Blouse – Part 4


“Amma. I want to have sex with you.” Finally. I spoke these words to my mother.

It had been a while since I wanted to have sex with my mother, since the time my father passed away. But I couldn’t gather enough courage to do it. I couldn’t ask her to have sex with me until that day.

This happened one night while having dinner. It was a very emotional moment. My eyes had gotten swollen red due to crying a lot. The last couple of weeks had been quite an emotional roller-coaster for me. My body was shaking as I stammered while speaking to her since the time I reached home.

I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t make eye contact with her. I was feeling uncomfortable, almost suffocating when I sat for dinner. I was having difficulty swallowing the food she served. Clearly, I was distressed but she didn’t seem bothered by it. She had her own problems, sadly all because of me.

At that moment Amma was wearing a brown tight blouse and a matching underskirt only. She had stopped wearing saris inside the house, even in front of me. As she moved around the house, her breasts jiggled since she was not wearing any bra.

With every step she took, the fabric of her blouse stretched showing off more and more cleavage. The reason she wasn’t wearing any bra because the ones she owned were all broken. She couldn’t afford to buy new ones.

“Jerks! Why did they have to break her bras every time they had their way with Amma?” I cursed the many men I saw walk in and out of my house in the last couple of weeks. Even though I was angry I couldn’t blame them. I was equally responsible for Amma’s condition.

When we sat and ate our food I unknowingly kept on staring at her chest. I could see nipples poking out of her blouse. I was feeling so guilty that I had no other option but to put forth this proposal of having sex with me and so I did.

Let’s back up a couple of weeks.

I was at the top of the world for finally having sex. “I am so happy having lost my virginity to a girl who likes me back. The way my life has been up until this point, I feared that I might die a virgin or lose my virginity to a prostitute. Thanks to Vishakha, my girlfriend, I don’t have to worry about it anymore.” I said to myself as I held Vishakha in my arms.

At that moment we were lying naked on an old ragged bed inside an abandoned under-construction building.

I didn’t even think about the other thing that I should be happy about. Before coming to this place, I sent Arjun, my friend, to have sex with my mother. I was pretty sure that they would go through with it. The way they walked home holding hands. I could see the lust in their eyes.

“Best day of my life,” I said after kissing Vishakha as we watched the sunset from there. We were still naked and cuddling. Someone might have caught us, but we didn’t care.

It indeed was the best day of my life. Sadly, everything went downhill after that. When I returned home, like a detective dog I snooped around the house. There were clear signs of some sexual activity that might have happened inside the house.

Also, I caught glimpses of Amma blushing while avoiding eye contact with me. In my mind, I said, “I am proud of you my friend. Thank you.” I imagined Arjun smiling back.

The next day I wanted to thank Arjun for real so I went looking for him. He was not early to college as usual. I waited for him outside the college premises but he didn’t come. When I was walking away I saw Arjun running in the opposite direction as he was already late for the class.

During the lunch break, I searched for him, still, he was nowhere to be seen. Instead, I had to spend the entire break making-out with my ‘girlfriend’ Vishakha. She was more than comfortable to give me a hot blowjob in one of the empty classrooms. No complaints there.

I was very much excited to talk to Arjun. To exchange some details about how he fucked Amma. But with time I started losing excitement. Something felt off. Suddenly an unexpected thought hit me. “Maybe Arjun didn’t have sex with Amma.”

“But then who did?”

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As quick as the thought came I tried pushing it away. At the end of the day, I finally caught Arjun. There was nowhere he could run. He had to tell me the truth. Sadly he did.

“I don’t know if I should be happy about this or sad but… I did not have sex with your mother.” Confessed Arjun. As bad as this news was when Arjun told me the full story, I felt my eyes burning as I imagined the awful scene. I was sad and dejected and I walked home with that story swirling in my mind.

Arjun’s mother is a slut! No, I am not cursing her. Bidya Chari, his mother, is actually a cheap slut. Not everybody in the village knows about this but she indeed has a long list of secret lovers (casual fuckers) in the village. Her husband, Arjun’s father is oblivious of it.

Sadly Arjun knows this and I too. But between us, we vowed to keep this a secret.

