My Childhood Friend Fucked Me


Hi everyone, My name is Simran. This is my first time writing something on Indian sex stories. Please comment or message me and let me know what you think about the story. I hope you guys enjoy my world of fantasy.

I live in California. I’m petite, fair with thick thighs and ass. I workout so I can maintain my hourglass figure. I just got married with no kids. We went to India, Chandigarh after our marriage to meet up with family and friends.

This story starts when my husband went to see his family in Amritsar. I went out with a few friends in Chandigarh. Karan my childhood friend had recently moved from California to Chandigarh for business purposes. We all decided to meet up at a club to celebrate the reunion.

The get together included my friends Karan, Ritu, Manveer, and Kiran. I remember the DJ playing my favorite songs. I had a cute maroon dress on, with a dark red shade of lipstick. I had a thong on to avoid any panty lines from showing through the dress. Everyone was having a blast.

Soon Karan told us he was getting drinks and asked for our order. “Skinny cranberry vodka for me,” I said. He got everyone’s order and left for the bar. Karan was always so sweet. We had been friends since 1st grade in elementary school. He was extremely rich but was always humble.

He was 6 feet, fair and loved working out. He came back with our drinks. I asked him what time we should leave since he was my ride back to my hotel. “Within an hour,” he said. Without a care in the world, I started dancing with Ritu and Kiran.

I spilled the drink a little while dancing but thankfully no one saw it. Suddenly I started feeling dizzy. It felt like my body was shutting down. Ritu grabbed me before I could fall on the floor. “Karan I think Simi drank too much. I think you should take her home and we can do another party next week,” said Ritu.

I could hear and feel everything she was sayings. But I couldn’t talk back or move my body. My friends thought I had fainted. but they didn’t know I can hear them and feel them holding on to me. I never felt this way and I was getting scared. I felt trapped in my own body.

I wanted to go to the hotel room and sleep it off. I felt my friends putting me in Karan’s car and heard them telling him to drive safely. We drove off and after 20 minutes the car stopped. I couldn’t open my eyes but I could hear that there was no traffic. Karan got out of the car and opened my car door.

Instead of pulling me out of the car seat and taking me to my room, he pulled my seatback. Confused I had no clue what he was doing. He suddenly grabbed my thighs and tangled them with a rope or seat belt. My dress was rolled up and my legs were in the air now. I was both shocked and scared.

What is my childhood friend going to do to me? He took two fingers and started rubbing my clit from over my thong. My body was betraying me and I was getting wet.

“Who told you to get married, you were only supposed to be mine. Now every time I see you I’ll drug you and fuck you without you knowing what happened to you.” I was shocked. But his words were turning me on more. He didn’t know I didn’t completely faint. I was able to hear and feel him.

“Fuck these juicy thighs I can suck them all day.” He started sucking and biting my inner thighs. Why was I getting so wet! I didn’t want him to stop. He grabbed my ass and lifted it up in the air. I felt something wet on my pussy lips. It was his tongue. He started eating me out so hard and I couldn’t even moan.

He started biting my pussy lips and slurping my juice. He shoved his tongue into my pussy and started fucking me with his tongue till I cummed in his mouth. He sucked the cum out of my pussy and lightly bit my clit.

“You are going to be my sex slave and you are not even going to know it,” he said while he was laughing. “I’ll let your husband fuck you but only I know what you truly desire,” he said while he took off my dress. “Fuck, your body is so perfect,” he said as he unhooked my bra.

I was now completely naked and defenseless against him. I should be angry but I was getting horny. I wanted to know what he would do to me next. He grabbed my hair and shoved my boob in his mouth with force. He started biting my nipple while shoving all 5 fingers in my pussy and started fisting me.

I was both in pain and pleasure. He suddenly grabbed me, picked me up and took me out of the car. He laid me on what felt like a blanket. I could smell the grass and hear crickets. I think we were in his shed or backyard that’s covered by a shed. He bit my bottom lip and walked away.

Suddenly I felt like something hot was being poured on my boobs. He was melting a candle and was dropping the hot candle wax on me. It burned a bit but felt so good. I felt my pussy getting wetter from the pain and pleasure. He started putting wax on my nipples.

He peeled off the wax and started biting and sucking on my nipples again. He turned me over and put some pillows underneath me so my legs would be wide open with my ass in the air. He started eating my pussy from the back. I heard him unbuckle his belt and my heart started beating faster.

I knew he was planning on fucking me and there was no way to stop him. “I’m about to fuck your brains out with my lund, baby. I’ll make sure you can’t walk by tomorrow.” He didn’t even wait for a second or go slow. He grabbed my hips from the back and shoved his dick into my pussy.

He was so big I felt like he ripped my pussy open. “Fuck you’re so tight. Doesn’t your husband fuck you enough?” He started pounding my pussy while he grabbed on to my hips with one hand and my hair by the other. He started spanking my ass so hard that it started burning from the pain.

But it felt so good. I wanted more. Hard sex always was my fantasy. Before I could cum he suddenly stopped moving. His dick was still in my pussy but I could tell he was planning something. I felt him pour something wet and thick on my asshole. I could tell it was lubricant. I got so scared.

I’ve never had my ass get fucked by anyone. He started rubbing the lubricant around and in my asshole. After that, I felt him push something in my ass while his dick was still in my pussy. He shoved the stick deep in my ass and I wanted to scream in pain but I couldn’t.

It hurt so bad but after a minute it started to feel good. he started fucking my ass with the stick and my pussy with his dick. I couldn’t believe how good he felt I didn’t want him to stop.

“Let’s get you a bit hot,” he said laughingly. He pulled his dick out and walked towards my face. He pushed his 9-inch dick down my throat and started throat fucking me. While doing this he did something to the stick that was still in my ass. I started feeling warm things being dropped around my asshole.

I realized the stick was the candle that he placed in my ass and was now dropping wax on me. The pain kept getting me wetter. I was choking on his dick but he didn’t stop fucking my throat. I could taste my pussy juice on his dick and I wanted to eat it all up.

After a while, he pulled the candle out of my ass and shoved his dick in. My whole body was in pure pain at this point. His dick was too big for my ass but he didn’t stop. He grabbed my ass and pushed his dick deeper in. He pulled my upper body towards himself.

He started fingering my pussy while pounding my ass. I came all over his fingers and he came in my ass. He pulled his dick out and I could feel his juices flowing out of my ass. “I have something more fun planned for you baby for next time,” he said while he put my clothes on me.

He drove and dropped me off to my hotel room. The drug’s effect faded after 3 hours. I told myself that I will never tell anyone what happened. I would never let Karan know that I know what he did to me. It was never going to happen again …until it did happen again.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of my fantasy. Please let me know if you enjoyed it! To know what happens next stay tuned for the nest part.

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