Getting to the story Arjun narrated, that evening Arjun and Amma walked to the house holding hands. Things were clearly getting heated up as he saw Amma blushing whenever he squeezed her hand. She was quite turned on by this tall muscular mature looking friend of mine.

In that moment both of them saw each other as lovers. When they reached the door, Arjun pulled her close and they shared an intimate kiss. Amma couldn’t control anymore so she pushed the door open, rushed inside and pulled him in.

At that very moment, Arjun’s mother Bidya was sitting on the bed. She was completely naked except for an open blouse that she had on her shoulders. Meanwhile, Raja (the tailor) was in between her thighs licking her pussy. Amma was embarrassed so she looked away.

Arjun was getting angry with every second. Raja, a dark-skinned ugly guy, simply stood there completely naked. He proudly showed off his dick. Arjun grabbed him by the neck and dragged him out of the house. He was about to beat him up when Raja said this,

“I believe, you don’t want your father and the entire village to find out about your mother’s bad habits, do you?” said Raja. He grinned saying, “Believe me when I say that I have photographic proof.”

Meanwhile inside, Bidya in a hurry got dressed. “Sorry Jaya to drop by unannounced.” Said she, “Actually I loved the blouse you gave me so I had come to buy another one. Since you were not home, Raja saw me and let me in.” Bidya got dressed and walked out of the house.

When she saw Raja pinned to the ground by her son, she pulled Arjun up and dragged him away. The only people left behind were that horny naked Raja and my aroused Amma. I don’t want to say what happened next.

It was a nightmare to even think that Raja finally got to fuck Amma. I would have let that go if this was just one isolated event. But this was just the beginning. In the days to follow, I saw Amma having sex many times. Not just with Raja, that fucker brought many men to my home to have sex with her.

The vegetable seller Taran, that old man Broju. It was close to the month-end. So he brought his three employees to my place to give them their ‘bonuses’. Even our neighbor uncle Johar had his way. I had heard rumors that he only likes to fuck his daughter-in-law.

It was very shocking to see the kind of slut my Amma was becoming. Still, I never confronted her or stopped this from happening. All the times that I watched her being fucked, not once it appeared that she was forced into it. She was more than welcoming to suck on their cocks and drink their cum.

She seemed happy. When she was banged by Raja and his three employees. She even begged for more. I used to get so sexually frustrated every time I watched her in action, thankfully I had a release. I used to call Vishakha and within 5 minutes she would meet me for a fuck.

Vishakha was very bold, she never hesitated to fuck in open. We had sex at so many public places; open farms, public toilets, rooftops, alleyways. Once we did it at an empty bus-stop. When passing by bus arrived we quickly hid behind a tree and continued to fuck. We heard a couple of passengers cheer, “Yahoo!”

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Finally, the day of the proposal arrived. Usually, Amma’s lovers used to wait till sun-down to begin with their naughty business. But that day they started early. I called Vishakha to meet me at the construction site. By the time I reached she was already there waiting.

Seeing me she came running and jumped on me and we started kissing. She continued to kiss as I carried her up the two flights of stairs. Like two horny animals we took off our clothes and hopped on to the bed.

“No more foreplay. Give it to me,” said she. Quickly I rubbed my dick over her cunt and with one thrust I shoved it.

“Ah!” she moaned loudly.

As usual, I fucked her hard until I could erase the images of Amma fucking other men. Vishakha started moaning loudly.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed at the top of her voice. Fortunately, there was nobody there. While pounding her pussy I tried squeezing her breasts but was disappointed to feel her flat chest. She realized that and so she turned around. I continued to thrust her.

“Ahhh!! Fuck me! Fuck me like a dog!”

“Fuck me like my father is fucking your mother right now.” She screamed.

For a couple of thrusts, I didn’t realize what she just said. Then suddenly I stopped.

“What did you just say?” I asked.

“Amm… nothing. Come on baby, let’s continue.” She said and started kissing my neck.

“No, stop.” I stood up, “How do you know that your father is with my Amma right now?”

All of a sudden I was turned-off. I looked away asking, “Did you send him to my place?”

Sorry, I forgot to mention this earlier. My girlfriend Vishakha has a reputation in the village. Men call her ‘the slut-maker’. When Vishakha found out that her father’s wife is not her real mother, she took up an initiative to turn her ‘fake mother’ into a village slut.

She has even blackmailed a couple of her classmates to suck random cocks in public. When she said this, a terrible thought came to my head and so I repeated the question hoping she would say ‘No’.

“Did you send your father to have sex with Amma?”

There was a long pause. I sensed hesitation in her voice, yet she spoke.

“I did all this for you.” She confessed.

This was a big shock to me. I turned to look at her and I could see the truth in her eyes. I knew while getting into this relationship that Vishakha is a bad person. But she is not a liar. That is what I loved about her.

“I wanted you to love me the way you wanted to love your mother. The only way you would love me if you would see your Amma for a cheap slut that she is.”

“Don’t call her Amma. You don’t deserve it!” I shouted.

Vishakha cried as she told me everything. “I planned everything. I forced Raja to have sex with Jayah. I told him to take other men to her place to fuck her. I gave the idea to blackmail Jayah into sex. She agreed to have sex more and more because she feared Raja would tell you about her.”

I couldn’t hear anymore. I started getting dress while not looking at her. When I went to take my pants, she pulled on them. “Please don’t go… I told you the truth… I love you.”

I left my pants with her and without wearing them I walked home. I know all the men around the world would curse me for giving up an opportunity of having sex. But the situation was much more important than sex.

I was getting a severe headache thinking about all the things Vishakha confessed about. All the times I caught Amma being fucked, all because of me. Those memories suddenly returned to me,

One such memory when uncle Johar, our neighbor, was fucking Amma. He continued to curse her. “Moan louder bitch! I want my horny fans to hear you scream.”

It was dark and I peeked in from the window. Johar had her sit like a dog while he fucked her from behind grabbing her by her hair.

In front of them was a video camera recording them. “Thank you Jayah, my viewers were getting bored seeing me fuck my bahu (daughter-in-law) in all my videos. I am going to get so many more views on this video. We’ll make more in the future.”

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I was so aroused by the thought of this action being filmed that I took my dick out and started masturbating. Little did I know that Amma had to endure this all because of me, “Hi friends, look at this slut. Please enjoy this video and don’t forget to like and share. Whatever you do don’t tell her son about it. Because if he finds out then he will want to fuck his mother too.”

I snapped back to the present. By the time I reached home, I had decided. “The only way Amma can stop having sex if I tell her that I know what she has been doing all these days.” I said to myself, “But what if she still doesn’t stop?” I argued, “Maybe it’s time to finally have sex with her.”

When I confessed to Amma “I want to have sex with you.” She didn’t say anything. But a couple of days later, it was her birthday. That night our bodies were finally united.

She must have felt embarrassed to see me fucking her so Amma turned off the lights. After that all the things I did to her, she did not resist. She was having difficulty finding me in the darkness, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her close. I kissed all over her face until I located her lips.

I smooched her hard. I even slipped her the tongue until she choked. We kissed while I fondled her breasts, pressing them hard. It was the first time I was feeling breasts this big. Sadly her blouse was in my way.

Quickly I ripped it apart and then pressed my hands on her bare tits. They were as good as I imagined.

I lifted her up and pressed her against the wall and started sucking on her tits. “Amma, please let me drink your milk as I used to when I was little,” I said biting on her nipple.

Suddenly she grabbed my hand placed it on her pussy. Amma wanted me to fuck her but was too embarrassed to say. She turned around to let me do her from behind. Because of her big butt, I was struggling to find the hole. But she touched my dick and guided it inside her pussy.

The warmth of her womb that I felt at the moment was very satisfying. Pressing her against the wall I fucked her hard. Amma was tempted to moan but then she stopped herself biting her lip. Within just a couple of minutes, I was close to climax. She took my dick out and let me ejaculate on the floor.

Honestly, I do last much longer with Vishakha. But the hotness of my Amma’s voluptuous body was too much for me to hold any longer. Finally, I had sex with my Amma and I was relieved. Once done I simply laid naked on the floor.

“Please cuddle with me for some time, Amma.” I requested. But she was in a hurry to get dressed. I don’t know what happened after that as I fell asleep naked on the floor.


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Please note that I will be posting another story soon by the title ‘Champa’s Homecumming’. That story is connected to this one, so please don’t miss it.

Also, uncle Johar is the same guy from my other story, ‘My Sick Dick Inside My Daughter-In-Law’.

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